6-Year old Builds $500 Budget Gaming PC - Build Guide!

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • My Step-by-Step Build Guide on how to build this $500 Budget Gaming PC which is PERFECT for Fortnite gaming.
    Case➡ geni.us/WUYI6Gx Graphics➡ geni.us/MA9iIFi ⬇️Full Parts Below⬇️
    See this Budget PC in action ➡ ruclip.com/video/RK8SiHYfn-w/video.html
    CPU on Amazon ➡ geni.us/7OaKsYG
    Graphics on Amazon ➡ geni.us/MA9iIFi
    Motherboard on Amazon ➡ geni.us/uViB
    Power Supply on Amazon ➡ geni.us/ydrAkBB
    RAM on Amazon ➡ geni.us/eufqrIl
    SSD on Amazon ➡ geni.us/ZvD5
    Case on Amazon ➡ geni.us/WUYI6Gx
    Better Graphics Card ➡ geni.us/clhs2
    3X Red LED Fans on Amazon ➡ geni.us/4jeNpl
    Red LED Strips ➡ geni.us/uT8y
    Higher-End Alternatives:
    Suggested CPU Cooler on Amazon ➡ geni.us/h7A3
    Better Case on Amazon ➡ geni.us/PQeK
    CPU for Video Editing Amazon ➡ geni.us/cHd1
    1080P All EPIC GPU on Amazon ➡ geni.us/YJm2r1
    4K GPU on Amazon ➡ geni.us/gSAhW
    Better SSD on Amazon ➡ geni.us/jcMfD
    Better PSU on Amazon ➡ geni.us/VBLgIk
    PC Parts - 0:57
    How to Install CPU - 3:06
    How to Install RAM - 4:42
    How to Install Motherboard - 5:11
    How to Install SSD - 6:44
    How to Install Power Supply - 7:36
    How to Install Graphics Card - 7:56
    How to Install Power Cables - 8:49
    How to Install Windows 10 - 10:06

    Shop on Amazon ➡ geni.us/b6e15j
    Shop on B&H ➡ bhpho.to/2kfoI34
    Shop on Adorama ➡ bit.ly/2R7qezq
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    Shot with➡ geni.us/viUc7
    Lens ➡ bhpho.to/2DZerxL
    Mic➡ bit.ly/2tmCVgk
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech  3 months ago +37

    Full List of Parts and Alternatives in Video Description Above!
    See this Budget PC in Fortnite Action! ➡ ruclip.com/video/RK8SiHYfn-w/video.html
    Case ➡ geni.us/WUYI6Gx
    Graphics Card ➡ geni.us/MA9iIFi

    • Qtipz FN
      Qtipz FN 17 days ago

      Max Tech , my fan does not light up do u know how to fix this

    • Fortyby
      Fortyby 22 days ago

      @Zack Lourenco hmmm i also need help i dont have money but my parents will buy maybe

    • Zack Lourenco
      Zack Lourenco 29 days ago

      Hey I am 13 and really need help. I currently have a 12 year old laptop (hp 2570p) and have no idea how to build my own pc as well as ordering parts. I do have money but need help doing everything. My dad has no interest in helping me just because he favourites my sister and I do get really good grades. I was wondering if you could build me one just like this and I would pay for it. I would litteraly cry 👍🏼👍🏼🙏🙏

    • TheProGaming
      TheProGaming Month ago

      for 500$ that is too much xD i have 250$ pc with gtx 1060 3gb and 16 gb ram, amd 4170 i think and 2tb hdd

    • NOT_IAN W
      NOT_IAN W 3 months ago +1

      How well does it run Minecraft?

    TIMZY 5 days ago

    how many fps does this pc gets on fortnite plz reply

  • iSubscribed
    iSubscribed 8 days ago +2

    “i built my first pc when i was nine years old, with my first son” kowalski analysis

  • dex boy
    dex boy 10 days ago

    Is an i3-9100f or an amd ryzen5 2600 Better?

  • Rouen Nez
    Rouen Nez 10 days ago +2

    "This is an SSD, that means it's fast." - Max Tech

  • gwyneth duque
    gwyneth duque 10 days ago +1


  • master moss
    master moss 11 days ago

    im 11 and built a 1500 pc

  • Korny
    Korny 12 days ago

    What does a 6 year old even do with a pc

  • SynthOnYT
    SynthOnYT 12 days ago

    That kid right there is the future Elon musk

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 12 days ago


  • RIFT
    RIFT 12 days ago

    I built my first pc at age 10. I still have it xD it has a amd fx quad core with a MSU GeForce gtx 1050 ti.. built it all by myself

  • Zeaxile
    Zeaxile 13 days ago

    then the kid zaps the mobo ahaha GGS

  • ItsDarkDatenBTW
    ItsDarkDatenBTW 13 days ago

    when i was 6 years i playt footboll with my Friends THX

  • HyperGFX
    HyperGFX 14 days ago +4

    When I was 6 year old i was closing the fridge slow to see if the light goes off

  • HeyItzKillerMC - YT
    HeyItzKillerMC - YT 14 days ago +1

    Great son, better dad I applaud you 👍

  • _ Sleppydrips
    _ Sleppydrips 14 days ago

    Did you buy the cooling system it no

  • amirull daniel
    amirull daniel 14 days ago

    this kid has a better pc than mine

  • Quzike
    Quzike 14 days ago

    Not to be mean but

    The dad looks like the Jurassic world character

    Also thanks for showing me how to build the lc :)

  • all in one
    all in one 14 days ago

    Can you give me a free pc

  • Oguzhan Guldibi
    Oguzhan Guldibi 15 days ago +1

    Funny guide.

    Can you link me the desk you used , is it IKEA ?

  • CallMeSnow
    CallMeSnow 15 days ago

    When building a pc how are u gonna know if the mother board will fit the case and same with the power supplie

    • Aiden Dough
      Aiden Dough 15 days ago

      Motherboards and cases have different form factors. There is the normal and standard ATX, micro ATX, Extended ATX (pretty big), and mini ITX (pretty small). Power supplies are almost all the same size, but there are some few exceptions. Fortunately, all the exceptions specifically state that their size is abnormal on their product page.

  • Rhudaur TV
    Rhudaur TV 15 days ago

    Sen Türkiyede olsan sana 500 dolara b450m ana kartlı 1060lı ryzen 5 li bişey ayarlardık aslan parçası sdfjnsdfsdf

  • Tymouz beats
    Tymouz beats 16 days ago +1

    Masterbox Q300L is not good. A lot of heating problems. The cpu gets too hot

  • Vinn3r
    Vinn3r 16 days ago

    Wtf I built almost the exact same pc with the exact same parts damn

  • Benji Beatzz
    Benji Beatzz 16 days ago

    the verge could never

  • mitch ritzema
    mitch ritzema 16 days ago

    do you need the glow

  • G.G.N Member
    G.G.N Member 16 days ago +6

    He built a PC at 6 years old while my ass is over here at 16

  • Moto Boy Madness
    Moto Boy Madness 17 days ago

    Nice job Noah

  • Qtipz FN
    Qtipz FN 17 days ago

    My fan won’t light up does anyone know how to fix this

  • Zhye
    Zhye 18 days ago +1

    He’s so cute

  • Deus Myst
    Deus Myst 18 days ago

    Dose it bring a WiFi adapter?

  • Evil Flufkins
    Evil Flufkins 22 days ago

    Why do I feel like intel is the good side vs amd being the bad side... kinda like star wars amd is darth and intel is the force.
    You have to put sooo much more into intel and it costs way more vs amd is cheaper and more cost effective.
    Im also a fan of the dark side in star wars lol... Idk why i think of it like that probably just me lmfao

  • ayoub Sassa
    ayoub Sassa 22 days ago


  • DCW Films
    DCW Films 22 days ago

    I have the same mouse.

  • Jonah Ashlock
    Jonah Ashlock 22 days ago +2

    I got my first pc when i was 11. This kid starting of early

  • _ Sleppydrips
    _ Sleppydrips 23 days ago

    I’m buying almost all of the stuff he’s using but a gt 1030

    • _ Sleppydrips
      _ Sleppydrips 20 days ago

      F L O R I S B O E K H O L T me too but I don’t have that kind of money right now

    • F L O R I S B O E K H O L T
      F L O R I S B O E K H O L T 20 days ago

      _ Sleppydrips I recommend a 1050 it’s way better

  • Julian Julian
    Julian Julian 23 days ago

    when i was 6 i was eating grass

  • Nick2Wavyツ
    Nick2Wavyツ 24 days ago

    Max plz help!!

  • Nick2Wavyツ
    Nick2Wavyツ 24 days ago

    Does it come with a usb drive like that or we have to order one ?

  • Morticle
    Morticle 24 days ago

    kid: pushes I/O Shield in
    also kid: "i only used this finger"
    me: (thinks he put up his middle finger) "tf u say to me u lil sh...."

  • Morticle
    Morticle 24 days ago

    2:14 kid- gets shown the fan: me: i thought the kid would have said.... "but- but it will get brain freeze...."

  • Morticle
    Morticle 24 days ago

    imagine this kid playing roblox at max setting on this thing 😂😂😂😂

    • Morticle
      Morticle 24 days ago

      uummmmm should i say lowest setting?

  • Rio Productions
    Rio Productions 24 days ago

    Kind of.... Exactly lmao 1:44

  • Jake Haver
    Jake Haver 26 days ago

    I kinda wanted to see him messup the cpu

  • Svg_ EZ-claps
    Svg_ EZ-claps 26 days ago +1

    Hey so i have a question and it is that is it possible for me to connect my ps4 to my pc and have like a combination?

  • Clapify
    Clapify 26 days ago +3

    No one:




  • ismaeel agjee
    ismaeel agjee 27 days ago +1

    Does the cooling fan come with the core i3

  • 1000 subscribers without any video challenge

    that's a cool dad

  • HotSizzleTV
    HotSizzleTV Month ago

    Great build especially with your son I definitely want to do this with my son

  • Goshko BG
    Goshko BG Month ago

    Going intel for that buget in 2019? oof

  • Avxmi
    Avxmi Month ago

    That looks like bhodi from lazarbeam

  • 234fired vlog
    234fired vlog Month ago

    Can i use a 700 w power supply ?

  • Random Despacito
    Random Despacito Month ago

    Some lucky kid

  • E11 Miki
    E11 Miki Month ago

    I started with 2000€ computer Lol

  • Emman Casabal
    Emman Casabal Month ago

    I am more older than him and i made a gaming max computer

  • Aiden Awe
    Aiden Awe Month ago

    Hello I got a budget for 500 and I want that exact same one I will be willing to pay you that for the pc

  • Gavin Reyna
    Gavin Reyna Month ago

    it might be a dumb question but i’m looking into buying and making my first pc

  • Gavin Reyna
    Gavin Reyna Month ago

    do you have to buy sata cables separately?

  • Berhxy
    Berhxy Month ago

    Great Job !!

  • DudeOnBike
    DudeOnBike Month ago

    aww love when he smiles! So cute