1972 Mercedes-Benz 600 Kompressor - Jay Leno's Garage

  • Published on Sep 29, 2014
  • Jay takes you for a ride in his very favorite car, a three-ton bespoke beauty meticulously restored by Karl Middelhauve.
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    1967 Mercedes-Benz 600 Kompressor - Jay Leno's Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 2 761

  • Bloo Loo
    Bloo Loo 10 hours ago

    Smaller than a 1969 Chrysler----2 door I might add--A lot slower and Waaaaaaaay cheaper--Also--there are still some driving around untouched--Karl had to trick this doorstop out to get it to pull its own weight===440 good luck anybody else--

  • 120bpm
    120bpm 11 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure you can restore refrigerator plastic part to pure white colour like people doing it with old computer cases.

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking 18 hours ago

    Actually the longest run of any Mercedes is the G-Wagen

  • Diana T.
    Diana T. Day ago

    Now THIS ... is a impressive car.

  • alex Kominski
    alex Kominski 6 days ago

    what can I say but WOW Thank Jay !!!!

  • Bigss360
    Bigss360 6 days ago

    the car has Gopro mount! so ahead of this time

  • grzech OOO
    grzech OOO 6 days ago

    great car tell me how earn for this star greatings from poland JAY

  • farhaan hassan
    farhaan hassan 7 days ago

    God , My wish is this i buy thia car one dat ameen😊

  • Михаил Иванов

    Бог сжалился над людьми, и подарил им Mercedes ! Всем владельцам Mercedes здоровья и благополучия ! 👍😎 Были W201,W140, теперь W124.

  • Art Xen
    Art Xen 8 days ago

    Don't know how about now but German engineering was the best in the world.

  • moisés
    moisés 9 days ago

    Nazi car

  • Nemo
    Nemo 9 days ago +1

    Nice... yes and for sure : hydrolic sustention and general system under Citroën licence, motorisation studied together with Renault... it's also a german than a french car... not cognised ! Ah ah ah dear people ! that's right (you can enquire).

  • Anton Maxwell
    Anton Maxwell 10 days ago +3

    Fully sick! You have to give it to the Germans...they are mechanical engineering masters.
    The Chinese are frantically trying to copy the 1960 technology in 2019 . However the Chinese build quality means the car has a 24 hour warranty.

  • Mohamed Samir
    Mohamed Samir 10 days ago +1

    jey leno is the most weird person on the planet

  • thunderdome
    thunderdome 10 days ago


  • Stephen in OZ
    Stephen in OZ 10 days ago +4

    From 1968 to his retirement in 1975, my father was in house legal counsel for one of Australia's wealthiest captains of industry. The Executive Chairman would send one of these around to our home in Northern Sydney at 7am every weekday morning to take my dad to work in the CBD, and took him home at 7pm precisely every night. I rode in it many times as the route passed by my school, so I would be dropped off. I never got picked on at school!
    There were only three of these in Sydney at the time. It was the most wonderful car. I do not remember it ever breaking down. The corporation had a fulltime driver and fulltime mechanic who was sent to the factory for training. For major servicing it went to the distributor and the work was done on the weekend, so it was always available M-F. It was dark blue with cream leather with cream wool carpet. A refrigerator, mobile phone, dictating machine and TV were installed.
    The model was the Grosser. It was longer and had forward and backwards facing rear seats with a sliding glass divider separating the driver, and separate air con controls. I remember my dad saying it cost $120k new in 1968. A Ferrari back then in Australia cost $30k. But there was method in providing this car. It meant that my father never had to worry about driving to and from work in the heavy traffic. He read the paper and a coffee was kept hot for him if he wanted one. It enabled him to always leave work at a relatively civilized hour and he could unwind and relax on the way home. His boss said it was a good investment because my dad made my boss millions in helping him run the corporation. To him it was a productivity tool because the deals they did required my dad to be on top of his game. It was a very demanding job.

  • Khelifi Mhamed
    Khelifi Mhamed 10 days ago

    Good car mersedes benz

  • Pat Pawlowski
    Pat Pawlowski 11 days ago +1

    This is my favorite car of all the vehicles I’ve seen from jay

  • 4067536
    4067536 11 days ago +1

    Hitler's car.

  • black conservative ogee

    My 1st car was a 1965 Mercedes 190C. It had a pitiful 4 cylinder engine.I wonder does this car have the same type of speedometer that goes up and changes color.

  • Jyothi Karnavar
    Jyothi Karnavar 12 days ago

    17:02 u scared the hell out me....😅

  • Wade Cahill
    Wade Cahill 12 days ago

    This Is why I love this man, he speaks about his cars with so much compassion, this car is absolutely amazing, and expensive !!

  • Cláudio Lopes
    Cláudio Lopes 13 days ago


  • Jay Young
    Jay Young 13 days ago

    One of The Supremes had one. And I believe I once saw President Duvalier of Haiti in one. This is not to overlook The Pope, of course. An exquisite automobile, for sure.

  • omar raddad
    omar raddad 13 days ago

    Every time i see video of old Benz they refer it to a third world dictator as if it was only made for em .

  • modern studies
    modern studies 13 days ago

    car making has gone backwards when it comes to inspirational cars

  • modern studies
    modern studies 13 days ago

    what you gonna do when things go electric

  • guysmalley
    guysmalley 13 days ago +1

    Yea German air conditioning.... gas

  • Michael Rochelle
    Michael Rochelle 13 days ago

    After watching that, now I need to sell my 1968 mercury cougar...

  • thomas green
    thomas green 13 days ago

    The trunk sure closes with some authority. Borderline dangerous lol. Really cool car.

  • Fredrik Larsson
    Fredrik Larsson 14 days ago

    Except for that Little detail, that third world dictators used to have sticky endings... I'd be up for any job where one of these were part of the perks. Funny thing: that Gear lever! I went to school every day in an MB 240D Lang, with an extra seat. It had a 4-speed manual gearbox with column change(!). It was necessary because the bus company had a stack of postbags between the front seats, and the lever was that one with the huge square knob with the shift pattern on the front of the knob. There can't have been many of those manual MBs with column change...

  • Summer Nguyễn
    Summer Nguyễn 14 days ago

    a lot of "expensive" in this clip, so complicated, sophisticated....

  • John Considine
    John Considine 15 days ago

    I always thought the windows and seats were pneumatic, not hydraulic on a 600? I don’t own one, so I could be wrong.

  • Darko Panic
    Darko Panic 15 days ago

    good day Mister Bond, one of the best benz they made

  • Desmond Bagley
    Desmond Bagley 16 days ago +4

    ..........I hadn't intended to watch all of the video but Jay seems to have that style that just keeps you enthralled, he can upstage any motoring journalist .

  • Desmond Bagley
    Desmond Bagley 16 days ago

    ......... CAD plated? not good, , you don't want cadmium plated parts.

  • Jekx
    Jekx 16 days ago +1

    Thanks jay for sharing most guys keep their collections to themselves and show their friends when their wives dinner parties are over

  • Proximate Cause
    Proximate Cause 16 days ago

    The only thing that irritates me believe it or not is the Mercedes emblem is not aligned on the steering wheel correctly....it's crooked when the wheels are straight ahead......

  • James D. Lethgo
    James D. Lethgo 16 days ago


  • Wim Philipsen
    Wim Philipsen 17 days ago +1

    Perhaps Trump wil buy it as the dictator to be!

  • Marko Becić
    Marko Becić 19 days ago

    Was this car the base for "The Red Pig"? :)

  • Stephen Pruszenski
    Stephen Pruszenski 19 days ago

    The Germans and the Brits: You want a great car - here ya go. That '72 Mercedes is perfect.

  • Alex
    Alex 20 days ago +1

    An absolutely beautiful car, a dream! But what is wrong with your seatbelt?

  • An McCLO
    An McCLO 20 days ago

    4 wheel
    disc brakes,
    nice to

  • An McCLO
    An McCLO 20 days ago

    fast windows up
    nice all
    around car
    and colors

  • Andros Charalambous Pyliotis

    Former president of Cyprus Archibishop Makarios had one.

  • عوض الشمري
    عوض الشمري 22 days ago

    I'm a fan of this fancy car.

  • Russell Lindsay
    Russell Lindsay 22 days ago

    Awesome video 👍
    Greetings from Australia.

  • NowLookHere
    NowLookHere 23 days ago

    Glorious wheels!

  • Herr Unfassbar
    Herr Unfassbar 24 days ago

    The Music at the Beginning :-)))

  • Andre Andre
    Andre Andre 24 days ago +7

    It's funny how all dictators had these cars. Growing up in communist Hungary I remember saying if the west is so evil and communism is so great, why our leader is riding around in a luxury Benz. The adults were stunned. It was the " the king wears no clothes" moment.

  • DOS.putin
    DOS.putin 25 days ago

    There goes Jay, just talking to himself again.
    Nice car tho.

  • Dimitris Georgiou
    Dimitris Georgiou 25 days ago

    Such a masterpiece!!!!

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou 28 days ago

    Is the coach build quality up to RR standards? close the door on an old RR n you get a solid deep sound with the gap between the door n body not even a mm out all round

  • saldoczaidi
    saldoczaidi 29 days ago

    Pullman: Landau was and still is unmatched ...it was conceived and built to compete and win the Limousine buyers and users ... It had every part and component bespoke ...there were no two Pullmans alike ... it was and still a White Elephant ...reserved only for those with very deep pockets ...it is utmost prestigious vehicle for use and 'show off'...

  • William Keith
    William Keith 29 days ago

    Thanks Jay for being such a fine steward of all the motor vehicles you have acquired. You are one of my heroes. Live long in good health!

  • Uncle Rudy
    Uncle Rudy 29 days ago +1

    Wonderful automobiles.... Very complex... I have worked on them... Amazing engineering !

  • Human Been
    Human Been Month ago

    "9:18" 😂

  • Abraham Baraka
    Abraham Baraka Month ago

    "elon musk cries in environmental degradation"
    Absolutely the greatest car ever built.

  • AOD Daddo
    AOD Daddo Month ago

    Please don't slam those beautiful doors...it hurts.