"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S13, EP.2 | E!

The family travels to Paris for Fashion Week, but things quickly sour when Kim becomes the victim of a very scary armed robbery.

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S13, EP.2 | E!

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Длительность: 2:37
Комментарии: 570

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Автор Hadassa Pricille ( назад)
" i pray that kourtney has a normal life after she sees my dead body on this bed" wow im so sorry she had to go through that, that completely and utterly insane

Автор Itsakeykeylife ( назад)
that's the hood life yall wanna imitate all day

Автор Music Is Life ( назад)
Keeping up with the Armenian sluts.

Автор KING ÁŃGÉĹÉÒ ( назад)
what so did she get raped?

Автор Spoonie G ( назад)
Let's send The Kardashian's to the Alaskan Bush, wouldn't that be great?

Автор Jon Punk the Third ( назад)
Wonder how many takes that took

Автор Southside ( назад)
I'm finna hit a lick on kim

Автор Oliver 2000 ( назад)
So she seriously had NO security whatsoever....

Автор Oliver 2000 ( назад)
So she seriously had NO security whatsoever....

Автор Bastard Coulthsem ( назад)
She deserved to get robbed. I hope these imbreds loose their fame to a longneck redneck poor family

Автор Gakii Dedans ( назад)
poor girl.

Автор Es Maps ( назад)

Автор Adrian's Videos ( назад)
Kim you can do . We love you so much

Автор Bradley McInulty ( назад)
She definitely faked this. It happened a week after Paris was touched in public.

Автор Silver Fox ( назад)
You can hear the pain in her voice, omg when she thought she was going to get raped literally felt sick such an awful thing to have happened :'-(

Автор Zarifah Faiqah ( назад)
Im envious of Kim's flawless skin. She looks gorgeous with or without makeup

Автор Team Kill ( назад)
Keeping up with shitians

Автор BruhItsAngelise xo ( назад)
I almost cried but kourtney has no reaction she's just like what?

Автор Randy White ( назад)
Kim is a fat xxx

Автор TRIGGERED wHy ( назад)
does kim like orange soda??? Cause the robbers like strawberry soda

Автор Cindy Orellana ( назад)
1:00 I know her foot hurt.

Автор j d ( назад)
millenials say butthurt.so corny

Автор Moira Castro ( назад)
donde lo puedo encontrar en españoool!!

Автор Jazzy QV ( назад)

Автор Ali Dengel ( назад)
Regardless if we are fans of Kim or not, this isn't funny. She is still human with actual feeling and a family that loves her and would be deviated if something worse happened. !!!!

Автор Oreo Biscuit ( назад)
Jesus u can tell the level of intelligence in that woman just by her voice

Автор Sophisticated Me ( назад)
Raping someone is still a better love story than Twilight.

Автор Ludo B ( назад)
kim im just love you 😍💪😭

Автор bobob ( назад)
just happened to have all her jewellery on her wich is worth a stupid amount of money then oh dear I've been robbed for all my jewellery which is pure coincidence that I just happened to decide to bring it away with me knowing how much it's worth

Автор Carmen ( назад)
She's rich af why would her fake something like this, you guys should chill for once in your life and stop being assholes. You may like her or not but she obv looks like she suffered a lot of stress because of that situation.

Автор ABC 5687901234 ( назад)
1like< see my boobs

1subscribe< see my pussy

Автор Neal Mistry ( назад)

Автор charlie brown ( назад)
this is trash

Автор Froggy Boy ( назад)
I feel bad for her

Автор Krish Bhalla ( назад)
Let's face it you dumb girls, Kim Kardashian looks like a dog without plastic, so sad she needs so much plastic just to look good.
Why not use that money on helping the poor?

Автор Krish Bhalla ( назад)

Автор Savannah Jones ( назад)
Although I'm not a huge fan of keeping up with the Kardashians. I feel sorry for Kim being held at him point and robbed no one deserves to go through something like that :/

Автор C Major808 ( назад)
Does she watch The Kardashians? If the answer is yes, steer clear fellas!

Автор theraquelc ( назад)
some of you guys don't understand this at all. yes because she's famous this story is gonna get to more people but that doesn't mean that other cases like hers or worse don't matter or matter less. you should not be saying that she's weak or that there's worse things going on in the world because you haven't been through what she has (be it real or fake), you don't know what happened and you have no right to judge. what you know is what she's telling us on this episode. now you have no right to say that she can't feel sorry for herself. it was probably one of the most, if not the most, traumatic experience she has been through in her whole life. and some of you disgust me saying that she deserved it or if it was you, you would have raped her. she's a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and a mother! you all have mothers, grandmothers, some of you have sisters and probably friends that are girls! how would you feel and how do you think they would feel if they were in this situation? stop being unnecessarily rude and start thinking before you open your mouths.

Автор Aidan Lewis ( назад)
Who have took a shag over the jewellery

Автор Matthew Cotter ( назад)
sometimes I wish the robbers did shoot her

Автор Game over ( назад)
Great acting by Kim at the end

Автор MAJID IQBAL ( назад)
Is it true kim uses this charcoal mask before she puts on make up??


Автор FAYMprod ( назад)
i heard if the ratings keep slipping E! is going to kidnap kim's baby for a little while

Автор Tom Ingham ( назад)
They had the most perfect opportunity to end this bitch's life and they screwed it up.

Автор Zoya Din ( назад)
I'm not a fan of the family but this can't be fake. No one would lie about something so big as this

Автор Thefluffy bigbear ( назад)
its ger own fault

Автор C. San Andreas ( назад)
I must say I'm not a fan of KUWTK but I feel really feel sorry for Kim

Автор j d ( назад)

Автор j d ( назад)
she definatly got touched but definatly not assaulted

Автор nk ( назад)
wtf are those lips tho

Автор Aliyah Robertson ( назад)
So basically what y'all are saying is because she isn't dead she's lying ...? Okay

Автор Tom Carter ( назад)
Yeah I get that this is upsetting and I do believe her but this does happen a lot. I mean, this has 100% happened to other people but just because she's 'A Kardashian' it gets in the news

Автор Dinahkay Johnson ( назад)

Автор Ano Koffi ( назад)
A girl by beautiful

Автор Edan Khan ( назад)
This is so emotional you guys. I cried before the video even started. Been crying for 3 days 16 hours now. I mean who could commit such a thing? Bless you Kim and Kanye! xoxo <3

Автор Goldfinga Sliverfinga ( назад)
ppl who watch this are really brain washed ...must lead false life's.. .wake up ppl b4 it's too late

Автор { Ace-Kid97 } ( назад)
We know that film "get-out" was based on kanye

Автор Elizabeth L. Alanis ( назад)
I miss watching their shows!! I don't have cable!! Gave it up 4 years ago and I do miss watching these girls!!!

Автор j d ( назад)
funny how she came running back to america

Автор gbotzworld ( назад)
Why these bitches look like Marilyn Manson

Автор boople shnoot ( назад)
Kardashians do irritate me, yeah they are using this for ratings. that's what they do and why they are famous but no one deserves to go through the fear of being raped and murdered. my heart breaks for her

Автор KrazieSpazz ( назад)
Utter bull and so dramatic. Kim deserves a Golden Globe for this performance.

Автор Allens Right ( назад)
I hate her but Im glad she made it out okay

Автор Jens Febby ( назад)

Автор Quatrane Littlefoot ( назад)
set up insurance fraud

Автор Jasdeep Bindra ( назад)
hang those robbers for not killing her

Автор Charis Speight ( назад)
This episode made me cry so hard. Kim is so inspirational

Автор Tea Leaf ( назад)

Автор TOP SHELF MUSIC Baker ( назад)
kim is still preety af

Автор beautybywadzi ( назад)
1k dislikes .. I'm guessing people don't like the Kardashians ..

Автор Simon White ( назад)
Wenger out

Автор b ( назад)
i wanted to say she was over exaggerating but when i heard her say "i thought they were gonna rape me. i mentally prepared myself, and than he didnt" broke my heart. that is something NO woman should have to confront. her trauma is real, her pain is real. she knows what she puts out into the world, she probably immediately thought that all of that sexual content shes put into the world caught up to her and someone was acting on their impulse and fantasy theyve had of her. she got way too comfortable to not have security with her. but hey who knows, maybe if security was there, a good guy couldve gotten killed. i know for a fact she held her kids extremely tight that first night she got home

Автор Nico Esposito ( назад)
who actually watches stuff like this LOL, fake bitches, and no one cares you got jacked up fam haha

Автор crazyenglishalex 3.0 ( назад)
shame they didn't shoot kim

Автор A1sausie ( назад)
She has slept with so many negros she's starting to look like one!

Автор Penny Miller ( назад)
nearly all these comments are absolutely heart breaking 💔

Автор Soviet Union ( назад)
Stop making this cancerous show. It's sad that more people know who Kim Kardashian is instead of the former president.

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
should have raped her

Автор Zuhaib Moalim ( назад)
If they raped her it would've been on liveleak and y'all bums would be watching it.

Автор Steven Hutton ( назад)

Автор Karsten Jakob ( назад)
do a suicide

Автор Derrick Do ( назад)
Don't be flashy Kim. It's just going to draw in skilled robbers. Pitiful how the guards let that happen.

Автор Validus ( назад)
Fake and gay!

Автор FoxBait ( назад)
Using this to make money is completely scummy and these brain-dead normie's in the comment section believe this drivel

Автор Sarah K. ( назад)
That robbery is like the one and only thing that the Kardashians had a right to be dramatic about. Everything thing else has been superficial and ridiculous.

Автор Amy Roseberry ( назад)
omg I started to cry, this is so sad

Автор The legend 27 ( назад)
Wouldn't surprise me if the Robbery was just a publicity stunt, more fame sympathy n attention towards her now

Автор Leslie Sayonar ( назад)
hearing her say that she hopes her sister (Kourtney) is gonna have normal life after seeing her dead body on the bed hopefully will help people change their views about her. People thought she's too self absorbed and selfish, but then sh'es not.

Автор Ray Ray ( назад)
I don't get why the robbers left the witnesses alive ? And now there all caught💩

Автор C Major808 ( назад)
I wish these robbers would have put a bullet through this plastic cunt's brain.

Автор Spiderman ( назад)
Kim K is a tranny, come on guys stop watching ehr

Автор The Black Bloggress ( назад)
I'm not the biggest fan of the Kardashians, but I can't imagine me going through that......

Автор LungSusage ( назад)
hopefully next time someone will rob their fame because they don't deserve it.

Автор JustINtime ( назад)
SUBCRIBE to become a millionaire at some point in your life

Автор Herp Derp ( назад)
my minecraft base was robbed. no big deal

Автор Cooking Delight ( назад)
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Автор Arrow Valley ( назад)
Clicked on this to see what all the fuss is about, one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile.

Автор P a o ( назад)
#Aremnians #ProtectiveAgent/Bodyguard #Samoans

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