Conor McGregor | Top 5 Knockouts

Conor McGregor | Top 5 Knockouts | MMA | UFC

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Автор Judge me as a Cow ( назад)
How can you respect a tapper though I'd rather break my fucking arm.

Автор Nixon Hax ( назад)
i want to see McGregor fight with Michael Venom Page..

Автор Exiled Candy ( назад)
To anyone who listened to ME!ME!ME! by Daoko: Who thought that fucking song was gonna play here when you heard 0:00? XD

Автор jack spedicy 2 ( назад)
this what you hear as soon as conor mcgregor enters the octagon IT IS ALL OVER!

Автор Alexandro Medina ( назад)
Que pedazo de luchador, CONNOR MC GREGOR! 👏👏👏

Автор Louis Curtis ( назад)
I can whip Conner McGregor ass he needs to sit his Irish ass the fuck down and shut the fuck up

Автор GunnyFits1 ( назад)
He telegraphs his punches and throws too many looping hail mary's to beat Floyd.

Автор Said Fernando Cornejo Agüero ( назад)
donde esta la gente

Автор Said Fernando Cornejo Agüero ( назад)
yo lo mato a magregor unpayaso mas

Автор El Pity ( назад)
name of this fight? 1:40

Автор Mosis Splitsea ( назад)
Conor McGregor is a clover leafed fag - lets do some real fighting you bitch! come down to South Africa - I don't fight in gay cages like you. The idea of people sniffing and groping each others balls and puss and calling it martial arts is is a total shame. You won't last 3 minutes in the real world.

Автор anti illiminati mrt ( назад)
tiene buen rival floy

Автор Potato dreams show ( назад)
Conor McGregor is The Greatest Fighter and singer :)

Автор Yourself Ponce ( назад)
si le parte la madre a mayweather en corto.

Автор LongPipe4U ( назад)
Where is the Diaz knockout?

Автор Jacob Wynne ( назад)
Would have KILLED to see him fight GSP in his prime.

Автор TechnicallyToxicity ( назад)
That left hand counter is too good

Автор Ben Powe ( назад)
👊😼👊let me at him//////////::ooooiiillllllllll show daaa little fucker

Автор Ben Powe ( назад)
Hitting a man when he is down??????? No way Jose fucking saaaasyyyyyy

Автор Chris Eye ( назад)
Gotta watch out for that devastating left. It makes opponents go to sleep.

Автор Michael Borg ( назад)
that hammer fist tho

Автор Kid Buu ( назад)
Marc Diakiese will put an end to McGregor what a fight that will be!

Автор LOGIA Music ( назад)
don't mess with Justin "Fucking" Timberlake!!!

Автор Vojtaano Videos ( назад)
song please

Автор fy la ( назад)
musiccc plzz

Автор Ango Productions ( назад)
One of the most ruthless player.

Автор Gamerplayer 300 ( назад)
I am Irish

Автор Dian Rozzario ( назад)

Автор Nate Cumming ( назад)

Автор Devon Gax ( назад)
fear that left fookers! :D

Автор Alan Salguero Barahona ( назад)
All the rest of the fighters look like normal people jaja

Автор Spartan Spartanov ( назад)
Mendez was very good opponent .He give conor the hardest fight till now

Автор otto cheung ( назад)
Aldo looked like a cunt when he went down. A bad rotten cunt

Автор WriteOutTheHood ( назад)
He is way too slow to beat Mayweather

Автор Lan SB ( назад)
most savage part was the push by the reff

Автор Kotta Terra ( назад)

Автор wpqe l ( назад)
Connor chiken

Автор Nik Horssen ( назад)
Who like cheese😳

Автор N1co! ( назад)
C le meilleur combattant

Автор Exodioa 23 ( назад)
McGregor vs Aldo is the greatest championship fight due to the crowds reaction

Автор TheUnknownJunkee ( назад)
No.2 was 100% the best knockout followed by Alvarez

Автор Burt Mc Gurt ( назад)
Damn Aldo's face all like "fuuuuuuck" @ 2:25 slomo catches it perfectly

Автор Aarmau _legends ( назад)
proud to be irish and from crumlin and to be from dublin 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🍀🍀🍀🍀

Автор Jaak Koun ( назад)
He is over rated, I call him out ! you coward !

Автор chris L ( назад)
I love how the music crescendos right to the point where McGregor KO's Aldo. Not sure if you did that purposely, but either way, beautiful, beautiful stuff!

Автор Shlamie Mk4 ( назад)
I never properly watched his fight before tonight. Its fucking sheer excellence. He fights like an eagle. The focus is 100% relaxed and he just feels his way in to the week point and takes the fucker out. I like him.

Автор Desafio News ( назад)
qual nome da musica do video?

Автор damian patricio schipani ( назад)
Nate Díaz te ganó ; gil

Автор Gabriel Santos ( назад)
melhor lutador 😎

Автор Leon Limmy ( назад)
I give you that one still Connor McGregor 👍

Автор J1NX1337 ( назад)
Midget "Maternity Leave" Champ FTW!

Автор Sean Ogreen ( назад)
And this is why conor is so hated, for talking shit which makes fights exciting and backing it up

Автор Rocket League ( назад)

Автор Kyusho JitsuTV ( назад)
And Floyd is the next lol!

Автор Jose Armando Peña Garcia ( назад)
The best

Автор symeramon ( назад)
number 2 is 1

Автор dominic martinez ( назад)
Be nice to see him defend a belt

Автор Luke Mclaren ( назад)
Connor is the best uft fighter out there man

Автор Xam X ( назад)
Mcgregor is the man too bad Floyd your fucked.

Автор Chris A. ( назад)
And this guy is taking on Mayweather? The standard of punching here is pussy light compared to the many pro boxers who have been trying to hit Mayweather for years. McGregor has no chance whatsoever of beating Floyd in a boxing match, and it doesn't matter if he grows that beard another foot deep, it wont help his chin.

Автор Taha mehmet Kahveci ( назад)
Out of humanity.

Автор Jeferson Martins ( назад)
esse cara é um babaca jose aldo sim é o verdadeiro campeão do UFC!!

Автор Yashi Yamanoto ( назад)
had to comment to make it 1000

Автор dylan wing ( назад)

Автор dub2459 ( назад)
2 years of beef stopped by the one punch man

Автор Sean William ( назад)
Mcgreggor is god

Автор fabula belo ( назад)
eu derrrubo ele desafio

Автор Roko Mokio ( назад)
Conor rules. I wish they showed how he destroyed that nate scared little bitch. Even in the first fight he dominated him with boxing. If nate did not have homer simpson brain conor would have not gassed out in the first fight and lost that one.

In the second fight he just humiliated that bitch. full cam nate on a weight conor does not fight and conor still outboxed him lul.

Also, 49-1! So many racist fgts hate on conor but he will win, ;-)

Автор Япослав Грищенко ( назад)
ксли конор магрегор клёвый ставьте лайк

Автор Wheatley ( назад)
dis man knows a ting or two about lefts

Автор Riaan du Toit ( назад)
Notice at 2:40 Aldo receives 3 hits after knockout, 2 hammer fists from Conor and a knee from the ref. Sneaky ref haha

Автор TBear300 ( назад)
I gotta admit he has good reaction time

Автор Lucky Nerd ( назад)
Mma fighters have no defense with terrible striking techniques. That's why when someone with good striking abilities comes in they dominate, e.g., Connor, Jon Jones, Evans.

Автор Greg Charton ( назад)
the Ramon Dekker of MMA

Автор Notorious B.I.G ( назад)
1:49 dodge and kill!

Автор David Zych ( назад)
Alvarez fight seems fake

Автор Aurelio Rojas Jr ( назад)
-all like 6 inches smaller than him lil

Автор Matt Kennedy ( назад)
lmfao aldo was down before aldo realized he was down

Автор Clash UNIVERS ( назад)

Автор Jack Jazzdeathform ( назад)
although he is the best he will not be the greatest like Muhammad Ali

Автор Pluto Gaming ( назад)
2:29.......your welcome

Автор Linda Shapiro-Stuart ( назад)
never heard of this guy. no Jose aldo. that's a real fighter

Автор KulinBan777 ( назад)
He had more great KOs in CW, you should have posted some of them

Автор Anton Tobias ( назад)
Where's Diaz?...Oh yeah.

Автор Tyler York ( назад)
0:52 its like mcgregor has distance readers in his face

Автор FaLLeN AnGeL ( назад)
Who the fook is that guy ?.

Автор Spizgany ( назад)

Автор Alex Wei ( назад)
Be water...

Автор Templar Knight's Gaming network ( назад)
Conor McGregor is the fighting irish

Автор JFroMG ( назад)
2 was the best

Автор steeze masta ( назад)
i don't understand why these guys still punch the man who is lying on the ring?????

Автор Max VOISIN ( назад)
i imagine with a sword!

Автор Lamapadama Gaming ( назад)

Автор Pedro Almeida ( назад)
MC Gregory E Braça Punhos De Ferro
Mais Anderson Silva E OS Bicho

Автор Dohner 242 ( назад)
Gimme yer belt!

Автор Mostafa Mrad ( назад)
Clean off!!

Автор Henrique Silva ( назад)
Conor McGregor is a fan of his fights fighting very well

Автор Ramesh Mayanglambam ( назад)

Автор Anime Addict ( назад)
Number 2 the ref pushing mcgregor

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