"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S13, EP.2 | E!

The family travels to Paris for Fashion Week, but things quickly sour when Kim becomes the victim of a very scary armed robbery.

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S13, EP.2 | E!

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Автор Victoir Nelson ( назад)
Bonjour amigas there is a extraordinary makeup giveaway at sites.google.com/site/a26e68ace9

Автор Maryama Isse ( назад)
Kim Kardashian was going to die.

Автор melanie ponce ( назад)
i almost cry

Автор indie GoGo ( назад)
she cried that same way when she swore up and down that the Chris wedding was real. yeah no I'm not buying it these people are desperate

Автор Nana Tsakiridis ( назад)
When she cried, I cried too...

Автор S A R A ( назад)
poor kim

Автор israna 2542 ( назад)
kims skin is so beautiful lyk without the makeup. that glow is insane ❤❤

Автор doreme2100 ( назад)
So glad she's ok. Almost cried watching this. The fact that she was hoping Kourtney would have a normal life after finding her was heartbreaking. She's so lucky to be ok.

Автор ela solmaz ( назад)
I seriously think real kourtney is dead and this is a robot loll no reaction

Автор melijaje06 ( назад)
Who the hell ever told Kanye that he was good at fashion?? He sucks.

Автор Ray ( назад)
I thought this said Kreeping up on the kardasians

Автор Violet-Moon Gaming ( назад)
Rob was robbed.

Автор kerrygotcake ( назад)
im here listening to here speak, times i chuckled, then she said i pray kourtney have a normal life after seeing my dead body laying on the bed,i lost it, tears came rolling down

Автор Nicholas Ferrara ( назад)
He's gay.

Автор paridhie agrawal ( назад)
One sidof me says this was scripted

Автор Kylie's Munchkin ( назад)
Everyone literally keeps on attacking Kim but she is so strong for staying in there <3 i respect her so much and she has my FULL support.

Автор Jazzy E ( назад)
No one deserves this.

Автор Rakshit Bhardwaj ( назад)
The robbing was rigged...freaking publicity stunt

Автор LarryBS Vevo ( назад)
I Already Posted The Full Episode ! #KUWTK

Автор Priyanka Piano ( назад)
Make me so sad

Автор Danielle Clark ( назад)
So fake!

Автор josh olson ( назад)
I love this show

Автор LadyLilithke ( назад)
Not a fan also not a hater. I understand those who love them, I understand those who hate them, but I really do feel sorry for her. It doesn't matter what she does for staying in the spotlight, she doesn't deserve that. No one does. I just hope that with time she will fully recover and be calm and feel safe again. Poor Kim! And kinda shitty from the others staying there with those poker faces.

Автор trendsetter ( назад)
she looks creepy the botox and nose job

Автор Kerrshon Sawyer ( назад)
I don't neccessarily care for Kim or her sisters but I do wanna be honest.I feel bad that she had to experience that.like that's traumatic to a persons head (mind)

Автор R. J. ( назад)
Feel bad for Kim but can't stop thinking about how she's looks like Donatella Versace, (with the over plumped lips) whatever work or makeup she's doing she should stop and revert to slightly pre Kanye her.

Автор Alex Espeleta ( назад)
I remember reading something right after this happened, that her security team thought it was an inside job. Which makes sense, like how else would anyone know that she was alone in her hotel room? It had to have been someone who worked for her.

Автор Deborah ( назад)
What a horrible experience. It's sad that many people don't have the common decency to condemn those who robbed Kim at gunpoint, instead turning the blame on the victim. If this was any of us, we would expect full support and sympathy. You may not like her or her show, but she is a human being and did not deserve this brutal act.

Автор Stars RBLX ( назад)
kim is lucky

Автор shotting star ( назад)
How are they whores??

Автор Mr Goldy Fox ( назад)
Kardashians are dirty ugly looking whores no decent white man could or would ever touch them

Автор Nkoshi Selma ( назад)
Khloe Kardashian is my beeeeest

Автор XXX XXX ( назад)
Kanye West is queer of queens 👸

Автор shibafupa ( назад)
I love kourtney "I had to contain myself"

Автор achalanka onyfm ( назад)
Prepped herself to be raped and got mentally ready 😂😂😂😂 but the guy didn't rape her cause he knows this has taken every black rod in town and it's infected with every disease known to mankind from African fever to genital warts

Автор Blah Blue ( назад)
Kendall is the least attractive, then Kylie.
I suppose the order from least to worst right now would be: kendall, kylie, kim, khloe, kourtney

Автор Jaygo Rippa ( назад)
Your belief on whether or not a robbery occured should have a COMPLETE disconnect from your personal opinion about the lady allegedly robbed.

But it's not. Instead, Fan believe her; Critics don't. If you base ANY fact-driven belief on how much you PERSONALLY LIKE/DESPISE the thing in question...you're fuckin stupid.

Автор Liam Dunphy ( назад)
crocodile tears

Автор Yatet Longkumer ( назад)
she cry for everything. ....but what about killing innocent lives of animals for thier beauty n fashion......I don't understand kardshian are physco. .they r spoiling every one ..just go existent. ..hate your fake family plastic bags

Автор tn3355 ( назад)
I feel extremely bad for her no one no one deserves something like this happening to them.

Автор Summer McKnight ( назад)
Omg for as much as I may her hate sometimes nobody deserves that. I would not wish that for my worst enemy

Автор Alena Knight ( назад)
Anybody know the song?

Автор Jodi Phillips ( назад)
I felt really sorry for her. No one is suppose to go through that scary experience ever. But this just goes to show you that the world is a scary place and tomorrow is never promised to anyone. Never take life for granted. People really need to be more careful about what they post online because people LITERALLY will watch your every move and plan something scary and evil against you. I'm glad that she's realized that this terrible experience will make her be more careful about what she posts online and not to flaunt her wealth to the whole world. Sometimes we have to go through bad experiences to understand how hard life is and how scary the world is

Автор Don_Liz ( назад)
bullshit.. they were losing ratings so Kim did what she does best.

Автор Christina Alexander ( назад)
That is awful. I can't imagine going through that. I can't believe some people think it's fake.

Автор Clydee ( назад)
were they (kim and kourt) not in good terms? what happened

Автор 1970harleybike ( назад)
Blah Blah Blah... same old crap out of this family....

Автор Nadia Cardoso ( назад)
I'm not a Kardashians fan but I feel bad for them☹️

Автор Lisa Rose ( назад)
This family are the definition of 'fashion victim'. It all looks so forced. And what does Kanye know about how to dress women? He can hardly dress himself

Автор Jerry Conner ( назад)
OMG WTF leave them along u guys are assholes for that that makes me cry so bad cause Kim is so nice and I love khourtney so very much they need security

Автор Raya Pervez ( назад)

Автор #AWESOMESAUCE Al ( назад)
In the begging I thought she robbed a store

Автор shona lisa ( назад)
it's great Kourtney will have a great life after she sees my death body WTF is that mean 😁

Автор timothy johnson ( назад)
Kim Kardashian is going to hell....

Автор Isabella Ruiz ( назад)
I'm tearing up just listening to her speak about want happened to her

Автор Destinee Coard ( назад)
I usually only care about kourtney and all the babies but Kim had me in tears

Автор Sierra Swiftie ( назад)
Kanye : I'm Missing Something
Me : what a brain ?

Автор Julie Chilton ( назад)
Totally terrible for anyone to go threw this ☹️🙁would been horrendous

Автор sweetsecretshayaty ( назад)
Man the Kim part made me cry 😭:'(

Автор Marcos Denett ( назад)
You can hate them all you want but if you think this was all fake and made up you're fucked up

Автор Monica Lum ( назад)
Such a scary & terrible thing to happen to Kim and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone but it's hard for me to feel bad for her. There are SO many terrible, scarier things that happen to a lot of people in 3rd world countries and America I don't see them getting to talk about it on reality shows. Like she voluntarily chooses to be in the public eye, there obviously are consequences with that.

Автор Jordan Long ( назад)
Regardless of what people think of the Kardashians, this is real life, it happened and nobody deserves to go through this. For people to think this is staged, etc? Really? They are famous enough to not have to go to the extreme of this severity. They are still human beings, have feelings and emotions. Put yourself in Kim's shoes and imagine the rollercoaster of emotions she was enduring that evening. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt; etc, and I am glad she is safe and recovering from this horrific, traumatic event.

Автор Hadassa Pricille ( назад)
" i pray that kourtney has a normal life after she sees my dead body on this bed" wow im so sorry she had to go through that, that completely and utterly insane

Автор Itsakeykeylife ( назад)
that's the hood life yall wanna imitate all day

Автор Music Is Life ( назад)
Keeping up with the Armenian sluts.

Автор KING ÁŃGÉĹÉÒ ( назад)
what so did she get raped?

Автор Spoonie G ( назад)
Let's send The Kardashian's to the Alaskan Bush, wouldn't that be great?

Автор Chris Jericho ( назад)
Wonder how many takes that took

Автор Southside ( назад)
I'm finna hit a lick on kim

Автор Oliver 2000 ( назад)
So she seriously had NO security whatsoever....

Автор Oliver 2000 ( назад)
So she seriously had NO security whatsoever....

Автор Bastard Coulthsem ( назад)
She deserved to get robbed. I hope these imbreds loose their fame to a longneck redneck poor family

Автор gracey Dedans ( назад)
poor girl.

Автор King 11 ( назад)
Kim you can do . We love you so much

Автор Bradley McInulty ( назад)
She definitely faked this. It happened a week after Paris was touched in public.

Автор Silver Fox ( назад)
You can hear the pain in her voice, omg when she thought she was going to get raped literally felt sick such an awful thing to have happened :'-(

Автор Zarifah Faiqah ( назад)
Im envious of Kim's flawless skin. She looks gorgeous with or without makeup

Автор Team Kill ( назад)
Keeping up with shitians

Автор BruhItsAngelise xo ( назад)
I almost cried but kourtney has no reaction she's just like what?

Автор Randy White ( назад)
Kim is a fat xxx

Автор TRIGGERED wHy ( назад)
does kim like orange soda??? Cause the robbers like strawberry soda

Автор Cindy Orellana ( назад)
1:00 I know her foot hurt.

Автор j d ( назад)
millenials say butthurt.so corny

Автор Moira Castro ( назад)
donde lo puedo encontrar en españoool!!

Автор Jasss 13 ( назад)

Автор Ali Dengel ( назад)
Regardless if we are fans of Kim or not, this isn't funny. She is still human with actual feeling and a family that loves her and would be deviated if something worse happened. !!!!

Автор Oreo Biscuit ( назад)
Jesus u can tell the level of intelligence in that woman just by her voice

Автор Ludo B ( назад)
kim im just love you 😍💪😭

Автор bobob ( назад)
just happened to have all her jewellery on her wich is worth a stupid amount of money then oh dear I've been robbed for all my jewellery which is pure coincidence that I just happened to decide to bring it away with me knowing how much it's worth

Автор Carmen ( назад)
She's rich af why would her fake something like this, you guys should chill for once in your life and stop being assholes. You may like her or not but she obv looks like she suffered a lot of stress because of that situation.

Автор ABC 5687901234 ( назад)
1like< see my boobs

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Автор Neal Mistry ( назад)

Автор charlie brown ( назад)
this is trash

Автор Froggy Boy ( назад)
I feel bad for her

Автор Krish Bhalla ( назад)
Let's face it you dumb girls, Kim Kardashian looks like a dog without plastic, so sad she needs so much plastic just to look good.
Why not use that money on helping the poor?

Автор Krish Bhalla ( назад)

Автор Savannah Jones ( назад)
Although I'm not a huge fan of keeping up with the Kardashians. I feel sorry for Kim being held at him point and robbed no one deserves to go through something like that :/

Автор C Major808 ( назад)
Does she watch The Kardashians? If the answer is yes, steer clear fellas!

Автор theraquelc ( назад)
some of you guys don't understand this at all. yes because she's famous this story is gonna get to more people but that doesn't mean that other cases like hers or worse don't matter or matter less. you should not be saying that she's weak or that there's worse things going on in the world because you haven't been through what she has (be it real or fake), you don't know what happened and you have no right to judge. what you know is what she's telling us on this episode. now you have no right to say that she can't feel sorry for herself. it was probably one of the most, if not the most, traumatic experience she has been through in her whole life. and some of you disgust me saying that she deserved it or if it was you, you would have raped her. she's a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and a mother! you all have mothers, grandmothers, some of you have sisters and probably friends that are girls! how would you feel and how do you think they would feel if they were in this situation? stop being unnecessarily rude and start thinking before you open your mouths.

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