1902 Grain Crusher Restoration

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
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  • LADB Restoration
    LADB Restoration  Month ago +31

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    • Kris Stab
      Kris Stab 19 days ago

      The second horse had a neck beard :D

    • skepy real
      skepy real 29 days ago +3

      Im glad that people like you exist. You take time to fix memories of the past and not just toss them.

    • qwertz33
      qwertz33 Month ago +1

      hey dude, i recommend you a straight grinder for more power. Some models also have 6mm adaptor for small brushes/...

  • ramon roman
    ramon roman 2 hours ago

    I say humbly, sir, you are a genius.

  • Alexandre de Oliveira Arruda

    Great work! Congratulations!

  • Jose maria santana
    Jose maria santana 6 hours ago

    Os seus imbecil vocês que dão deslike no vídeo do cara eu não conheço o cara nem fala a língua dele mas eu acho vocês que dão dislike uns idiotas ele está recuperando a história coisas que muitas pessoas não viram nessa vida agora a partir dos 40 50 anos para cá ele está restaurando não é para ser usado é para servir demora para não deixar o passado morrer seus quadrados que não sabe fazer nada não de deslike no vídeo do cara ou então faça melhor do que ele e posta na Internet bando de idiotas não é só aqui no Brasil que tem i***** não nos Estados Unidos também tem i*****

  • vanja ilievski
    vanja ilievski 6 hours ago

    What type of camera was used in this video???

  • chris tophe
    chris tophe 8 hours ago

    Très belle restauration, bravo , ces anciennes machine étaient vraiment de bonne qualité.

  • Reinhold Falter
    Reinhold Falter 10 hours ago

    Why not use hex nuts with washers would not scratch the paint

  • Rick Byrnes
    Rick Byrnes 19 hours ago

    Awesome job Sir!

  • Сергей Беспалов

    Кони пришли тупо поржать

  • Meera Mali
    Meera Mali 22 hours ago

    Old is gold.

  • Александр Гладков

    Ему со всех деревень тащут агрегаты?

  • MR . YS
    MR . YS Day ago

    u have awesome life :') nice


    What is this

  • Александр Т

    Почему ручка и колесо переставлены?! 19:34 колесо где шестеренки, 19:37 ручка где шестеренки?!

  • Курский Соловей

    Wunder machine!!! Руки золотые. Слава ТРУДУ!

  • Алексей Теленков

    какие уроды ставят диз сами не чего не можете

  • Anna Silva
    Anna Silva 2 days ago

    that's so amazing! you did such a great job

  • Michael Lining Music

    Your fingers were mighty close to that wire brush wheel as you cleaned up the hardware. Half a centimeter would've mangled your hand beyond recognition. Hold them with pliers next time!

  • lucas YTB
    lucas YTB 2 days ago

    Ne pas donner de blé au cheveau

  • Dona de casa e dona de si

    Eu amo 🐈

  • Dona de casa e dona de si


  • Gwyn Dh'oine
    Gwyn Dh'oine 2 days ago

    Le bon vieux moulin à grains façon Cherbourg!

  • بندر الحارثي

    ماطور ابو دمغه 😂

  • Санек Boss
    Санек Boss 2 days ago

    Отличная работа 👍

  • abominogpp
    abominogpp 2 days ago

    Болты крепления деревянных ножек нужно было перевернуть внутрь и под гайку шайбу надеть. А в общем - красота!

  • mylittlestudio
    mylittlestudio 2 days ago +1

    Merci pour votre travail 👌👍👍👍

  • Дима Моргун
    Дима Моргун 2 days ago +4

    За коняшек, отдельний лайк)

  • Павел Сутырин

    The ending is VERY REWARDING.

  • Алексей Рязанцев

    это извращенее

  • jean de la truite
    jean de la truite 3 days ago

    genial !

  • Daniel Butcher
    Daniel Butcher 3 days ago

    LADB cracked corn...

  • JIM C
    JIM C 3 days ago

    Why didn't you paint the hardware?

  • Me Here
    Me Here 3 days ago

    Barley crusher for a small commercial brewer.

  • Primus Kerogas
    Primus Kerogas 3 days ago

    The most interesting thing here is a cat.

  • origachi16
    origachi16 3 days ago

    How much are you selling that for?

  • Burnn It
    Burnn It 3 days ago

    Back in the days where thing were made to last

  • yahya öz
    yahya öz 3 days ago


  • Dippygamer64
    Dippygamer64 3 days ago +2

    5:42 Cats. Always trying to be helpful. XD

  • observer0395
    observer0395 3 days ago +4

    почему звук то пропал на определенном этапе(.
    извиняюсь это у меня звук пропал)

  • ABD Sager
    ABD Sager 3 days ago

    خههههههههه جميل

  • أبو خالد ٣٨

    A great job and worth watching and enjoying, I was patient and intelligent

  • Michael Haering
    Michael Haering 3 days ago

    from junk to better than factory restoration to feeding horses...my hat is off to you!

  • Robert Hughes
    Robert Hughes 4 days ago

    I smile when you cat approves your work :)

  • B S
    B S 4 days ago

    You can probably adjust granulation.

  • Andrew Carnegie
    Andrew Carnegie 4 days ago +1

    4:44 Can anyone please tell me the name of that insect.

  • Andrew Carnegie
    Andrew Carnegie 4 days ago +3

    This was a great WD 40 commercial.

  • Nicole K
    Nicole K 4 days ago

    I think your ginger cat has a soul mate in mine. He is sixteen years old, has identical colours and markings, and is fascinated by this video.

  • adoq adoq
    adoq adoq 4 days ago

    Можно ли купить эти аппараты?

  • Саша Саша
    Саша Саша 4 days ago +1

    👍21:12 👍 🐎

  • Vilhelm Olsson
    Vilhelm Olsson 4 days ago +22

    _The cat was very important during the process_

  • Riyanda Noviansyah
    Riyanda Noviansyah 4 days ago

    Sippp.....I indonesia..👍👍👍👍

  • Franz Otto
    Franz Otto 4 days ago

    Klasse Arbeit, Hut ab. Kleiner Tip, in offene Kugellager wird keine Schmierung beigegeben, im laufe der Zeit setzt sich Schmutz ins Lager und das wirkt wie Schleifpaste.
    Great work, hats off. Small tip, in open ball bearings no lubrication is added, in the course of time, dirt is in the camp and that acts like abrasive paste.

  • Marcio Pereira Dos Santos

    Excelent!!! I'm from Brazil 🇧🇷

  • محمدرشاد عباس

    رائع قمه الابداع

  • Doğukan Beyzade
    Doğukan Beyzade 5 days ago

    like a dream .... 😍

  • геннадий бенди

    Кукуруза классная для бурбона!!

  • 何家干
    何家干 5 days ago

    lovely cat

  • Семён Борода

    деревянные части канешна надо было все под замену,раз такое восстановление..и,моё мнение,крепежи,которые видно,не помешало бы пескоструить и полировать,или пескоструить и потравить щелочью в черный
    а в целом cool ,серьезая работа))))

  • Рожденный в СССР

    Лошадки - прелесть! а на маховике деревянной ручки не хватает.

  • Владимир Иванов

    Кота подсраку оттуда

  • dodgersfn Shepard
    dodgersfn Shepard 6 days ago

    That's just wow..must see moar restores

  • Renville80
    Renville80 6 days ago

    Very nice, but at the same time, I wonder if (other than needed work on the legs) it would have been better to keep it in its ‘work clothes’ rather than a ‘Sunday best’ restoration. In other words, clean off the dirt and old grease, repair what needs to be repaired, treat everything with a rust inhibitor, and reassemble, so it is an obvious “old but well cared for” and not a possibly recent copy.

  • Виктор Кокарев

    Очень приятно наблюдать за работой Спасибо 🙏 успехов.

    • Alexs Bliskiy
      Alexs Bliskiy 4 days ago +1

      очень приятно наблюдать за работой кота)..

  • shahir Kamizaki
    shahir Kamizaki 6 days ago +2

    The crusher in 1902 but rms titanic in 1912 this crusher older than rms titanic

  • Евгений Горынин

    Вот это качество металла, сейчас какой то пластилин делают

  • say say
    say say 7 days ago

    Cats do a good job!

  • Димон Дансков

    Рыжий Рыжий канапатый убил дедушку лапатой а я дедушку небил я дедушку любил. 2врянт а я дедушку любил пиздюлей ему вламил

  • WYQ JK
    WYQ JK 7 days ago

    You have golden hands!

  • lvslaukiniai
    lvslaukiniai 7 days ago

    odny detalnado bylo ostavit s patinoi kak na zdanijax staryx delajet

  • Dley_ Di
    Dley_ Di 7 days ago

    Золотые руки!

  • the pandaman
    the pandaman 7 days ago

    Thank you for not putting music

  • Attila Hadobás
    Attila Hadobás 7 days ago

    That funny :D You didn't knew what it is, and at the same time we use one like this at every week... :D

  • te
    te 7 days ago +16

    Кот очень прикольный :)

    • dat boi
      dat boi 2 days ago

      Коты любят помогать...

  • Adkatka
    Adkatka 7 days ago

    Wd40 smell good

  • Игнат Стробоскоп



    что ни мок ! из новой древесины сделать , гнилушки использовал

      ТЕРРИТОРИЯ СВОБОДЫ 5 days ago

      @MYGLAZ тут аналогия ни подходит

    • MYGLAZ
      MYGLAZ 5 days ago

      @ТЕРРИТОРИЯ СВОБОДЫ посмотри " парадокс корабля Тесея" если каждый год менять доски на корабле на новые, то в итоге там не останется ни одной доски из старого корабля))

      ТЕРРИТОРИЯ СВОБОДЫ 5 days ago

      @MYGLAZ я бы поменял на новую древесину

    • MYGLAZ
      MYGLAZ 5 days ago

      Это реставрация, ножки ещё не в том состоянии, чтобы их менять

    FAHRIDDIN BAZAROV 8 days ago


  • Aleks Morozov
    Aleks Morozov 8 days ago

    Серьезная работа!

  • Stier _
    Stier _ 8 days ago +2

    I was really hoping you'd show how it works in action at the end, amazing that you actually did that!

  • abdullatif almousa
    abdullatif almousa 8 days ago

    how long that restore did it take ? ...... 3 month or 9 month or 4 years ?

  • Second Peace
    Second Peace 8 days ago

    There are many parts more than I thought

  • aгата aгa
    aгата aгa 8 days ago

    пескоструя нету что ли ...

  • n trainer
    n trainer 8 days ago

    13:12 Doesn't it seem like the bolts should go the other way around with the nut on the wood underside?

    • Ted Marynicz
      Ted Marynicz 8 days ago

      No, the bolts have squared shafts at the top so they can grip in the wood and not turn.

  • добрый ёжик

    А у нас в России лошадей то не осталось (((

  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f 9 days ago

    We can read « Simon Frères Cherbourg » written on it , means
    Simon Brothers from a french Normandy coast town named Cherbourg

  • Owen Mitchell
    Owen Mitchell 9 days ago

    Cat stole the show. Can't beat a cat photobomb. Sorry :D

  • Chester Ivan
    Chester Ivan 9 days ago

    Ur cat is so cute

  • Ogtay Asadov
    Ogtay Asadov 9 days ago

    It seems easy with the inspector Catget..)

  • parisien2000
    parisien2000 10 days ago

    I love the bug part

  • Kirby York
    Kirby York 10 days ago

    Very well done! The best part about saving these amazing old tools, is putting them back to work again after all these years. I wonder if the manufacturer ever thought his machines would still be used over 100 years later? I'm catching up on your videos. This is FAR better than the garbage on TV these days. I hope to get back to doing restorations myself soon, as it brings great satisfaction. I guess I'll have to get another cat as well to supervise.

  • Alisinja Shtjefni
    Alisinja Shtjefni 10 days ago


  • xman750dotcodotuk
    xman750dotcodotuk 10 days ago

    just curious why don't you use sandblasting to remove the rust? it's much more efficient than wire brush

    • Taco
      Taco 8 days ago

      He does in alot of his videos

  • Andrij 30
    Andrij 30 10 days ago

    Дуже відповідально та педантично. Переглянув із задоволенням !

  • Ω Alan Pereira Ω
    Ω Alan Pereira Ω 11 days ago

    Adoro esse tipo de video, parabens pelo trabalho

    WOLP POL 11 days ago

    Good job

  • Витя Зеленцов

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    Robert Grzelak 11 days ago


  • Angel
    Angel 11 days ago +1

    That supervisor is tough. Another great video thanks for sharing.

    SKIP AD 11 days ago

    Corn mash time!