The House That Jack Built (Unrated) - Movie Review

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews The House That Jack Built (Unrated), starring Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Riley Keough, Jeremy Davies. Directed by Lars von Trier.
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  • Mr.Irish
    Mr.Irish Hour ago

    Fucking love this movie

  • Churn Blanston
    Churn Blanston 2 days ago

    Just ordered this on ebay. Can't wait to watch it.

  • gjh
    gjh 2 days ago +1

    He has a history of showing animal violence, not even implied. I really like Charolette Gainsberg

  • Tariks
    Tariks 2 days ago

    Tbh I saw this movie and I wasn't that happy after watching it,I love a good quality horror movie like Babadook,Conjuring,Hereditary,Vvitch are my favorites,maybe I didn't really invested in watching it but nothing special

  • messy jesse
    messy jesse 3 days ago

    Best fuckin movie ever

  • Invinci-blaaalls
    Invinci-blaaalls 3 days ago

    No animals, or children were harmed in the making of this movie... fact!
    Can we all grow up now!?

  • The Potter Man 6000
    The Potter Man 6000 7 days ago

    The paradox of his ego makes perfect sense to me

  • White Rob
    White Rob 8 days ago


  • EndlessNomad
    EndlessNomad 12 days ago

    Is your tattoo of Fox McCloud, Samus Aran, and the dragon from Dragonball Z?

  • Kalan Star
    Kalan Star 13 days ago +1

    Haven't seen this movie yet... But the movie that I have always found the most disturbing as "Irreversible" by Gaspar Noé followed closely by "Feed" by Brent Leonard... Wondering how this one stacks up.

  • J Dos
    J Dos 15 days ago

    has anyone told you that you look like the gay guy on modern family?

  • Juan Valdez
    Juan Valdez 17 days ago

    There is Masonic references and symbolism (the architecture) in the movie. I am absolutely sure after watching Lars is a free mason. I have seen noone else catch this but me. It is central in understanding this movie. "the great architect" is mentioned in the begining. Thats straight up mason talk and lars giving a nod to the order

  • gloriakmm
    gloriakmm 17 days ago

    Years ago, I saw ‘Breaking the waves’ and thought it was genius. I couldn’t understand why people described LVT as a misogynist with mad issues. Then I saw a few more of his films and was like, oh... yeah, okay.

    • Juan Valdez
      Juan Valdez 17 days ago

      " misogynist" is a bullshit buzzword. This movie was realistic. Do you think a cold serial killer gives a shit if you call him "misogynist" . Does he run the knife any less deep if one says "oh you, racist"? People are dumb. A cold blooded killer doesnt give a shit about your life, let alone your fee fees

  • Fringed Reality
    Fringed Reality 18 days ago

    I actually absolutely loved this film and saw it as brilliant and artistic.

  • Reid Rousseau
    Reid Rousseau 20 days ago

    This is me nitpicking but everytime Chris used the term reactionary incorrectly, my brain died. Especially since it *could* be accurate to Lars given some of his statements.

  • boodleboy
    boodleboy 20 days ago

    I liked the brief tangent on movie ratings. Yes, get rid of them. Everyone everywhere. Ratings are the abysmal byproduct of hollow consumerist mentality towards art. Let's stop treating movies like fast food.

  • JRPG Anonymous
    JRPG Anonymous 21 day ago

    Fuck. That intro with headphones. Damn.

  • Shawn Hilliard
    Shawn Hilliard 22 days ago

    This movie about on par with his other films. I watch them because I like the tone he sets. I don't think his films are all that shocking but then again, I watch them knowing that he's going to likely show some sex and/or violence. I actually really enjoyed Matt Dillon's ramblings about architecture and engineering. I could have watched that all day lol.

  • Tammy Ruggles
    Tammy Ruggles 22 days ago

    Being a true crime writer, I'm thinking I'll give this movie a chance. Thank you for the review, Chris.

  • Loke Poke
    Loke Poke 22 days ago

    I like strange, gritty brilliance, I don't mind violence or gore... But I absolutely loathe Lars Von Trier whom I think is grossly overrated and full of himself. So hearing that he inserted his personality in to this movie (aswell) makes this yet another LVT movie that I won't bother watching :-(

  • Morgan jukes
    Morgan jukes 22 days ago

    I actually really like
    This movie, I found it very interesting. I am interested in serial killers and the darkest place in life with humans and I love how he's obsessed with art but he has a inner demon that wants to come out and when it dose...he meets his true place. I couldn't really care if the director is being in your face tbh but I see what you mean Chris yeah it can be abit like a no need feeling but I think with the things Jack has done i think Von wanted you to feel the disgust and horror of this monster. I do really love the metaphors and just how hellish it is. But yes very fucked up, not for the family at the dinner time haha but anyway great video as always, much love

  • PhotoAdvanced
    PhotoAdvanced 23 days ago

    For me, the tit purse was probably the most shocking and disgusting part of the movie. The movie is worth seeing though

    • Paul Lannister
      Paul Lannister 3 days ago

      The tit purse (gross) reminds me of Ed Gein.

  • Kiki23 H
    Kiki23 H 23 days ago

    I like your commentary. I’ll admit more than the movie itself, mainly because after one particular scene I could no longer enjoy the humor that prior to was and thereafter would have been as brilliant. But this particularly awful scene (no spoiler meant here) gave us, the audience, absolutely no warning and forced an image of such cruelty upon us without consent. Instead of starting to feel sorry for the frail seemingly damaged boy, I would have covered my eyes had I known what was coming. And immediately before I could look away we have to experience the result, a suffering presented so casually as though an afterthought. It was way too real which made it harder to take for me anyway than ‘the picnic’, the subject matter of which on paper would top all horrors. So that’s my warning such as it is and doesn’t in any way spoil its shock value. When splashed suddenly with what I consider gratuitous violence and cruelty, the irony that might have redeemed the film as quite clever just couldn’t shine after that. Not for me anyway. Hey I still watched stayed til the end ...

  • jorgepeterbarton
    jorgepeterbarton 23 days ago

    He used to shock in ways that are inventive. I guess now is using 'real porn in film' or 'lots of the old ultravoilence'. His first film, is probably still the most shocking 'The Idiots' by using things against social norm, that no one else would think of... if not standing up to the rest of his filmography in quality, or even doesn't really stand up to his fellow dogme 95ers. That has no gore, no porn, none of it did for a while- one was even a musical!. Everything from then to Melancholia was good, (antichrist OK AT TIMES-not the gore/porn times) but it won't make you feel comfortable, oh no! Now is cheap shock, even he is insecure, asking for respect for this movie by using a previous one to compensate for lacking the inventiveness and turning to being a snuff movie auteur. Maybe that's the way to make people walk out now (his manifesto: make people uncomfortable), they can't be shocked so remove the art of the shock, then its so base and crap they might!

  • Jayanth Krishnamurthy
    Jayanth Krishnamurthy 24 days ago +4

    I just wish he'd made the fourth incident less "simple."

    FAT PUSSY MONSTER 29 days ago

    God, i absolutely adore this film.

  • anthony cheesman
    anthony cheesman 29 days ago

    The last 30 mins of this movie is a fuck you lol

  • DasKame
    DasKame 29 days ago

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaay to long and narcissistic like the Protagonist

  • stevepxs
    stevepxs Month ago

    The OCD scene is straight out of Ray Bradbury’s The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl short story.

  • Parting waters
    Parting waters Month ago

    The children scenes pissed me off.

  • Roller Girl
    Roller Girl Month ago

    I loved this movie. But I’m a sick fuck. And I don’t give two shits about misogynistic overtones. Feminism be damned.

  • Radek Karmowski
    Radek Karmowski Month ago

    Dogma Evolved, provocative as it should be

  • whitemother of four

    This movie is literally “lars making fun of himself for 3 hours” and its fucking amazing

  • Carlos Miguel Ugalde

    you're an idiot, stick to cookie cutter films. you suck at reviewing good movies.

  • TheCivildecay
    TheCivildecay Month ago +2

    shocking people doesn't make it art... same as putting a kitten in a blender doesn't make it modern-art, it's just a cry for attention...

    • Roller Girl
      Roller Girl Month ago +1

      Don’t talk about kittens in blenders 😞. Don’t even joke because some sick person will get an idea and do it....Baby in a microwave....better analogy.

  • Salvador Reyes
    Salvador Reyes Month ago

    I think the host of this show is sold on the feminist movement, he trashed almost the entirety of the movie. Talk about bias.

  • emil engen
    emil engen Month ago

    Why do you say misogynistic instead of hateful? Nobody says "misandry" when people say something hateful about men.

  • Jason Gallegos
    Jason Gallegos Month ago

    I finally got around to watching this movie, and i was bored for the most part. It felt like i was watching a movie where someone went: "American Psycho was not gory enough." and just ran with it. And ran out of story. The "infused art" seemed forced, like it was just there to pad the run time.

  • August West
    August West Month ago +2

    I find it hard to watch his movies ever since he confessed to being a nazi.

  • Ferdinand Count Fathom

    Anxious to watch it. Always felt his best performance had been Drugstore Cowboy.

  • Stefan Feist
    Stefan Feist Month ago

    Great analysis of von Trier's psyche and... well... intentions. This director seems to have forgotten that there are others ways of shocking and emotionally moving people than graphic violence.

  • tasnim hemmadeh
    tasnim hemmadeh Month ago +2

    I really enjoy your movie reviews! I am Syrian and I think it would be interesting if you made a review for few Syrian independent films, that made it to international film festivals like Final Letter and Salty Memory
    keep going!

  • Barb
    Barb Month ago +2

    Honestly Von Trier is talented but extremely flawed to the point where I've decided his films aren't for me. His very....I'll put it lightly...questionable views are reinforced and put front in center in his films. Examples are.... Being an apologist for racists/Hitler/pedophiles and he frames it as something that is brave or even noble.
    I'm not saying films can't explore the psyches of these people or disgusting ideals but it needs to be framed appropriately. A film that comes to mind that does this is Little Children.
    Then Bjork comes out this year and claims he aggressively sexually harrassed her while making Dancer in the Dark (on and off set) to the point where she does not want to act again. So it raises eyebrows at the sexist ideals and actions of characters in his films on top of it.
    I'm just kind of over giving Von Trier any of my time. His views are so apart of his films its impossible to separate him from them.

  • Alukard TheDeathknight

    Dark very dark damn hell of a movie but as always
    May NOT be for everyone 🍺😐Alcohol may not help🍺😳

  • Broughttoyou ByBlake
    Broughttoyou ByBlake Month ago +4

    He's basically a serial killer himself, he murders his own films.

  • Rickz Zhere
    Rickz Zhere Month ago

    Chris i love the beard look and love the detailing in the review.

  • R.P. Kraul
    R.P. Kraul Month ago

    So often with Von Trier people seem to focus more on how the movie is presented than the movie itself. Not once, however, was I tempted to say, "Oh, this is where Lars shows his narcissism or his ego." It's best if you just go into Jack accepting it for what it is: it's a film about a depraved killer, a man who wanted to be an profound intellectual and artist but failed. Whether Lars or not Lars is remarking on his own work is neither here nor there. Jack was, for me, the best horror film of 2018, and it's one of the most profound studies of a psychopath I've ever seen.

  • sam22
    sam22 Month ago +1

    It never ceases to amaze me that von Trier managed to trick so many otherwise clever poeple that he has anything interesting to say. This guy is an impostor and an egomaniac.

  • Saffron Sugar
    Saffron Sugar Month ago

    I think Virg is Virgil who guided Dante through hell in In “The Divine Comedy”. I think he’s guiding Jack....buuuut, I could be wrong.
    As far as egos go, sometimes the biggest egos are the easiest to bruise. Sometimes people with very high opinions of themselves are the first to feel that they are not appreciated enough, particularly if they are socially awkward, as I feel Von Trier is.

  • Potato
    Potato Month ago

    I think this movie is about him and his movies, thats why when he talks about art he shows his movies...I don't think you understood this movie if you think he was "hey see this is pretty fucked"

  • king johnny
    king johnny Month ago +3

    I liked the movie, loved the ending, nice to see a smart ass pompous serial killer who is a failure in life, who turns to murder to feel superior get his, cause that's what will happen ultimately in real life, whether people believe or not, There is a Hell, .and consequences from actions in this life,...sadistic killing should be graphic & repulsive, murder should repulse Us... Liked the portal to hell that opened up taking Jack into the underworld, perfect ending. One of the Best Serial Killer movies I've seen. Like a morality tale, ..I like a lot of Lars Von Trier movies, & Yes even tho I think in real life he does lean anti semetic, which I don't like, ..his comments at Cannes, ..but he's an apt film maker, Melancholia was a brilliant Art film, visually stunning,.......wasn't looking forward to seeing another Serial killer movie, but that ending made the film work. Thank God There is a Hell for evil men like Jack & Hitler.all the Icoic mass murderers throughout history, just taking people's life like it's nothing, the victims blood cries out...,..,Mass Murders who may have a name right now, in History, famous for Killing, ..but will ultimately be forgotten into eternity..burning forever. Evil Fools.

  • Blake R
    Blake R Month ago

    With the grade being at the end, the reasons you're concerned about grading are diminished.
    The majority of folks will listen to everything else your said before seeing the grade. So don't worry about that. Keep the scale:)

  • Roger Gregory
    Roger Gregory Month ago

    Von Trier just wants to shock people, or make scenes that make people talk about him as a film maker. So I think he's so obsessed with getting noticed, or having people talk about him that he forgets why people go to the movies. We want to be entertained. I have yet to see anything he has made that has entertained me. What was the point of this movie? What was Von Trier trying to say, if anything? I found it all meaningless and mean-spirited.

  • DHScherocha
    DHScherocha Month ago

    I hated Antichrist. I think that aside from some starkly beautiful shots and direction, that the performances were not good and that the film overall was so contrived and pretentious that I'm confused about why it wasn't universally panned. Dancer in the Dark is another one that received accolades in a lot of corners and I just found the whole thing infuriating and did not enjoy it at all. I'm still convinced that Lars has occasional moments of brilliance ruined by sloppy handling and so many aspects that just don't work. For some reason I wasn't repulsed by this movie. I found a lot of it bloated and boring but then some of it was just gorgeous. The ending, the imagery and sound design, it felt too good for the rest of the movie. I agree that he ruined what could have been a masterpiece. I don't even know where to start unpacking it. I don't even know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I guess at the very least it's memorable, in contrast to Antichrist which I found totally unremarkable. Fucking Lars the hack idiot savant.

  • Amy Magee
    Amy Magee Month ago

    It's annoying because parts of the film were so good, but certain scenes dragged out, and then it just got boring and weird at the end.
    Edit out the whole circles of hell and end it with the police finding him in his "house"

  • Critter
    Critter Month ago

    This movie really sucked!

  • merlin hoot
    merlin hoot Month ago +2

    scene with him and Riley Keough was the best in terms of acting for me. such a tense and well made scene

  • Jack Ragnarok
    Jack Ragnarok Month ago

    Lars von Trier films are always great, but they always get boring, in some strange way.

  • AJ
    AJ Month ago

    People are so PC programmed, that they are faking outrage over misogyny in a Serial Killer film. Think about that for a minute, of COURSE there is misogyny in a Serial Killer movie, IT'S ABOUT A FUCKING SERIAL KILLER YOU TRIGGERED MORONS!

    • Barb
      Barb Month ago

      I think it has more to do with this year the director being accused by Bjork of severe and agressive sexual harassment during the making of a film with him.
      It calls into question if some of his sexist attitudes towards women is being reflected in the film especially because VonTrier is known for illustrating his own views so much into his past films. His films are extremely personal to him that its hard to separate him from the movie.

  • Kyle Joe
    Kyle Joe Month ago

    Virg as in Virgil the very same from the classic story The Divine Comedy he was the guide throug Hell