The House That Jack Built (Unrated) - Movie Review

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews The House That Jack Built (Unrated), starring Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Riley Keough, Jeremy Davies. Directed by Lars von Trier.
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  • 2hip
    2hip Day ago

    the movie is no more violent than any other violent movie The movie was boring

  • Dylan Clark
    Dylan Clark 7 days ago

    Some others have mentioned it in this comment section but you totally should review the 2018 Suspiria remake. I think it’s fantastic but it’s fairly divisive and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  • HitomiAyumu
    HitomiAyumu 8 days ago

    Don't get rid of your grading system. Just change how you grade certain films.

  • Shawn Jackson
    Shawn Jackson 10 days ago

    You are the best film reviewer out there along with Perri Nemiroff, and I thank you for your work and love for your fans! Always gonna be Stuckmannized!

  • Cristian Oliveira
    Cristian Oliveira 13 days ago

    I really think yall are looking too far into this movie as a message or portrayal of the director.

  • Niall Quinn
    Niall Quinn 14 days ago

    It was a metaphor for the Western/American mindset. The House is the ideal society. Not easy to understand if you misapprehend the reality of the modern world (Read Chomsky). Also American entertainment has a preoccupation with serial killers and those kinds of things and this movie portrayed the real-life emotions of those themes.

  • psycho mantis18
    psycho mantis18 15 days ago

    Now this complete moron is shitting on a brilliant new film, rare and inspiring in the age of Marvel, because he predictably didn’t understand it in the slightest. The fact that this guy has so many followers makes Film’s future seem soulless and sad, and indicates a lowering of the bar for the term ‘critic’.

  • DR Evil
    DR Evil 16 days ago

    man kills women in film,misogyny sexism toxic blah blah.woman kills men in film,empowerment strong character oscar performance.why cant we kill them in movies but they can kill us,these are the times we are living in people

    NICO OFWAR 16 days ago +1

    yeah see the movie is way too hard to watch stopped watching it part way through thats my veiw tho

  • bork gork
    bork gork 16 days ago +5

    One huge aspect of the film that I feel like many people have missed is the fact that it's also just Lars von Trier roasting himself for two and a half hours

  • BJ P
    BJ P 17 days ago

    Wrong actor for dirty bastard.

  • Pneumonio
    Pneumonio 21 day ago

    repetitive boring review the film is great

  • fbxf
    fbxf 21 day ago

    This was the most realistic serial killer movie and that's what I loved about it. It did not romanticize the killer but showed how fucked up he was in the head, how messy his actions were. Even supposed documentaries just demonize the killer to the point where he seems like evil incarnate but this movie even though it showed the "after life"/hell managed to avoid doing that

  • RedPill Satanist
    RedPill Satanist 22 days ago

    The movie sucked.

  • DramaLama
    DramaLama 22 days ago

    This Movie is defetively not for Americans. You need to know too many details about european art history.

  • Antoine Obeid
    Antoine Obeid 22 days ago


  • Antoine Obeid
    Antoine Obeid 22 days ago

    The house that jack build should be A++, and this form of art should be encouraged

  • Antoine Obeid
    Antoine Obeid 22 days ago

    Basically if ur a special snowflake who live in a wonderful world of puppies and candy, don't watch the movie

  • Antoine Obeid
    Antoine Obeid 22 days ago

    No one can handle how reality is violent, and lars shows us an uncut version of reality, so ofc people will be repulsed, his ego is well placed, when you deliver great art, and you're that unique, your ego is your biggest fan, lars is whats good in the cinema industry

  • Juan Fonseca
    Juan Fonseca 23 days ago

    you dont review a movie as bad because of it's violence level; you do it because it doesnt represent (or serve) to the story; being a movie about a serial killer detailed killings u expect (even more on a Lars Von Trier one) it to be VERY graphical; what is worth is thay you got a lesson in understanding the mind of a compulsive psycho; if you're going to critize this movie you should focus on the last 20 minutes which, as is the case with many Von Trier's movies, the reality is turned to a color collage with undefined psychodelic scenes (in this case themed around Hell, which as many interpretations as well) and if the movie should be that 2,5 hours long; to me it was a great movie, great acting and great directing

  • emil engen
    emil engen 24 days ago

    A movie can't be misogynistic. By that logic, phonebooth is a Misandristic movie. Phonebooth is a movie where a guy is treated like garbage .

  • Sean Koontz
    Sean Koontz 27 days ago +1

    I read that Von Trier said he was disappointed that “only” 100 people walked out. Sounds like Chris was right on the money about him being a reactionary filmmaker

    • Juan Fonseca
      Juan Fonseca 23 days ago

      the Lars Von Trier consumer knows exactly what's going to watch when he/she enters the theater; of course you can like it more or less but I, as a LVT follower, never walked out before the credits in any of his movies

  • concretespecial
    concretespecial 28 days ago


  • concretespecial
    concretespecial 28 days ago +1

    You really need to stay away from Art House Cinema!!!! Stick with the schlock from Hollywood ala Super hero shitfests, and you'll be fine.

  • Hoshi Minj
    Hoshi Minj Month ago

    Politisch korrekt , schnarch .

  • Laura Avila
    Laura Avila Month ago

    Hay una gran diferencia entre reseñar un director y reseñar una película

  • IEATN ightmares
    IEATN ightmares Month ago

    So Is the uncut version available or did the censors just bury it?

  • rataflechera
    rataflechera Month ago

    I saw movie with wife. I should've known better.
    I could enjoy it. Unsettling at some parts. Long at some others. But overall it was enjoyable for me. Not for wife. She really really failed to stand film and I could perfectly understand why. That's not a movie for everyone.
    Her turning moment was the lake scene. Far more disturbing for her than the hunting incident.

  • Linou Gertz
    Linou Gertz Month ago

    Great points, but you should talk more about what you like and not only that you liked some parts of it! You say you like some parts of it, but doesn't say why. That is only half done film criticism. Please go full circle in the future!

  • Marc Valley
    Marc Valley Month ago

    Finally saw it. Got it in a very special blu-ray release. I don't know if I have the uncut version though.

  • Sebastian Melmoth
    Sebastian Melmoth Month ago

    One of his best.

  • Garry Williams
    Garry Williams Month ago

    I thought it was a decent movie right upto the silly Hell ending.

  • Florent Devier
    Florent Devier Month ago

    6:00 you did understand the whole movie is a biography, his controversive art and the way he justify his work, did you ? The narcissism is the colarbone of the movie. As always you comment a movie you did not understand...this is a very recurrent problem on your channel dude.

  • Argon M
    Argon M Month ago

    Boi, this time you do not even know what you are talking about.

  • Émile Royer
    Émile Royer Month ago +1

    If you approach the movie as "I'm going to watch a von tier movie" instead of "I'm going to watch a movie" of course you'll end with a review of lars von trier

  • Matt Britzius
    Matt Britzius Month ago +1

    2 young boys murdered
    The film is misogynistic!!!
    Symptoms of the times.

  • Scott Baldwin
    Scott Baldwin 2 months ago

    The thing that really pisses me off about Von Fleet is that he has no fucking idea how to actually write characters or dialog. He just replaces the characters' dialogue with his views on politics and what not.

  • Jimi strøm
    Jimi strøm 2 months ago

    U talk too much..

  • random guy
    random guy 2 months ago

    I loved the movie. It was put together perfectly. The ending was a bit hard to decipher but all in all it was a good film.

  • Donald Sims
    Donald Sims 2 months ago

    Enjoyed your thoughts.

  • D J
    D J 2 months ago

    chris grew up in a house

  • Ana Verona
    Ana Verona 2 months ago

    Oh my Gosh!!! Your TShirt!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • emil engen
    emil engen 2 months ago

    People should stop using the word "misogyny".

  • Joel Bosso
    Joel Bosso 2 months ago

    Not one mention of The Inferno in this review? The House that Jack Built was derivative and cumbersome. But after watching this I want to give it another go.

  • Abraham Carrasco Torres

    The ending was uncomfortable to watch, it really feels of, i dont know if its the cinematography or the change of tone, but setting an allegory for dante's divine comedy at the end wasn't necessary, i think we all got the deal from the dialogues between incidents, it really didn't need to show you the trip on your face. I think it was great at depicting a depraved serial killer, as a character exploration, and it works as a philosophical essay as well. I don't find Hitler's shit particularly offensive, it's part of our history so it is, in fact, an icon, it was appropriate for the disertation they were having at the moment, and to show how depraved was Jack. At the end someone who considers killing is art would logically be drawn to love genocides as "extravagant artists" as he calls them. And Hitler was, of course, the genocide par excellence.

  • Kira Lowman
    Kira Lowman 2 months ago

    THAT SHIRT THO!!!!!!!!!!

  • DK viking KD
    DK viking KD 2 months ago

    Trier is a brilliant but extremely self centered provocateur - an artist of the highest order because he can make shit perfect but choose to brutally apply disruptive annoying cracks in the veneer so you wont get comfortable and forget about him and his latest Freudian slip:)

  • N Vue
    N Vue 2 months ago

    Just finished watching the film. Deep philosophical imagery and dialogue. Alot of Nietzsche philosophy coming through in the dialogue. Of course reference to Hilter, he followed Nietzsche philosophy.

  • Colin Price
    Colin Price 2 months ago

    I feel the same way about Aranofsky. At least the last few of them. He cares more about shocking and upsetting people than about telling stories that make much sense.

  • Jeff Landry
    Jeff Landry 2 months ago

    He was so close to a great film

  • Nelson Chubby
    Nelson Chubby 2 months ago

    Where can one purchase the unrated version?

  • Music Leonid
    Music Leonid 2 months ago +1

    Jack my favourite serial killer!

  • Jason Wolfgang
    Jason Wolfgang 2 months ago

    ...sounds like bi-polar

  • JT Sleazeball
    JT Sleazeball 2 months ago

    I partly agree with your "Shoving his egotistical side into the movie" point. On one hand, it comes off as forced and kind of cringey. On the other, the whole point is that Jack is a pretentious douche himself who thinks he's an artistic genius, so Lars is in fact comparing himself to Jack in a mildly self aware manner. I can appreciate that on some level.

  • Jhownee DJ
    Jhownee DJ 2 months ago

    But what's the problem people have with this movie? Come on. I'm a horror fan. Been through Friday The 13th, Last House On The Left, Saw, Hostel, Maniac, The Hills Have Eyes, Cannibal Holocaust, you name it. Just because is a Lars Von Trier movie, it doens't mean it's not a horror movie. "THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT" is a brutal Slasher Flick. And as horror fans, we love Slashers! Ok, it's a little "Artsy" and all, but hey, still no difference. It's Lars, it's horror, it's slasher. And Honestly, there is nothing in this movie that other horror ones haven't showed us. Don't see why people would be upset or uncomfortable with this one after 8 Saw movies, 3 Hostels and a gigantic list of brutal and disgusting slashers. Seriously? "The house that Jack built"? Just another day at the beach for a horror fan. Aren't people just overthinking just because it's a Lars movie? Come on, Chris, I doubt you watch Friday The 13th and says "Ok, it's violent, but what does it mean? Why is the violence there? Just create reaction?" Hahahah Come on... Less is more, honey. Horror is Horror. Art is Art. And both can act together, or not...

  • Samuel Mayston
    Samuel Mayston 2 months ago

    I believe that Von Trier made this movie about himself, not to himself
    I think the way Jack sees his murders is the projection of how Von Trier sees his movies
    Each film is a murder, each of Jack's dares with getting caught is each of Lars' dares with movies
    So inserting footage from his movies is more of an artistic choice than e bloated-ego one
    Though the latter could, I suppose, in cases be the first, but I think that he was showing himself instead of showing off

  • Alica Madara
    Alica Madara 2 months ago +7

    I don't understand that "it was so gruesom I could not watch" it wasn't. All the violence was off screen and there were no really interesting ways of murder

    • BloodWork
      BloodWork 2 days ago

      @Jeric White I would love to hear why you disagree. I'm not joking, maybe i'm wrong.

    • Jeric White
      Jeric White 28 days ago

      BloodWork shut up.

    • BloodWork
      BloodWork Month ago +1

      @sashacosta Excactly! Thats what makes them so memorable. If the film was full of gruesome stuff than it wouldn't mean anything anymore, because then you are used to it. Showing less, but more brutal violence in a nuanced way and leaving some of it up to imagination makes it all the more disturbing. Brilliant filmmaking!

    • sashacosta
      sashacosta Month ago +1

      ​@BloodWork The unrated version contains literally less than a minute of extra footage, nothing more than a couple of shots.

    • BloodWork
      BloodWork Month ago +3

      Then you haven't seen the uncut version.

  • An A
    An A 2 months ago

    lol i like fucked up shit like The Bold The corrupt and The beautiful
    it makes me feel empty after watching them but i like that

  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis 2 months ago +1

    I love Stuckmann. This is the kind of excellent review and film analyzing that I can count on him for.... he's the best.

    • LadyGaGa is hot
      LadyGaGa is hot 2 months ago

      Jennifer Davis i do like his opinion and personality

  • James Oldfield
    James Oldfield 2 months ago

    I really like this uncut cut. I really like super fucked up movies like A Serbian Film that are super duper difficult to sit through due to how utterly fucked up and disturbing it is. For me, The House Jack Built's my second most disturbing film because of a couple of scenes exclusive to the uncut version (if you've seen the uncut version, you know which two scenes I'm talking about...). Personally, I really enjoyed this film. I thought that it was great...
    The film's not even that gory. It's just really, really disturbing.
    Not all of his movies are super duper difficult to sit through, though. I mean the director's cut of Nymphomaniac has a graphic self-administered abortion scene, so I guess that is, but Melancholia is super tame and contains nothing really bad at all, even though it is mega depressing...
    "There are parts of this film designed to make you hate it."
    I hated no aspect of this movie whatsoever. I loved all of it. I thought that it was great...

  • Caveman Steve
    Caveman Steve 2 months ago

    Man... I was deeply touched by this film and i loved it, its not perfect but i dont agree with a lot of your criticisms, i saw meaning in things you said were essentially done for vanity. But its like theres nobody out there who sees what i see in it. It feels so lonely to feel passionately about something in a way that nobody agrees with you... Makes sense that Lars would be depressed...

    THE-LAW 2 months ago

    violence those not need to be jutify sometimes, it just happened.

  • Sean Rose
    Sean Rose 2 months ago

    At least von trier is different

  • Rob Hand
    Rob Hand 2 months ago

    I felt like there were too many murder scenes and not enough Hell. Hell was very satisfying to watch. Jack was very satisfying to watch moving to Hell. His realizations and his refusal to accept that he had sinned. The fields of Elysium being so similar to his childhood and him shedding a tear gave me a lot to think about.

  • John Grayson
    John Grayson 3 months ago

    It's funny I found the icon sequence incredibly important. I found it saying we may 'celebrities' of our enemies. I only have to say Bundy, Manson or Oswald and you can tell me their first names.
    I also find it timely and, perhaps, we're learning. The psycho shooter in NZ recently (2019 March) has purposely not had his name mentioned in news I've read. We're avoiding the icon status.
    So in that regard I think Lars had a point, it wasn't self indulgent 100%.

  • Dylan Whipple
    Dylan Whipple 3 months ago

    Personally, I don't think the movie's gruesome and vile nature isn't to be taken literally. I'm pretty sure Lars Von Trier was emulating the book "Dante's The Inferno", with Jack symbolising (Dante) and Verge, the voice in his head, symbolising (Virgil) the philosophical poet that guides Dante through the circles of hell... Idk, if you aren't familiar with it, check it out. Might clarify the horror's in this movie.

  • Cool Goby Fish
    Cool Goby Fish 3 months ago

    the movie was way too long. he should have trimmed it down.

    • Fributes
      Fributes 3 months ago

      Not long enough for me

  • Johan_lainelautaijilå
    Johan_lainelautaijilå 3 months ago

    You’re a pussy this was the best movie ever

  • Monaco Cross
    Monaco Cross 3 months ago

    pu all disc for bin , disc past

  • floorofthepinkroom
    floorofthepinkroom 3 months ago

    I actually liked the self-referential aspects of the film, because I haven't seen that before. And I think that is the key to why it's difficult to rate, as the reviewer in his own words points out; there's simply no films to compare it to. I felt similar seeing for example Kubrick's 2001, or Tarkovsky's Solaris, or Lynch's Inland Empire. These types of films tread new ground and are difficult to place. So, hats off to von Trier for pushing the envelope, though I do agree that it's all-in-all a flawd achievement.

  • Andrew Wowk
    Andrew Wowk 3 months ago

    I honestly didn't think it was THAT gory or violent. Like...Hostel was WAY worse :-/

  • Den Kobzar
    Den Kobzar 3 months ago

    the best review of this movie on youtube. thanks! and very right comment about grading. Lars lives in his own world, and projecting his vision in a very different way.

  • Zhibon Raytk-off
    Zhibon Raytk-off 3 months ago

    I din't agree with the review of Nymphomaniac, which I still think is Von Trier's masterpiece, but this time I feel the same way about The House, it was a hit and miss experience. Maybe I should watch it again.

    • Gareth H
      Gareth H 3 months ago

      I agree the last few films of his are his best. Nymphomaniac well may be his masterpiece, but Melancholia and The House That Jack Built rank in the same league IMO. I will watch all again, but of his older films, particularly Breaking the Waves, I do not want to ever see again.

  • Paull
    Paull 3 months ago

    This is an amazing movie, the people who don't get it aren't looking at it hard enough

  • Amirah Kukan
    Amirah Kukan 3 months ago +20

    You've made up my mind, I only saw the trailer, but the moment u mentioned animals and children being hurt. No. I don't need that shot in my life. I really don't

    • Phillip Orellana
      Phillip Orellana Month ago +1


    • Dylan Gutowski
      Dylan Gutowski Month ago +1

      Amirah Kukan I can understand that, as I did skip the duckling scene. But, you’re missing out on the greatest Serial Killer movie ever made.

    • Lars Phillip
      Lars Phillip 2 months ago +3

      alright then stay away

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 months ago

    "art is many things"

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 3 months ago

    This movie was great

  • GravellerGear
    GravellerGear 3 months ago

    Lars fan before the film: I love him!
    Half way through the film
    Spewing in the bathroom.

  • Rashan Senadeera
    Rashan Senadeera 3 months ago

    Chris Stuckmann

  • Gavin
    Gavin 3 months ago +6

    honestly one of the best films i seen all year

  • Silver Jay
    Silver Jay 3 months ago

    Such a shit movie ewwww

  • João Boechat
    João Boechat 3 months ago

    I belive that his egocentrism is part of what he got right with the story. Serial Killers are very narcizistic . However, I agree with you with violent aspec of the film. I believe that was too much, even for the story. It missed the point and became pure formality, sometimes. I dont agree with what you said about the art dialogues. I believe that it was the most interesting part of the whole movie. It gave us a glimpse of a character that is totally misterious most of the time. Not only that but the arguments were very clever. If you after watching this, thinks that he is a Nazi, you didnt understand anything. I cant imagine a director whose art form is more oposed than the Nazi art than von trier. And I dont think this necessarily a complement.

  • Jay eS
    Jay eS 3 months ago +2

    I did not want to watch a breast cut off, but that bastard showed it again without a warning. I have no complaint. It is dark like old fairy tales, it is a parody of narcissistic evil.

  • Impitch Foty Fibe
    Impitch Foty Fibe 3 months ago

    What does the color red represent in the movie? Blood? Evil?

  • spandan ghosh
    spandan ghosh 3 months ago +1

    I didn't find anything informative and noteworthy in your discussion. Its quite evident that you haven't got proper idea about psychopaths or sociopaths, or the Dantean Hell or Bleakean Philosophy or Baudrillard's notion of iconography and iconoclasts or Foucault's idea of pleasure and pain.
    A serial killer always tries to murder and create. The same functionality is also served by Hannibal and moving a bit away by the character of Yellow King in True Detective in occult studies.
    I find it redundant to dissect the director's personality. Please appreciate the greatness of the film and yes, Jack is not meant for everybody.

  • Ahmadali Afkhami
    Ahmadali Afkhami 3 months ago

    To me, it was clearly Lars Von Trier's autobiography.
    The narcissism, lack of empathy, everything, was what I would picture him.

  • DroP_thE_miKe
    DroP_thE_miKe 3 months ago

    Why in the comments many people compare this film with "Serbian Film"?
    "Serbian Film" is just a very, very bad movie. Editing and directing are some of the worst I've seen in my life. And the script... is a joke of the century.
    I laughed all the way along because it's so amateurish and lame.
    At least Lars Von Trier (who we like or dislike) is a true genius filmmaker. Pretentious yes but genius !

  • Leon Daniel
    Leon Daniel 3 months ago +2

    Matt Dillon to be the New Ash in Evil Dead!

  • hkistreet
    hkistreet 3 months ago

    "Just give me a real movie". Well that's where you fucked up right there. Von Trier doesn't make "real" movies, if by real you mean conventional. He just doesn't, so you shouldn't expect that. And why would you want him to make a "real" movie anyways? Most movies are "real" movies, they are conventional with conventional plots and payoffs. Von Trier is in a fringe minority of filmmakers that makes something different (and still gets widespread recognition and releases), so I think there's room for him to do his own thing. But I guess in this world a movie is intelligent and compelling enough if it's made in Wakanda and no further exploration of the possibilities of the feature film medium is needed.
    BTW the whole movie was in large part an autobiography/self portrait of the director himself and a retrospective on his own filmmaking career. And he criticises himself very harshly and openly in the film. The whole egomaniac thing is also there and very much addressed, in Jack's character.

  • CPC_RedDawn
    CPC_RedDawn 3 months ago +2

    This movie was a breath of fresh air for horror cinema. Finally a true horror grounded somewhat in reality, rather than more of the same old paranormal bullshit we have been fed for the past 12 years since Paranormal Activity. I am sick to death of ghost movies, they are all the same, not to mention the countless remakes of old movies that mostly just butcher the original.
    Finally, we have a movie about a real serial killer, someone who could be your friend, your relative, or anyone walking the streets. There is nothing more scary than that. Coupled with real and convincing depictions of mental illness, such as narcissism, OCD, rage, bipolar, and depression.
    With an ending that is both artistically beautiful, has tons of hidden meanings and references to old biblical imagery.
    Not to mention the excellent writing and the outstanding acting from Matt Dillon.
    The film is a masterpiece and my fav from Lars Von Trier as I don't really like any of his previous movies and I never really knew of him until now. This film will be looked back upon years from now as a milestone in horror cinema.

  • Xavier Tapia
    Xavier Tapia 3 months ago

    Chris go review transformers and let the real films for the real critics

  • Gillian Tan
    Gillian Tan 3 months ago +1

    Can you do a movie review on Gaspar Noe's films?

  • HAM Miranda
    HAM Miranda 3 months ago

    Tom Six

  • Ryo Saeba
    Ryo Saeba 3 months ago

    This is not a review of the movie at all, you don't tell nothing about all the aspects of the movie (script, direction, camera, dialogues, atmospheres...) but instead bash Von Tier because of his ego. Really sucks.

  • SaltyIceCube
    SaltyIceCube 3 months ago

    Its a damn good film I thought it was perfectly executed. But i dont think ill be seeing it again anytime soon, gets pretty gruesome in some spots but I will watch again at some point

    GEU LIGHT 3 months ago

    I like your Review 👍

    GANG BENGAL 3 months ago

    Nice Lars Von Trier Review

  • Eliecer Hernández
    Eliecer Hernández 3 months ago

    After have watched this review a long time ago I saw the film. It is remarkable how Von Trier packed different emotions on its scenes: You wanted to laugh while you were discussed and sad. Damn, that is something unique.

  • PandemicGameplay
    PandemicGameplay 3 months ago

    Agreed 100%. Could have been a very good movie, I actually enjoyed the first 40 minutes like you said, then after that just turned into bullshit.

  • Reb3nga
    Reb3nga 4 months ago

    This movie is awesome.