From Gotham to isolated, code & debt-free West Texas estate

  • Опубликовано: 17 ноя 2014
  • Seven years ago John Wells sold his heavily-mortgaged home in upstate New York and bought 40 acres in West Texas for $8000. The area (Brewster County) is so isolated there are no codes or zoning restrictions so Wells built his own tiny home (in 9 days with $1600) relying on his set-building experience.
    Not wanting to rely on outside labor, Wells has continued to build his own services: a solar shower, a basic composting toilet, a bike-powered washing machine, an Airstream guest house, and a huge greenhouse which also houses 4 shipping containers he hopes to convert to housing/office space.
    Wells named his homestead (now 40 acres, he bought a second 20 acres for $500) the Field Lab (short for “Southwest Texas Alternative Energy and Sustainable Living Field Laboratory”) and he likes to experiment with off-grid solutions: one of his latest is a more-powerful solar oven.
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  • Travis Miller
    Travis Miller День назад

    places cant b lonely? idk that place looks n sounds pretty lonely lol

  • kausmo tumynski
    kausmo tumynski 2 дня назад

    Who the fuck wants to live in West Texas? Have you ever been there? I guess if your idea of a quality of life is living like a hermit in a filthy shack with no access to modern conveniences, hundreds of miles from civilization, go for it! So let me guess, if he hadn't made poor financial decisions he would still be living in his former residence? Sounds more like irresponsibility to me.... Maybe we should give West Texas to all the libertarians, dooms day cults, conspiracy theorists and white supremacists and let them live in unregulated peace and harmony.

  • Margaret G
    Margaret G 6 дней назад

    He moved away from city but wanted all the convenience's of the the city. Just not all the people. Created a huge property of mismatched structures and mashup equipment in order to experiment and recreate the convinces of his previous life. This is not for poor people. This stuff costs money. You will notice he says he bought this or that. You need an income or nestegg that's gives a regular yearly income. Its too far to have a job or travelling will be super costly. Great if you got the money or as he says it will really suck out there.

  • Kiyoshi Kirishima
    Kiyoshi Kirishima 7 дней назад

    So his 'house' is really just his bedroom and kitchen. He has plenty of living space in the other buildings. I'm a loner but I'd find it depressing to live alone in a place like that.

  • Robert Rishel
    Robert Rishel 9 дней назад

    “...because if there’s no one to smell ya’, do you really stink?” GENIUS, right? If a tree falls in the woods....

  • ScLeCo
    ScLeCo 10 дней назад

    What a shithole. No Thanks.

  • M J
    M J 11 дней назад

    - Awsome spot to live. im envious

  • Barry Maynard
    Barry Maynard 12 дней назад

    I bet the night sky is glorious there.

  • kevin joseph
    kevin joseph 13 дней назад

    he should go with desert or near desert edibles.

  • kevin joseph
    kevin joseph 14 дней назад

    he still needs a car, food, and I doubt he grows food.

  • kevin joseph
    kevin joseph 14 дней назад

    what are the various buildings?

  • S A D N E S S
    S A D N E S S 14 дней назад

    Living the dream

  • DD826
    DD826 15 дней назад

    betcha the property tax guys still come knocking

  • simon templer
    simon templer 15 дней назад

    Paradise is not a place is a state of mind...If you are happy with everything you need than you have every thing you want.
    Not sure if this is the way I could live..... but it sure beats being a debt slave...

  • Paul Grimm
    Paul Grimm 16 дней назад

    That tin shack has to get hot in the summer

  • pokeaman1
    pokeaman1 16 дней назад

    Thank you for allowing us to view your lifestyle. If you don't suffer lonleyness then this is ideal way of leaving.

  • b-b
    b-b 17 дней назад

    If he dug a pool sized hole in that greenhouse and grew in that the climate control would be simple. The ground is a wonderful thing.

  • Bill Craig
    Bill Craig 18 дней назад

    Fascinating video. I really admire the ingenuity of this man. Too old to do this now but ........

  • John Sawyer
    John Sawyer 18 дней назад


  • Roman Gasca
    Roman Gasca 19 дней назад

    We must remove the Rothschild from this Earth

  • Poor Prosperity
    Poor Prosperity 24 дня назад

    no trees.. no water.. yeah if you can manage to survive out here at all, it will cost money to do it

  • rpeek
    rpeek 25 дней назад +1

    Country living is the best..

  • Samuel Iam
    Samuel Iam 26 дней назад

    If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to smell it, do you still stink?
    Good on ya', mate. Looks rough, but comfortable. And beautiful

  • Tommy Yuckguts
    Tommy Yuckguts 26 дней назад +1

    Betcha some scumbag is already plotting to take his guns and ammo. Lol.

  • dawn e
    dawn e 27 дней назад +1

    I envy this man. Wonderful story, great video.

  • Ray Brensike
    Ray Brensike 28 дней назад

    I wonder how cool a home could be out there if it was dug into the ground about 7'.

  • Max Johnson
    Max Johnson 28 дней назад

    20:40 He spells washer, "worsher."
    Now I see why this fucking godless sociopath has to live in the desert.

  • Trini Munoz
    Trini Munoz 29 дней назад +1

    Sir you said you dont stink if no one is there to smell you but the lady doing the story on you get a whiff of you l was just wondering

  • Trini Munoz
    Trini Munoz 29 дней назад

    For now just wait till those lots are sold and more people start doing the same thing those cheap taxes are go up

    • WithAStick AngryWhiteMan
      WithAStick AngryWhiteMan 24 дня назад

      Those blood suckers can only bully people who still willing to be slaves of money. The Rents in Cali is already sky high yet Liberals still want to raise the tax. that no doubt will drive more people to the street. Yeah.. tent cities.

  • amish bull
    amish bull Месяц назад

    Sir, you've got the balls of a pioneer! My straw hat goes off to you.

  • Junior Mcclure
    Junior Mcclure Месяц назад

    Respect to this gentleman..

  • Ron West
    Ron West Месяц назад

    Good for him. I think he wasted a lot of time and energy with the shipping containers. He isn't using them and like he said they get really hot and cold. Good for a workshop or storage though. Being out of debt is great.

  • Joseph Bertolino
    Joseph Bertolino Месяц назад +1

    this guy is my hero

  • Donna Walker
    Donna Walker Месяц назад

    More power to him. I couldn't take all the brown all the time. I was itchy just watching the video.

  • MrBrew169 K
    MrBrew169 K Месяц назад

    Thanks for sharing!
    I have 10 acres near Marfa Texas and have no idea what to do with it lol
    Good stuff

  • Chris Darrell
    Chris Darrell Месяц назад

    You are awesome broher

  • Don Quixote
    Don Quixote Месяц назад

    The rules exist, just no one enforcing them. If you bought that land, it's recorded with an authority who has and will eventually enforce rules when it's convenient, you'll know the difference if you have a property tax bill. If you haven't then you're a squatter. Just getting away with it. 😁 have a good time.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Месяц назад

    *Citiots* Best phrase I heard all year.

  • Loki1620
    Loki1620 Месяц назад

    That is gorgeous land. I love the west Texas landscape. Trees are over rated.

  • michael hornbuckle
    michael hornbuckle Месяц назад

    Hell yes! I'm jealous

  • 22vx
    22vx Месяц назад +1

    If there's nobody around to smell you do you really stink?

  • F.D McIntyre
    F.D McIntyre Месяц назад

    Nice video thanks...…..

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus Месяц назад

    How the hell did you get the phone company to bring out a line to you in the middle of nowhere?

  • PrincessZorlon
    PrincessZorlon Месяц назад

    first I see he has nothing around him.... awesome... then at about 2:13 I notice a camera on the side of his home.. ummmm, why?

  • Sonya Knox
    Sonya Knox Месяц назад

    Right On😎

  • kipponi
    kipponi Месяц назад

    So where it is mule ?

  • just the tip? band
    just the tip? band Месяц назад

    this guy is livin the dream! i wana be your neighbor. beautiful scenery. the bike washer is awesome!🍻

  • Millard Trammell
    Millard Trammell Месяц назад

    John, do you live on Mailbox Rd. if so my wife and I turned around in your driveway last April. Nice place i liked it out there my wife not so much. Small world.

  • abc def
    abc def Месяц назад

    i thought i wanted out of suburban western WA pretty bad BEFORE I watched this.
    you can't go anywhere around here without seeing a car wreck.
    No such thing as an open check out counter that doesn't have a line 20 ft long.
    Used needles?
    Everybody is is pissed off about something.
    Think im going to put a plan together.

  • Raymond F. Pittam
    Raymond F. Pittam Месяц назад

    I wish I could find such a place, I would let my wife live here in Redding and I would go where there is nobody.

  • Fanny Buster
    Fanny Buster Месяц назад

    What about a tornado..? where do you go?

  • Henry Godfrey
    Henry Godfrey Месяц назад

    Seriously why the guns? You've not much to steal and no one for miles around.

    • Henry Godfrey
      Henry Godfrey Месяц назад

      The USA is a weird place.

    • Morpheus
      Morpheus Месяц назад +1

      It's Texas. It's the law.

  • Mark Tarr
    Mark Tarr Месяц назад

    A home-brew setup is conspicuously missing...

  • william akers
    william akers Месяц назад

    that country sucks!! gotta have trees bro

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott Месяц назад +1

    Now if u haven't already❓ re *EDIT FOOK A 2014 VIDEO probably gone* -
    START digging a bunker Below in oz opal mines people live below the ground with clear lense lights beamed down
    u can do it with a glass or plastic bottle a bit chlorine so water dont go green day time free lights cooler below go up top nite
    anyway if a big storm yur ass is safer below 👍💥👨‍💻🗯
    few trees shade a well - be a great place to hide out
    lonely? at 60yr old i hear voicesfrom past anyway haa

  • Andy Hay.
    Andy Hay. Месяц назад

    Paint the sheets white it will cool the box..

  • cleanview70
    cleanview70 Месяц назад

    i cancelled cable & cell, turned my apple phone into a free voip phone, bought a android box for free streaming tv from a third-party internet provider & threw an antenna on my roof that gets 30 clear channels. I'm just getting started.

  • Zac Fliss
    Zac Fliss Месяц назад

    Kirsten love your content. Keep it coming...

  • cafe80s
    cafe80s Месяц назад

    Great video! Thanks!

  • brynwhit
    brynwhit Месяц назад

    Yeah but how much do you pay in fuel? As in to get to town to get provisions?

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott Месяц назад

    I pay 4000 a year for 1 acre and 900sq foot house

  • Bradford Nugen
    Bradford Nugen Месяц назад

    Where do you work though? Hope you aren’t all alone out there!

  • Aleada Siragusa
    Aleada Siragusa Месяц назад


  • Joel Gratton
    Joel Gratton Месяц назад


  • Chris B
    Chris B Месяц назад

    I just about died at the oven controls

  • Kevin Barrett
    Kevin Barrett Месяц назад

    You are a thought criminal... lol

  • Edo Flo
    Edo Flo Месяц назад

    You can live in a cardboard box in any westcoast city.

  • sideshowdrummer
    sideshowdrummer Месяц назад

    sure now you can build anything but soon the goverment will come in and take it over.

  • marfalight
    marfalight Месяц назад

    strange....if he wants off the grid and alone and all, why is he telling the whole world about his secret place, where it is and how to get there with pictures?????, this man has big plans, he wants all the city folk haters from haterville to come out where he is, so he can start selling them land then it will turn into a haterville just like where they came from......duh, his taxes will go up the more people move out there, so why is he shooting himself in the foot/???....duh???.about like those survivallists that have 10 years worth of food in their basement with guns and supplys and all for their paranoid nuerotic thinking that the world is going to end, then they go on tv and show everybody what they have done and where they are and shows all their stupid is that......i'll just party all the time, then when it hits the fan, go to where they are, take their house and live in it and use their supplys and keep their women.

  • Asif Patel
    Asif Patel Месяц назад

    but no woman ever lives there

  • DonE 246
    DonE 246 Месяц назад

    Pure ingenuity and dedication to create what you heart is telling you to do...and my observation with your home is evidence of that. With your ability and jobs ahead of you, a visitor once a month might fulfill you interaction with another person, you might even want to save a meal . You're living your dread and seem prepared to handle the unexpected. Being a builder my self I would go one step further and use tie downs deeply driven into the ground so as to further re-embrace main areas of support. You wouldn't be fending off a tornado but you'd fee safer when the high velocity straight winds came you way....don't you agree? You've got a super home and keeping a couple high power rifles with plenty of back-up ammo is exactly what I dol I'm living in a more less deserted area bordering the state national forest....panthers, cyotes, black bear, rattler snakes and copperhead. Be vigilant and continue with your dream hats off to you brother.

  • basically hell
    basically hell Месяц назад

    How dose he make money

  • GizmoFromPizmo
    GizmoFromPizmo Месяц назад

    This guy's whole life is an adventure. It's almost like he lives on Gilligan's Island.

  • im1who84u
    im1who84u Месяц назад

    4:14 A surveillance camera on side of his house?

  • J
    J Месяц назад

    Burning Man LMAO

  • Dawn Hernandez
    Dawn Hernandez Месяц назад

    I used to live about 25 miles outside a town, and that was plenty far enough. I'd get off work at midnight, do whatever shopping needed done...that time of morning hardly anyone else was shopping. Get home, feed the dogs and horses, watch a little boob-toob and snag some sleep. Only drawback was getting in the middle of a project then discovering you didn't have something you needed--actually taught me to do like this gentleman, and learn to "invent" as I went along. I'm glad this gentleman is happy--living way out in the boonies isn't for everybody, but it's lovely if you have the mindset for it.

  • Mountainman
    Mountainman Месяц назад

    My dream life! Be ready for a neighbor at some point. I know where I'm heading to now!

  • john lawrence
    john lawrence Месяц назад

    So many amazing things to do in a city, build a career, have a family, build that dream... but for some, that wake up call at 0" here we go again clock rings dull as the years roll on, no matter what the work life has given or taken......All that traffic, congestion, crowds of people, etc, etc. Lifestyle of get more, work more, live less, pay more, get less can exhaust you without even realizing the toll , which begs the question.... Going back to a more basics lifestyle, with some modern exceptions can ease all of that, given time, but that in itself requires change... Many seek, and some find the happy place, with a city off in the distance, it's there, but not needed right now, you can always go tomorrow. Living on one of the Southern Gulf Islands in B.C. Canada. The day starts with coffee on my time, reading what is already history, letting others keep it all going...check the deer as they forage, quietly passing through, listen to the birds, do some yard chores when needed, wood for the fire in place, watch the boat traffic, see the water as it changes during the course of a day, enjoy the trees, watch a storm come in sometimes, walk, hike, cycle...have a nap.... sleep in silence every night, no street lights, once in a while an owl sounds off, or a passing cargo boat breaks that silence..... the engine humming its way from a mainland somewhere in the world to somewhere else in the world .... the joy of a different phase in life, 50 years of employment seems to have passed with a wink. Time now for the younger people to build, shape the world of today. City life, the downtown lights, the race to get there or be there, only when absolutely necessary. Interesting to watch those who have made these life changes.

  • D R
    D R Месяц назад

    Could have made the greenhouse his home and had a power line run out there or a bigger solar array what a waste of cash on a greenhouse you arent using

  • thomas baker
    thomas baker Месяц назад


  • John R
    John R Месяц назад

    Well I guess not showering wouldn't wash your protection off, oil in your skin protects skin cells and would also protect you form city women.

  • Ani Merci
    Ani Merci Месяц назад

    But who would want to live in Texas?

    • Kyle Webre
      Kyle Webre Месяц назад

      30 million people.

  • mrsilveri
    mrsilveri Месяц назад

    I mean good for him if he's happy but you couldn't pay me to live out in West Texas.

  • Dayne Cox
    Dayne Cox Месяц назад

    Hello, Dayne here, You are one lucky person I would give anything to live out somewhere like that but we don't have land like that in UK & at 62 yrs Young cannot live in any country would have loved to have a homestead.

  • One Person
    One Person Месяц назад

    People can do the same in whatever climate they prefer where there is little land zoning and low property taxes. Just be sure to get enough property so that when some crazy fool buys the 40 acres next to yours and does something goofy, it doesn't effect you. For example, I was buying our land in a certain area. On one side of the river was civilization but cropland and toxic crop duster overspray. On the other side of the river was wooded land with bubbas shooting guns everywhere all the time. I chose the bubbas and the guns. I've become a bubba with a gun and we all get along, and my garden doesn't get hit with glyphosate and my bee hive is happy. Scary times when stray bullets are less dangerous than what's sprayed on our food! On the upside, my kids now know how to shoot and fell a tree and turn it into firewood.

  • J S
    J S Месяц назад

    LOL @ "Ammo Cabinet". My hero.

  • William Keith
    William Keith Месяц назад

    This area of Texas is perfect for the use of Adobe. Thick walls insulate, swamp cooler to cool, fireplace for winter. Cistern for water storage and solar for power.

  • 212days
    212days Месяц назад

    The word "isolated" in the title... is no exaggeration.

  • Velocity Construction
    Velocity Construction Месяц назад

    I have a duplex that I bought for $20000 at an auction in Tampa and because it is valued at $15000 and I live in it, it qualifies for a homestead exemption- which results in 0 taxes. My payment this year is $87 for some minor stuff. If you pick up distressed property in "bad neighborhoods" and live in them, it is the same as living in the middle of nowhere. I have a well, septic, and pay approx. $150/month for electric. It is not the greatest neighborhood, but at least I don't have to run in place like I have done the rest of my life.
    I also bought the one next door for $30000 and only pay $600/year in taxes on that-

  • theinkbrain
    theinkbrain Месяц назад

    What is your source of water? And do you have a source of income?

    TONY SOPRANO Месяц назад

    what a Looney loner loser named louis

  • Will Boyd
    Will Boyd Месяц назад

    Actually he does not even need to buy toilet paper. Simply face away from the wind and eventually all the poo has gone down wind.

  • Sharpdressedvan
    Sharpdressedvan Месяц назад

    If you have no problem settling for dirt cheap living conditions and inconvenient everything, this video is for you and so is this lifestyle.

  • MrShobar
    MrShobar Месяц назад

    Thanks for the view of your home and showing the entire world where you reside, and apparently all alone. The Manson gang, for example, preyed on people like this. If you want to be left entirely alone, remain anonymous, instead of showcasing your homestead. What's in it for you?

  • drutgat2
    drutgat2 Месяц назад

    Interesting guy.

  • Marshall Garrett
    Marshall Garrett Месяц назад

    This is the future, the end of excess.

    DANTHETUBEMAN Месяц назад

    i bet you could do well with earth brick building out there.

  • Bill Brown
    Bill Brown Месяц назад

    Kirsten Dirksen I wonder where the LINE is? Yeah, you know, THE LINE!
    The herd of VICTORIA SECRET models waiting in line to JUMP YOUR BONES.

  • Paul anon
    Paul anon Месяц назад

    Eats crappy processed foods and drinks bottled water, lives in a tin shack when there is plenty of stone, get off your ass and build a proper home ffs

  • Long Beach
    Long Beach Месяц назад

    Can you sell me a section, i'm tired of paying a mortgage