AC Milan 2-3 Inter | Intense Milan Derby sees Inter edge AC Milan | Serie A

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • A fiercely contested Milan Derby saw Inter get the better of city rivals AC Milan, despite their attempts at a second half comeback.
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Comments • 1 441

  • Roy Romano
    Roy Romano 16 hours ago

    Bakayoko mIlans best player.Thought Id never hear this.

  • Scott1888
    Scott1888 4 days ago +1


  • KongIrS
    KongIrS 7 days ago

    I knew Milan would win

  • Hp Cina
    Hp Cina 9 days ago +1

    No inter no party

  • Jeffrey Kazuya
    Jeffrey Kazuya 11 days ago

    1:56 Ecstacy for inter😂😂

  • abdalla abdulrahman
    abdalla abdulrahman 12 days ago

    Berlusconi's Ghost still lives with in Milan's board and im not sure if their doing can suit the modern football of pressing high with energy.

  • Tomás Romo Urra
    Tomás Romo Urra 18 days ago

    which is the milan goal song?

  • J Ericsson
    J Ericsson 20 days ago

    Khabib Time !

  • Tawachat Srisalai
    Tawachat Srisalai 20 days ago

    2:40 so funny 😂😂😂

  • Cecilia Ramos
    Cecilia Ramos 21 day ago

    bamos milan

  • Ayesha Baby
    Ayesha Baby 21 day ago +1

    Forza🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 inter

  • Cesar Ordoñez
    Cesar Ordoñez 24 days ago

    2:38 Referee😂😂😂

  • Utku Cengiz
    Utku Cengiz 24 days ago

    Forza Inter. From Turkey

  • Sakban Fadli
    Sakban Fadli 24 days ago

    Wkwkwkw is referre

  • Daniel Nathan
    Daniel Nathan 24 days ago

    Inter Milan is amazing

  • Haha Hehe
    Haha Hehe 26 days ago

    Only if gattuso played his formation that he had in second half in the first, i believe it would have been a different game! Still gattuso is learing and learning and hopefully he Will be better as a coach

  • mad234luiz
    mad234luiz 26 days ago

    Imagine champions league quarter finals
    Acmilan vs intermilan
    Madrid vs barcelona
    Liverpool vs bayern
    Man city vs man united 💀

  • Saiyam Singh
    Saiyam Singh 27 days ago

    Inter Milano

  • Mustang Cartel
    Mustang Cartel 27 days ago

    I think the Ref should yellow card the Ghost who Foul him

  • ruhat cagatan
    ruhat cagatan 27 days ago +1

    Oç inter

  • Sumaji Hariono
    Sumaji Hariono 28 days ago

    Forsa inter

  • SuperCurryPowder
    SuperCurryPowder 28 days ago

    the ref. lol

  • Sacdiyo Biixi
    Sacdiyo Biixi 28 days ago

    ForZa inter

  • nou9r dvlz
    nou9r dvlz 29 days ago +2

    Forza Inter

  • szewei85
    szewei85 29 days ago

    Nice derby haha

  • Denny Susilo
    Denny Susilo Month ago

    2:39 Look At The Ref

  • Maulana Ichwan
    Maulana Ichwan Month ago

    Very2 close

  • Ultars Ac Milan
    Ultars Ac Milan Month ago +1

    Forza Milan i am Bulgaria

  • A P
    A P Month ago

    These 2 teams need to get back to their glorious days and start challenging Juventus for the championship

  • Sa Ha
    Sa Ha Month ago +1


  • Hanifa Karta
    Hanifa Karta Month ago +1

    Forza INTER 💙

  • Fledfy
    Fledfy Month ago +1

    O Milan iniciou a decadência quando a partir de 2007 começou contratar refugos ao invés de jogadores top. Exemplo: em 2009 substituiu Kaká por Ronaldinho gaúcho. Não que o Ronaldinho fosse ruim, mas já estava sendo dispensado pelo Barcelona por não estar mais rendendo o que um top player rende. Enfim, é isso.

  • Pertagas 2017
    Pertagas 2017 Month ago +1

    Forza INTER

  • Jonatas Silva
    Jonatas Silva Month ago

    2:39 é pênalti para o Flamengo!

  • Propali Kosarkas
    Propali Kosarkas Month ago

    2:38 Referee 😂😂

  • kedai palagan
    kedai palagan Month ago

    Milan Doger

  • kedai palagan
    kedai palagan Month ago

    Bajingan milan

  • david nichols
    david nichols Month ago

    Why do soccer players, nowadays, do the ghetto handshake instead of the White man handshake (for example, before the game starts)? It's retarded.

  • Bashkim Alija
    Bashkim Alija Month ago

    Forza inter

  • Mr Fi
    Mr Fi Month ago

    I've not really watched much serie a, but after that I just might. Credit to both teams, what a game

  • Kezia Sukma11
    Kezia Sukma11 Month ago

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  • Elvin Harrington
    Elvin Harrington Month ago

    Lautaro Martinez 💣💥.... 🙅‍♂

  • Retz Football
    Retz Football Month ago +1

    I like Inter cause Ivan Perisic 😎

  • frozen frozen
    frozen frozen Month ago

    Old ladies

  • مروان مدحت
    مروان مدحت Month ago +2


  • mancini roberto
    mancini roberto Month ago +1

    forza inter

  • Bruno Galarraga
    Bruno Galarraga Month ago

    When upload the full match?
    Cuando publican el partido completo?

  • Malika Zaza
    Malika Zaza Month ago +1

    Forza Milan!

  • urban structure
    urban structure Month ago +1

    L A U T A R O #1

  • wuwuchi xx
    wuwuchi xx Month ago +3

    FORZA INTER!!⚫️🔵⚫️🔵

  • icecold4ever1
    icecold4ever1 Month ago +1

    Skriniar played best game of season...
    Piatek was suffocating
    Foza INTER

  • Andreas Adi Pratama
    Andreas Adi Pratama Month ago +1

    I really miss the derby de la madonina is much much much happening than el classico 15 years ago.

  • K TECH
    K TECH Month ago


  • Miguel Saldarriaga
    Miguel Saldarriaga Month ago


  • Jose Smith
    Jose Smith Month ago +1

    Saga do milan é podre

  • Jose Smith
    Jose Smith Month ago +1

    Porra vey o Milan é ruim 😟💔

  • rendy ramdani
    rendy ramdani Month ago +1


  • netro clipz
    netro clipz Month ago

    no roma champions league inter and milan please

  • Lucas Martinez
    Lucas Martinez Month ago

    Vamos LAUTI..!!!

  • Arya blueblack
    Arya blueblack Month ago

    Preketek Pum Pum Pum Pum....😤🤣🤣

  • Adnan Kasogi
    Adnan Kasogi Month ago

    2:39 Its just glitch :D

  • el tiks
    el tiks Month ago

    Ac milan should get chucky lozano next summer

  • elfrida rifatul chusniah


  • Nur Cahyo
    Nur Cahyo Month ago

    out gattuso

  • Cepy Aditya
    Cepy Aditya Month ago

    2:39 referee diving 😂🤣

  • Lukman Arif
    Lukman Arif Month ago

    Where Mauro icardi

  • Salim Ahmed
    Salim Ahmed Month ago

    Used to remember both Milan teams had world class players ten years ago

  • Juan Aguilar
    Juan Aguilar Month ago +1

    Congrats Inter. Greetings from California

  • Victorletsoin Eq
    Victorletsoin Eq Month ago

    Kalah menang tetap Beta AC MILAN sampe mati.......
    Forza milan

  • Rohit Banga
    Rohit Banga Month ago

    Idiots! This angers me 😡😡😡

  • presss
    presss Month ago


  • Jo Bc
    Jo Bc Month ago

    I hope Lautaro gives Inter fans the same happiness he gave us Racing Club fans💙

  • Diti Diti
    Diti Diti Month ago +1

    Inter is the most unpredictable team in football history! They can defeat anyone, they can lose from anyone!

  • Hiburan Malam Channel


  • Victor  Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez Month ago

    2:40 el arbitro 😂😂 bailando breack dance 😂😂😂

  • Paco Carnevale
    Paco Carnevale Month ago


  • Benny The Ball
    Benny The Ball Month ago

    Forza Inter, love it!

  • harry ss
    harry ss Month ago

    Ayo. Ayoooo

  • Indra Nuryana
    Indra Nuryana Month ago

    China vs China 😂😂

  • Mike Pachón
    Mike Pachón Month ago +1

    Sack Icardi, we got Lautaro. 🖤💙🖤💙🐍

  • Widi antoko
    Widi antoko Month ago


  • Klaus1986
    Klaus1986 Month ago

    Its sad that this derby between this great clubs has become a second tier game in Europe. Average players in comparision to other times of Serie A. Is great the effort Serie A is doing the recover the elite status but is far in my opinion. Sorry for my broken english.

  • Alexandre Amaral
    Alexandre Amaral Month ago

    depois que saiu a geração dida cafu etc,,, o milan nunca mais foi o mesmo....

  • Randy Hendrix
    Randy Hendrix Month ago

    Milan is Blue!!!

  • Calon Magister
    Calon Magister Month ago

    Trending Indonesia
    Forza milan

  • Fahmi Ilmi Roihan
    Fahmi Ilmi Roihan Month ago

    Rindu derby ini , derby yang dulu besar layaknya derby barcelona vs madri

  • Dedih Budi
    Dedih Budi Month ago

    Milan salawasna...

  • masbaz sragen
    masbaz sragen Month ago

    where is icardi?
    problem with team / management ?
    went to jupe ??

  • iiComment13
    iiComment13 Month ago

    What happened to these 2 clubs? Wow

  • MR. AW Channel
    MR. AW Channel Month ago

    keren ,,, bantu channel saya ya mas dan mba nya 😊 supaya semangat bikin video terus

  • AC Milan Þ
    AC Milan Þ Month ago

    Ac milan 😫😫😥😥

  • Yuni Sara
    Yuni Sara Month ago

    Love milan

  • Ezty Official
    Ezty Official Month ago


  • Agus A
    Agus A Month ago

    Mourinho come back to Inter Milan please

  • Farrell Licious
    Farrell Licious Month ago +1

    2:39, Thanks Me Later :)

  • Danny Nerazzurri
    Danny Nerazzurri Month ago +1

    Forza inter ⚫🔵⚫🔵

  • CraZy
    CraZy Month ago

    1:15 " let fly!!!" now where have I heard that from?? Fifa19??

  • fuad milan
    fuad milan Month ago

    wasit tidak fair..
    pinalti haram

    CİZGİ DİZİ Month ago +1