Giant 1 Pound York Peppermint Patties (Kinda Fail)

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
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    Continuing where I left off with all those Giant Christmas Candy Bars I got..
    3rd up is the Giant York Patties!!
    (BTW yes, this was filmed back in December 2016)
    I think the next is the Crunch Bar..
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Comments • 1 823

  • ツAcidicAli777
    ツAcidicAli777 4 days ago

    There’s no way this is real. That man should’ve died after the first bite

  • Vindicator 6
    Vindicator 6 6 days ago

    Every time someone takes a bite of a York, they teleport to an icy biome. Matt here, teleports to Pluto after the video ends.

  • Cris Packet
    Cris Packet 7 days ago +1

    Milk?! 😂 Wtf.. Americans.

  • Yung Shimo
    Yung Shimo 17 days ago

    The comment section is just a roast of yorks existence

  • Mr. Raymond
    Mr. Raymond 21 day ago +5

    Ahhh nothing like a pound of chocolate covered toothpaste.

  • Jennifer W
    Jennifer W Month ago

    "Get the sensation"

  • Betty Davis
    Betty Davis Month ago


  • 21 Savage
    21 Savage Month ago +1

    His breath gon be minty fresh

  • Riley McCallister
    Riley McCallister Month ago


  • Riley McCallister
    Riley McCallister Month ago


  • Francesca Xenia
    Francesca Xenia Month ago


  • Halima Abdiwali
    Halima Abdiwali 2 months ago

    Stop swearing

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 2 months ago +1


  • ItzJustBobsicle 10
    ItzJustBobsicle 10 2 months ago

    Hearing you say fuck is so weird

  • landons shenanigans
    landons shenanigans 2 months ago

    His thoart is on fire til to this day

  • Are Traps Gay
    Are Traps Gay 2 months ago


  • Tyranitar Time
    Tyranitar Time 2 months ago

    Idk why but for some reason I think I can beat him or get the same time as him on this challenge

  • Uck U Bungie
    Uck U Bungie 2 months ago

    What do you mean kinda fail

  • Yanson Wang
    Yanson Wang 3 months ago

    is this the first time he's said a bad word?????

  • Claudia Yeung
    Claudia Yeung 3 months ago


  • meee meee
    meee meee 3 months ago

    Does anyone know if Matt lives with his parents still? Couldn't find anything about that on google. Also where is this location, it's not his usual house where he records, is it Morgans flat?

  • Lady Belle
    Lady Belle 3 months ago +2

    Yo I need to know wherw U bought that i love York peper mint patty

  • Dayne
    Dayne 4 months ago +1

    Lolol lol. I can barely make it through a mini one of those 😂😂

  • Adrian Araiza
    Adrian Araiza 4 months ago

    I like those

  • Travis Downs
    Travis Downs 4 months ago

    Instead of milk 🥛 he should have chased it with a bottle of Listerine™️

  • kaylyn cole
    kaylyn cole 4 months ago

    That looks good

  • rzhe17
    rzhe17 5 months ago

    Weak i eat 1 lb 3.75 oz daily with ease

  • Jerry The Mouse
    Jerry The Mouse 5 months ago

    I bet he shat out a whole pine tree after that.

  • vsx. mel
    vsx. mel 6 months ago

    Man I wish...

  • Shadow YT
    Shadow YT 6 months ago

    Enes batur daki

  • Oh K
    Oh K 6 months ago

    I hate the music so much 😭

  • Don't look into my eyes

    Is Matt single?

  • HowToBasic 3
    HowToBasic 3 6 months ago

    *Attempts to eat*

    -Takes a small bite
    -Has a *Seizure*

  • IixStarShinexii Xoxo
    IixStarShinexii Xoxo 6 months ago

    That looks delicious omg

  • werewolf 2.0
    werewolf 2.0 6 months ago +1

    Matt I love your videos but by that time Christmas is 8 months away

  • flo agatha
    flo agatha 6 months ago

    The way you eat its amazingggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ikilltherock
    Ikilltherock 6 months ago

    *eats bitesize york patty*
    Me:josh that shit was strong
    *watches this*

  • Shuaib Jacobs
    Shuaib Jacobs 7 months ago

    Hey bro. Try eating whole chocolate bars. Like the bars that come in blocks, you should try eating a few of them with some nice milk 😄

  • destined2bQueen Right
    destined2bQueen Right 7 months ago

    I ate a regular mint York while watching. Satisfying!

  • David Huang
    David Huang 7 months ago

    You know guys this would be a good way to break your food habit. You love a food so much you're addicted to it so just eat a ton of the food you love and next time you see that food you'll remind yourself. "I remember I almost died eating that."

  • no name guy
    no name guy 7 months ago

    When I saw h do this I thought it was so easy then I tried it and it is like bubble gum and it sticks to the top of your mouth

  • alana dricos
    alana dricos 7 months ago

    I want one so bad!!!! Where did you buy it????

  • ciff8f8 dididifif
    ciff8f8 dididifif 7 months ago

    I mixed these with klondike bars

  • OVO Pingu
    OVO Pingu 7 months ago

    *No need to wash your mouth*

  • weird grandma
    weird grandma 7 months ago

    get the sensation

  • iloveCats AndFish
    iloveCats AndFish 9 months ago

    advance Merry christmas!

  • Sherwood Mclamb
    Sherwood Mclamb 9 months ago

    This was kinda funny to watch.

  • YW윤서
    YW윤서 9 months ago


  • Tommy Wiseau
    Tommy Wiseau 10 months ago

    This is the only challenge I know with absolute certainty that I can do

  • Ultra Bunk
    Ultra Bunk 10 months ago


  • Fernando Coronado
    Fernando Coronado 10 months ago

    Well..guess i could do that , it doesn't seems difficult

  • Lunar Ink
    Lunar Ink 10 months ago

    *opens package*
    D I S A P P O I N T E D

  • dollen adams
    dollen adams 10 months ago

    0:50 was what I thought you would get to at most

  • A.M.R
    A.M.R 10 months ago

    song in back ground please :D?

  • King Fisher
    King Fisher 10 months ago

    Why do they look melted? Should've kept them refrigerated. Taste better cold anyway.

  • JaceHiggins
    JaceHiggins 10 months ago

    We’re do I get a giant York patty

  • Hayden Hollingsworth
    Hayden Hollingsworth 11 months ago

    You just ate half the lethal dose of sugar. Good job

  • Wolf Dippers Girlfriend
    Wolf Dippers Girlfriend 11 months ago

    Lucky I want to eat that

  • Matteo Dipinto
    Matteo Dipinto Year ago

    name song?

  • Kandi Hinshaw
    Kandi Hinshaw Year ago

    I love Matt Stonie's facial expressions on his evening food and candy

  • Gladlee
    Gladlee Year ago

    Matt stone what is fail kinda

  • Barış Subaşı
    Barış Subaşı Year ago

    Narsahet man omaygat sik sik sik

  • matthew clutter
    matthew clutter Year ago

    I wonder if Matt tasted the sensation

  • Hashim Muhammad
    Hashim Muhammad Year ago

    Mouth must be at 0°c

  • DJrhino450
    DJrhino450 Year ago +1

    Easiest challenge you’ve done

  • BenjaminGames17
    BenjaminGames17 Year ago

    Chocolate covered toothpaste

  • B. Van Oosbree
    B. Van Oosbree Year ago

    Probably taste like a mouthful of toothpaste

  • Tiffany Reid
    Tiffany Reid Year ago


  • unidentifiedx
    unidentifiedx Year ago +1

    Imagine chugging orange juice after

  • Killuminati Nwo
    Killuminati Nwo Year ago

    1min 50secs

  • Daniel Sloppy
    Daniel Sloppy Year ago +1

    How is he not fat.

  • Alnashrif Acalal
    Alnashrif Acalal Year ago


  • Custom Coin Rings USA

    "Mint Farts" by Matt Stonie

  • iAmMary
    iAmMary Year ago

    I think we have found the dad to the girl on vine.

    "My dad has a gold tooth"
    *"My dad has diabetes"*

  • Skillz_of_a_Asian 209

    Get a new camera man plzzzzz

  • Zakayla Walton
    Zakayla Walton Year ago

    Cool 😍😍😍😍😍😍 that was so exciteing

  • star ButterflyTR
    star ButterflyTR Year ago

    canım cekti

  • Moose Man
    Moose Man Year ago

    Best way to have a york pepperment patty is to put it in your hot chocolate. Fucking delicious.

  • Ayohitman Bang
    Ayohitman Bang Year ago

    *Sees mom walking going to your house with so Many chocolates
    Me: Nevermind


    Para olsa yeriz amk

  • Mattie Duvall
    Mattie Duvall Year ago

    Buddy can eat.

  • ivan.ivchev
    ivan.ivchev Year ago

    My nigga stonie eatin good and still lookin like a twig

  • Ethan Tena
    Ethan Tena Year ago +1

    You should try eating the worlds largest gummy bear in one sitting like if you agree

  • debby hall
    debby hall Year ago

    How is this guy so small when he eats so much?! My ass started to jiggle just watching him eat this much! Crazy bro!!!! Very fun, and definitely entertaining to watch I think I’ll subscribe!

  • ユウヒノ
    ユウヒノ Year ago

    毎回、Tシャツが可愛いな( ^ω^ )

  • courtney w
    courtney w Year ago

    Anyone else feel is mouth stinging from the mint and cold ass milk

  • xd CrazedManiac47

    I want that York peppermints r my favorite candy

    SUMIT DEDHA Year ago

    You are so good brother, bigggg thumb up👍

  • Roderick John
    Roderick John Year ago

    100 packs of fisherman friends xD

  • sedat çetinkaya
    sedat çetinkaya Year ago

    Not Turkish brand?

  • Petelo F8ne
    Petelo F8ne Year ago

    You didn't fail. THAT WAS AWESOME.

  • lil Savage
    lil Savage Year ago

    This is Good Candy

  • ceasemaurice
    ceasemaurice Year ago

    good thing it was smashed

  • Life of Pablo
    Life of Pablo Year ago

    i hate Yorks😵😵

  • XwhoX
    XwhoX Year ago

    where would u buy a big chocolate

  • Haleemah Abdullah

    You should freeze them next time

  • FireofFear
    FireofFear Year ago

    Hate those

  • Brandon Myrick
    Brandon Myrick Year ago

    love it give me an Xbox 1 s with your money-back.

  • Brandon Myrick
    Brandon Myrick Year ago

    love it give me an Xbox 1 s with your money

  • Miracle King
    Miracle King Year ago

    well at least you wont have to worry about mouthwash