The Walking Dead Movie Teaser Trailer | Comic-Con 2019

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • The Walking Dead releases a brief teaser for the Rick Grimes movies featuring the mysterious helicopter with the news the films will only be released in theaters.
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Comments • 554

  • JaYTRaXz
    JaYTRaXz 3 days ago


  • AuralAudacity ASMR
    AuralAudacity ASMR 15 days ago

    this is the only trailer I've seen in the past five years where i know less about what's going to happen after I've watched it than more about what's going to happen.

  • Γιωργος Γαβριηλ

    so it is not a reboot...

  • Roanoke
    Roanoke Month ago

    I really cant wait for the official trailer

  • Sinister soul
    Sinister soul Month ago

    So it wont be on dvd or netflix

  • aashif fikash
    aashif fikash Month ago

    When is it??

    • Alpha wolf
      Alpha wolf 29 days ago

      @aashif fikash 8

    • aashif fikash
      aashif fikash 29 days ago

      Alpha wolf how many episodes will release ?

    • Alpha wolf
      Alpha wolf 29 days ago

      @aashif fikash if you're talking about the show. February

    • aashif fikash
      aashif fikash 29 days ago

      Alpha wolf oh thanks for replying when will the next walking dead episodes release?

    • Hafiz YoYo
      Hafiz YoYo Month ago

      Alpha wolf source?

  • Black Goku
    Black Goku Month ago

    In this movie Rick's is gonna be doing missions for that lady in the black suit

  • Glynn Barrass
    Glynn Barrass Month ago

    A real good way to wring money out of the viewing public. I bet it flops though. 🤣

  • Ramonda Hamrick
    Ramonda Hamrick Month ago

    Going to be big Rick is coming back

  • Fanfics Shipers
    Fanfics Shipers Month ago

    É só isso?

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Is that atlanta??

  • TheASSedoTV
    TheASSedoTV 2 months ago

    Damn, this trailer is full of hints and Easter eggs...

  • Mario Hinsche
    Mario Hinsche 2 months ago +1

    Awesome Tho , Welcome back Rick

  • CJB2K20
    CJB2K20 2 months ago

    U know what most would say that it ducked but just from the helicopter I know what the story is

  • Frankie Mendoza
    Frankie Mendoza 2 months ago

    Without Rick Grimms there is No Walking Dead 💀

    • hermione granger
      hermione granger 27 days ago

      Frankie Mendoza that’s why he survived for walking dead to continue

  • Sierra Boynton
    Sierra Boynton 2 months ago +6

    I’m really wondering if this is gonna take place in the Common Wealth

  • Carlo John
    Carlo John 2 months ago +11

    No one:
    literally No one:
    RUcliprs: top 20 You didnt notice in walking dead movie teaser trailer.

  • unknown360123
    unknown360123 2 months ago +5

    - first words out of my mouth in the theater when rick pops up lmao

  • Joe DAgostino
    Joe DAgostino 2 months ago

    They’re taking a big gamble releasing it in theaters. Would’ve been safer as a Netflix release.

  • Joel Heath
    Joel Heath 2 months ago

    Uhh ooookay. If that’s a tease then so is a girl in another state mentioning my name to her ex boy friends former roommates gramdmom over a fuzzy sounding walkie talkie

  • Selena channel
    Selena channel 2 months ago

    Wow what a spoiler lol

  • stevey626
    stevey626 2 months ago

    I am losing interest. If they do not give a movie trailer during the half of the walking dead break, I will not watch this wack ass movie, I do not wanna wait another 6 months for it. The tv show will be trash and is currently losing what its about. They need to surprise fans and not hype it up. Gimple sucks and nobody wants to see that andrew lincoln movie he just did either.

    • Yessir !
      Yessir ! 2 months ago

      You do realize a movie takes a lot longer to produce than a episode of a show right? Trust me I want it bad too but I want them to do it right and not rush it.

  • TomBatch
    TomBatch 2 months ago

    Trailer is full of spoilers

  • Sassius
    Sassius 2 months ago +1

    Does this movie come to Finnkino? Suomalaiset jos tietää nii vastatkaa.

  • The walking dead Seasons 9 and 10

    When is the movie coming out

  • marcus talerico
    marcus talerico 2 months ago +1

    This is definitely needed for us fans. Fuck yeah, Rick is back!

  • Cameron Caws
    Cameron Caws 2 months ago +8

    Great now I have to postpone my suicide until after the movies are done

    • Aiden Mckechnie
      Aiden Mckechnie 2 months ago

      Lowkey best comment

    • Vlogmaster 91
      Vlogmaster 91 2 months ago

      ahahah wowww xD
      what about twd season 10? thats been amazing so far, so we can postpone our suicides even longer

  • Komsery
    Komsery 2 months ago


  • sam s
    sam s 2 months ago


  • Ethan B.H.
    Ethan B.H. 2 months ago

    Why do we need a movie for this shit?? Why not just make a 2 hour special episode?? Honestly, the episodes are already movie length anyways.. whyyy

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez 2 months ago

    This shit is fake

  • Lil Toast Boi
    Lil Toast Boi 2 months ago

    Its philadelphia or at leats thats my theory of where Rick is going.

  • vikingnorthgamer
    vikingnorthgamer 2 months ago

    is this going to be a cartoon or a real movie?

  • Walker Jackson
    Walker Jackson 2 months ago

    Theaters?! Hell yeah!!!

  • Federico Melendez Gomez

    Algun mexicano :)

  • Amelia Mahmood
    Amelia Mahmood 2 months ago +1

    This trailer has more meaning than my life

  • Famous Ramus22
    Famous Ramus22 2 months ago

    Can someone please tell me if this is real or not?

  • Alldingo
    Alldingo 3 months ago

    This is why I hate trailers, they always give away the best bits.

    • The Obamas Ren
      The Obamas Ren 3 months ago

      Alldingo true i don't really wanne watch it now we basically know how the movie will end dammit

  • Bovine Apples
    Bovine Apples 3 months ago

    The episodes are practically 1 hour long. Why does it need a movie?

  • Sonder Studios
    Sonder Studios 3 months ago

    So it's going to be a theatrical release?!

  • kevin pitts
    kevin pitts 3 months ago

    What city

  • Axel Sharpshire
    Axel Sharpshire 3 months ago

    Walking Dead Movie.... DOA.

  • Donald Mousseau
    Donald Mousseau 3 months ago

    The TV show was good for a few episodes after Rick's departure. Since then I really struggle to enjoy it. It's an overload of zombie kills, a cast looking like models living in the apocalypse, and horrible storylines... Negan is about the most interesting character left...

  • rayum 486
    rayum 486 3 months ago +1

    Reasons why I'm hyped:


  • twd fan
    twd fan 3 months ago

    Do you guys think andrew lincoln looks good with blonde hair? (just a question i know he looks good in anyways just asking)

  • SeFu2006
    SeFu2006 3 months ago

    In theaters? They must be confident about this.

  • G 180
    G 180 3 months ago

    You always made predictions based on the trailer itself. Sometimes they tease fans and they fall for it. Why not wait and see for yourself. Jumping into conclusion by seeing this trailer is bullshit. Relax and let's not expect and get too excited. Just wait. Rick is back in the film of twd and soon will go back to its mother show.

  • Brianna C
    Brianna C 3 months ago +1

    The thing this trailer told me
    1: walking dead movie
    2: we might see Rick and garbage lady

    • Jishnu Jith
      Jishnu Jith 3 months ago +1

      Trailer doesn't tell u see garbage lady imdb does

  • Jose Hidalgo
    Jose Hidalgo 3 months ago

    Rick grimes is now a movie star

  • CAt From Outer Space
    CAt From Outer Space 3 months ago

    aaH -Spoiler Alert -BIGtime

  • Mete_TR
    Mete_TR 3 months ago

    The reason i quit the show is becoming a movie

  • JessieGr 101
    JessieGr 101 3 months ago +14

    "I'm looking for my family. I'm looking for my wife and child and anyone who comes in the way dies"

  • Zackster
    Zackster 3 months ago

    I mean, I knew that already.... What?

  • hunter rogers
    hunter rogers 3 months ago +24

    he’s prob in another coma, when he wakes up sees the king clapping his girls checks in finna he another shane thing

    • kevin pitts
      kevin pitts 3 months ago +1

      hunter rogers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂story of bro life

  • Mathew Keen
    Mathew Keen 3 months ago

    Philly Philly

  • Luis Arnold
    Luis Arnold 3 months ago

    The commonwealth!

  • RayR Wise
    RayR Wise 3 months ago

    Common wealth

  • Michael L
    Michael L 3 months ago

    I bet some RUclip winnie will produce a 30 minute analysis of this 30 second trailer

  • Russell Rogers
    Russell Rogers 3 months ago

    I dont know for sure but i feel like it was the helicopter that was in season 4 of fear the walking dead and the heli was from a group of people that were trying to stop the apocalypse so that might explain it

  • Shalfoshizzle
    Shalfoshizzle 3 months ago +85

    Also, prediction. Rick Grimes comes back at the end of season 10 as a surprise or whatever, and then the movies are gunna come out after to show his journey for the past 6 years

    • Josh B
      Josh B Month ago

      I dont think so. Then theres no suspense and hype for the movies because you'd already know he returns

    • Cross!Chara
      Cross!Chara 2 months ago +1

      And,If will make sense because i heard than Andrew Lincoln will be im the Gravation Sets

    • Daniel Kowalsky
      Daniel Kowalsky 2 months ago +5

      That's actually smart

    • Chubby Bunny
      Chubby Bunny 2 months ago +4

      That would be awesome!!!

    • Cross!Chara
      Cross!Chara 3 months ago +5

      I hope so