Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • This is the new Samsung Galaxy S10+
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  • Jefin Shaji
    Jefin Shaji 3 hours ago

    Can i get your email address?

  • Lindsays Corner
    Lindsays Corner 11 hours ago

    The vibe seems different here...

  • FLA5H 6.0
    FLA5H 6.0 16 hours ago +1

    That’s pretty wide, I’m kinda into that😂😂😂😂😂

  • Klien Villaruel
    Klien Villaruel 18 hours ago

    samsung 10 plus vs huawei mate 20 pro,who is better?

  • 11 Add Me on Roblox 11 Jesicalovespnk

    I have that phone

  • BirdOx 96
    BirdOx 96 Day ago

    to those complaining about wireless being better than wired headphones........ please stop retard, having the option for both wired and wireless headphones and can charge at the same time is a blessing..... i hope companies see this and not be blinded by greed, i personally would pay for that samsung anyday than an iphone, pixel, huawei and basically any company that got rid of headphone jacks (im looking at you oneplus)....... so for now, im gonna be a poco and samsung fanboy

  • KJ_Subodh's Gaming
    KJ_Subodh's Gaming Day ago +1

    Android fans hit like

  • feannp
    feannp Day ago

    If Samsung designed a galaxy phone with a pop up camera instead of a cut out circle. I'd be a total updrade. For example, Samsung will release a better version of the S10+ and calls it S10++ 😂😂. Samsung user here and still deciding which one should I buy b/w iPhone XS max or S10+

  • Bryan Zheng
    Bryan Zheng Day ago

    The song he played during testing is called chi by jesse james

  • Weston Ramsey
    Weston Ramsey Day ago

    Why don’t you give these away

  • Decay
    Decay Day ago

    i need to know the songs he played!!!! *_*

  • Dwr Allegory
    Dwr Allegory Day ago

    this phone camera "beauty assist" system is "FANTASTIC"!! you could aim it at everything at all and it will make it beautiful! i mean, i highly recommend it for people who wants to dodge NSA, you could go to facebook with your face photos taken from it and be added to the NSA's database, and believe me, even NSA's system will not be able to recognize you in real life later. XD!!! recommended!

  • 이충선
    이충선 2 days ago +2

    that's korea i am really proud of my country technology go Korea!!

  • silverss onyoutube
    silverss onyoutube 2 days ago

    That hole punch is aggravating my OCD what a disaster . Samsung you screwed up putting that shit there.

  • Gemma Srijan
    Gemma Srijan 2 days ago

    i loove the back camera on my s10+ but not gonna lie, the front camera was dissapointing, i feel like my s8 was more vibrant. anyone agree??

  • Jemima J
    Jemima J 3 days ago

    can apple and samsung team up already, samsung’s ideas with apples design, u can not argue that the apple home screen, emojis, apps everything are nicer, but samsung’s camera and ideas are so much better

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 3 days ago +1

    Love the hole punch doesn’t make it look bland and makes the phone look sexy

  • Brixwaterr
    Brixwaterr 3 days ago

    I have a iPhone 5 and I’m not impressed with the sophware

  • cool rays
    cool rays 3 days ago

    apple just returned back to the stone age when they saw this

  • Oden Vasquez
    Oden Vasquez 3 days ago

    I been an iphone user since the 5s came out and now have the Iphone 8plus but idk man im thinking of switching to the Samsung. Only because since i started my business i found you can so much more things than the Iphone. 😂

  • אוריה יוגב
    אוריה יוגב 3 days ago

    The two front camera aren't normal and wide but are wide camera and tof camera so the zoom is digital

    MUSIC WORLD 4 days ago +8

    S10+ like:
    Iphone xs max comment:

    • The Bully
      The Bully Day ago

      MUSIC WORLD stop trying to get likes dumbass 😂🤣

  • Rob Boat
    Rob Boat 4 days ago

    I got a 8s 3 weeks ago. Put new card in my 5s til I got my new case from amozon.
    Got case done the smart switch but changed card after. I had my 5s for 3 years.
    So what happend. the phone wiped it self and now asked for Google varifacation
    My s5 was my first smart phone.
    So now I need the code I made 3 years ago. And that I probly only put in the phone once.
    So now I have a new phone I can't use
    Cell provider can't do anything
    Google will not give codes out
    Samsung just says you need to take it to one of there aproved Samsung repair shop.
    So I have a brand new phone not 1 phone call made with it and thay want 59.99 plus tax to unlock it.
    Customer service/support in my experience is shit hop no one has problems once the sale is done thay don't care.
    PS Do not buy a Samsung appliances
    I was told that by a stand alone repair guy. Pleas do your self a favor

  • Gopal Sivaperuman
    Gopal Sivaperuman 5 days ago

    I think u should do unboxing of Honda asimo robots..

  • Gadgets Home
    Gadgets Home 5 days ago

    2019 is just starting and Samsung ends the game

  • GOZZYY04
    GOZZYY04 5 days ago

    5:58 Why do you have this?

  • Helgi Myrkvi Douglas Valgeirsson

    You are a sexy guy slurp call me 🦶

  • Baran M.
    Baran M. 5 days ago +1

    @Unboxtherapy Could you please mention in a video that S10 line's camera performance is great only with the Snapdragon chipset. Because the Exynos variant is not at the same level. There is a youtube channel called "Pixel Peepers" who shows proof of that. People need to know about this because the Snapdragon variant is available in the U.S but not in other countries like Europe. Of course I was expecting little performance differences that's fine but if you mind the quality of the camera, they are definitely NOT at the same quality level. Would be really appreciated if you let people know about it so that they can have a better idea about what they are actually buying if they are not living in the U.S.

  • Geminii Gang
    Geminii Gang 6 days ago

    Just wish Samsung would focus on their watches now

  • ÔvërPrø YT
    ÔvërPrø YT 6 days ago

    Watching on my s10+

  • BlackLister
    BlackLister 6 days ago

    There go the notification lights tho.

  • Scarlet
    Scarlet 7 days ago

    That beauty photo!! Wow haha

  • James Marrero
    James Marrero 8 days ago

    I would rather have a pixel to have stock android and no bixby. I have and LG G6 and I don't plan on switching anytime soon.

  • World Worldich
    World Worldich 8 days ago +1

    I have one its realy good

  • Daniel Tholens
    Daniel Tholens 8 days ago

    Should check peru.8k on it

  • Ali Alqallaf
    Ali Alqallaf 9 days ago

    Samsung good work

  • Ali Alqallaf
    Ali Alqallaf 9 days ago

    Apple is losing because of high price

  • Hanrick
    Hanrick 9 days ago

    *_"WHAT DO I THINK?"_*
    Then: IM SO HUNGRYYYY! give me 1 dollar imma buy apple
    Now: buyin apple for thousand dollars

  • MRWOohooPLAY Z
    MRWOohooPLAY Z 10 days ago +4

    It’s more like Samsung vs Huawei now.
    Apples third place now

  • Badhaso Woya
    Badhaso Woya 10 days ago

    Always Sumsung galaxy S10+ is the best and i am going to have it very soon for my self.

  • Taya Neave
    Taya Neave 10 days ago

    Wanting to buy are new phone but can't decide from this Samsung galaxy S10+ or pixel 3LX and I'm coming from the iPhone X help please guys 🤗

  • Orionix
    Orionix 10 days ago

    Fingerprint is made way better with a new update

  • Regimantas Tamulevicius

    Myvigzy com here is cool phone case❤❤❤👍👍👍

  • Effekt
    Effekt 10 days ago


  • cody tucker
    cody tucker 10 days ago

    What about screenshots? Does it show the front cam in the picture or does it crop it out?

  • 아티라
    아티라 10 days ago

    I have an iPhone XS and now I want a galaxy s10 plus

  • Rudy Leo Gumapas
    Rudy Leo Gumapas 10 days ago

    give me one of your phone

  • phorse
    phorse 11 days ago

    What's that case?

  • Arjuna persada
    Arjuna persada 11 days ago

    i love it

  • Hajar Tazi
    Hajar Tazi 11 days ago +1

    j'aime😍😍 samsung plus que appe😐😓

  • Ibrahim miah
    Ibrahim miah 12 days ago

    Which fingerprint sensor is better and faster?
    S10+ or Oneplus 6t

  • Second Hr
    Second Hr 12 days ago +1

    I’m getting this phone and I’m not exited for the punchout 😭

    • Second Hr
      Second Hr 7 days ago

      jose rodriguez the camera part

    • jose rodriguez
      jose rodriguez 7 days ago

      Whats the punchout?? Im getting this phone today

  • Zeki Seid
    Zeki Seid 12 days ago +1

    I am getting the S10+ tomorrow....Yes 🥰🥰

  • Andy
    Andy 12 days ago

    I need to know. Does it fit in your pocket? If so I’ll get it, if not then I’ll have to get the S10.

  • Ali HN
    Ali HN 12 days ago

    Like, if you're watching this on an S10e, S10 or S10+
    Personally using the S10+ myself.

  • Andreea Porusniuc
    Andreea Porusniuc 12 days ago


  • Yeremia Febriana
    Yeremia Febriana 13 days ago

    Enggak ada rencana di GA in wkwk

  • cryptoman01
    cryptoman01 13 days ago

    Much better than iPhone notch

  • Muhammad Khalid
    Muhammad Khalid 13 days ago

    Who else is watching this on s10 plus?

  • Stickto YourDrums
    Stickto YourDrums 13 days ago

    It’d be awesome if you would review the S10 Plus 1tb with ceramic back.

  • Emmnanuel Fernandez
    Emmnanuel Fernandez 14 days ago

    Two more weeks 🙇‍♂️

  • Zachary Kew-Denniss
    Zachary Kew-Denniss 14 days ago

    Switched from my lagfest of a Pixel 3XL to this two weeks ago, and it's stunning! I was a 100% Google fanboy, owning every Google device from Nexus 4 to 3XL, including every tablet except the Slate.
    Never looking back. Can't beat this phone.

    • Maxx Syed
      Maxx Syed 4 days ago

      Oh nuu, i seriously bought that hideous notched phone? O.o

  • JermaineImagoDei
    JermaineImagoDei 14 days ago

    What type of case do you have on your phone

  • Thomas Skaria
    Thomas Skaria 15 days ago

    Finaly i got s10+ i fukin wasted my 76,000 ruppes but who cares atleast i got it heh

  • Morgan Furlow
    Morgan Furlow 15 days ago

    I think I’m switching

  • Far Ansis
    Far Ansis 16 days ago +1

    iphone like
    samsung comment

  • Boi who dis
    Boi who dis 16 days ago +9

    Lou; I’m switching to the Galaxy S 10
    One month later; I’m switching to the huawei P30 pro

  • Videodonald
    Videodonald 16 days ago +2


  • Randriod77
    Randriod77 16 days ago

    Hey.... I wanna know, what kind of watch is that you are sporting. WHat is that? anyone know???

  • Sean Martin
    Sean Martin 16 days ago

    I think you should've mentioned that it's limited to Quick Charge 2. That's two generations behind.

  • maaz iqbal gaming
    maaz iqbal gaming 16 days ago

    Everyone in the comments tell me what to buy cuz i dont know which 1 to buy
    1. Huwawei p30 pro
    2. Samsung galaxy s10+
    3 iphone x max
    Which one?

    • maaz iqbal gaming
      maaz iqbal gaming 8 days ago

      +Arthur Mun i think i like the samsung but i like the huwaweii camera

    • Arthur Mun
      Arthur Mun 16 days ago

      All of them are pretty good at performance, look at the design of each smartphone and decide which one you like most)

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 17 days ago

    The S9+ will be my last Samsung, wtf is that camera hole in the screen !!!

  • Keepp Dreamingg
    Keepp Dreamingg 17 days ago +2

    After the crap Samsung pulled on me with the Note9 defective stylus, they can shove all their products...never again

  • Dark Orphan
    Dark Orphan 17 days ago

    love the Dolby atmos feature on this phone. Being an audiophile sound is everything and Im so happy Samsung decided to integrate Dolby into its phones.

  • MuscleCarOz
    MuscleCarOz 18 days ago

    this phone has terrible aesthetics

  • UW-Gaming
    UW-Gaming 18 days ago

    Why is there a slight grey bar at the bottom of the screen slightly below the navigation buttons?

  • Vugar Guluzadeh
    Vugar Guluzadeh 19 days ago

    Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  • Maqbool UDDIN Channel
    Maqbool UDDIN Channel 19 days ago +1

    Mere pas bhi S10 hai

  • Black AE86
    Black AE86 19 days ago

    My mom has one of these...

    KAHBAR KVHBVR 20 days ago

    9:30 Agree 💯% that fucking hole punch gotta GOOOO! I’m OCD SAMSUNG FAAARRRRKKK

  • Timothy Crowley
    Timothy Crowley 20 days ago

    Bruh he always makes that same face every time he do a sound test.🤭

  • Timothy Crowley
    Timothy Crowley 20 days ago +2

    Watching from my galaxy s10 +

  • A V
    A V 20 days ago +1

    Got mine today
    So far very happy from a note 5
    But can't say anything bad about the Note ...

  • maria q
    maria q 20 days ago +2

    Best feature of S10+:The Headphone Jack.

  • mylittlewalker
    mylittlewalker 21 day ago

    Why didnt Samsung put the wide rear facing camera for the selfie. A lot of people struggle to fit their faces on the front facing camera after all. Wtf Samsung?

  • Gohappydussehra
    Gohappydussehra 22 days ago +1

    Apple joined.
    Apple saw "Wireless Powershare"
    Apple cancelled Airpower.

    • Component Blaster
      Component Blaster 21 day ago

      Gohappydussehra actually they cancelled it becouse of the overheating problems. The airpower was kind of a mission impossible to do. Also wireless powershare isn’t that cool tbh.

  • Cutie Paw
    Cutie Paw 22 days ago

    Please make Xperia 1 review. Thank you. ❤️

  • Shahzaib Sultan
    Shahzaib Sultan 22 days ago

    Do Xperia 1

  • mojtaba khademi
    mojtaba khademi 23 days ago

    Next task is having digital cameras in the phone so they don’t cover that bit of a screen

  • Wilbert Parel
    Wilbert Parel 23 days ago

    S10 quietly expensive than Huawei P30 Pro

    • Moaz Jaffer
      Moaz Jaffer 20 days ago

      I believe they're the same price.

  • Ashok Shahi
    Ashok Shahi 24 days ago +1

    Best video ever dude

  • moiz tariq
    moiz tariq 24 days ago

    His watch model?

  • jibs reyes
    jibs reyes 24 days ago

    hmmmm why didn't you guys inform us that this model can only handle up to 4 fingerprints?

  • mortuus
    mortuus 24 days ago

    Is, that selfie for sale?

    MOO TUBE ORIGINAL 24 days ago

    Can I have the fortnite code please

  • Grass Hopper
    Grass Hopper 24 days ago

    I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matiullah Kakar
    Matiullah Kakar 24 days ago

    Can anyone tell the sound at 11:50.....

  • Carl Bin
    Carl Bin 24 days ago

    Just received my s10+ about a week ago. Love it even more than my Note9. Unfortunately, on 2 occasions while doing random stuff like uploading CC to Samsung pay the phone crashed. It stayed off & unresponsive for 2 minutes. Something that my Note9 has never done. I'm almost reluctant to keep it. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  • trihard
    trihard 26 days ago

    Did you even turn on hdr?? It doesn't say hdr on the camera like mine does?

  • Ninjdrifter 1711
    Ninjdrifter 1711 26 days ago

    With RUclip videos you can pinch to zoom the video out so the camera isn't in the way