Best of Chris Paul | 2017-2018 NBA Season

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • Check out the best highlights from Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets from the 2017-2018 NBA season!
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Comments • 302

  • duhawma .ralte
    duhawma .ralte 58 minutes ago

    👑of fake👑

  • k m
    k m 20 days ago

    2:04 2:38 4:04

  • James Villalon
    James Villalon Month ago

    1:03 jokic got joked by CP3 :))

  • James Villalon
    James Villalon Month ago

    Man I wish CP3 GOT. a ring.

  • twz productions
    twz productions 3 months ago

    These Videos Are Saving People’s Careers.

  • tal aguilar
    tal aguilar 4 months ago

    NOLA chris paul is the best version of chris paul when he come to the clippers he is still Good until he came to houston and become an average point guard

  • Muhamad Luthfi
    Muhamad Luthfi 4 months ago +4

    Who comes after russ get traded 😂😭

  • 305 Florida Breed 954
    305 Florida Breed 954 4 months ago +2

    Miami is waiting cp

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 4 months ago +1

    Welcome to OKC! Plz play how you played this season...Before you got injured...

    • AMind OfMine
      AMind OfMine 3 months ago

      Yeet Yeet he will, his stats with harden off the floor were 24,9,5

  • SAM 11
    SAM 11 4 months ago +19

    Anyone here after the Russell Westbrook trade 😭

    • AMind OfMine
      AMind OfMine 3 months ago

      SAM 11 the rockets are desperate. Instead of listening to a point god that tells them they can’t win with their iso playstyle they instead ignore him, resign the coach and trade him for another iso player that doesn’t produce in the playoffs. The rockets never had a chance to beat the warriors without Cp3. Hows their chance to beat the rest of the west?

    • James Farmer
      James Farmer 4 months ago

      Yup I'm mad too

    • Gilberto
      Gilberto 4 months ago


    • Oscar Oyanguren
      Oscar Oyanguren 4 months ago


    • The Polar
      The Polar 4 months ago


  • Komutan Logar
    Komutan Logar 4 months ago

    Amazing dude

  • Waldomiro Neto
    Waldomiro Neto 4 months ago

    My favorite player in the NBA.

  • Lincoln Wong
    Lincoln Wong 5 months ago +1

    2:04 Jesus take the wheel please

  • matthew
    matthew 6 months ago

    Paul is a good Pg because he gets his teammates involved. He doesn't hog the ball he runs the offense and racks up a ton of assists

  • Alexander Ortiz
    Alexander Ortiz 7 months ago

    y yo mido mas que el *-*

  • Joe Seida
    Joe Seida 7 months ago +2

    CP3 is a elite Point-Guard hands down

  • OceaniaMonarch
    OceaniaMonarch 8 months ago


  • Verrick Falcon
    Verrick Falcon 8 months ago

    Black and red jersey CP3 dangerous

  • Lee Yuho
    Lee Yuho 8 months ago


  • ottaymiles
    ottaymiles 8 months ago +2

    all of his trick dribbles and passes were trippy i had to rewind it most times and attempt to find the ball

  • i7moo_ d
    i7moo_ d 9 months ago

    Last one 😶

  • Matias Kočner
    Matias Kočner 9 months ago

    Grande Greaterer

  • k1ngtrix
    k1ngtrix 10 months ago +1

    Akashi Seijuro

  • Maicon Oliveira
    Maicon Oliveira 10 months ago +1


  • Gerardo V
    Gerardo V 10 months ago

    Who’s this Chris Paul guy? I think he can possibly play in the NBA no lie.

  • Matt Tolentino
    Matt Tolentino 11 months ago

    as of writing, from a championship caliber team to a team that will not make the playoffs

  • GoBlock
    GoBlock 11 months ago +3

    2:00 - Wow.

  • Exclusive Hits
    Exclusive Hits 11 months ago

    :56 he crossed my eyes. What actually happened?

  • BoricuaPopa38
    BoricuaPopa38 Year ago


  • guerrero33g
    guerrero33g Year ago


  • Jerrysmith Smith
    Jerrysmith Smith Year ago +1 .man

  • Loida Corpuz
    Loida Corpuz Year ago +3

    He is good in snatchback.....

  • MSQ 54
    MSQ 54 Year ago


  • grunermrk
    grunermrk Year ago +4

    Imagine this starting 5
    Chris Paul
    James Harden
    Kawhi Leonard
    LeBron James
    Anthony Davis

    • Ky
      Ky 4 months ago

      Oh my, you Might have predicted the Future
      Cause AD is joining Lebron & Kawhi Might too....

    • LK
      LK 8 months ago

      grunermrk Jesus

  • Charming Papi
    Charming Papi Year ago +2

    Point God ❗️❗️❗️❗️

  • Iamlb 1
    Iamlb 1 Year ago +2

    Greatest point guard of all time

  • Mr Budget
    Mr Budget Year ago +1

    What's up with draymond that he's an all-star this and CP didn't?I swear to God if you put that donkey on a team that he's the only star he won't gonna make it on playoffs

  • Smiley TV
    Smiley TV Year ago +3

    best PG

  • Gemini
    Gemini Year ago

    5:40 CP3 just straight up stole hardens moves.

  • Gemini
    Gemini Year ago

    I swr at 1:00 I thought he passed it.

  • Pro Tech
    Pro Tech Year ago +1

    When you realize that goran dragic was an all star and cp3 was not

    • Tstewa4869
      Tstewa4869 2 months ago

      Pro Tech Goran was? Absolutely. Paul isn't? No way

  • Jun Low
    Jun Low Year ago +1

    6.f, survived in NBA for 13 years and still maintain at prime level... Salute CP3

  • Nino Fontanilla
    Nino Fontanilla Year ago +1

    Houston is better than clevand

  • eustagoesout
    eustagoesout Year ago

    Underrated handles

  • TellTha Truth
    TellTha Truth Year ago

    And once again if Leonard or Paul didn't get hurt you'd be talking about 5 time champion in LeBron

    • Nuno
      Nuno Year ago

      I know, and both those teams would've beaten the Cavs

    • TellTha Truth
      TellTha Truth Year ago

      Spurs basketball with that Leonard in 2017 was destined for finals n CP3 proved the Hamptons 5 couldn't do shift to stop his shots but got saved by a hamstring injury so what's the no about?

    • Nuno
      Nuno Year ago +1

      LMAO no

  • TellTha Truth
    TellTha Truth Year ago +1

    Harden weak miss 22+ 3s while up on warriors ass better thank CP3 for a MVP he didn't deserve.

  • Joseph Quinones
    Joseph Quinones Year ago

    Point god

  • Mehdi K
    Mehdi K Year ago

    Can’t believe he wasn’t selected to the all star team for last two years.

  • slick tv
    slick tv Year ago +16

    how come when steph curry made co3 fall everyone hyped it up but when cp3 makes curry fall twice nobody talks about it

    • AMind OfMine
      AMind OfMine 3 months ago

      slick tv cause Curry gets crossed over all the time. I don’t remember if there was ever a time Cp3 was crossed. He’s a smart defender that slipped on Curry’s shoe.

  • Giorg18500 [GRANP]
    Giorg18500 [GRANP] Year ago +121

    Draymond was an Allstar this season and CP3 wasn't.... SMH

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee Year ago +6

    Ultimate cp3 fan!! 1 of his top 3 seasons in his can see he actually had fun and wasn't stressed on carrying scrubs to the playoffs again lmao

  • The_ Tomaš
    The_ Tomaš Year ago

    Best point guard right now.

  • jc zyver
    jc zyver Year ago +1

    Where is the shimmy?
    I felt bad for his former teammate Davis West, others not really.

  • money king
    money king Year ago

    It's funny how the narrative changes everyone was on Chris paul for not doing it in LA, but he go to houston and the whole world suck his dick💀💀 fake fans all over

  • Matthew Morante
    Matthew Morante Year ago +1

    Point GOD

  • Ethan Mosquera
    Ethan Mosquera Year ago +2

    Cp3 harden > Curry Thompson
    Any day

  • Michele Bolzan
    Michele Bolzan Year ago +1


  • TheFamousMayor
    TheFamousMayor Year ago +18

    Bro,how was he not an all star? He clearly no question deserved it

    • specter290
      specter290 Year ago +1

      idk why houston didnt vote him... he was injured and didnt play as many games but still alot IMO. damien liliard cried about how he wanted to be an allstar.