Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy - Worse Than You Remember

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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  • Adam Ortiz
    Adam Ortiz 3 hours ago

    “Peter, why did you do that” 😂😂😂😂

  • KrisTheShapeshifter Wolf

    I love these movies.
    And I have a special place in my heart for the Spider-Man 2 video game, because when I was 8, we had gone to Ashley Furniture Homestore and there was this little place for kids to hang out that had 2 tvs and one of them had a GameCube hooked up to it with Spider-Man 2 in it. I was there with my 2 year old brother and I was playing the game and then my brother wandered out of the kid area and got lost.

    I got in trouble that day. But remembering this turns it into a funny memory. :)

  • Debabrata ɪnfɪnɪt
    Debabrata ɪnfɪnɪt 11 hours ago

    Wath the F**k r u talking about....

  • Sphakamiso Zondi
    Sphakamiso Zondi 14 hours ago

    I thout i was the only one. Spiderman 1 was always funny to me.

  • Dany Hocine
    Dany Hocine 16 hours ago +1

    Defoe should've played the Joker... that voice and those monologs are his

  • Action Figure Fanatics

    I’m gonna throw some dirt in your eye

  • hammerheaddummyface


  • coldwetcoffee
    coldwetcoffee Day ago

    you also have an emo nerdy teenager as a subscriber

  • Switch_ 0168
    Switch_ 0168 Day ago

    I liked Harry

  • Anmolvir Singh
    Anmolvir Singh Day ago

    This man really said that aunt May is horrible smh

  • ehmkay 101
    ehmkay 101 Day ago

    But I liked the movies

  • LivLoveful
    LivLoveful Day ago

    I agree that they're pretty bad films but by god I love them with all my heart.

  • borat saghdiv
    borat saghdiv Day ago

    I am gonna put some dirt in your eye

  • Kaung Khant
    Kaung Khant Day ago

    You no brain.

  • lego gamer
    lego gamer Day ago

    Dafoe said piderman lolol

  • krumpittube
    krumpittube Day ago +1

    The Sam rami films are terrible, Tobey maguire is awful 👎

  • Cristian Jose
    Cristian Jose Day ago

    And you like the trash movies of Tom yeah you are dumbass

  • Joel Mata
    Joel Mata 2 days ago

    33% dislike ratio, gonna cry?

  • Liam Howlin
    Liam Howlin 2 days ago

    my gov teacher was eating pizza in the background of spider man 2

  • Vincent 2099
    Vincent 2099 2 days ago

    I completely agree with this. Yes the Sam Raimi trilogy was great but people are treating it like the star wars of comic book movies. It was not that good and I grew up with this movie and watched it several times

  • Fred Rice
    Fred Rice 2 days ago

    Whoa, anterograde amnesia is one of the best plot device I have ever seen. Retrograde amnesia which is what is in this movie, is soap opera cheese.

  • synjia playz
    synjia playz 2 days ago

    Spider-Man: one kind of corny but still emotional and cool
    Spider-Man 2: emotional corny but hey it's better than the other two
    Spider-Man 3: I don't even have to say anything about it you already know except for this corny it's a comedy I love it and I hate it

  • Nero Blackstone
    Nero Blackstone 2 days ago +1

    Ding dong your opinion is wrong.

  • caihrn
    caihrn 2 days ago

    4:55 technically there's no evidence that it would make him homophobic at all. He simply played a very effective psychology strategy, which evidently worked.

  • caihrn
    caihrn 2 days ago

    2:27 because norman osborne was a very successful engineer, all over the papers daily. Wank.

  • caihrn
    caihrn 2 days ago

    Dislike. Tobey was the best Peter Parker, depicted from the comics, whoever says otherwise are total millennial small minded goons.

    • Vincent 2099
      Vincent 2099 2 days ago

      Tobey Maguire is not the best spider. Get your head out if your ass

  • the hillbilly gamer !

    The new Aunt Meg is made out to be some kind of HO the throws herself at Mexican Waiters

  • the hillbilly gamer !

    You can stand Mary Jane because there's no forced diversity you can't stand that man because she actually looks like Aunt May should an old woman

  • the hillbilly gamer !

    You hate this movie because of a homophobic joke you are such a fucking Snowflake and you're so pathetic and thin-skinned little crybaby

    • Bnb Gfgr
      Bnb Gfgr 2 days ago

      Calm the fuck down... in my opinion the sam raim movies arnt that good

  • the hillbilly gamer !

    , so that's why they didn't want to put the same Raimi Spider-Man suit in the PS4 game because of that joke probably a bunch of crap O'Malley's homophobic give me a fucken break social justice cry baby

  • the hillbilly gamer !

    Say the Rainy movies were made back when people cared more about storytelling then forced diversity and female empowerment that's weather better in the new movies the Marvel Spider-Man movie Peter and his aunt are the only white people in the whole fucking movie Basic

  • the hillbilly gamer !

    The Sam Raimi movies Aunt May looks like she's supposed to an old woman and Mary Jane looks like she's supposed to she's white and she has red hair natural red hair

  • GokuzKamehameha
    GokuzKamehameha 2 days ago

    Ya ur really bad at being a critic lol way too judgemental and nit picky but thats my opinion lol you also make way too many assumptions like you dont know what ur talking about 😅

  • Andre Pharr
    Andre Pharr 3 days ago

    Spiderman 3 is my favorite spiderman movie because of the symbiote

  • Siara Lundy
    Siara Lundy 3 days ago

    "depressed alcoholic college students."
    "Hah, not this soon to be college student!"
    College: "Hold my beer. Now drink it, because you've ended up missing two weeks of college because you were baker acted, and now you need a way to soothe the pain!"

  • Potent IT Learning Network

    You'll get your fucking rent when you fix this fucking door

  • malakai hewitt
    malakai hewitt 3 days ago

    1:39 Gets 50,000 Dislikes

  • idfk
    idfk 3 days ago

    No Sony vs Disney comments, damn.
    Rip Spider-Man

  • Makoto Niaegi
    Makoto Niaegi 4 days ago

    My favorite scene in the third movie 23:29

    BIG DIRO 4 days ago +1

    God yes, Toby sux Cox n Dix

  • Ernesto Zamorano
    Ernesto Zamorano 4 days ago

    The comment section is priceless, the Sam Raimi movies are great but you have to admit they are more of comedy/drama instead of a superhero movie, also they are goofy as shit (which I love, even the 3rd one)

  • Charlie Nightingale
    Charlie Nightingale 4 days ago +2

    These 3 films were my childhood but after watching Tom Holland’s spider man, he’s a better Spider-Man and the films are just made better

    TIGERSON 4 days ago +1

    you're absolutely right about everything and this video was fucking hilarious

  • Ythn -*-*-
    Ythn -*-*- 4 days ago

    Are you fool? Tobey's movies are the best

  • Gelrald Oldo
    Gelrald Oldo 4 days ago

    A neutral comment coming through their teacher that whispers sounds really bad ass.

  • Sam Da Animator
    Sam Da Animator 4 days ago +1

    I don't care what people say about the corny dancing scene in Spiderman 3, it's hilarious and it's my favorite scene😂

  • Tom Cunningham
    Tom Cunningham 4 days ago

    The comment section needs to calm down. He said they aren't as good as they first were, not that they're awful. he even says he likes the films ffs XD

  • Umair Baig
    Umair Baig 4 days ago

    You know what!All your points are super true and I think MCU Spidey is the best.

  • Victoria Chansy
    Victoria Chansy 4 days ago

    17:39 THIS is my best scene in the whole trilogy. i loved it when i first saw it and i love it till now. perfect

  • Tom McDermott
    Tom McDermott 5 days ago

    New Goblin and Sandman had some serious potential, but the villain overload did the same thing it did later with the Amazing Spider-man series and choked it out. Top that off with Raimi on record with saying he hated the Venom character, and you have a recipe for ruin. Unfortunately it was pretty doomed from the get-go, but there's always hope for the future.

    MMFAN 5 days ago

    "Who am I? You sure you w-"
    *Trust me, we know who you are*

  • Andrei Avalos
    Andrei Avalos 6 days ago +4

    i've rewatched this video at least 20 times, love it

  • Unsubscribe from me
    Unsubscribe from me 6 days ago

    Hey man, I find your videos entertaining and I respect your opinion and all - but nah

  • MisterAlerion
    MisterAlerion 6 days ago

    whoaa...he stole that guy's pizza!

  • Joshua Harden
    Joshua Harden 6 days ago

    not even a month later, u watched amazing spider man 2 😂

  • CGS Gaming
    CGS Gaming 6 days ago +1

    Spiderman forgot the part were thats his problem

  • BSproductions
    BSproductions 6 days ago

    *god enter the chat

    Your going to hell

    *Lucifer has enter the chat

    Ur banish from hell

  • Reece US
    Reece US 7 days ago +3

    The 70k dislikes from Sam Raimi apologists are so butthurt lmao

  • Jacoby
    Jacoby 7 days ago +2

    Stupidest Video ive ever seen

    • solo panda
      solo panda 5 days ago

      The like to dislike ratio disagrees

  • Cooldudejoe456
    Cooldudejoe456 7 days ago +2

    Your videos a fake. Tell your fans to check their source next time.