Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
  • people are weird sometimes

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  • lizabeth frend
    lizabeth frend 23 hours ago

    My frend isnt save world and i save . olveys when she fraa on flor and i put that in garveg! Mmm ?

  • Zenobia Taqi
    Zenobia Taqi Day ago

    Why aren’t Jaiden and James dating yet

  • Kibaheart
    Kibaheart Day ago

    Maybe I’m a horrible person, but i had a male friend who wanted to be more than friends, and I kindly declined. He acted like it was fine at first but then started the whole emotionally abusive crap where he would try and guilt me into spending time with him etc, and threw fits when I didn’t give him my undivided attention. It got to the point where he was basically harassing me and started the whole “I’m just going to kill myself then.” crap. It went on for weeks and then one day I was so done I literally told him “fine, do it then, I don’t care.” He, of course, didn’t and left me alone afterward and then I heard he did the same thing to another girl soon after 🙃
    Her repeating that you are not responsible for other people’s happiness cannot be more true.

  • Maxtendo
    Maxtendo Day ago

    realtionships are like bridges between ur ecosystems, friends are weak but bridges that can be cut or shaken easily, dates are bridges that are suspended stronger and held up, but still can be tweaked or cut to benefit them and not you (or *both* of you which is important), but marriage, thats where u need to think "is our bridge steady and safe to walk over" and "is this bridge going to be cut easily". If ur going to marry, you have to be sure that that bridge is in near perfect condition (i.e. safe to walk over) and can one of you just cut it off with a snip from large scissors, if the answer is "pfft no we both need the strongest of chainsaws and axes to cut this down" then go for it. If not then, well i got bad news, you shouldnt marry (yet, there may still be time to work on that bridge). As someone who has undergone depression, and manipulation and all that stuff, this was basically my thing on how to avoid that.

    _also don"t wear rose glasses in ur ecosystem, u wont be able to see the red flags set up on ur side of the bridge_

  • weak all might
    weak all might Day ago

    F**k its toga

  • Elijah Blake
    Elijah Blake Day ago


  • Rickey Lin
    Rickey Lin Day ago

    But them anime references doe uwu

  • Ninja51507
    Ninja51507 Day ago

    I've never related more to a video than today.

  • MyÈdítź X as the RG

    “Hey I brought coke!”


  • Theweirdoreader
    Theweirdoreader Day ago

    Jaiden: You interact with people.
    Me (a hermit that drinks more coffee then speaks to people): .......sure jaiden....sure.

  • William Miller
    William Miller Day ago

    Wanting the best for yourself IS selfish. Also, Satan invented coffee.

  • BlackCover95
    BlackCover95 Day ago

    4:34 That segment could be a meme.

  • neil pence
    neil pence Day ago

    I find it difficult too when an individual, such as myself in this example is aware of their traits and when you share that with people as to the reason you wish to have nothing more than a platonic relationship... they take it as a challenge or something not serious. its confusing.

  • Christopher Caballero


  • Ruth N Gav
    Ruth N Gav Day ago

    I was in one of the most manipulative friendship ever and it screwed me up and my self esteem Is still so low rn

  • Pastel Sylveon
    Pastel Sylveon Day ago

    I spy a BNHA character~

  • mikka Guevara
    mikka Guevara Day ago

    thanks Jaiden i have a friend that is like that

  • MagicatForest 12579

    pouring cereal into milk.


  • Joselyn Lewis
    Joselyn Lewis Day ago


  • Jackson Lamb
    Jackson Lamb Day ago

    This is much more helpful then what school shows us about manipulation

  • Wally Samuel
    Wally Samuel Day ago

    Did anyone else notice the toga pigtails in there?

  • Random Cookie
    Random Cookie Day ago

    It would be so helpful if a red flag appeared and just Jaiden (or someone) came and hit the person.

  • katsuki bakugou
    katsuki bakugou Day ago

    It was toga did no one else notice that

  • jindtasu plays
    jindtasu plays Day ago

    K sorry for my friend vinz but hes gotta go imma say YES to all youre questions... just hope he finds more friend than me cuz were done

  • TheGoodSoArt
    TheGoodSoArt Day ago

    nope to all of them I and my GF are good

  • Bnha Idiot
    Bnha Idiot Day ago

    Was that Toga Himiko?

  • Hillary Mandujano

    My favorite part 6:26

  • Aurora jarvi
    Aurora jarvi Day ago

    Is anyone going to talk about how on the Sally-mote it said wobow at the bottom

  • tipsy
    tipsy Day ago

    hey kid

    wanna do a *drug*

  • helena ennarda
    helena ennarda Day ago

    Thanks Jaiden,you actually helped me in a red flag relationship I had with someone,thanks alot!

  • Dino Dog
    Dino Dog Day ago

    Friend: *eats my food*

    Me: RED FLAG

  • Girl Time
    Girl Time Day ago

    This really makes me feel better about school. I recently moved to private school from being homeschooled, and boiiiiiiii are there some jerks in my grade! Thx again Jaiden!

  • The Lone Gamer
    The Lone Gamer Day ago

    I have to say, Thank you this has given me a lot to think about and I appreciate you more than I already do for posting this and I'm in situations like in the video. All I have to say is thank you so much and I appreciate what you do and I feel others agree and I appreciate what you do. Thank you so very much

  • Austin.From.Boston

    what a chad

  • Aono Aniko
    Aono Aniko Day ago


  • Calm yet internally screaming

    6:40 i died from laughter 😂😂😂

  • Sheila Kesler
    Sheila Kesler Day ago

    Anyone recognize toga from BNHA only me

  • yh545 videos
    yh545 videos Day ago

    this worked for me

  • xX_Moonie_Xx
    xX_Moonie_Xx Day ago +1

    Does anyone have advice for me, I have multiple friends who use me and dump their problems onto me and I've tried to hear tell them I can't be their friend be use they manipulate me to do and say things I don't want to, but they always just tell me that they will do something to them or myself and I fell guilty of scared to say it, and I need help to find a way to say the words. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated, and sorry if I sound rude in this comment.😅

  • Riley Pie
    Riley Pie Day ago


  • Kate Hoolboom
    Kate Hoolboom Day ago

    ya my friends aren't good they forget and things about me..

  • Kalmar Vlogs
    Kalmar Vlogs Day ago

    8:06 Is this a JOJO reference

  • Michal Wilawer
    Michal Wilawer Day ago

    That girl with the spider girl looks like me....OK

  • Ashraf Ibrahim
    Ashraf Ibrahim 2 days ago

    My heart is totaly heart

  • Electro spice
    Electro spice 2 days ago

    jaiden if i ever see u i'll give you a big kiss for this video u saved me from a big toxic friendship

  • Joe Pinzone
    Joe Pinzone 2 days ago

    Nice way to put this! Dig your style hardcore

  • Pix3lbr31ker R
    Pix3lbr31ker R 2 days ago

    5:00 but isnt it the therapists job to help someone with low self esteem
    isnt he responsible for someone elses happinessssssssssssssssssss?ß!1?1?!ß!??!?!!?!?!

  • Space Dog
    Space Dog 2 days ago

    Hahah when your empathy is so bad that all your problems are ignored and all your thousand friends problems are yours hehehe

  • Aira Atregenio
    Aira Atregenio 2 days ago +1

    i still dont know if my bff is a real bff or not....

  • Daniel The scp god
    Daniel The scp god 2 days ago

    A cure for depression people

  • JeffSkyward
    JeffSkyward 2 days ago +1

    7:46 did you predict LilyPichu's break up?

  • RGSNate
    RGSNate 2 days ago

    2:45 Gotta increase that zed time

  • niqhtly chlo
    niqhtly chlo 2 days ago +1

    oml i love this video

  • vanessa dreams
    vanessa dreams 2 days ago +1


    *meanwhile youtubers who pranks*

  • Mason
    Mason 2 days ago +5

    When someone doesn’t flush the toilet

    *red flag.*

  • justinplayz
    justinplayz 2 days ago

    One hundo persen?

  • Jayson Badua
    Jayson Badua 2 days ago +2

    Buts today’s modern friendships are just roasting and being toxic to each other

  • Affian Rage (Alex Nelson)

    This is a fantastic video. I love the message and how things were explained. You have a great voice that helps to keep the attention on what is being said. I also enjoyed the little funny bits here and there. They pertained to the message in someway but kept it more realistic as opposed to making light heartedness of a not positive topic or sounding like it was out of place comedy/commentary. Thanks for making this video

  • End_mySuffering xX
    End_mySuffering xX 2 days ago

    Imagine being in a relationship