BEST OF THE WEEK - Porch Pirate

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
  • We're back, with a brand new Best Of The Week!! This week we caught the most adorable porch pirate red-handed, I mean red-pawed. Trust me it's really funny. We also got a family who picked the wrong day to take the top off the car, a bison that hates cars, and a skydiving cow. Yes, you read that right. So buckle in because it's going to be a wild ride and enjoy the Best Of The Week.
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Comments • 196

  • Rozilyn noneyabusiness

    one porch pirate video move on with that

  • dan selby
    dan selby 12 days ago

    Wow you would think that the title would have something to do with what's in the video. more scum trying to get you to click on something you don't really want to watch .

  • moorek1967
    moorek1967 12 days ago

    Yogi DOES exist, and he is stealing more than pickanick

  • salaciousBastard
    salaciousBastard 14 days ago

    1:02 Thot Calisthenics.

  • Michael Mendillo
    Michael Mendillo Month ago

    Happier than a Beaver with a piece of Tomatoe !!! I tell you !!! 😂😂😂😂😂✌

  • Scott Thoma
    Scott Thoma Month ago

    other than that good video

  • Scott Thoma
    Scott Thoma Month ago

    over and over again ugh

  • Scott Thoma
    Scott Thoma Month ago

    the music ugh

  • JL Ribeiro
    JL Ribeiro 2 months ago

    3:00 You're sooooo gay!!!!

  • Evelio Gonzalez
    Evelio Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Max,...... Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma 🤣 you forgot that key word

  • Lost
    Lost 2 months ago

    What the hell is the beginning of the video got to do with porch Pirates

  • Jayantajit Cameo
    Jayantajit Cameo 2 months ago

    Can u please share me the song at 8.44

  • Castle
    Castle 2 months ago

    *Source for The chase is on?*

    XxWATF_GHOSTxX 2 months ago +4

    The one where that dog has that plastic bag of chips stuck around his head that can actually kill him by suffocating him

  • Deny Grg
    Deny Grg 2 months ago

    This channel has always inspired me very much so created my own channel but i dont have any subscribers in my account😰😰😭

  • Bijou Turay
    Bijou Turay 3 months ago

    Me and my brother can catch the pig and my big brother we run fast

  • MrYfrank14
    MrYfrank14 3 months ago +1

    2:12 - who buys a vehicle with a removable top that doesn't have a place to stow the top in the car in case it rains?
    unless you live in a desert and only worry about rain once a year.
    i live in CT. we can have sunshine, rain, and snow all in the same day.

  • MrYfrank14
    MrYfrank14 3 months ago +2

    7:28 - everybody just knows what to do.
    must be Trump country. everybody works for a living and raises pigs.

  • MrYfrank14
    MrYfrank14 3 months ago

    4:19 - what are they doing?

    • Adam Hanneman
      Adam Hanneman 2 months ago

      Id assume one cant look the direction that the other points. Like a form of Rock Paper Scissors

  • Kristel sil
    Kristel sil 3 months ago

    was the rabbit eating meat😬😱

    RINKRATS 58 3 months ago +1

    The bear took the dog food at least the box isn’t plastic

  • A.
    A. 3 months ago +7

    6:08 The wind chime.
    If you fulfill your purpose, but still feel useless.

  • Tommy Hammernots
    Tommy Hammernots 3 months ago

    Not the only reason to NEVER buy a Jeep.

  • Sonja Trl
    Sonja Trl 3 months ago

    Best kids ever getting drenched and not one complaint

  • me
    me 3 months ago +2

    Was wondering what the bear was stealing...then saw "" . Nuff said.

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 3 months ago

    That's right, 411?
    WTF? Maybe I don't want to know what this stupid ass game is. Idiots making up games and dances - why don't you get a job or an education?!

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 3 months ago

    Wasn't that the beaver that was just chewing on the tomato?

  • Tailor Dunn
    Tailor Dunn 3 months ago +3

    lol hade no sound ... but seening the vid off the dad and the kids was funny ASF LMFAO

  • The Felidae
    The Felidae 3 months ago +2

    02:03 Um, Sir, i think u left your windows open.

    NOYFB FOAD 3 months ago

    Ban VERTICAL Videos!

  • Viggo
    Viggo 3 months ago


  • Naruto Uzimaki
    Naruto Uzimaki 3 months ago

    My only goal in life now is to burp so load that a baby can cry to it

  • Jane O’Brien
    Jane O’Brien 3 months ago

    Poor beluga! Only stupid people pay to see cetaceans in captivity!!😡😡

  • Somebody
    Somebody 3 months ago

    Y’know gotta get that ad revenue

  • ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

    Jeep Wrangler Bad Dad can't find a bridge or a bank.

  • da broncobabe
    da broncobabe 3 months ago

    It's too bad I've already seen more than half these clips elsewhere.

  • Michael Bateman
    Michael Bateman 3 months ago +1

    Thank you @jukinvideo for changing the format so the last clip isn't cut off by screen popups. Much better watchability all around.

  • Emilio Torres
    Emilio Torres 3 months ago +1

    0:55 OMG

  • GeorgeJansen
    GeorgeJansen 3 months ago +1

    4:25. I'm old as phucks.... Wtf were they doing?

  • GeorgeJansen
    GeorgeJansen 3 months ago +1

    3:22. Simon Bile Movement

  • GeorgeJansen
    GeorgeJansen 3 months ago

    1:09. Got dammit. Out of napkins....

  • GeorgeJansen
    GeorgeJansen 3 months ago +1

    00:25 . Yes let me turn the cam off right before the RUclip magic happens.... Idiot 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • alejandroom morales
    alejandroom morales 3 months ago

    1:10 piensa en las posibilidades

  • TheAngryGamer 89
    TheAngryGamer 89 3 months ago

    Those cows aren't happy. They are all jumping the white line thinking it's a obstacle. Watch it

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella 3 months ago

    So cute when the bunny eats the cherry❤️🙂

  • Mark Collins
    Mark Collins 3 months ago

    Love your videos

  • Zbriu
    Zbriu 3 months ago +9

    1:06 No, don't even think of asking. Your GF can't do that. Keep dreaming. :P

    • Pyjama Kid
      Pyjama Kid 2 months ago

      Zbriu yeah but what if we are single

    • countreekidd
      countreekidd 3 months ago +1

      It's fun to look at, but not a practical position lol

    • Michael Bateman
      Michael Bateman 3 months ago +2

      You won the internet today my friend. Because I guarantee every hetero male thought something like that.

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444 3 months ago +1

    That song in the last clip is one of my jams!

    • RoseOfTheNight4444
      RoseOfTheNight4444 3 months ago

      @Kris R. Drive by Incubus 😊

    • Kris R.
      Kris R. 3 months ago

      What's the name? My dad and I are going crazy trying to remember haha

  • twitchster77
    twitchster77 3 months ago +1

    Thank you ma'am.
    I appreciate you.

  • sheri wilson
    sheri wilson 3 months ago

    OOPS- Fat girl slips, fat hand shoots up- Gonna be the story of yur martial life- Poor guy- He seems to even sense his fat(e) confidence, semi-arm up victory salute..

  • Máté Burai
    Máté Burai 3 months ago

    2:00 parent’s of The year

  • sheri wilson
    sheri wilson 3 months ago

    Unmotivated- Simply wimpy, simply gayblade-

  • Teagan B.
    Teagan B. 3 months ago +1

    1:03 ummmmm... exuCUSE me. what?!

  • Jim dela Cruz Vera
    Jim dela Cruz Vera 3 months ago +1

    1:09 im thinking of something😉😜

  • Margil Fruto
    Margil Fruto 3 months ago

    please help my channel to reach 1k subs

  • Glenn Allen
    Glenn Allen 3 months ago +4

    LOL "Tasty Tomatoe" Somebody took Quayle's spelling lesson to heart! 1:53

  • john turdbucket
    john turdbucket 3 months ago

    Made me smile.

  • Joshua Elwin
    Joshua Elwin 3 months ago

    AT 1.45 "Like a good neighbour statefarm is there!"

  • JoeyRodz74
    JoeyRodz74 3 months ago

    For f-sake. STOP WITH THE CHEESY MUSIC! You either have horrible taste in music or just don't have the budget to license anything decent. Just play what's in the video, or nothing at all!

  • Ricardho Khan
    Ricardho Khan 3 months ago

    Hewwo amazin veiwr readin the comments have a niwce niwght