Kelsea Ballerini Sings Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Kane Brown in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • Song Association has gone country. In today's episode, we called on Kelsea Ballerini - the Grammy-nominated newcomer who warmed our hearts, and the charts, with hits like "Love Me Like You Mean It," and "Legends." Watch as she gives Song Association a shot with songs from Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Kane Brown in tow.
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  • Karena Short
    Karena Short 16 hours ago +1


  • Karena Short
    Karena Short 16 hours ago +1

    I never knew that she was the one that sang in the Chainsmokers song.
    She's rly good

  • FuriFeels
    FuriFeels 22 hours ago

    Such hard words why lol

  • Zhiyuen Khan
    Zhiyuen Khan 3 days ago +2

    Hi! ELLE, I'm actually waiting for Taylor Swift at this game omgg hope to see her here soon😭😭😍😍

  • Joseph Mata
    Joseph Mata 5 days ago

    khalid needs to be on here or billie eilish

  • H neuf
    H neuf 6 days ago

    those hard ass words! ya'll aint' right!

  • Carolyn Howell
    Carolyn Howell 7 days ago

    Her words were hard.

  • Sonya P
    Sonya P 9 days ago +1

    I hate that she knows like 3 albums and one is hers smh she didn't know "ain't no mountain high enough" 🤦‍♀️ she needs to diversify her music IQ... you make music for God's sake.

  • Chris Kwon
    Chris Kwon 9 days ago

    They made her words hard af

  • AlissiaLatrece
    AlissiaLatrece 9 days ago

    Somebody played her with these words lbs.

  • Leana G
    Leana G 10 days ago

    They did her dirty. Kelsea is like my role model. She inspired me to sing

  • Shardae Cormier
    Shardae Cormier 12 days ago

    Miley Cyrus - The Climb

  • Anoushka Fernandes
    Anoushka Fernandes 12 days ago +1

    I was waiting for the Taylor part!!

  • DerreckWheeler87
    DerreckWheeler87 14 days ago

    Y’all did her mad dirty with sins of these words

  • Sierra Mist
    Sierra Mist 15 days ago +1

    get gabbie hanna

  • M J
    M J 15 days ago +1

    Are we an ITEM? Girl quit playing.. we just friends? What r u sayinnnnn

  • Hurricane Mist
    Hurricane Mist 17 days ago +1

    Big reputation, big reputation
    Ooh you and me would be a big CONVERSATION , ah
    And I heard about you, ooh.

  • Old Fashion Mommy
    Old Fashion Mommy 18 days ago

    I like her attitude. She seems like her fans are most important to her.....and you just dont see that anymore

  • Tamia Nero
    Tamia Nero 23 days ago

    That was deffo so much harder than everyone else’s what the hell 😂

  • Keletso Moloi
    Keletso Moloi 23 days ago

    but then she did get mountain.
    aint no mountain high,aint no valley,aint not river wide enough.she was singing that song

  • Daniel Sparrow
    Daniel Sparrow 27 days ago

    They gave her HARD words! Unfair!

  • Jamarious Hank
    Jamarious Hank 28 days ago

    Lyft Jennings plz?

  • ClockingOut TimePasses

    She got hard words

  • kween kunta
    kween kunta 28 days ago

    Who dis?

  • Kiara Martin
    Kiara Martin 28 days ago

    she’s soooo prettyyyy😍😍😍😍

  • Sabrina Rota
    Sabrina Rota 29 days ago

    Lmao she really could not remember "like flowers they bloom" from her own song 😂

  • Fire Flicker
    Fire Flicker Month ago


  • Stacy Nottestad
    Stacy Nottestad Month ago +1

    Thumbs up this is is how many concerts people been to

  • Airel M
    Airel M Month ago

    My favorite girl 💗

  • Zaynah raza
    Zaynah raza Month ago

    O wouldn't say she is an amazing singer without autotune or mabye she wasn't doing her proper voiceeee idkkk

  • Courtney Marie
    Courtney Marie Month ago

    They gave her good hard words !

  • Sandra Rugaita
    Sandra Rugaita Month ago +1

    Damn somebody don't like her in Elle💀 Her words were crazy😭

  • Jordan Dior
    Jordan Dior Month ago

    *I* *LOVE* *HER* 🥰

  • Jordan Dior
    Jordan Dior Month ago

    Can we have Carrie Underwood on here

  • Tyesha Jenkins
    Tyesha Jenkins Month ago

    Please get jacquees on here

  • Alan Olivo
    Alan Olivo Month ago

    Okay ELLE, chill.... those were hard words, even for me with more time than her.

  • agnes nenuca
    agnes nenuca Month ago

    I love your song Peter Pan

  • Beyza Yilmaz
    Beyza Yilmaz Month ago

    She sings good

  • Eliza Jeane
    Eliza Jeane Month ago +1

    Do Billie Eillish!!

  • Ana N
    Ana N Month ago

    Why is she getting hardest words???

  • Unique Heda
    Unique Heda Month ago

    Yes Gaga Queen 😏😏

  • Samiraaa x
    Samiraaa x Month ago

    Lol arianators know chest and conversation

  • Miachristine2016
    Miachristine2016 Month ago

    They set you up sis 😂

  • Kayla Watambwa
    Kayla Watambwa Month ago

    can yall bring Khalid n bts?

  • Jazz Rose
    Jazz Rose Month ago +1

    Ok Kelsea Balerini and Kane Brown, what better people

  • frida
    frida Month ago

    This one was way harder the other.

  • Quin Roseman
    Quin Roseman Month ago

    HEAVEN: Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven (obvious)
    MOUNTAIN: Miley Cyrus - The Climb (there’s always gonna be another MOUNTAIN, I’m always gonna wanna make it move)
    LOVE: bro there are so many
    EPIC: Katy Perry - TGIF (think I need a ginger ale, that was such an EPIC fail)
    LONELY: Fifth Harmony - Lonely Night (obvious)
    CHEST: Cee Lo Green - Fuck You (although there’s pain in my CHEST, I still wish you the best)
    FUN: Rebecca Black - Friday (the iconic lines of : partying partying (yeah) FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN)
    REGRET: Nicki Minaj - Regret in your tears (obvious)
    CONVERSATION: Ariana Grande - (the pop masterpiece) Into You (a little less CONVERSATION, and a little more touch my body)
    LADIES: Lorde - Team (call all the LADIES out, they’re in their finery)
    TROUBLE: can’t do better than ms. Swift (stream ME!)
    REASONS: also can’t do better than mother monster Gaga
    ITEM: Justin Bieber - Baby (are we an ITEM, girl you playing)
    DRUM: Meghan Trainor - Bang Them Stick (I’ve got a thing for DRUMmers, so baby show off all those tricks and bang them sticks)
    FLOWERS: Taylor Swift - Call it What You Want (all my flowers grew back as thorns) OR TS - Clean (the drought was the very worse, when the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst)
    Thanks for listening to all the songs that instantly popped in my mind.

  • jayla RBLX
    jayla RBLX Month ago +1


  • Shaheen Shabrina
    Shaheen Shabrina Month ago +7

    Can we just appreciate how beautifully she sang 'I Knew You Were Trouble'

  • Gacha Wolfy
    Gacha Wolfy Month ago

    Who else wants to see Tarte on this? 😩

  • Brendan Neyman
    Brendan Neyman Month ago

    The point of this game is to make you choose your own songs lol

  • Beatriz Malta
    Beatriz Malta Month ago


  • Beatriz Malta
    Beatriz Malta Month ago


  • Meghan Berwick
    Meghan Berwick Month ago +1

    Word item
    Kelsea:I’m thinking of a grocery cart. I’m thinking of the chip isle,
    Me: you have the greatest quotes Kelsea

  • saddest broadway fan Haha


  • Sydney Chuang
    Sydney Chuang Month ago +1

    off screen person: "chest"
    me: TIM MCGRAW TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gracey Styles
    Gracey Styles Month ago +1

    All those CONVERSATIONs are the secrets that I keep though it makes no sense to me.

  • Averie LeBlanc
    Averie LeBlanc Month ago

    When she did I knew you were trouble 😯😯😯

  • De’Mani Nicoleee
    De’Mani Nicoleee Month ago

    They set her up for failure 😂

  • Caleny
    Caleny Month ago

    yayy i'm so happy she was on this one!!! But those words were so much harder than all the other people's

  • LizzyKoala88
    LizzyKoala88 Month ago

    Yeaaa I agree, this was pretty hard 😆

  • Sydney Nicole
    Sydney Nicole Month ago

    Lol y’all got some hard ones this time

  • Malyka McClee
    Malyka McClee Month ago


  • Anu Likhitha
    Anu Likhitha Month ago

    We want Taylor swift

  • chantoya17
    chantoya17 Month ago

    Most of these are not hard words at all. It's the time constraint that makes it hard to think up songs on the spot but all these words, bar "item", have all been used several times before in music.

  • Jasmine Grace
    Jasmine Grace Month ago +4

    she’s right.... AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH!!!

    BRIANNA HICHEZ Month ago

    I want Lea Michele pleaseeee 😍😪

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago

    Ryan destiny in here plz

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago

    Y’all missing out

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago

    Ryannnnnn destinyyyyyy

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago

    I bet she will reach all 15 Ryan destiny

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago

    Ryan destiny should be on here next

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago

    Ryan destiny

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago

    Ryan destiny

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago

    Put Ryan destiny on here

  • Brigan Barber
    Brigan Barber Month ago


  • MommyLovesLola Williams

    They gave her really hard words

  • Katie Ash
    Katie Ash Month ago

    Okay but I knew you were trouble should’ve been her song, she sang it so much better than Taylor

  • Ananya Shetty
    Ananya Shetty Month ago

    Such a beautiful voice! I'm a new fan!!

  • jules .c
    jules .c Month ago

    Came here for Taylor

  • • swaggiinah •
    • swaggiinah • Month ago

    I need Camila Cabello in this.

  • Judline Wren
    Judline Wren Month ago

    Conversations with my 13 year old self-P!nk
    Dead Flowers- Miranda Lambert

  • - aseashelly
    - aseashelly Month ago

    who on earth decided to throw the word “item” into the mix. i usually play along with these videos, and I think I do a pretty decent job...but item?!?! This is going to bug me all week!

  • Paige Zevitas
    Paige Zevitas Month ago

    They should do one with Billie Eilish❤️ I love her so muchhhh

  • Michael David
    Michael David Month ago

    Gaga Queen 😍

  • Reeta Gupta
    Reeta Gupta Month ago +1

    Oh my my I knew them all

  • Sabhyata Singh
    Sabhyata Singh Month ago +3

    I'm literally relating everything to taylor LMAO.(Shout out to any swifties here) when she didn't get anything for Regret i was thinking of Dear John where she sings "and i look back in regret how i ignored when they said run as fast as you can" and conversation i thought of end game. And in flowers i thought of clean. Sorry I'm an obsessive Swiftie. Kel looks so cute while singing!!!

  • Lisa Dhl
    Lisa Dhl Month ago


  • Lisa Dhl
    Lisa Dhl Month ago


  • Vuyolwethu Mtyapa
    Vuyolwethu Mtyapa Month ago

    They threw her under the bus 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

    LARA LEAHU Month ago

    Regret in your tears by Nicki Minaj?🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Harlequin
    Harlequin Month ago +1

    Could we get Lizzo ?

  • Harzalli Fatma
    Harzalli Fatma Month ago

    jay park pleeeease

  • Jen King
    Jen King Month ago

    OMG i love you so much i went to you miss me more consert i had a blast there

  • Briana
    Briana Month ago

    Lets see Billie Eilish next

  • The Life of Ro
    The Life of Ro Month ago

    "Awkward conversation. Running low on expectation". Camila

  • Bijendar Sharma
    Bijendar Sharma Month ago

    Got no regrets by come and get it

  • Haniya Ali
    Haniya Ali Month ago

    I want Taylor Swift to play song association!

  • Veronique Ramirez
    Veronique Ramirez Month ago

    I wanna see Carrie Underwood do thing?!

  • Tiffani Linde
    Tiffani Linde Month ago

    Best singer and person