KUWTK | Is Khloe Kardashian Keeping a Secret From Kim? | E!

What's really going on with Khloe's love life? Learn why the sister is silent about her beau in this "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" deleted scene.

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KUWTK | Is Khloe Kardashian Keeping a Secret From Kim? | E!

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Автор Bernard Cooper ( назад)
They are giving away makeup at sites.google.com/site/dbb6ab75de

Автор Blanca Carrasco ( назад)
Kim loooks so pretty

Автор Butterfly 2017 ( назад)
what happen to this dudes face he used to b cute o.O

Автор roter13 ( назад)
i thought this was an old episode for a second because Kim is starting to look like how she did in the first couple of seasons.

Автор Tony H ( назад)
Kim looks hot af here but this show got soo boring...haven't watched since 2012 it used to be funny.

Автор Matts Vlogs ( назад)
kim looks so good here!😍

Автор Daphne Rose ( назад)
Kim looks so much better here, not like a complete weirdo, Kanye dressed her crazy.

Автор Chandel Schenally ( назад)
Kim so annoying

Автор Lady Unicorn ( назад)
I love kourtney! Shes such a great sister!

Автор Grizz Grizz ( назад)
I swear this nigga is ggggaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy on my mom !!!!!!!!

Автор MAJID IQBAL ( назад)
Is it true kim uses this charcoal mask before she puts on make up??


Автор Kevin Young ( назад)
first world problems. imagine if isis took them hostage?

Автор Anna Risco ( назад)
That eye roll at 0:42 thooo

Автор Bonnie Cochran Jensen ( назад)
They sound nasal ,pretty but boring.

Автор Patricia Star ( назад)
Kim looks gorgeous here😍

Автор Lo Oo ( назад)
Who has confidence like Kim K?

Автор wiaa ( назад)
kim is so hot 😻😫

Автор Bren Lieu ( назад)
I just keep looking at their tan. Looks like I'm gonna self tan tomorrow night

Автор Jesús ( назад)
That friend of Kim Kardashian at the beginning is turning into Caitlyn season after season

Автор truth teller KARDASHIAN WEST ( назад)
I like the fact that the kardashians care so much about each other🤗 real sisters😍

Автор Amarie Wright ( назад)
Kim looks flawless and her smile towards the end

Автор N ( назад)
Lmfaaao kim

Автор Khadeen Herbert ( назад)
whoever is this new camera person they are terrible ...why is the camera shaking sooooo much

Автор The Bella Twins #1 Fan ( назад)
1:00 😂

Автор Vana Camilla ( назад)
Yess Kim looks good like her old self she needs to stop letting Kanye influence her style and look I was starting to think she was a synthetic human but she looks glowy and happy here

Автор DW Jackson ( назад)
Khole told dim that she has aways been a man. Dim admits thas she was born male as well

Автор Markiee ( назад)
its Better Before 2007 Now Looks Like A Staged

Автор TaEhYuNg's Wife JiMiNiE's MisTrEsS ( назад)
their personalities are so dull i would literally die out of boredom if i was stuck in a room with them

Автор N_ S ( назад)
For a period of time Kim started looking really bad but now I feel like she's getting back to her younger more gorgeous self! She looks amazing

Автор Mia Appleton ( назад)
This sounded soooo scripted

Автор Princess Love ( назад)
Kim looks amazing

Автор untitled ( назад)
what's the end song??

Автор Ses Ferre ( назад)
kourtney doesnt give a fck hahahaha

Автор PurpleBunnySlippers ( назад)
Kim looks soooo pretty!!

Автор Brenden O'Brien ( назад)
"Even after two kids... my mouth has gotten so much better"😂😂

Автор Elizabeth Park ( назад)
lol her eyeroll at 0:41.

Автор Ravi C ( назад)
old mom's

Автор WaveSlimes On Instagram ( назад)
Kim looks insanely hot

Автор _Serenity ( назад)
Kim is starting to look like her old self here, loving it 👌

Автор Criss ( назад)
Kim rolling the eyes: me

Автор nameselize ( назад)
Kim and Kourtney are looking so beautiful and natural

Автор Lena ( назад)
"Even if she did I'm certainly not telling the big mouth"

Автор Beautiful Chaos ( назад)
Kim looks beautiful here

Автор Alice Liu ( назад)
I watched the whole episode

Автор Knez Fikol ( назад)
On those 3 separate promo pictures of the 3 of them Kim looks uglier than the other two. Her head looks awkwardly long. Change that.

Автор Hamdi ( назад)
Bruhh Kim got the biggest mouth coz a guy called ray J expanded it LMAO

Автор LadyImagine ( назад)
"I'm so busy, I have no time." She says as she sits around with nothing to do.

Автор rocky brocky ( назад)
she looks more natural and less buttery..

Автор Anastasiya Mun ( назад)
I wish someone looked at me the way Jonathan looks at Kim 0:43

Автор Ava Coin ( назад)
Is nobody gonna talk about how good Kim looked in the thumbnail

Автор lamoskgr Moskow ( назад)
Kim looks beat for the gods. I'm glad old Kim is back

Автор nusrath naurin ( назад)
This looks so fake it wasn't even in the actual episode

Автор Clash with Irvinnn ( назад)
I want free episodes

Автор Taylor Smith ( назад)
Why should I care?

Автор siej Lv ( назад)
They look so beautiful and tanned and glowy! Kim looks ridiculously gorgoeus!

Автор TokyOnIghTLife ( назад)
They're hot af but boring don't you think?

Автор lemon jones ( назад)
"I mean I don't care"

Автор gianni ( назад)
0:41 that eye roll 😂

Автор Itz._daphne j ( назад)
Who is your favorite Kardashian and jenner
Mine is Kendall and Khloe

Автор Bita Jorfi ( назад)
kims eye roll has me shook

Автор Magnolia Wang ( назад)
early squad where u at

Автор Alexa Solis ( назад)

Автор Ash Augustin ( назад)
her mouth is so much better after her had two kids 😂😂😂😂

Автор Josè R ( назад)
Kim 😂

Автор Ron Weasley ( назад)

Автор Jack Lesko ( назад)
let me motorboat her

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