Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Army of the Dead (HBO)

  • Published on Aug 28, 2017
  • Watch a clip of the Army of the Dead in "The Dragon and the Wolf."
    Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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  • The NightKing Lives On
    The NightKing Lives On 11 hours ago

    Is it just me that thinks the night king is very masculine?

  • Doğukan Bilgin
    Doğukan Bilgin Day ago

    But the truest victory, my son, is stirring the hearts of your people. I tell you this, for when my days have come to and end. You, shall be king.

  • Adam Byrne
    Adam Byrne Day ago

    Every body attacking Area 51 = ye dead
    Area 51 guards = Beria and tormund

  • Талант Азимбаев

    Kak eto flim nazvaitsa

  • Mike North
    Mike North 3 days ago

    I’m happy pretending the show just ended here. Night King comes into the world of men, everyone’s fucked.

  • 鄭國雄
    鄭國雄 5 days ago

    有人 知道 這片 片名嗎?

  • Team Medix
    Team Medix 5 days ago

    I wants back :/

  • Templar
    Templar 6 days ago

    those undeads need a leader name Lich King

  • Benjámin Kurilla
    Benjámin Kurilla 9 days ago +1

    The hype was strong then.

  • Jack Campbell
    Jack Campbell 13 days ago

    1:55 is absolutely epic

  • Thomas El Hage-Boutros

    No it's not Wrath of the Lich King, not at all

  • The Noobmaster69
    The Noobmaster69 17 days ago

    And without the dragon how would the death beats the wall?

  • lol cho za huinya
    lol cho za huinya 17 days ago +1

    Patch 3.3.5 😭😭😭

  • Alpha Mgtow United
    Alpha Mgtow United 17 days ago

    Remember when Game of thrones was a good show? Pepperidge farms remembers

  • Alpha Mgtow United
    Alpha Mgtow United 17 days ago

    All that build up for nothing winter was never coming

  • مهدي العامري

    The session 8 very worse

  • Chupo Melcacho
    Chupo Melcacho 21 day ago +1

    Game of thrones ended in season 7!

  • GRIMM 1880
    GRIMM 1880 22 days ago +1

    Mexicans crossing the border! 😜

  • sam Chavez
    sam Chavez 23 days ago +1

    I wanna know how the white walkers knew they were going to have a dragon to take down the gate or what they would of done without the dragon 👍☺

  • Paulo Battis
    Paulo Battis 24 days ago

    O Hype que eu coloquei em cima disso...

  • Alap Alap
    Alap Alap 24 days ago +5

    After 8x03 I can’t see this 😭😭. Oh my god. Dumb & Dumber eternal shame

  • Tuliocsmed
    Tuliocsmed 24 days ago +1

    Wasnt so much of a danger after all...

  • henok habtom
    henok habtom 25 days ago

    How did Turmond and the others survived on this scene?

    • Palpatine Epic
      Palpatine Epic 20 days ago

      Giant milk

    • D BongLord
      D BongLord 23 days ago

      Same way jon snow survived being surround by hundreds of wights. Plot armor

  • flashkraft
    flashkraft 28 days ago

    Imagine if Jon and his team had managed to grab a wight from the Whitewalker patrol they attacked and made it back to the wall without attracting the rest of the army of the dead.
    The Night King would have no dragon and been stuck.

  • MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ

    Season 7: We are FUCKED! Season 8: NEVERMIND

  • Die Treppe95
    Die Treppe95 Month ago +5

    A few mountaind MG42 with Dragonglass bullets should be usefull

  • Rob Illustrates
    Rob Illustrates Month ago

    Oh the potential for what could have been the most amazing final season of television.

  • DickVanDork
    DickVanDork Month ago

    And yet they only make it to Winterfell to be wiped out in one episode 😔😔😔

  • Maximilian Gockel
    Maximilian Gockel Month ago +3

    I wish this was the last thing I had seen from GoT

  • Oscar Ruex
    Oscar Ruex Month ago

    I really fucking hate season 8

  • Tread Wisely
    Tread Wisely Month ago +2

    Imagine how these poor undead will fare against napalm bombs from every attack aircrafts of a carrier battle group....

    • Tread Wisely
      Tread Wisely 23 days ago

      @D BongLord they'll fare well.Modern aircrafts got all weather combat ability.

    • D BongLord
      D BongLord 23 days ago

      Imagine how those aircrafts will fare when night king brings the same storm he used against the dragons. Aircrafts would never beat his army.

    BLANKA8 Month ago +1

    Funny how the wall fell and left a nice perfect gap for them to walk through

  • E.E.Ç 95
    E.E.Ç 95 Month ago +1

    That music !!!!

  • dice1331
    dice1331 Month ago +5

    This army and the night king should have been the final battle. 7 seasons of build up for what?

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan Month ago

    Where the fuck's Trump when you need him?

  • Lincoln Clay
    Lincoln Clay Month ago

    thank god for arya

  • Oscar Ruex
    Oscar Ruex Month ago +4

    Thank you D&D for making me hate this show. All the build up for fucking nothing.

  • Dave Saturn
    Dave Saturn Month ago +10

    Even though S7 wasn't great, it was good enough which is all S8 had to be to make the series an overall great success. But no S8 was beyond wretched ruining the entire series. Unreal.

  • Chica Misteriosa
    Chica Misteriosa Month ago +23

    “Oh wow, I can’t wait for season 8 so I can see the Great War, it will be epic” - me, ignoring season 8 happened

  • Vivek Mathur
    Vivek Mathur Month ago +4

    Lord of Light brought Jon Snow back to Fuck and Stab his Aunt.
    Azor Ahai is a Ham.

  • Delyrium
    Delyrium Month ago +1

    The coolest thing in the whole series and they fucked it up in less than 3 episodes...shame...shame....shame!!

  • Hircine
    Hircine Month ago +18

    And here ladies and gentlemen where Game of Thrones is ended. (forget about season 8)

  • Guan
    Guan Month ago

    So they dropped the whole thing with the horn, and exchanged it with a dragon who they got through bullshit writing, and a plothole.

  • Tren E
    Tren E Month ago


  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Month ago

    well they didnt last long...

  • Enes B
    Enes B Month ago +1

    what a shame now.

  • Paul Hardy
    Paul Hardy Month ago

    Arya stark,hold my beer lads...

  • Jake Burris
    Jake Burris Month ago +6

    Ah yes. How good of a setup for a season this was. Only to be ended in 1 episode. Lovely.

    • Oscar Ruex
      Oscar Ruex Month ago

      Jake Burris season 8 was a fucking joke.

  • Marcus Miks de Ávila
    Marcus Miks de Ávila Month ago +2

    1 - Night King was strong enough to kill a dragon;
    2 - The army of the dead has hundreds of thousands of dead people and several dead GIANTS.
    3 - It is possible to stop this army with a proper strategy at Winterfell (and that didn't happen at all).
    4 - I'm not being disrespectful with the writers, but considering the 3 facts above, the army of the dead would have destroyed Winterfell and, as anyone else in Westeros didn't give a fuck to the fact that the Night King was real, they wouldn't be prepared to face him and his army with dragon glass, therefore, Westeros should have been destroyed.
    And I didn't mention that, after Winterfell, there could be 3 dead dragons to storm everything (and no, huge scorpions wouldn't be efficient as the spears weren't made with dragon glass and/or Valyrian steel)

    Note1: How could Sam survive? WTF! How could one-handed Jamie survive?
    Note2: Why the Night King didn't smash Arya's neck at the moment he grabbed her?

    • Marcus Miks de Ávila
      Marcus Miks de Ávila Month ago +2

      @Петър Колев HELL yeah. The writers are really kidding us. GOT became a dark fairy tale, but yet, a fairy tale...

    • Петър Колев
      Петър Колев Month ago +2

      The night king touch that baby and turn him into something magical.Touches bran ( IN HIS VISION ) and burn his hand leaving a mark so he always know where he is.He touches the ground and crack it like it's nothing.And here he grab some adocoleant human witch trained with a stick for a whille and just wait.That 12 000 years old powerfull necroman warging entire masses of army and greenseing ability much more powerfull and superior to the 3eyed raven just wait like that ( come on what are you waiting for kill me )

  • Beata B.
    Beata B. Month ago +1

    how did they get the dragon? someone please explain...

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee Month ago

    Season 7 should have kept going and included the first 3 episodes of season 8 or something.
    Then season 8 could have more episodes leading up to Dany's turn and been more believable.
    Whatever happened to using the horn to bring down the wall? The NK could have just used that rather creating a contrived story going beyond the wall to capture a wight to show to Cersei whom everyone knows would not help them anyway. This contrived plot point was done just to give the NK a dragon to use to bring down the wall.
    A horn would have sufficed. If they wanted to give the NK a dragon, they could have let him get it once Dany's army arrive in Winterfell or she conducts a more reasonable rescue mission.

  • David A. Damilola
    David A. Damilola Month ago +3

    All these, just to die in the 3rd episode of season 8. Meh!

  • Qwerty Asdf
    Qwerty Asdf Month ago +1

    Beginning of end this told us that season 8 is gonna be worst season
    the wall went down so easy

  • ktelle
    ktelle Month ago +4

    damn all of this just for it to get thrown away in season 8. like i’m not really THAT mad about anything in season 8 except for the night king story being completely wasted

  • Qwerty Asdf
    Qwerty Asdf Month ago

    After 8x6

  • Fizza Shaikh
    Fizza Shaikh Month ago +5

    Ah good days lol

  • Toxic memes
    Toxic memes Month ago +8

    Remember winter was a thing

  • jtno2
    jtno2 Month ago +6

    The Army of the Dead scenario should've taken up an entire season for all it was hyped up to be.

  • Ani_Sin
    Ani_Sin Month ago +79

    Back when GOT season finales were used to be good 😔

    • Tonys
      Tonys 24 days ago

      @Hi Jack bye jack

    • Hi Jack
      Hi Jack 25 days ago +8

      S7 finale was equally bad

    • Ionut Lazar
      Ionut Lazar Month ago +4

      it was bad too but you guys are blind

  • Fcuk Yuo
    Fcuk Yuo Month ago +7

    I wish night king had won

  • laabitres
    laabitres Month ago +18

    Goodbye Game of Thrones....wished you had treated the Night King better

  • Jason Brks
    Jason Brks Month ago +2

    4:17 Looked awfully familiar....

  • Willem Kmetsch
    Willem Kmetsch Month ago

    All of this...... vs Arya.

  • Bruce Flynn
    Bruce Flynn Month ago +6

    And now it turned out to be the biggest joke in the show. Thanks to D&D.

  • FaZE Spinjitzu
    FaZE Spinjitzu Month ago

    Ninjago way better boi

  • Aditya K V S
    Aditya K V S Month ago +5

    This single scene was better than the whole 3rd episode of S8

  • Fare man
    Fare man 2 months ago +6

    This army is bigger than what we seen on s8e3. How?

    • Fare man
      Fare man Month ago

      @First Name Last Name and that plot was weak

  • Luis Giordano
    Luis Giordano 2 months ago

    The Lich King mounting Sindragosa as he commands the Scourge to march to the south

  • Dawid Błaszczyszyn
    Dawid Błaszczyszyn 2 months ago +7

    Watching this scene now makes me feel so dissapointed...

  • Grab A Book From the Library

    This scene alone could've been an entire episode itself