WHY 99% OF PEOPLE FAIL IN LIFE - Advice From The Most Successful People On The Planet

  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
  • Find out why 99% of people fail in life, Advice from the The Most Successful People in the world. Thank you greatly for watching. If you enjoyed, please share it with a fellow entrepreneur!
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  • Ton Robert
    Ton Robert 13 days ago

    I know what it really takes to be successful & believe me we will never share it for free$

  • Mooniel
    Mooniel 4 months ago

    Just don't ever give up no matter what happend!!!

  • Dranreb Dev
    Dranreb Dev 5 months ago +1


  • Bailey Whyte
    Bailey Whyte 5 months ago

    You say why 99% people ‘fail’
    Nobody fails it’s just an attempt to get to where you want to be in life
    F irst
    A ttempt
    I n
    L earning

  • HowRandomIsRandom
    HowRandomIsRandom 6 months ago +5

    Video Summary

    Kevin Systrom
    - Good to have a wide range of work/life experiences to draw from when starting a venture.
    - You don't have to be the best, you have to be dangerous. Learn just enough to be dangerous, build and idea, concept it and show it to the world.
    - Find people who will be drawn to your idea and who can take it and make it even better.
    - There is no perfect next move. Better to just keep moving and learning.
    - Go to where the people are. Surround yourself with great people where you can learn the most and great things will happen.

    Jack Ma
    - Don't talk about your success too soon.
    - Worry about the things no one is worried about.
    - Be positive, but not stupid.

    Warren Buffett
    - Integrity, Honesty, Generosity, Willing to do more than your share --> Make most
    - Develop Intelligence, Initiative (Energy), Integrity.
    - Look around and see who do I admire and why. Then adopt their good traits.

    Don Valentine
    - Money flows as a function of stories.
    - Most critical task, how to ask a question, to understand others.

    • Ton Robert
      Ton Robert 13 days ago

      HowRandomIsRandom I know what it really takes to be successful & believe me we will never share it for free$

  • AMG
    AMG 6 months ago +2

    The man is conceited, boring and totally uninteresting! 👋 👋 bye 👋

  • AMG
    AMG 6 months ago

    Flickr were “doing” Instagram years before it was developed..... Flickr still is and way, way better!

  • Chumro and videos
    Chumro and videos 7 months ago

    Watch at 1.25*. Thank me later!

  • Shadow Beast
    Shadow Beast 7 months ago

    The only way to become successful is to have luck

    • Radicool Gaming
      Radicool Gaming 5 months ago

      You are just stupid! There is no such thing as luck! A dumbass does not get lucky

  • Charles Mcmurren
    Charles Mcmurren 10 months ago

    Hey man I think you do good work check this out!

  • David Moses
    David Moses 11 months ago

    Each key area of the Universe and your life, is separated from each other by a great boundary or 'Dome'. For example: one of the areas of the universe as it relates to your life, is your Family. People that belong to your Family (mostly regards their D.N.A or due to MARRIAGE), can be said to belong within this Family boundary. People and things outside this boundary belong to a different boundary defined area. You belong to the 'YOU' boundary area that includes everything relating to YOU as a body and spirit. Your Family relates to YOU as a separate and supporting area with its own boundary limitations. Think of the boundary as a 'Dome' or shield or circle that effectively separates each area as to its essential function in your life.
    Everything in the universe uses energy to function and evolve. Each area, as it relates to YOU, also uses energy. Your Family lives within an energy based matrix. Nothing happens without using energy. Life depends on the use of energy - including the energy of D.N.A..
    Currently Scientists are struggling to detect and measure what they call "Dark Energy". They know it exists by its effect of the movement of stars in the galaxy, by can not directly 'see' or define it, as they can light. A similar problem exists with Spiritual Energy. What is Spiritual Energy? Answer: "Positive Actions by people, that create changes in the Universe and Society, of benefit both Spiritually & Physically, to the Individual and Humanity."
    We can not measure or detect it directly, like 'Dark Energy', but we know it exists by the positive effect it 'can have' on Humanity. What are the so called 'Negative Domes or Boundaries' made of? The domes are the outer boundary that divide the universe into 10 key areas for Human existence and persistence. In a way they are a negative entity that seem to 'exist' at the junction between the separate areas of the universe, like the border between oil and water in a glass! What is this border made of? Each area is of a unique character, separate but complimentary to each other. They only really exist as separate areas from the perspective and needs of Humanity. As in quantum physics, consciousness gives them their unique separate character.
    Let me add: All local energy systems in the Universe exist within an outer boundary that in effect separates it from other roughly local energy systems. Each of 10 areas that divide the universe, relate to human activity as a source of energy for the survival of the human race. For example: The first area of human existence is that of the individual as distinguished from Humanity as a whole.
    In order to survive, the individual needs support and sustenance from other people and sources. He/she needs physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual support from the 10 areas of the universe that includes self support from inside themselves as well. If these elements of support continue to pour into him/her), they will be further integrated into the supporting area within which their influence and energy footprint is dedicated to an individual, the YOU or other of the 10 areas of the Universe. Again, that outer separating boundary can be called: a 'Dome'.
    The greater the level of support, internal and external, the greater is the amount of Spiritual Energy available to the individual. As Positive Actions (positive changes) for the individual pour in, the level of Spiritual Energy within the 'Dome' also increases. This increase causes the expansion of the area around the person. The so-called 'Dome' expands, much as does a balloon. This healthy abundance of energy becomes available to the individual and their Family to counter negative forces, etc..
    But in the case where an individual is denied Positive Actions, due to a dysfunctional Self, Family or Community, or Country, along with the area being denied support; the boundary of the 'Dome' surrounding the person tends to shrink and the entire area may eventually collapse upon him/her. In actual life the individual and Family, etc. directly experiences this collapse, with physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual decline! Feelings such as: Sadness, Anger, Apathy, lack of interest in life, Depression and Failure. Very few individuals are aware of the root causes of their unhappiness and often tend to seek false instant remedies such as alcohol and drugs to feel better.
    At birth, and during the formative part of your life, the personal domed area that surrounds YOU, is mainly meant to be filled and maintained by your Family, and in addition by your Community, Country and others, with Spiritual Energy which they create with their Positive Actions for YOU and other areas or 'Gifts". If your Family's dome is full of this Spiritual Energy and is maintained thusly by them, they will easily be capable of teaching you to accept RESPONSIBILITY as an important and necessary part of living your life.
    As you grow and develop, you become more aware and you will accept more tasks and Responsibilities. You will also learn that there are REWARDS for you for your Positive Actions, for yourself and for your Family etc.! Taking Responsibility for all the Gift areas with Positive Actions, as possible and practical, is the only way to avoid this collapse and is the main source of HAPPINESS for Human Beings!
    To restate this vital point: If fresh supplies of Spiritual Energy are not created and provided by You and others to maintain the health of the 'YOU' and all the 'areas' through Positive Actions, the domes will deflate like a leaky balloon and tend to collapse around you and other areas. People will experience this collapse in actual life, as increased crime, drug addiction, homelessness, poverty, sadness, anger, boredom, depression, dissatisfaction, physical and mental illness and failure.
    Only Positive Actions can create Spiritual Energy, and with it, the promise of Happiness and Success in life!
    This is part of a 53 minute DVD called: THE 10 GIFTS OF THE CREATOR. If interested in more information, email me: David Moses at: utechvideo@gmail.com Thank you!

  • Dave saing
    Dave saing 11 months ago

    Can I just ask what is “successfull”?

  • Efe Kilic
    Efe Kilic Year ago

    Why the screen keep skipping.. Edited?? No integrity in the upload! Leaving! See ya!

  • Fala mais Flavia
    Fala mais Flavia Year ago


  • Ashwin Mevada
    Ashwin Mevada Year ago


  • Tameka Jones
    Tameka Jones Year ago

    He sounds like Kim Kardashian, the vibrating sounds from his throat is irritating to hear

  • Donny Kiles
    Donny Kiles Year ago

    So you are only successful when everybody else is dirt poor and you live in a mansion?

  • The Devil's Advocate

    Fail at what becoming a billionaire? It used to be a millionaire was something to be now it's a billionaire soon you'll be a slouch until you are a trillionaire

  • Meredith Chuck Mallory

    Came here to comment on how depressing a notion it is that 99% of people fail in life

  • ferofax
    ferofax Year ago

    Jack Ma is literally S M O L F A C E

    SIR WAFFLEBOB Year ago

    12 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

  • Josh Worley
    Josh Worley Year ago

    Clickbait title irrelevant to the video contents.

  • Chris Benn
    Chris Benn Year ago

    HA! That title WTF?! FAIL IN LIFE! In "all caps"! and a made up "%"! How shitty!

  • ICQtrinity
    ICQtrinity Year ago

    Again I added a dislike to this video because you have chosen to badger me with the "LIKE" reminder. Now I'm motivated to find more of your videos and DISlike them. So I guess it's true, your videos do cause motivation madness.

  • Sassy Totem
    Sassy Totem Year ago +1

    It's difficult to discern whether these billionaires are saying what they believe or what their audience wants to hear.

  • Geo T
    Geo T Year ago

    The Instagram guy comes off as arrogant, and is Instagram really anything more than vain women showing off their bodies?

  • Stephen Dias
    Stephen Dias Year ago

    Integrity, Intelligence, & Initiative
    Confidence Console & Cooperative

  • David Stunning
    David Stunning Year ago

    It's because their parents have nothing to give. That's why they fail. All they tell you is to go to a good college. Your parents should've made you try many things, it can be riding a mountain, rock climbing, flying an airplane, doing science experiments, etc. When you teach your kids, you're teaching their kids.

  • Destrudo Alexandros

    Then we have 99% with ather dreams . No. One fail

  • Tom Altieri
    Tom Altieri Year ago

    Why am I listening to this?

  • Tom Altieri
    Tom Altieri Year ago

    I say this respectfully...I better not say anything.

  • Chronic Awareness
    Chronic Awareness Year ago +1

    dude that guy looks like an alien

  • rick s
    rick s Year ago +4

    The idea that 99% people "fail in life" is absurd

    • AK M
      AK M Year ago

      ricky rvlvr: Agreed! Success & failure are very subjective. It's very personal.

  • Jimpossible Bananarchy

    Those who judge the speakers and say they are just lucky and have a narrow definition of success not only miss the point, but are dishonest as to how they got to this video to comment in the first place.
    You don't need money to be happy? Good for you, this video is not for you, since happiness is not the subject. You're not impressed by their achievements? Neat. They're not here to impress you, don't want your approval , this isnt a casting show and you sure as hell are not the jury. Someone mentioned privilege. Interesting, because that's exactly what a lesson from a business person is. NOBODY is obligated to make free videos for you to watch, nobody must teach you these things. If you actually watched the video, you would have learned one thing, you can follow all the rules and still fail. Nobody denies that. So if you're content patting yourself on the back for your modesty, do it, but don't pretend to be morally superior just because you get a smaller share of the cake unless you completely refuse to take any of it.

  • Gamercatsz
    Gamercatsz Year ago

    If a dude works his entire life, doing his duty for his country, his family and for his children, he NEEDS to rise up on the social ladder. No mather if he is a janitor, toilet cleaner or street sweeper, if he does his part for society he should rise up on the social ladder. Owning his own house, giving his kids better futures. Technology is advancing, production is increacing, working people should therefore rise up. But what happens instead, is that the working class is struggeling to survive and all of the money goes to the people who already have the money. That is no accident, that is the consequence of politicians making tax exeptions to the rules for corporations, that is corporations seeking ways to pay the least amount of taxes, that is the superrich becomming even more rich. So yeah, society as it is needs to change no mather what anyone says or else there will be a revolution at some point in history.

  • exoa
    exoa Year ago

    these are the most confused people. you think money is more important than life itself and so you destroy the life on this planet. you cannot possibly fail in life. there is no such thing. you can fail at exams, but they don't represent anything anyway

  • Kevin Whitsitt
    Kevin Whitsitt Year ago

    Kevin the guy who created Instagram tried to create an address book that failed and he didn't get butt sore. He changed his strategy and won. This helps too....ruclip.com/video/-tdqYCxscCc/video.html

    DOGMA Year ago +4

    Noone fail in life, and there is no "successful" in life at all. nt

  • Robot Elixir
    Robot Elixir Year ago +63

    If you're happy you're winning. Success starts by being grateful for what you already have.

    • Braxton Mealey
      Braxton Mealey 11 months ago +3

      However that is a great point though. I will give you that.

    • Braxton Mealey
      Braxton Mealey 11 months ago +5

      Robot Elixir But are most people happy with their lives? I would say no. I mean not that they're miserable, but I certainly don't think they're happy most of the time. You always here people saying "Life's a bitch". Think about it.

  • General Entrepreneurship

    I appreciate Jack Ma.

  • Echeyde
    Echeyde Year ago

    Gotta like good ol' Warren

  • Milad Toma
    Milad Toma Year ago

    They Asian dudes face is like that Simpson's espidsode were they drank that special drink and that baseball players head turned big

  • Andrei Arama
    Andrei Arama Year ago

    GTFO !!!

  • Nate Vision
    Nate Vision Year ago +1

    This guys the Asian Jimmy Neutron! Lol

  • Christian Bell
    Christian Bell Year ago

    because the 1% make all the rules XD

  • Totoro San
    Totoro San Year ago

    Honestly a 1000 ppl can take these advices and apply it to their lives but only 1 or 2 will come out successful. Why? Cause in life there is something called luck. Hard work don’t mean much if you down on your luck.

    • smart water
      smart water Year ago +1

      LOL loser

    • Totoro San
      Totoro San Year ago

      hard work can only take you so far brah. if you dont' have the luck to accompany for you then your hardwork won't bear fruit. i know so many people who work really hard in life but they aren't successful. Why? Cause they seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Ravinia
    Ravinia Year ago

    The editing is so distracting.... If I want it fast I'll 2x....

  • Seb B
    Seb B Year ago

    I would consider merely staying alive as long as possible not failing in life.

  • never back down
    never back down Year ago

    Instgram will fail soon enough, as well as fb and RUclip..only a matter of time, enjoy the money now homey

    • TheLaughingMan0603
      TheLaughingMan0603 Year ago +1

      these guys will still have more money tan what you can possibly obtain in your entire life

  • shadowdance4666
    shadowdance4666 Year ago

    I liked Warren Buffet game the best

  • Willie D. Washington

    Define "Successful". Define "Failing" with regard to life.
    If you're merely referring to the aggregation of money and "things", then you've failed to understand the true meaning of "Success" and what "Life" really is!

  • TooToo246
    TooToo246 Year ago +3

    I have a problem listening to men who speak like blondies

  • Rücklicht
    Rücklicht Year ago

    i think companies should pay taxes for a start. Maybe pay taxes on the basis of the number of employees they have worldwide.

  • Dejan Nikolic
    Dejan Nikolic Year ago


  • Tom Ly
    Tom Ly Year ago

    Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die

  • llamasarus1
    llamasarus1 Year ago

    "Getting Rich is easy"....survivorship bias

  • Joseph White
    Joseph White Year ago

    You can't change the way you are wired much, but you can change what you do with that wiring - Warren Buffett

  • FreemonSandlewould

    Advice from douchbags for potential future douchbags.

  • jeff malm
    jeff malm Year ago

    the first fruit's up-speak at the end of his sentences is awesome.

  • Street Rider
    Street Rider Year ago

    sure.....stop CHina Steel DUMPING!!