Arya Stark vs Brienne of Tarth - Game of Thrones S7E4


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  • 蒼畏夜
    蒼畏夜 3 hours ago


  • Mel L
    Mel L 5 days ago

    Pod is aroused watching Arya fight lol

  • Childofearth
    Childofearth 7 days ago

    I think Arya displayed her talents to lure little finger out. Made her a threat in his eyes.

  • Kaharees Ewing
    Kaharees Ewing 17 days ago

    Arya hopped up like a straight assassin ready for the kill

  • Ryan Lim
    Ryan Lim 18 days ago +1

    I only wish that needle was made of Valyrian steel so it could’ve been used in the the battle for Winterfell.

  • Paige Vasquez
    Paige Vasquez 20 days ago +1

    I wish we had more scenes of Arya training with someone, this is just so great to watch

  • Dan Shanahan
    Dan Shanahan 20 days ago

    Arya came to Winterfell and fighting the biggest/best warrior is some big dick energy

  • shishir biyyala
    shishir biyyala 20 days ago

    The music @ 2:25 !

  • Borg And Mobius
    Borg And Mobius 27 days ago

    Is Aria a rogue?

  • robert jones
    robert jones 29 days ago

    no one .....

  • StormyWeather
    StormyWeather Month ago +1

    Words of wisdom from a sabre fencer

  • Triton 23
    Triton 23 Month ago

    *Arya on the ground*
    Arya: I know something you don’t
    Brienne: And what’s that?
    I’m not right-handed(grabs dagger)

  • Franky Rivers
    Franky Rivers Month ago

    Apollyon vs Peacekeeper

  • Echo
    Echo Month ago +3

    Sansa: I thought father signed Arya up for dance class

  • Ashish Dwivedi
    Ashish Dwivedi Month ago

    Brienne: "I am suppose to protect you!!"
    Arya: "Hold my Ale.."

  • nono49
    nono49 Month ago

    I don't really understand why Sansa seems "angry"...

  • Radheshyam yadav
    Radheshyam yadav Month ago +1


  • Alexandru Octavian Bucur

    Arya Stark winn in face of Brianna she is the best is very good worior

  • Alexandru Octavian Bucur

    Arya Stark training whit Brianna i like this scene very much i love Arya very much is my favorite caracter i miss Arya very much i love Maisie Williams very Much

  • Koiumi Akuma
    Koiumi Akuma Month ago

    This fight makes me want to learn to sword fight. If Arya can do it, why can't I? (Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question...)

  • Olicity 123
    Olicity 123 2 months ago

    Music track anyone??

  • Dauda András
    Dauda András 2 months ago

    max level rogue vs max level fighter

  • Dauda András
    Dauda András 2 months ago

    2:27 DAmn it! Somebody bring popcorn!

  • Marcus Sabom
    Marcus Sabom 2 months ago +3

    Brianne be like, "Someone give me adoption papers!"

  • kim lam
    kim lam 2 months ago +1

    Brienne: “Who taught you how to do that”
    Arya: “No one”
    Jaquen: “A girl is right”
    Sireo: “Am I a joke to you.”

  • C J
    C J 2 months ago

    1000s of miles towards the far east Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is taking place.

  • Leisure
    Leisure 2 months ago

    Dawg, this is so stupid.

  • Akul __
    Akul __ 2 months ago +1

    0:26 Can anyone guess what she's about to say? I'm no expert of sword fighting.

  • chima inwere
    chima inwere 2 months ago +1

    After this fight scene I sure don't want to watch game of thrones.

  • Alida Alayda
    Alida Alayda 2 months ago

    i wish they shown a spar scene between Arya & Jon Snow

  • 86Alyss
    86Alyss 2 months ago

    I have to admire the actress. Both actresses, actually.

  • califgirl101
    califgirl101 2 months ago

    Arya's such a bad ass! She went through hell and back to finally become 'No One' and to kill The Night King!

  • Sharkkie 22
    Sharkkie 22 2 months ago

    Why did Sansa stop and look at how arya fights ?

  • Vijay Sharma
    Vijay Sharma 3 months ago

    If I had the option of 100 likes, I would have done that. @Arya Stark...I love you 3000 :)

  • Harley Mathieu
    Harley Mathieu 3 months ago

    Who’s looks more scared Peter or Sansa

  • Venu gopal
    Venu gopal 3 months ago

    She should've gone for her legs instead

  • Alex Goncharov
    Alex Goncharov 3 months ago +1

    I hated this scene when I saw it because of how ridiculous it is. It looked like Brienne was swinging her sword without trying to hit Arya and Arya jumping around hitting Brienne’s sword from different angles with her needle just for sake of it, it doesn’t even look like she’s deflecting the swings. I’m not saying it’s a bad choreography, you probably can’t do better with such an absurd fight

    • SadBoy
      SadBoy 3 months ago +3

      The worst of all is that Arya never learned proper sword techniques. She learned the basics in KL for about 6 months then practiced with broken tree branches to keep her forms maintain. She learned nothing beyond what she learned from her mentor. The one time we see her "practice" is her dancing around with Needle with no practical thrusting moves from small swords. She literally danced around.
      She learned pretty good assassination basics (functioning in the dark, basic poison usage, gathering info etc.) but that's just it.
      Yet she comes back to Winterfell and suddenly she's so good with small sword that she can go against Brienne?
      The reason why this fight look ridiculous, especially from Brienne's moves, is due to how in order to make Arya all bad ass that Brienne suddenly had to look incompetent.
      In the first downward stroke from Brienne, Arya absolutely did not need to spin around showing her back and hit Brienne's sword twice before pointing at her neck.
      All it would have taken is for Arya to quickly side step and thrust with Needle toward Brienne's throat to establish how lethal Arya could be. But this scene instead really went out making it all flashy and fancy twirling which would have resulted back stabbing immediately in real life. To make that fancy moves work, Brienne suddenly moves much slower and clumsier than all of her previous fight scenes while somehow her swings are being hard blocked by small sword (if it was guiding it away, it would have been much more believable).

  • tushar patial
    tushar patial 3 months ago

    See Sansa's reaction at 2:28

  • Daniel Spears
    Daniel Spears 3 months ago +3

    Arya ruined the show

  • Dennis Troha
    Dennis Troha 3 months ago

    It’s a shame that this is really the only fight they gave Arya in the show after training

    • SadBoy
      SadBoy 3 months ago

      I mean according to both book and the show Arya never learned beyond the very basics of sword fight.
      All of her training actually being how to assassinate someone without being noticed.
      This scene only happened for a fanservice.

  • Philly Sports!
    Philly Sports! 3 months ago

    Is the weapon that Brianne is using sharpened? Because she is swinging that rather quickly with some power behind it and God forbid she strikes somebody with it during training....

    • SadBoy
      SadBoy 3 months ago

      @Philly Sports! Pretty sure the larger swords cause more blunt damage since the blades aren't actually razor sharp and need to defeat some armor.
      At least that training sword will only cause crushing injury rather than some deep cuts from more standard two handed sword.
      Let along her Oathkeeper which does have very sharp edge.

    • Philly Sports!
      Philly Sports! 3 months ago

      @SadBoy Even so a lot of sword injuries when it comes to big swords like that are more of a crushing injury versus slashing open

    • SadBoy
      SadBoy 3 months ago

      That's a training sword. No edge and blunt tip. Though it will still break bone if not careful.

  • the gothic pirate
    the gothic pirate 3 months ago

    apart from arya and the hound, this is my most FAV scene of the WHOLE series :)

    PCBROS 3 months ago +1

    when ur getting bullied by someone half your size....

  • Declan Jones
    Declan Jones 3 months ago

    Brienne is a terrible instructor

  • jack reacher
    jack reacher 3 months ago

    When she got up , background music ...starts

  • Green Squirrel
    Green Squirrel 3 months ago

    Credits goes to the dancing master from season 1

    • SadBoy
      SadBoy 3 months ago +1

      Who only taught her the very basic in KL for few months and suddenly Arya can dual Brienne who Jaime has acknowledged and won fights against men who were in battle for years.

  • Aidan Beasley
    Aidan Beasley 3 months ago +3

    This scene ruined Aryas character for me

  • Кот Матроскин

    GS-main vs. rapier-main in Mordhau

  • VisionShades
    VisionShades 3 months ago

    Brienne’s face after the fooking first round tho...

  • Billie Valerie
    Billie Valerie 3 months ago

    I love Arya, but she was only able to hold her own against Brienne because Brienne wasn’t using Oathkeeper. Any Valyrian steel sword would cut Needle in half easily.

  • PhenomReloaded08
    PhenomReloaded08 3 months ago

    Pod only lost cuz he was smashing whores in the brothel the night before without paying. He was exhausted.

  • Akul __
    Akul __ 3 months ago +1

    2:46 That smile like the one Little Arya used to, full of innocence

  • Enzo Martinez
    Enzo Martinez 3 months ago

    La mejor pelea de todo bakugan

  • Jean-Christophe Duval
    Jean-Christophe Duval 4 months ago

    E-P-I-C !

  • Justina Malsawmsangi
    Justina Malsawmsangi 4 months ago

    Arya is so badass

  • Infamous Kalen
    Infamous Kalen 4 months ago

    One of my favorite scenes in the whole show. The development of Arya unleashed. None better to flaunt it with than someone as successful as Brienne herself.

  • Whoopedy Doo Dooders
    Whoopedy Doo Dooders 4 months ago

    What's not mentioned enough is how much of a full-circle moment this is for Sansa and Arya's relationship. A similar scene happened in the first Season when Arya was trying to practice with wooden swords, with Sansa looking down on her from above. Sansa hated her sister for not acting like a proper lady. In this scene Sansa is mildly impressed and tolerant, if not slightly mortified by her sisters skills.

  • Talha K
    Talha K 4 months ago

    Just realized something idiotic about this fight scene. At 2:37, Brienne clearly sees that Arya is disarmed, yet she keeps going lmao.

  • CaptainAnestis
    CaptainAnestis 4 months ago +3

    Everyone is saying that the move arya did here with the dagger is the same one she did against the night king.. But in this scene she flicks the dagger from one hand to the other and in the other one she just drops it and catches it with her other hand

    • SadBoy
      SadBoy 3 months ago

      People overhyped the dagger switch when it was shown in bunch of medias before and it was done nicer in this fight too.

  • T.M. Will
    T.M. Will 4 months ago

    Why was Sansa looking at them like that?

    • Axel Kasai
      Axel Kasai 3 months ago +1

      Probably jealous cuz she can't fight