Sesame Street's newest Muppet has autism: Meet Julia

Sesame Street's newest Muppet has autism: Meet Julia

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Автор EVO ( назад)
Check out my newest vid it's a clip of this

Автор Malcolm Monster79 ( назад)
I Wish Caroll Spinney Would start learning growing working studying lessons reading playing with other kids rather playing with his dolls he would do that sometimes he would stop playing with his dolls for a while longer he would say hey quite teasing me with my big ears that hurts my feelings he needs to ignored these stupid kids just walk away like you never ever saw them again sometimes father's get bad temperd he needs to learn more about stop bullying speak up he needs to get an adult or teacher principle to stopped these bullies call their parents picking them up bring them home to teach them a lesson learn more about please don't tease anymore mary kate and ashley olsen would spend some quality time day together with Caroll Spinney and the little boy so they won't be alone anymore windzike the flower of Oz would give Caroll Spinney the power of courage and wisdom spirit phropecy agent responsible rules and regulations all of it and bring back their strength and durability Caroll Spinney Would make Big bird 7 years old make him go 5 in a half years old make him feel perfect and helpful information serious smart and clever and sensibility and not so brainless within a brain energized stright alright okay fine perfect movements look too keen feathers less haphazard the toes become not so cute make grover 5 years old make elmo 4 years old and ask questions at 2 times zoe turn 4 years old and ask questions at 2 times baby bear lips kidish Martin p Robinson would make telly monster clam down and relaxing and enjoy make Mr snuffleupagus 5 in a half years old make cookie monster will no longer eat everything else make herry monster knows his own strength and make ernie sad make rosita would go to Spain and new Mexico cookie monster's eyes become closed sleepy droopy sleepy eyelids

Автор Donna Glick ( назад)
This is awesome from a mom that has a son who has a autism!!!!

Автор WalkingJoyfullyAroundTheInternet ( назад)

Автор DankDaddy ( назад)
Sesame Street characters are suppose to teach kids. How is a retarded character gunna teach kids anything?

Автор Janae's world tv ( назад)
they should also have a puppet with Tourette syndrome.

Автор tin tức online 365 ( назад)
Your dress is so beautiful

Автор Ioannis Petroulakis ( назад)
why robo-narrator?

Автор hungwilliam ( назад)
the narrator has autism too. donald trump supporters are traitors.

Автор Random Af ( назад)

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