NHL - Best 1 on 1 Embarrassing Moments

  • Published on Oct 20, 2016
  • Might as well just be a Pavel Datsyuk highlight reel, but believe it or not there are some other players in this compilation too. The very best 1 on 1 moments that embarrassed goalies, defenseman, and penalty killers alike, in no particular order. Thanks for watching! **I own nothing and have no affiliation with the NHL, the NHLPA, or any tv station**
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  • chosen729
    chosen729 Day ago

    Are these defenseman not allowed to play the body? Like when the guy lost his stick why not just shove the puck carrier down?

  • Kyle Abbott
    Kyle Abbott 6 days ago

    The Crosby one is pretty fucking stupid tbh lol

  • LELE 420
    LELE 420 10 days ago

    What a player..
    All the world miss the magic..
    Ciao from Italy

  • Chux Tin
    Chux Tin 14 days ago

    3:46 The most amazing laugh I've ever heard

  • High Current Pictures
    High Current Pictures 19 days ago

    As a Nashville fan you can't even get mad! Those where some dirty goals man

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 19 days ago

    Title should be "Genius moments" on a lot of these lol

    MEALSONWHEELS 27 days ago

    just name the video what it is. "Pavel embarrasses the world"

  • Thirdeye3pic
    Thirdeye3pic 29 days ago

    What happened to THAT Bobby Ryan?

  • Perpetual Student
    Perpetual Student Month ago +1

    How is Oshie and Nash not here!?

  • Jamie O'Toole
    Jamie O'Toole Month ago +1

    His laugh at 3:46 🤣

  • Jamie O'Toole
    Jamie O'Toole Month ago +1

    I heard datsyuk is coming back in the nhl as a FREE AGENT

    • CarCross
      CarCross Month ago

      Jamie O'Toole I hope he’s got the nicest hands I’ve ever seen he’s so fun to watch

  • Olivia Brodarick
    Olivia Brodarick Month ago

    1:44 absolutely insane...wait this whole video is great omg I love every moment (except being scored on by San Jose on rangers lol)

  • SemiSolid Snake
    SemiSolid Snake Month ago +1

    Crosby and MacKinnon are from the same town in Nova Scotia, and are good friends in real life. I saw that move as Crosby showing Mac some more advanced moves is a welcome to the NHL.

  • Walter Ostrowski
    Walter Ostrowski Month ago +4

    "Pavel Datsyuk highlight reel (mostly against Nashville)"

  • Patton Pryor
    Patton Pryor Month ago

    Not a single black person in sight.

  • xblackcatx13
    xblackcatx13 Month ago

    Half Datsyuk !

  • Derek DeBoisbriand
    Derek DeBoisbriand Month ago

    So Datsyuk is in the HOF, just a hockey noob here but you should’ve named this video “Datsyuk makes people look silly”

  • TheGr8stManEvr
    TheGr8stManEvr Month ago

    Fuck Cindy Crosby.

  • KamikazeDreamer
    KamikazeDreamer Month ago

    Pretty sure that was the last time Bobby Ryan scored

  • J E R E M Y K A S P E R

    3:45 I didn't realize Krusty the Clown became an NHL commentator

  • James Bellflower
    James Bellflower Month ago

    Ahhhhhh....pavel datsyuk. Picasso on ice

  • WolverineIncognito
    WolverineIncognito Month ago +1

    Crosby is a crybaby

  • Evan Makarick
    Evan Makarick Month ago

    That Bobby Ryan goal! Damn

  • SchulzEricT
    SchulzEricT Month ago

    No Matt Hendricks? I would specifically use against Tim Thomas, but any of his shootout goals could've been on this reel.
    ruclip.com/video/j5Dx8jBt85U/video.html (only BOS; quality isn't great)
    ruclip.com/video/pb5A4Ri2iZo/video.html (the reel)

  • Karl Tanner
    Karl Tanner Month ago +3

    Pavel Datsyuk is such a legend. Perhaps the most skilled player to ever play in NHL

    • adam iwaniec
      adam iwaniec Month ago

      Karl Tanner Patrick Kane lol

    • Karl Tanner
      Karl Tanner Month ago

      @adam iwaniec by skilled I mean stickhandling, can you name someone better?

    • adam iwaniec
      adam iwaniec Month ago

      Karl Tanner great player but not a chance

  • brian hixson
    brian hixson Month ago

    1:33. Look close . it sure looks like the puck stopped forward motion thru out, when he pulled it back for ther last deke. ( at least during a shootout / penalty shot. ) You cant have the puck go backwards or stop and start again

    NES ADDICT Month ago

    Datsyuk is nasty.

  • Random Memer
    Random Memer Month ago

    It’s 7-2 and you go between the legs. That’s just asking to get ran.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    datsyuk suck cocks

  • Treemanboy1
    Treemanboy1 Month ago

    I miss Pav

  • homelessathome
    homelessathome 2 months ago

    Wings are utter trash without Datsyuk.

  • JRToken Da Oaken Token
    JRToken Da Oaken Token 2 months ago +1

    Datsyuk was the most innovative puck handler of his time. A true master.

  • Chad Alves
    Chad Alves 2 months ago

    So did Patrick Kane not take puck backwards 3 times during shootout deke at end of vid??

  • Riley O'Reilly
    Riley O'Reilly 2 months ago +1

    When the Red Wings ruled the world!

    • artisteric
      artisteric Month ago

      @Riley O'Reilly - imagine the bruins decided to rush the net a little more and take those shots! Oh wait, they did last night 😉

    • Riley O'Reilly
      Riley O'Reilly Month ago

      @artisteric imagine the Celtics are the Pistons the last minute of a game nobody wants to take the shot nobody wants to be the go-to guy .
      That's what these Bruins are like😑

    • artisteric
      artisteric Month ago

      @Riley O'Reilly - for sure man! I still think that the blues are the try-hard team. They’ll be out of steam tonight

    • Riley O'Reilly
      Riley O'Reilly Month ago

      @artisteric DieHard Boston Bruins fan here wish us luck tonight would you

    • artisteric
      artisteric Month ago +1

      Riley O'Reilly Damn rights! They’ll be back with Y at the helm ... just watch

  • OverallChampion
    OverallChampion 2 months ago

    5:57 Michael Scott?

  • The OG Binks
    The OG Binks 2 months ago


  • jean-luc paradis
    jean-luc paradis 2 months ago

    Who's that datsyuk ?

  • GOLDwingsRR
    GOLDwingsRR 2 months ago

    Getting deked by Datsyuk is an honor! Not an embarrassment!!

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn 2 months ago

    Datsyuk is amazing

  • Joker Levin
    Joker Levin 2 months ago

    McCarty vs Niinimaa shouldve been in there as well as a few Bure, Mario, Jagr, Savard moves.

  • ABladeInTheDark
    ABladeInTheDark 2 months ago

    Datsyuk's shootout goal on Niemi should be a felony with how stupid he made him look.

  • Fancy HD
    Fancy HD 2 months ago

    Haha Niemi yells VITTU in Finnish which means FUCK in English 😂

  • Krista Hamilton
    Krista Hamilton 2 months ago +2

    Even though I’m a canucks fan, I still miss datsyuk

  • Photo Finish
    Photo Finish 2 months ago

    An amazing move? By proceeding to skate in the same direction? Good grief - get better content

  • dmrc43
    dmrc43 2 months ago

    Datsick boi was a treat to watch.
    Legend status.

  • Masqerader
    Masqerader 3 months ago

    Datsyuk has victimized Nashville so much

  • Masqerader
    Masqerader 3 months ago

    Bobby Ryan's have betrayed him

  • David Boughton
    David Boughton 3 months ago

    Pavel Datsyuk had a magic wand in his hands, not a hockey stick. Sure he was a great stick handler and had moves better than Jagger but his ability to win board battles and force turnovers against the best players in the league, most of which were bigger and (perhaps) stronger than him, was just as important. Best all round Russian born player the NHL has seen in my opinion.

  • Kevin James Martin
    Kevin James Martin 3 months ago

    Missing a Peter Forsberg steal & score from the defenseman in OT right in front of the goalie

  • Justin Keller
    Justin Keller 3 months ago

    Some people are just really good at making others look stupid. Datsyuk is our God

  • Goldie Kaitz
    Goldie Kaitz 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice that on the first play, the announcer yelled "touchdown!" That's what I call embarrassing. He doesn't even know what sport he's announcing for.

  • John Rumble
    John Rumble 3 months ago

    Well Matthews owns the record for youngest to score four in a game now, he was only 19 yrs, 25 days.

  • joe :]
    joe :] 3 months ago

    Datsyuk the first player to have drip

  • Mister X
    Mister X 3 months ago

    4:02 wtf 6 players on ice

  • Craig Ross
    Craig Ross 3 months ago

    He's filthy boys ! Haha Kane's slow Mo was pretty sick though

  • Mr. Trump.
    Mr. Trump. 3 months ago

    God I miss Datsyuk in the nhl. I got the privilege to see him live a few times in hockey town

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 3 months ago

    Mickey Redmond is a treasure

  • Ghost Marine61
    Ghost Marine61 3 months ago

    U mean Datsyuk compilation

  • Durchii
    Durchii 3 months ago +2

    Why i've never heard something of Datsyuk? 😂

  • Palidan v4 Wood
    Palidan v4 Wood 3 months ago

    Second clip was smooth af

  • Jack Harrington
    Jack Harrington 3 months ago

    I miss Datsyuk

    PROUD TO BE CANADIAN! 3 months ago

    So Canada invents hockey and non Canadian hockey players like Russia's Pavel Valerievich Datsyuk play better hockey then actual Canadian hockey players. What sense does that make? Canada should be ashamed lol

    But don't mess with Sidney Crosby lol 😂😂 I'm serious! 😐😐😐😆😆😆😆

    • James Warner
      James Warner 3 months ago +2

      To much emphasis on the physical part of the game.

  • Ryan Torrisi
    Ryan Torrisi 3 months ago +1

    Legend has it that vokoun is still sliding

  • Ben Stark
    Ben Stark 3 months ago

    It’s either Datsyuk manhandling everyone or a goal against Rinne

  • Sean Martin
    Sean Martin 3 months ago

    Hertl’s goal had me at hello

  • Barkov Is the goat
    Barkov Is the goat 3 months ago

    Tbh you shouldn’t be embarrassed when datsyuk makes you look dumb bc he can make everyone look dumb

  • wildgoobsid5
    wildgoobsid5 3 months ago +1

    The Ryan goal - it’s really not that hard to dippsy doodle someone who doesn’t have a stick!

  • Ava McDonald
    Ava McDonald 3 months ago

    I miss datsyuk

  • Vlog Man
    Vlog Man 3 months ago

    Thomas hertl: 2:55

    Auston Matthews: hold my puck

    MANNING I AM 4 months ago

    Had to make sure the title wasn’t “datsyuk highlight with a couple neat plays”

  • starwars917
    starwars917 4 months ago

    jerk off to baby Draper and shitty mccarty too? #FucktheWings

  • ccricc
    ccricc 4 months ago

    Shake 'N Bake!

  • Anthony Kish
    Anthony Kish 4 months ago

    I like how this is just datsyuk dominating other stars

  • TheDCGuitar13
    TheDCGuitar13 4 months ago

    Shocked theirs no ovi

  • Daryl Hitt
    Daryl Hitt 4 months ago

    You had me at Pavel! Awesome.

  • Christopher Neumann
    Christopher Neumann 4 months ago

    I lost count on how many times Datsyuk was shown. Dude was a magician.

  • Matias Seppala
    Matias Seppala 4 months ago

    Pavel datsyuk using cheat codes

  • swizlestick
    swizlestick 4 months ago

    That Patrick Kane stuff ruined shootouts for me...the guy all but stops in the slot and stickhandles for 3 minutes. put a defender on the blue line behind him and let them go at the same time.

  • swizlestick
    swizlestick 4 months ago +1

    Getting beat by Pavel Datsyuke isn't embarrassing, its an honor bestowed upon many in the league....

  • Jack Keith
    Jack Keith 4 months ago

    Not so fast kowalski

  • JDeppFan2272
    JDeppFan2272 4 months ago

    Screw Datsyuk... That Bobby Ryan goal was nasty. He fakes him out not once, but twice, and still was able to fake out the goalie as well.

  • K B
    K B 4 months ago

    Mario's goal on Ray Borque?

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B 4 months ago

    did the announcer call devin dubnyk.... nicklas backstrom?

  • Aarav Chhabra
    Aarav Chhabra 4 months ago

    Kane is so cockey

  • Musique61414
    Musique61414 4 months ago

    I miss Datsyuk.😥

  • Old Timer
    Old Timer 5 months ago

    Ryan's just too cool for school on that one!

  • James Clements
    James Clements 5 months ago


  • BK 7830
    BK 7830 5 months ago

    We miss u datsyuk

  • William Klueg
    William Klueg 5 months ago +1

    1:45 I think RUclip has a policy against videos where people get undressed like that.

  • Ryloyolo 8000hq
    Ryloyolo 8000hq 5 months ago

    0:41 The Cole harbour boys face each other some one definitely won that battle for sure.

  • Invoiced
    Invoiced 5 months ago

    More like Detroit bullying Nashville

  • John Dough
    John Dough 5 months ago

    spin-o-rama. as soon as that it said, it means the announcer is an idiot. no one with a clue about hockey will use those words.

  • liquid snakes love child

    My God Patrick kane is hot little package. I bet the hawks shower room is intense

  • ツHelpful_Chippy
    ツHelpful_Chippy 5 months ago +1

    god i mith when bobby ryan wath on thhhe duckth

  • ツHelpful_Chippy
    ツHelpful_Chippy 5 months ago +1

    *"not so fast kowalski"*

  • Richard Rybarczyk
    Richard Rybarczyk 5 months ago

    Datsyuk could do things that defied the laws of physics.

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 5 months ago +1

    Sydney undressed Nathan 😂

    • Muhammad Abdullah
      Muhammad Abdullah 5 months ago +1

      @Ashot Galkin that escalated quickly

    • Ashot Galkin
      Ashot Galkin 5 months ago +1

      ...kissed his hairy chest and slowly slided down with his tongue

  • J&J Gaming
    J&J Gaming 5 months ago

    Datsyuk will go down as a legend

  • Austin Rickard
    Austin Rickard 5 months ago

    Ahh, back when the wings were good

  • ?????
    ????? 5 months ago

    It could be just Datsyuk tbh he is a legend