Playing FOOTBALL in CROCS!! (Football Experiment)

  • Published on May 2, 2017
  • Today I swap out my usual Football Boots, for a pair of Crocs...
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    In todays football experiment I change my usual football boots for something a little bit different. Playing football in crocs, to see how they fair against freestyle and free kicks!
    Kieran Brown.
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  • Tumbo Jortoise
    Tumbo Jortoise Month ago

    You should wear bouble wrap see how that goes

  • Peter Hoeher
    Peter Hoeher Month ago +1

    He acts like he hasn’t worn crocks before

  • 최고다버블디아
    최고다버블디아 2 months ago

    만능화!! 크록찡♥

  • Issa Supporter
    Issa Supporter 6 months ago

    Fútbol *

  • lukman nurhakim
    lukman nurhakim 7 months ago

    Wear fipper slipper

  • Howdy yall
    Howdy yall 8 months ago


  • clash with shri Patil
    clash with shri Patil 8 months ago

    Not good

  • Suvra Sarker
    Suvra Sarker 8 months ago

    Get it, it rhymes

  • Suvra Sarker
    Suvra Sarker 8 months ago

    Who wears socks in crocs

  • Wizard of LoL
    Wizard of LoL 9 months ago

    i learned football in crocs-s

  • Nor Aisha Aisha Mohd Noh
    Nor Aisha Aisha Mohd Noh 10 months ago

    why don't use a adidas slippers

  • Ryan Karanja
    Ryan Karanja 10 months ago

    Your awesome sacrificing everything for us followers .I salute you Kieran Brown

  • ツStarSlayer46
    ツStarSlayer46 10 months ago

    ew socks and crocs

    RITESH CHAVHAN 10 months ago

    We're flipper

  • FaZe_Maximillion
    FaZe_Maximillion 10 months ago

    What are those

  • RhetoricalGamer XD
    RhetoricalGamer XD 11 months ago

    Wear crocs in a panna tournament!!!😁😁

  • mooncatandberyl
    mooncatandberyl 11 months ago

    😂😂😂 have you tried ballet shoes with tie up ribbons and hard toes?

    PLL MAN 11 months ago

    i do this every time in my garden

  • Gaming with Arjun Malik

    I play football on crocrs and play a lot better than brown. Brown is the best RUclipr

  • abhiraj mann
    abhiraj mann Year ago

    3:13 nice drift

  • ᗩᒪI нᴀιᴅᴇʀ


    SKYDOUS Year ago

    Crocs are actually good I wear them every day for football because I can't afford football shoes.. But really crocs are pretty good for football

  • Celestine Campobello

    Kieran pls don't take this personalu but it's not the shoes it's the player who wears them. But like I said don't take it harsh

  • #_rk_ Production_

    Can I play with Crocs duet...

  • Mohit Gokhale
    Mohit Gokhale Year ago

    Wear floaters

  • Aquivi
    Aquivi Year ago

    Flip flops

  • Vicky Otaola
    Vicky Otaola Year ago

    what's the song at 0:56?

  • What ?
    What ? Year ago


  • BeatBoy
    BeatBoy Year ago

    I’m used to play football with crocs

  • Eshaan_ 7703
    Eshaan_ 7703 Year ago

    It’s only me who plays football in Crocs?

  • Rachit Bhushan
    Rachit Bhushan Year ago

    This man is surely going into FIFA in next 2 years

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz Year ago

    Crocs are awesome

  • Recker
    Recker Year ago

    The holes in crocs is where ur dignity leaks out from

  • grim media my g
    grim media my g Year ago

    I thought Kieran was cool until I realise he has crocs in his cupboard

  • 12345a12345
    12345a12345 Year ago


  • Taha Saeed
    Taha Saeed Year ago

    yo kieran wear heels

  • Macster Mind
    Macster Mind Year ago


  • Racket Rodsil
    Racket Rodsil Year ago

    Kieran Brown I play football usually with crocs

  • Arthur Negulici
    Arthur Negulici Year ago

    Wear nothing do it barefoot please I love your vidios

  • Very Random Channel

    I play football in my back garden with crocks and they don't have the backs on them to stop them flying off and I can do better shots with them

  • Hype Edits
    Hype Edits Year ago +1

    Still better than my mercurial victories

  • Aidan Hanley
    Aidan Hanley Year ago +2

    he's better with crocs than i an with superfly's :(

    SK TECH TUBE Year ago

    can anyone suggest me a football under 10 dollars pllzzz

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob Year ago +1


  • Vica Mihalicenco
    Vica Mihalicenco Year ago +1

    you should play football in sox

  • Djdjdnfj
    Djdjdnfj Year ago

    Play football in SLIDERS!!! Like so he sees

  • Djdjdnfj
    Djdjdnfj Year ago


  • Fionn McCarthy
    Fionn McCarthy Year ago +2

    Wear flip flops in your next video! Like this comment if you agree!

  • могучий
    могучий Year ago

    Im Playing the hole day with it, caus' im poor (crocs from china)

  • James Wade
    James Wade Year ago

    Wear flip flops

  • Harvey Franklin
    Harvey Franklin Year ago


    MAD BOYZ MB Year ago +1

    play football with snowboots

  • Ali Azam
    Ali Azam Year ago +1

    as i am a football fan he is best RUclipr for me

  • Frank Kenny
    Frank Kenny Year ago


  • Minds
    Minds Year ago

    WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?!

  • Elliot Diatta
    Elliot Diatta Year ago

    You should wear flip flops

  • Charlie
    Charlie Year ago

    You should wear lego shoes

  • Maximillian brainiac

    2:51 knuckleball with crocs

  • Gillian Hodson
    Gillian Hodson Year ago

    socks and crocs is a crime

  • 4521sinister
    4521sinister Year ago

    flip flop

  • mmjamel96
    mmjamel96 2 years ago

    I used to play in the local important matches with a sandal 😁

  • mmjamel96
    mmjamel96 2 years ago

    I already did this when was a kid

  • rudaina asif
    rudaina asif 2 years ago

    I love your video content

  • Tea Croatia
    Tea Croatia 2 years ago

    this is wrong in so many ways

  • sean
    sean 2 years ago

    shoes are. not you

  • sean
    sean 2 years ago

    stop with socks and crocks your making my eyes bleed and also your the cringiest

  • Such Random Stuff
    Such Random Stuff 2 years ago +1

    Please do playing football with slippers

  • Tech Review
    Tech Review 2 years ago

    You should wear thongs

  • H20 GB
    H20 GB 2 years ago

    Kieran, how do you put on your superlfy 5's

  • Pesa the Hypebeast
    Pesa the Hypebeast 2 years ago

    yeezy boost

  • James_
    James_ 2 years ago +1

    Turns on his car .
    Leaves his car in less than 3 seconds.. Wut?

  • m1 freestyler
    m1 freestyler 2 years ago

    whats up krian i realy like your videos nd i have subscribed pls kindly subscribe back to my channel pls reply thanks

  • alyssa miller
    alyssa miller 2 years ago

    sorry to be that person but where did you get your crocs and what shade are they in??😂 I can't find them in that color anywhere

  • Noli
    Noli 2 years ago

    Play football with your shoes on the wrong feet

  • Simply Perfect
    Simply Perfect 2 years ago

    Even in crocks, your still better than sturridge

  • Anthony McEvoy
    Anthony McEvoy 2 years ago

    You should wear nothing on ur feet next time 😏

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 2 years ago

    Play football with tape all around your foot. Tip: Use socks and tape it so it doesn't hurt when u try to take it off.

  • Jubayer Mufid
    Jubayer Mufid 2 years ago

    wear nothing!!!!!

  • MUFA -XD
    MUFA -XD 2 years ago

    OMG this guy need some milk

  • Friends do chalenges
    Friends do chalenges 2 years ago

    weding shoes

  • SE FÜT 7
    SE FÜT 7 2 years ago

    make a video ofspinner

  • malik mujtaba
    malik mujtaba 2 years ago

    please do a juggling challenge and also give tricks for how to juggle

  • malik mujtaba
    malik mujtaba 2 years ago

    you are always being the best in football

  • MKizzy-
    MKizzy- 2 years ago

    If u never actually played football in crocs, u don't know the struggle

  • Aze NINJA
    Aze NINJA 2 years ago

    kieran brown cool we have the same crocs

  • David Luiz Pro Clubs
    David Luiz Pro Clubs 2 years ago

    what are thoooose?

  • Anuj Mishra
    Anuj Mishra 2 years ago

    why are your hands so red???????

  • Ur Dumm
    Ur Dumm 2 years ago

    play in rainboots

  • sergienri
    sergienri 2 years ago

    como Deadpool deberías haber dicho: "so comfy"

  • Callum Sd tv
    Callum Sd tv 2 years ago +1

    + bycicle kick challenge

  • Callum Sd tv
    Callum Sd tv 2 years ago +1

    You should wear yeezy's

  • Ion Md
    Ion Md 2 years ago +1

    1:19 LoL

  • Henre Golf
    Henre Golf 2 years ago


  • Full TV 4
    Full TV 4 2 years ago

    Kieran you can try to wear football boots
    whitout shoelace

    CCRAVERS 2 years ago +1


  • Lavell Roopnarain
    Lavell Roopnarain 2 years ago

    dude WAT UR THOSE

  • Mx
    Mx 2 years ago

    why are you not in barcelona?i think your made for barca

  • Alessandropluis
    Alessandropluis 2 years ago


  • Matthew Ehab
    Matthew Ehab 2 years ago

    hey bro why dont you make a video where you are just wearing socks when you make the video picture my comment and post it

  • Cam Martin
    Cam Martin 2 years ago

    Should've worn black socks.......