Silver Prices are CRASHING?

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Silver prices have been dropping lately due to Stocks recovering as well as US/China trade wars being resolved to some extent. Precious Metals have strong intrinsic value and fundamental purpose so these prices shouldnt get you worried. Right now, its a perfect time to purchase and stack your gold and silver for cheap!
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Comments • 172

  • XOXO
    XOXO 27 days ago

    Silver should not be considered an investment but as insurance against the dollar crash.

  • Jon Booth
    Jon Booth 28 days ago

    I hope it does go way down. I'll buy a shit ton. In a serious recession or SHTF scenario, silver and gold go way up. If the dollar was ever killed, silver would probably be worth $100+ an ounce.

  • MEN IN BLACKGOO Blackgoo

    That’s a realy good Thing 👍

  • William Alvarado
    William Alvarado Month ago

    I’m interested in investing, how can I go by buying silver, can anyone give me some advice or suggestions. Thank you

  • grumpy old fart
    grumpy old fart Month ago

    I got over a half a ton. and I'm not worried. I'm not in it for a profit. When the dollar crashes those little one ounce bars will trade just like cash.

  • ok I get it
    ok I get it Month ago

    Panic why are people in a panicshould be money that you're willing to lose if you can't then don't get into it

  • MegaShredder101
    MegaShredder101 Month ago

    Time to buy more silver

  • gene Pohlemann
    gene Pohlemann Month ago

    current events in the middle east "iran bombed Saudi's refineries" can/will get very nasty people, the whole reason we stack silver is hedging against exactly what's happening now, we are in very uncertain times now and silver has the potential to explode, hold on to your stack, it may save your ass

  • ThomasTamaOnDrums
    ThomasTamaOnDrums Month ago

    You know the idiots at comex and wherever and what not lbma they can push the paper prices to zero if they want but do you think you can walk into a store and get it for free? noooo" pay no attention to the paper price

  • Joseph Postma
    Joseph Postma Month ago

    Silver is getting slayed.

  • John Garza
    John Garza Month ago

    Hell yeah let it drop so I can buy more

  • Sergio Renteria
    Sergio Renteria Month ago

    The us debt clock has dollar to silver at $843 an ounce.

  • Si Mathison
    Si Mathison Month ago


  • redphantom70
    redphantom70 Month ago

    Silver is at $18 and going up. 9-15-19
    Physical and paper price will separate someday soon.
    I can't wait for the comex to falter.

  • Rx - Orwell Ann Good

    If Saudi Arabia oil production cannot protect itself, this will have a much bigger effect on Europe and Asia economy then the trade wars. is a fast-growing trend about the failure of crops worldwide. This will have a big effect than the trade wars.

  • John smith
    John smith Month ago

    The 1%, Central Bank, Wall Street, Morgan Stanley, etc., all need Gold and Silver prices to remain low to keep the Big People from failing because they are too big to fail.

  • Brian Barby
    Brian Barby Month ago +1

    This Market is an illusion propped up! Keep stacking during the dip!

  • Paul Dyche
    Paul Dyche Month ago

    Up as of now

  • Marius M
    Marius M Month ago

    a dip? you call this a dip?

  • BeardAxeMcAxeBeard
    BeardAxeMcAxeBeard Month ago

    It's way oversold. Interest rates from the fed will make it go up for years soon beyond $30.

  • BeardAxeMcAxeBeard
    BeardAxeMcAxeBeard Month ago

    Just wait til they cut rates hard. No other option in the next year.

  • Nicholas Troy Susco

    The longer and cheaper, the more time we have to buy, you don't buy Silver unless you can hold it for at least 48 months, allow the trade to play out.... CONFIDENCE

  • james k
    james k Month ago

    No doubt silver going back into 15’ s this leg down.

  • Carman 2012
    Carman 2012 Month ago

    Sweet !! It's on sale 👍 remember long term people

  • DAvid CHavarria
    DAvid CHavarria Month ago

    The oil will go high this week and the gold and silver will remain low is ok don’t panic buy gold and silver because the markets will crash later no matter what it is coming and the dollar will losse value just wait

  • DAvid CHavarria
    DAvid CHavarria Month ago

    Even if silver prices go down is good buy more the markets will crash is coming so keep buying silver people be smart

  • Shawn Banks
    Shawn Banks Month ago

    They are lowering the price to buy it all up.

  • Thomas Bressler
    Thomas Bressler Month ago

    Rember a lot of people don't have any gold or silver.if it goes up they don't have it if it goes down .They don't have any..they also don't have any Insurance at all.

  • John Hartobey
    John Hartobey Month ago

    Slayer rocks!! keep stacking.

  • onceANexile
    onceANexile Month ago!!!

  • Eddie Elan
    Eddie Elan Month ago

    30% gold
    30% silver
    30% bitcoin
    10% hookers

  • Arsenal Fan
    Arsenal Fan Month ago +3

    I'm a long term stacker. I hope silver drops down below $15. I stopped purchasing when spot went above$17.

    • Marius M
      Marius M Month ago

      and pound sterling went to hell and back.

  • Hussein Abdulmalik
    Hussein Abdulmalik Month ago

    Panicking? Why?... Now its just more affordable. Keep buying....

  • Optimus Locust
    Optimus Locust Month ago

    Not sure why everyone is freaking out. Silver is still up 23% for the year. This is a buying opportunity for everyone. I do agree that silver will not drop below $15, but I wouldn't mind!

  • Gold Silver Student

    "against the herd"

  • Kenny Gwin
    Kenny Gwin Month ago

    until silver make a real new high,it never went up

  • Sterling Cannabis
    Sterling Cannabis Month ago +1

    I hope the price drops to where it was in January.

  • Portmaga land
    Portmaga land Month ago

    Do you know if the pre-2008 Silver Eagles are thicker than the 2008+ Silver Eagles? I got a roll of 2005 Eagles and when stacked next to my 2008+ Eagles they are about one coin higher?

  • Henry Von Muegge
    Henry Von Muegge Month ago

    It'll level out around 17.25

  • Stephen Wang
    Stephen Wang Month ago

    He is referring to paper gambling of silver. Not bullion in its form. The gamblers use it like a color chip in a casino line bonds equities currencies commodities. The whole world of so called investments is nothing but a modern casino sanctioned by the corrupt govts of the world. They print your profits by their useless fiat currencies. Unfortunately they are still in control. .Be patient. This man is no different from other gamblers (BITCOIN).

  • Sigmundy Freud
    Sigmundy Freud Month ago +3

    any price under 20 is cheap price

  • wood beez
    wood beez Month ago

    I'm still very new at stacking silver, but I got into it at the beginning of 2019 knowing that spot price goes up and down..this is all minor fluctuations as far as I can see. Wouldn't bother me if it went down a little more, so i could expand my stack a little more. I haven't even settled on a selling price, if i decide to sell at all.

  • James Baldwin
    James Baldwin Month ago +2

    Low prices make me smile. 😀 High prices make me smile too. 😀 It's all a game of luck. I'm buying.

  • Martha Maravilla
    Martha Maravilla Month ago +1

    Buy buy buy buy buy!!!!

  • Caribbean Bound
    Caribbean Bound Month ago

    Its still up $3 from a year ago.

  • Margaret Stoner
    Margaret Stoner Month ago

    I gotta tell ya. Oh high silver slayer...all precious metals should be invested in. I have surgeries with titanium. That is a metal correct.Thank you for your time. The most reason I respect you is you don't back down on your silver stay REAL.❤

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    It is not in the middle $14 range on 09/14/2019

  • Joaly nocontroly
    Joaly nocontroly Month ago +1

    Look at the one year chart, silver is way up.. but I hope it goes waaaay back down so I can buy some more.

  • Sovereign Borders
    Sovereign Borders Month ago

    Stop worrying, this is about going long. Use these corrections as a chance to jump back in. The longer this reset drags out the longer you have to prepare - you'll never be fully prepared no matter how prepared you think you are.
    Furthermore these drone attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia is going to have an impact when the market opens back up on Monday

  • Vasquez Hugh
    Vasquez Hugh Month ago

    I dont get emotional when silver goes up or down. I paid $18 for some franklin halves in 11 and i still have. Today i keep buying then at around $7 to 8 and i keep buying them.

  • JL Ngeth
    JL Ngeth Month ago +5

    I really don’t care about price of my metals because gold and silver are my insurance. When prices fall I will buy MOOOOOORE!!😂😂😂

  • Lucien Graves
    Lucien Graves Month ago

    Because I was cut off from my altar in the hospital. Silver will be 18.66 by 10/31/19. By Welpursgenacht it will be at 26.66. Have no fear. Buy the dip. 17.26 isvs he'll of a lot higher then when it was in the 14-25 range.

  • Keith Garland
    Keith Garland Month ago +2

    Like your videos but lets put some reality in to this. Yes. Silver has intrinsic value. Yes. The big picture is needed. Yes. Patience will be rewarded. say that dollars dont matter is a blinders on position.
    Silver is purchased with dollars and sold for dollars. Most silver buyers hold onto their stack for a return in dollars. To say otherwise is shortsighted.

  • BootsOfLeather
    BootsOfLeather Month ago

    Lol, after a few years in the cryptosphere I have the 100 yard stare while checking prices. My hands are rock hard by now and I invite every dip with open arms.

  • Brady Carpenter
    Brady Carpenter Month ago

    We’ll let it drop, tell us the second it turns direction😃😉

  • Masum Khan
    Masum Khan Month ago

    If any pussies are planning to sell their silver, please contact me for bulk selling

  • Sean Buckner
    Sean Buckner Month ago

    please, Please go to 13....

  • Bryant Pearson
    Bryant Pearson Month ago +1

    I think silver will go up based on Yemens drone strikes on saudi.

  • Cheezer
    Cheezer Month ago

    Last Sunday I made my first foray into buying silver from SD Bullion even though I know it's on the higher side this year. They just received my payment Friday and I'm already down over $60 and my loot isn't even on the way yet. I know I'm in for the long game, but my first buy has been a sour experience so far.

    • Cheezer
      Cheezer Month ago

      Count Spooky
      Got it. Guess I won’t need that Kleenex.

    • Norsefalconer
      Norsefalconer Month ago +1

      Our silver is in Fed Ex hands as I write this, and we have "lost" $ on it as it traverses the US. Even so, it's still waaaaay undervalued. The most undervalued asset at the moment. Our's is long-term protection from dollar devaluation. No regrets.

    • Count Spooky
      Count Spooky Month ago

      If you think that was a sour experience, just wait until the Minnesota Vikings beat the snot out of the Packers this weekend 😀😀

  • Guy Brock
    Guy Brock Month ago +1

    Being new to buying silver, your recommendations are very helpful. I'm buying for the long haul. Thank you for your information.