Tank drives over suicide bomber's car before deadly blast

  • Raw video: Egyptian government says tank driver's actions thwarted major terrorist operation at security checkpoint that had potential to kill 50 people

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  • cristian saldivar
    cristian saldivar 14 hours ago


  • Kamic J
    Kamic J 12 days ago

    The guy in the top right got blown up that’s sad

  • jan mxa
    jan mxa 15 days ago

    Well done!

  • Penniless Jester
    Penniless Jester 23 days ago

    When they circled it at 1:38 I thought someone was going to crawl out lol yes I know 2+2=4 plus I can tie my own shoes and no my parents aren’t cousins

  • Tyler Amzona
    Tyler Amzona 25 days ago

    That tank-driver is a hero!!!!

  • Rohayu Ariffin
    Rohayu Ariffin 28 days ago

    I think that driver car going to kamikaze

  • AudioASMR
    AudioASMR Month ago

    How is the guy in top right still alive and walking you can see him run to the side of road lmao man is blessed

    TheYBGOON Month ago

    Tank driver was a boss but then the idiots who decided to stick around got blown into the air. To nosey

  • Danglesboy1
    Danglesboy1 Month ago

    Tank crew yeah we’re badass typical day for us .

  • Marcin Stanczak
    Marcin Stanczak Month ago

    What a hero

  • 666MikeRochip
    666MikeRochip Month ago

    Awesome.. The tank did the right thing👍

  • karthi keyan
    karthi keyan Month ago

    Real hero❤

    EXPLOSIVE Month ago

    Is it TNT or C4?
    This power is so great
    Oh my god

  • Devil'sThrone
    Devil'sThrone Month ago

    Call of duty right there but irl

  • Alex Harris
    Alex Harris Month ago

    How stupid are those people in the car closest to the explosion? they had all the chances in world to drive or run away... and just as there like morons

  • bimmjim
    bimmjim Month ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha .. *THIS is FUNNY* .. Ha Ha Ha ..

  • mrtrek64
    mrtrek64 2 months ago

    Wow...freeze frame at 1:41 and you'll see a sub-human body flying through the air and the moment of the explosion.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 months ago


  • Nathan Savage
    Nathan Savage 2 months ago

    1:38 rip that guy walking up next to the car on the right

  • Martin Guevara
    Martin Guevara 2 months ago

    Look at the man that flew away at the right side

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 2 months ago

    Hell yeah that's how you stop a car bomber

  • no subs with quality videos

    Dont understand why he didnt run the car over reverse and keep the armour to the front intead of keep his engine facing towards it risking a fire then an ammo explosion😖

  • got ur name
    got ur name 2 months ago

    too little too late... HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Erik Wedin
    Erik Wedin 2 months ago

    Quick thinking of the Tank driver.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    My biggest respect for those tank crews. Biggest balls ever.

  • Today
    Today 2 months ago

    Rip man walking in the right upper side

    • Awesome Billy
      Awesome Billy 2 months ago

      look closely once the smoke clears hes still walking there

    PEACE OUT 3 months ago +2

    when you play gta 5 and you stole someones tank

  • True Thought
    True Thought 3 months ago +1

    I really hate the term "suicide bomber" let's use the correct words. Potential murderer.

  • ByZ Hellas
    ByZ Hellas 3 months ago

    For all y’all saying that the tank was gonna explode. It’s a heavily armored tank. Heroes, yes, but not to the degree you may make them. Still, bless them!

  • GR Texas
    GR Texas 3 months ago

    Everybody started running whenever they heard the suicide bomber yell Allahu Akbar

  • Mike Williamson
    Mike Williamson 3 months ago

    So why didn't the tank run over him again? And again?

  • Ooferson Mgee
    Ooferson Mgee 4 months ago


  • ThinkAboutIt
    ThinkAboutIt 4 months ago +1

    Well done tank crew! Hats off.

  • Glenn Griffiths
    Glenn Griffiths 4 months ago

    wow huge blast even after the car was crushed this tank driver is a HERO!

  • Ujaan
    Ujaan 4 months ago

    GTA V tanks be like:

  • thisbrokenmachine
    thisbrokenmachine 4 months ago

    wow that tank driver has some balls

  • 1FatHappyBirthday
    1FatHappyBirthday 5 months ago

    I never noticed before but right before the car blows up, it has this red halo around it and then it blows up. Whoa!!! 😲

  • 1FatHappyBirthday
    1FatHappyBirthday 5 months ago

    Everybody else runs. Guy in blue car to the left of bomber thinks, "Ill just sit here with the car door open and wait it out." He's still waiting.

  • zakaria Ibn kowsar
    zakaria Ibn kowsar 5 months ago

    That poor guy died in vain

  • Ramzan Asim
    Ramzan Asim 5 months ago


  • A7la So7ba
    A7la So7ba 5 months ago

    He is an egyptian.
    Egyptians r not afriad of anything

  • susovon bastola
    susovon bastola 5 months ago

    i know a hero when i see one

  • Matteo Montù
    Matteo Montù 5 months ago

    There is a man in the car on the left near the suicide car. Feel bad for him

  • Neelotpal MRINAL
    Neelotpal MRINAL 5 months ago

    Anyone anywhere anytime fighting terrorists fixed at killing non combatants is a brave man.
    These Egyptian men are true heroes. They have balls of steel knowing that a tank's belly is its most vulnerable part, still choosing to crush the car bomb.
    They are brave heroes of entire civilized world.

  • Willkun
    Willkun 5 months ago

    anyone else see the one guy go near the suicide car

  • Seagate Seagate
    Seagate Seagate 5 months ago


    SPORTS For ALL 6 months ago +1

    Gratitude toward Brave Egyptian Tank Driver from an indian.

  • Mrssea Sea
    Mrssea Sea 6 months ago +1

    that tank driver had the courage to think to run over that car then block the convoy.....give him a medal .....

  • Eryk Rich Erykson
    Eryk Rich Erykson 6 months ago

    I saw someone die to the right top of the screen there’s a guy walking on the grass

  • Legend 28
    Legend 28 6 months ago

    No Allah snackbar for u pal

  • KIM V
    KIM V 6 months ago

    That car of scuicide bomer is dumb bacause he stop in front of a tank hahahaha that what he get smashed .

  • L Troyer
    L Troyer 6 months ago

    That tank commander was a legend

  • Nobiles Novus homo
    Nobiles Novus homo 6 months ago

    Why did he drive straight down the road, into a roadblock with a tank, and a delayed explosion that gave ample time for the guards to react?

  • Reynaldo Castaneda
    Reynaldo Castaneda 6 months ago +1

    Take that suicide bi^ch

  • EarthWatcher
    EarthWatcher 6 months ago +1

    Car? What car? I only see a pothole that needs to be repaired.

  • Zakolasty Oskar
    Zakolasty Oskar 6 months ago

    1:38 when you look middle right from the car, you can see there is actually someone walking there on this desert alike thing

  • dark light
    dark light 7 months ago +1

    I think he's just getting 2 virgins

  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 7 months ago

    1:39 person walking on the other side of the fence to the right of the circle gets blasted to smithereens.

  • Kristaps Jankovskis
    Kristaps Jankovskis 7 months ago

    You can hate me right now, but I enjoyed this video.
    The sad part is that few guys were coming back... idk why?! But 10x more would be dead if tank wouldnt reakt fast.
    Next time put Squad in a car and use tank to roll over.

  • Eva Braun
    Eva Braun 7 months ago +1

    Guy walking up on the right goes flying backwards after explosion

  • Eva Braun
    Eva Braun 7 months ago +1

    Was the bomber still inside the car when the tank crushed it?

    • samir nageh
      samir nageh 6 months ago

      i am still alive

    • samir nageh
      samir nageh 6 months ago

      in 2014
      i was ten seconds away of a huge explosion
      i bought a packet of cigarettes and walked about 15 steps then boooooom

    • samir nageh
      samir nageh 6 months ago

      but this guy is extremely stupid seeing the tank moving forward to the terrorists and keep walking

    • samir nageh
      samir nageh 6 months ago

      you are right
      here in Egypt few years ago we had a bomb explosion every day
      people here were watching officers disarming bombs with joy
      you may think we are strange people
      we are extremely brave

    • Eva Braun
      Eva Braun 6 months ago +1

      @samir nageh did you see the guy on the right of the screen? He nearly walked right into the blast, got knocked a hundred feet, got up and started running towards the cars.
      When it ain't your time, it ain't your time😯

  • mistrydul
    mistrydul 7 months ago

    Some ppl are just dumb the person in the car next to bomb car kept opening and closing car door instead of running u see a tank run over a car and everyone else running and u stay in ur car right next to the danger oh well.

  • Swift Samurai
    Swift Samurai 7 months ago

    Props to the tank drivers quick thinking and ran him over. 👍

    NOOB NOOB 7 months ago +1

    Tank crew was badaass as fuk

  • skipjack johnson
    skipjack johnson 7 months ago

    I bet that wasnt in the suicide bomber hand book.

  • Christian Mclean
    Christian Mclean 7 months ago +1

    Saved countless lives , hero's

  • Jeff Lester
    Jeff Lester 7 months ago

    That guy walking to the right of the car went flying!!!!!!!

  • Black Conservative Patriot


  • Wajdaan Khan
    Wajdaan Khan 7 months ago

    Great....very brave tank driver... but o wonder why didnt it blast immediately?

  • Interstellar Muskrat
    Interstellar Muskrat 7 months ago

    What division was that

  • Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Harvey Oswald 7 months ago


  • BeepBoop iBotU
    BeepBoop iBotU 7 months ago

    There were still people hiding behind their cars right next to the explosion

  • Every Random Day
    Every Random Day 7 months ago

    Is the driver okay though?

  • Keith Garland
    Keith Garland 7 months ago +1

    That tank crew deserves awards for heroism.

  • Shasta Graff
    Shasta Graff 7 months ago +1

    Hulk SMASH!
    and that's how you take care of vermin ..

  • James DeGray
    James DeGray 7 months ago

    Shows why they do what they do doesn't it...

  • Ravi Gangaram
    Ravi Gangaram 7 months ago +1

    Hell is waiting for u

  • Col Denn
    Col Denn 7 months ago

    What was so deadly about that???

  • Rashane Pintoe
    Rashane Pintoe 7 months ago

    Did anybody else see the guy at the top right just before the explosion? He got thrown. Probably dead

  • Ben Czyrny
    Ben Czyrny 7 months ago

    Tank do good job disable car bomb...