SEND IT!!!! Best of Cars Leaving a Car Show Compilation 2018


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  • Deeench 91
    Deeench 91 Day ago

    Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire haha

  • Jimbo Guitar pants
    Jimbo Guitar pants 2 days ago

    wankers! Half of them think there playing need for speed! get the twats no plates reported

  • ThatBlackDominus
    ThatBlackDominus 2 days ago

    That’s a lot of view 🤙

  • Tyler Johnstone
    Tyler Johnstone 2 days ago

    None of these buggas can do a proper burnout, come to straya mate we'll show ya

  • Hennerz Sanchez
    Hennerz Sanchez 3 days ago

    At 7:15 I wouldn’t stand that close to a mustang coming round a corner, owner might be tempted to hit you

  • marshalllucky
    marshalllucky 3 days ago

    these car is No as fast as there ferari :-P

  • Asl6uk
    Asl6uk 3 days ago

    Remind me not to lend these guys my car.

  • calais drift
    calais drift 3 days ago

    1:42 Ohh creams the pants

  • don Kelly
    don Kelly 4 days ago

    is that it ?

  • Keegan Hoffman
    Keegan Hoffman 4 days ago

    Hi my name is Raymond and I’m a girl

  • Benspeaks Truth
    Benspeaks Truth 5 days ago

    Title should be biggest pieces of shit leaving car show.

  • henry butterfield
    henry butterfield 5 days ago

    Omg I’m in this video at 7:59 I’m in the black puffer jacket to the right of the mini

  • GavXTC
    GavXTC 6 days ago

    Stinks of jealously in these comments!!

  • Taxi Into Position And Hold

    Conclusion of this vid: front wheel drive and four wheels are so bori g to drive! Rear wheel 4ever!

  • yoodoo122
    yoodoo122 8 days ago

    OH God , utter shite!

  • Markybug1973
    Markybug1973 9 days ago

    Should be sponsored by Burberry.

  • miami 305
    miami 305 10 days ago

    Sick s*"t man..

  • brunster64
    brunster64 10 days ago

    Very poor control by most with only a few managing not to look like bell ends

    • Big John Fury
      Big John Fury 9 days ago

      @brunster64 pulling out of a junction ? It's not like it's heavyweight boxing

    • brunster64
      brunster64 9 days ago

      Big John Fury - Lol - I’m no stuntman, just driven cars fast for 40 years and managed not to kill or injure anyone in the process. Majority of these “drivers” are an accident waiting to happen.

    • Big John Fury
      Big John Fury 9 days ago

      Who are you ? Colt Seavers ???

  • clyde exford
    clyde exford 10 days ago +2

    Only came here for the Escort and it was the only thing worth watching. Most underrated car.

  • MrSisterfister100
    MrSisterfister100 12 days ago


  • It’s Reyvo Young
    It’s Reyvo Young 14 days ago +1

    This is how I will drive

  • Francois Botha
    Francois Botha 15 days ago

    Dont come to Australia lol

  • Blackfooter
    Blackfooter 16 days ago

    Those we're all car show cars? I have seen better looking and running cars in a Walmart parking lot. Yuppie Eurotrash junk with a few show worthy American cars in the mix.

  • Lamster66
    Lamster66 16 days ago +4

    Wow what a bunch of wan%ers
    The video should have been called
    "Sending it to the scrap yard, Near misses by twats that can't drive"

    • Lamster66
      Lamster66 13 days ago

      @Mollie Martyn

    • Mollie Martyn
      Mollie Martyn 14 days ago

      Lamster66 ooh so sorry 3 likes also been up longer than mine 🤣

    • Lamster66
      Lamster66 14 days ago

      @Mollie Martyn
      You think?
      Maybe that's why my comment has more likes than yours🤣

    • Mollie Martyn
      Mollie Martyn 14 days ago

      Lamster66 chill out if you hate It y watching that makes you the t🤬🤬t

  • sim win
    sim win 16 days ago

    Fucking bellends

  • Andy brace
    Andy brace 16 days ago


  • Robert G
    Robert G 18 days ago +1

    They must have really sticky roads over there. Seeing that some start off in the gravel and as soon as they hit that sticky pavement they bog down...

  • Titanic The titan
    Titanic The titan 19 days ago

    Intial-D : Am i joke to you

  • Master Sebby
    Master Sebby 19 days ago

    Lol the steering wheel in the passenger side looks stupid

  • Shayne SMR
    Shayne SMR 19 days ago +7

    Cannot believe the mustangs were the only ones that DIDNT look like they were going to wreck out🤭

    • Shayne SMR
      Shayne SMR 16 days ago

      Lamster66 exactly!
      but then no skill+sandy road+obstacle and he still made it out of there... 😝👌🏼

    • Lamster66
      Lamster66 16 days ago +1

      You mean the Mustang at 1:55 who had to get out of the throttle before he stuffed the non twat up the arse about 2 seconds before the Rx driver lost it across 3 lanes and would have wiped out out anyone passing you mean that guy?

  • Chad Nordstrom
    Chad Nordstrom 20 days ago

    The problem is they try to force the oversteer need to let the ass do the steering and and lt the wheel slide through the hands not jerk it back

  • RudkackaViking
    RudkackaViking 20 days ago

    wow, so many bad drivers, only time i saw good drivers in english videos it was fast old school fords meetings

  • Roots Rock
    Roots Rock 21 day ago

    Didnt expect to see a polo breadvan!:)

  • R33C3
    R33C3 21 day ago +2

    It's a miracle that mustang didn't crash! We all know their reputation.

  • NickTheGeek
    NickTheGeek 22 days ago

    The bmw's are the shittest sounding burnouts here. Feeble.

  • lee clarke
    lee clarke 22 days ago

    Lots of noise and no action but plenty of missed gear changes. Learn to change gear people.

  • domantfly
    domantfly 23 days ago

    gosh e46's sound like shit

  • astront917
    astront917 23 days ago +5

    my god theres some real twats on the road,

    dickheads in back firing hondas and crap mx5's.

    • Lavneh
      Lavneh 18 days ago +1

      not everyone is rich and is just trying to have fun...asshole

  • Luke Primmer
    Luke Primmer 23 days ago

    Who's is that skyline

  • Daiyaan Adams
    Daiyaan Adams 23 days ago

    My favorite was the whites escort

  • Jog Bagnall
    Jog Bagnall 23 days ago

    What’s the car at 3.01?

  • Boi
    Boi 23 days ago +1

    why did the person stand in the bushes

    he never had time to stand in the bushes he was already hit by the mustang

    • Shayne SMR
      Shayne SMR 19 days ago

      Boi - he jumped out of the way I think! The first and last car meet he went to apparently..

  • Uls Ter
    Uls Ter 24 days ago

    Not enough welded diffs to make a send it compilation lolol pure shit

  • Richard Lane
    Richard Lane 24 days ago

    Nice cars just a shame about the drivers!

  • Jim Boy
    Jim Boy 24 days ago

    Wow - so impressive - NOT. 'Grown men' acting like children. Just a shame the police weren't sat waiting for them.

  • Carlos C.
    Carlos C. 25 days ago +5

    There’s absolutely no police interference at all!
    In America, the first whisper of an engine rev is an automatic citation.

  • offitcock
    offitcock 25 days ago

    Fuck that mustang is loud!!

  • Dick Tipp
    Dick Tipp 25 days ago

    Steering wheels on the wrong side

  • Razvan Dragos
    Razvan Dragos 25 days ago

    Very nice video! Maybe you can check out some of mine as well

  • patchone
    patchone 26 days ago


  • David75 Nufc
    David75 Nufc 26 days ago

    Probably showing my age but what a complete bunch of pricks. These fucking arseholes are pulling out on normal roads with normal people in normal cars. Keep it on the track. There will be children in the cars that you are dangerously pulling out in in front of. Half of the fuckers can’t drive which is a dangerous mix. Nothing cool here. Dicks.

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 26 days ago

    This is dog shit!👎🏼

  • Tombro
    Tombro 27 days ago

    All the M3’s sound like mopeds lol

  • scotty scotty
    scotty scotty 27 days ago +6

    Some total disregard for other road users here.

    • Big John Fury
      Big John Fury 9 days ago

      So what you mean is a total lack of respect for the law !!
      Buford T Justice

  • Troels Kiel
    Troels Kiel 28 days ago

    England is lame.

  • Daniel Clayton-Davies
    Daniel Clayton-Davies 28 days ago +1

    All the money in the world, and the possibly replica Rs1800 was the shiner

    • Uls Ter
      Uls Ter 24 days ago +1

      Was thinking the exact same thing, and was the only only one that even got close to 'sending it'

  • Lucas Hunter
    Lucas Hunter 29 days ago

    Come to Merica we will show you how it’s done

  • MX & BMX Dad
    MX & BMX Dad 29 days ago

    The British certainly have no clue, this was weak

  • just anotha number
    just anotha number 29 days ago

    Piss weak

  • CarGian
    CarGian Month ago

    those 4 bangers ah

  • Leroi Holmes
    Leroi Holmes Month ago

    Is this ignorant or fun can't decide. Bunch of dads

  • Zumbruk
    Zumbruk Month ago

    Fair amount of stupidity and DWDCA here.

  • Bruce McDonald
    Bruce McDonald Month ago

    Fucking mockery!

  • StuffedCrustPizza 42

    3:00 Thats How Mafia works

  • Mad Frank
    Mad Frank Month ago

    This is why car meets get cancelled.

  • Make the world a better place kill feminists

    What a wet Muddy cold SHIT HOLE. Cars are 80% crap to

  • Troy Duncan
    Troy Duncan Month ago

    Power breaking shit idiots.

  • jamcare
    jamcare Month ago

    All mouth no trousers. Nice cars shame about the pilots

  • Autoroom21
    Autoroom21 Month ago

    Are you silly I’m still gonna send it

  • Joshua m
    Joshua m Month ago

    They try so hard though got to give' em that.

  • Andrew Inch
    Andrew Inch Month ago

    I have never seen so many sub average penises in one video

  • CC Centurion
    CC Centurion Month ago +4

    Funniest thing is, the 1980 ford Escort sounded the best.

    • k
      k Month ago


  • Lensflair
    Lensflair Month ago

    Wow. That’s a lot of out of control fishtailing towards oncoming potential victims. Shame really, because there are some decent cars here - they’re just being driven recklessly by fat-fisted cretins.

  • Mike's Mouse
    Mike's Mouse Month ago

    What a bunch of total peckers! The designers of all those cars (some very nice ones) sadly never knew they'd be driven by clueless twats.

  • nigel humphreys fsuk
    nigel humphreys fsuk Month ago +3

    i got as far as 1.55 minutes and looked for a better video lol

  • Michael Presey
    Michael Presey Month ago

    I was waiting for a engine to blow lol all I'm hearing is redline

    • Big Worm
      Big Worm Month ago

      Michael Presey All I’m seeing is scared boys straightening up the wheel as soon as they hear the tires....

  • c mack
    c mack Month ago +4

    bunch of fast n furious rejects

    • Lamster66
      Lamster66 16 days ago

      No they're just furious

  • Milos Krasic
    Milos Krasic Month ago +3

    Is this a veiled cringe compilation?

  • first ape
    first ape Month ago

    This is so embarrassing seeing all these idiots in one video.

  • indie
    indie Month ago

    EU drivers lol

  • Colin Morand
    Colin Morand Month ago +30

    Leaning forward while driving gives you an extra 10 horsepower

    • - M.D.N -
      - M.D.N - Month ago +1

      In a event of a crash , it helps you die quicker.

    • Charles Nash
      Charles Nash Month ago

      And you can see whats coming down the road at least another 100 yards better.

    • Gravy Davy
      Gravy Davy Month ago

      @Jason Muir Of course it does.

    • Jason Muir
      Jason Muir Month ago +2

      @Gravy Davy probably helps you see better out of a hedged junction though doesnt it......

    • Gravy Davy
      Gravy Davy Month ago +4

      It also helps you see further in the fog. 😂

  • MyJizz UrEye
    MyJizz UrEye Month ago

    Holy shit this was gay. I was expecting rolling smoke leaving left for a tip in followed by a drive by to the right with smoke pouring out the guards, all I got was faggits in gutless shit boxes proving they can't drive.

  • SickNick'sProjects
    SickNick'sProjects Month ago +1

    england your cars are lame

  • shinedownchannel
    shinedownchannel Month ago

    R I C E . . .

  • Dom Von Hutch
    Dom Von Hutch Month ago

    more Trevor needed - i.e. TVR

  • crazy cooter
    crazy cooter Month ago +30

    99.9 % of them have no idea what they are doing .... accidents waiting to happen

    • crazy cooter
      crazy cooter 6 days ago

      @Tashi dorji Bhutia they are not leaving in style though .. just a lot of uncoordinated hand flaps on the wheel and feet hitting pedals .... accident waiting to happen

    • Tashi dorji Bhutia
      Tashi dorji Bhutia 6 days ago

      @crazy cooter i know the think its fun to do this they mifht leave the car show in style but who knows style fails too

    • crazy cooter
      crazy cooter 6 days ago

      @Tashi dorji Bhutia read every body elses replies on this page about the driving .. sounds like to me you are one of the 99% who do not know what they are doing aswell

    • Tashi dorji Bhutia
      Tashi dorji Bhutia 6 days ago

      Wait it is 99.9% than only 00.1% did a comment who is you ...🙏🙏

    • Bapster Man
      Bapster Man 10 days ago

      crazy cooter 90% of people don’t really know how to handle cars properly, but they love cars all the same and spend a fortune keeping them so are entitled to have a bit of fun

  • John Galt
    John Galt Month ago +12

    How come the Mustangs didn't spin out into the crowd?

    • Hasy •
      Hasy • 27 days ago

      Cos they european mustangs

    • Omega Scoob
      Omega Scoob Month ago

      They just knew how to drive

  • revvolutions
    revvolutions Month ago

    Drake in the nsx

  • Gary Esson
    Gary Esson Month ago

    Probably unpopular opinion here but I think the e46 m3s sound terrible

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Month ago +17

    Think I can hear my LS2 laughing from the driveway.

  • Skipraida
    Skipraida Month ago

    Don't you just love a rear wheel drive!

  • Doron Ron
    Doron Ron Month ago +2

    This just proves once again.....There's No Limit to STUPID!

  • Joe Law
    Joe Law Month ago

    Bunch of idiots trying to impress other idiots. Be more impressive to pull out, stop and do a decent launch without bogging or spinning. That would at least show some skill but nah, pathetic attempts at powersliding on busy, narrow roads into oncoming traffic.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +10

    Send it haha what a joke even the yanks do better but , mad aussies know how to send it

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams Month ago +5

    Then the tvr went and broke down

  • Your Problems Aren't Mine!

    Peugeot 205 T16 and the Ford Escort MK2 RS2000 are my two favorite cars that we didn't get in America and if I could get my hands on either of those I could die a very happy man lol.

    • Your Problems Aren't Mine!
      Your Problems Aren't Mine! Month ago

      @CC Centurion I absolutely agree with you on that!.. And it's too bad that I can't even pay a kings ransom for my own life at the moment lol. But I will keep dreaming and maybe one day I'll enjoy owning them both.. Anyways I hope that you have a great week my friend and please wish your mother a Happy Mother's day for me. 🙏🙏

    • CC Centurion
      CC Centurion Month ago +1

      Two fabulous cars, there are still some of them around but you'll pay a kings ransom to own one. Although, after driving either for a week you'll swear they're worth every penny.

  • ciar tdsfa
    ciar tdsfa Month ago +1

    Look at the state of the toilet in the copper 350z! What a hand relief technician, right into the path of an oncoming vehicle

    • LockeNess Motorsports
      LockeNess Motorsports Month ago

      Ikr totally shit control probably lifted off should've stayed on it untill the car is stable

    BRENDAJASON1 Month ago

    Roads are too tight over their babs

  • George Quattrovalvole

    Ti ampaloi pou einai oi perissoteroi!

  • davidh6364
    davidh6364 Month ago +1

    Video sucked! Best part eas the laugh I got at the Volkswagen Rabbit with mini blinds! You European people are crazy! Lol! And get on the right side of the road! 😉

    • Lee Cottiss
      Lee Cottiss 19 days ago

      davidh6364 we drive on the right hand side because it's the right side of the road to be are you FUCKING stupid!! Their not vw rabbits here there golfs!!