John Stossel - Charter Schools & Teachers' Unions

  • Published on Jul 24, 2012
  • From his TV special "Stupid In America" John Stossel reports on the success of charter schools and the effects of the teachers' unions.

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  • fthe farmer
    fthe farmer 2 months ago +1

    Unions are communists, all union members are communists but most are too stupid to know it.

  • schedar2012
    schedar2012 2 months ago

    Lies. The reason they’re good is because charters pick the best students. Disruptive students are the no.1 reason students don’t learn. A charter can easily suspended those bad students.

  • Ted Bishop
    Ted Bishop 2 months ago

    Make all teachers "contractors". End the unions.

  • Aaron Lair
    Aaron Lair 2 months ago

    Ironic the Italian guy makes a mob reference.

  • Ricky Sanders
    Ricky Sanders 2 months ago

    "Some teachers are making $100,000 a year"
    "...and they aren't making enough"

    This must have been taken out of context. There is no way anyone could say something that stupid unless:
    A: This guy really is that stupid.
    B: Stossel's editors are trying make him look that stupid.

  • Ozarks Farmer Hansen
    Ozarks Farmer Hansen 2 months ago

    These Union dogs are making from 300 to 600 thousand a year from a Union budget of over 600 Million collected.

  • Waka sakamoto
    Waka sakamoto 3 months ago

    Worse than bad teachers are all the bad kids you can’t get rid of. If the kids were good I guarantee the teachers would be better. You know the difference between the kids who did well in school and those who didn’t? The parents of the good students made their kids study and be respectful. It was their kids fault if they didn’t do well, not the teachers. We should be able to get rid of bad teachers and bad students. They can go to the public schools.

  • John Newman
    John Newman 3 months ago

    Stop embracing ghetto thug culture
    That might help

  • John Newman
    John Newman 3 months ago

    Especially eliminate urban public schools.
    Big waste of $
    Not a lot of teaching or learning happening in those

  • Dean Sapp
    Dean Sapp 3 months ago +1

    Unions carry the weak and KILL the hard working

  • Dean Sapp
    Dean Sapp 3 months ago

    Ben is Badass

  • Dean Sapp
    Dean Sapp 3 months ago

    Eva Rocks

  • Cake Batter
    Cake Batter 4 months ago

    The money goes into technology and infrastructure. There were fewer schools 40 years ago, the existing school buildings were newer then, and virtually no computers in school. Stossel doesn't mention adjustments for inflation. Lastly, Charter school pick and choose their students, so comparing test scores with public schools doesn't make sense. I like charter schools, but there are only a band aid.

    • Jim King
      Jim King 3 months ago

      I see you're the master of the false premise.

  • Eric J's Gov, Econ, and Church Commentaries

    Well, even with this concept, there is an underlying problem with this which sours the entire concept. That is when you continue to inject funding from public sources, inevitably, you will have certain mandates to included with that funding. Never mine the continued socialism being perpetuated by redistributing wealth to a function which is not core to the responsibilities of government. With the potential of these public mandates, you might still be required to enable certain program requirements that put the Charter Schools more in line with normal Public Schools. Really all this did was create more public schools with just a few temporary enhancements to cirriculum and organization.

  • Billy Ruben
    Billy Ruben 4 months ago

    All public sector unions should be illegal and dismantled.

  • Twizted Samurai
    Twizted Samurai 5 months ago

    This is the same concept as private schools. Freedom to teach what works for each individual child as opposed to forcing regurgitation down their throats as opposed to teaching how to think outside the box and to think critically and question. Schools have become nothing but indoctrination factories.

  • Anne Mouse
    Anne Mouse 5 months ago

    Unions are organized crime!

  • joe mcmillan
    joe mcmillan 5 months ago

    Unions and tenure will play a big part in the American demise.

  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 6 months ago

    Notice how you don't see my state, Texas, having idiot teachers. We basically neutered the Unions, but we still have millions of ISD bureaucrats. I would say bloated bureaucracies are the real danger. Yes, Texas has Charter and Government schools, but even charter schools have big bureaucracies that make them just as sluggish as Gov schools. In the long run, they will end up just as bad as Gov schools if the School Boards don't limit the percentage of bureaucrats.

  • itsnotatoober
    itsnotatoober 7 months ago

    43,000 in 1970 adjusted for inflation is 240,000 in 2018. So 143,000 is $100,000 less than 1970 cost, john

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple Stiltskin 7 months ago

    Grosso is a typical union idiot who believes that they can do a better job for teachers than the administrators and teachers of private schools. He comes off like a mafia don telling John that he is going to stop them physically if he has to. At that I say when they come calling beat the shit out of them. Unions had their place right up until the 1950s when they got so strong they believe they could sway political agendas of our Government, and were essentially forcing everyone to belong to their unions so dues could keep flowing in and thus the unions agenda along with the exorbitant wages of the union leaders like this guy. Many corporations managed to get the unions out of their businesses and the reason that they now have essentially no more power.

  • Watchmasterofkrieg
    Watchmasterofkrieg 7 months ago

    American Indian was good when Ben Chavis was there but when I was there it was awful primary in my 3rd year

  • MtnLiner
    MtnLiner 8 months ago

    6:40 I could get fired at the drop of a dime. It’s “at the drop of a hat” or “they dropped a dime on me”. Fire him for mixing his metaphors.

  • Rusty Love
    Rusty Love 8 months ago

    No job security will screw up every aspect of every life period. Teachers fault my ass !!!!! The info is in the book.

  • Franny Leyden
    Franny Leyden 8 months ago

    Was so happy to get out of that corrupt union!!

  • TheRisky9
    TheRisky9 8 months ago

    I had a teacher in high school who came to my school. She formally taught in an inner city school, gave that up, came to our school for less money. Her reason? Kids are nicer. We were a small rural public school with a graduating class of 200. But it taught me a little about attitude. In a public school system, if you get no support from the administration, they shrug off problems, you can't even get the supplies you need! Of course you couldn't pay a teacher enough in that environment.

    So the teachers don't care, because they're not supported by the administration. The kids stop caring because they have no structure at school and maybe not even at home. So it becomes a big cess pool of rot.

  • CAL Autarch
    CAL Autarch 8 months ago

    This jersey fool and his union antics. What a clownshoe piece of shit.

  • Rich
    Rich 8 months ago

    Parents that truly care about there child enroll them in charter schools ,home schools and private schools.

  • shane hester
    shane hester 8 months ago

    unions must go.

  • Pelomalo
    Pelomalo 9 months ago +1

    My friend teaches kindergarten and is off about 4 1/2 months a year and makes over 150K plus the bennys. I'd take that job in a minute.

  • freethinker4liberty
    freethinker4liberty 9 months ago

    Are these schools still around or did the Dems get rid of them and indoctrinated the kids yet?

  • ruzzell907
    ruzzell907 9 months ago

    " Except for the party parts " 😉

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer 9 months ago

    Organized crime

  • Cassi Swane Patrick Malimban

    $100K/Year is not enough?

  • Andy Knolls
    Andy Knolls 9 months ago

    The union boss from New Jersey looks like he should of played in Goodfellas or Casino. Be careful Mr. Stossel he might make you an offer you can't refuse.

  • doug
    doug 9 months ago

    I stopped calling them schools a long time ago and started calling them indoctrination centers of course the teachers unions especially in California do not want charter schools and regulate them to do exactly what the public school does stop voting Democrat in California you're ruining the state

  • TargetToad
    TargetToad 10 months ago

    Charter Schools are the greatest thing of the last 20 years

  • rockit730
    rockit730 10 months ago

    If President Trump could only accomplish one thing while in office, I would love to see him eliminate The Department of Education and provide federal money ONLY to public charter schools.

  • 1nf0rmed
    1nf0rmed 10 months ago

    What happens to the students who don't get admitted to charter schools?

  • mightyoak11111
    mightyoak11111 10 months ago

    Sounds like Charter Schools is the way to go. Why arent there more of them?

  • James O'Connor
    James O'Connor 10 months ago

    Pay the teachers commission. Produce or starve. Sales people get paid that way. Good salesmen get paid a lot, poor ones don't.

  • WeDontThink
    WeDontThink 10 months ago

    I used to teach. A lot of what Stossel says is true....

  • Robert Coups
    Robert Coups 10 months ago +1

    I graduated high school in 1968. I had good, caring teachers. That was the year the teachers in my state unionized. They were underpaid and needed to organize to improve their standard of living. The main problem with Unions however, is that once an objective has been reached, you can't get rid of them. Now, like many Unions, they just serve to protect the teachers who should probably be in another line of work.

  • Randy L
    Randy L 11 months ago

    They makin plenty

  • macc240038
    macc240038 11 months ago

    Teachers unions always looking for an excuse as to why the students they are in charge of fail at a higher rate than students at charter schools.

  • Regan Orr
    Regan Orr 11 months ago +1

    Charter Schools accept students w/ 2.0 GPA Minimum! Public Schools take Everyone!

  • Chandler
    Chandler 11 months ago

    WFT I know my kids are learning when I look them in their eyes, no need for test, just look your student in the eyes and give them their grades.

  • HotWax93
    HotWax93 11 months ago

    Here is what I don't understand about the hysteria against charter schools and vouchers: even if they don't provide as good an education, that still doesn't mean that parents should be denied the choice to send their kids there. Ultimately, the decision on where students go to school should be for families, not the government.

  • Lynda Burke
    Lynda Burke 11 months ago

    John Stossel should do an update to this show. Combine in Common Core too. Since this show appears to be from 2012, it’d be interesting to hear from some of those kids since its six years layer. How are they doing? What are their thoughts on their schooling??

  • Microphonix Virtual Studio

    Unions are run by the Mafia.

  • smeg head
    smeg head Year ago

    I see where unions are needed and how you can't just have one type of education for all.. sadly no one talks about what to do when it goes to far or how to stop people buying into bs ideas

  • john thompson
    john thompson Year ago

    start more charter schools!

  • Jane Q. Public
    Jane Q. Public Year ago +1

    Unions are some of the most useless groups. They were good in the very beginning, but they are are ridiculous now.

  • D Madd11
    D Madd11 Year ago

    It's time to ban the jude from all government... that union rep.... every single time!!!!!

  • Corbyn Payne
    Corbyn Payne Year ago

    Common core is the issue not the teachers.

  • Sammy
    Sammy Year ago

    I love the idea of having no teachers' unions. The idea that your job security is based off of how well you do and how hard you work is your security. As shown in the video, the teachers are even more motivated and care so much more about the kids. Public school teachers just don't care enough to try most of the time.

  • Absaalookemensch
    Absaalookemensch Year ago

    Teachers Unions are ruining education.
    Teachers Unions makes Teacher Union officials and Democrat politicians rich.
    Alternatives are superior and cost less. Who knowingly pays more for inferior service other than the government?
    Home schooling produces higher aptitude scores and saves the US government $127,000 per child (national statistics.)

  • Bora Gamerz
    Bora Gamerz Year ago

    4th grade and the school just introduced reading and writing?
    We have graded reading and writing on 2nd grade.
    Unions hated President Trump so they donated historical amounts of money to whoever would go against President Trump.

  • Guy Appleton
    Guy Appleton Year ago +2

    We need unions so as to keep up the numbers of communism degrees up,...what a mess

  • Family Phone
    Family Phone Year ago

    Unions and lawyers. Same breed. Could care less about you. They are just filling their pockets and destroying our country!

  • DayStar 36
    DayStar 36 Year ago

    If you're able you should homeschool them & hire your own teacher. The hell with all of these public & private schools. They should all be glad I don't have the authority to put every goddamn last one of them out of business because I damn sure would. No matter how long it might take. Education should be left up to the parents at home. These private schools only pick & take the ones they want & make money doing it. Pieces of damn garbage! Public schools couldn't teach a dog to sit..while leeching taxpayers. They both are a money making joke & should be illegal. Those teachers at private & Catholic schools can go fuck them selves for all I care!

  • DayStar 36
    DayStar 36 Year ago

    The hell with private & public schools..I loathe all teachers & schools. The hell with all of them!! If I could've picked my own teacher, if it were possible I would want to learn from the ancient teachers such as Plato & Socrates. Female teachers are goddamn pathetic!!

  • P
    P Year ago

    Yeah sucks for the losers of the charter lottery. The black kids that want to learn have to go to school with the gangstas. Sad day in the black community.
    Also look at the minority school where the guy in charge is HARD on the kids. They learn discipline and respect.

  • BlindMellowJello O
    BlindMellowJello O Year ago +1

    They are cherry picking students . T hat is why they have a advantage. Leave the problem children for for public schools

    • BlindMellowJello O
      BlindMellowJello O Year ago

      give those teachers whips to tame you animal children that you have no idea how to raise and act like the wild ,hateful,disrespectful kids that you taught them to be because you never followed the ruls and are a POS hating B**** yourselves!!!!!

    • BlindMellowJello O
      BlindMellowJello O Year ago

      just like desegregation... join them together and watch the percentage drop

  • Des Troya
    Des Troya Year ago +4

    Are there any union leaders that don't look and sound like criminals?

  • Don Abrahamson
    Don Abrahamson Year ago

    Discipline !!!!

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous Year ago

    I wanted to join a union but my husband wouldn't let me. The child says they teach us in a fun way. I know what he means. When I went to trade school they taught me how to lay brick in a fun way, too. My mother also taught me how to wash dishes in a fun way. I always dance with my mop. it's fun.

  • M G
    M G Year ago +13

    Forcing a kid to go to a inner city public school is child abuse.

    • John Newman
      John Newman 3 months ago

      M G
      Been saying that for years
      Right on

  • M G
    M G Year ago

    If the public school teachers are doing such a great job and the public schools are so great then why would the teachers union worry about giving kids the option to go to another school.

  • M G
    M G Year ago

    The public schools should get paid based on the kids test scores. It would either fix public schools or save a ton of money by shutting them down.