Shooting survivor confronts NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch

  • Опубликовано: 22 фев 2018
  • At a CNN town hall following the Parkland school shooting, survivor Emma Gonzalez presses National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch on the NRA's stance on banning the purchase of semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons

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  • Marcus Young
    Marcus Young 14 минут назад

    Poor Dana must be hard to speak to a room filled with mentally challenged people.

  • Nuunu Birgitte Boassen
    Nuunu Birgitte Boassen 31 минуту назад

    According to what they are saying that "crazy" persons should be on record. Would you say that you have been sane all your life? Would you say that there wasn't in time in life were you were reckless with anger? Imagine that with alcohol and pills. Should you had been near any kind of a gun? Maybe not.
    Imagine the most temperamental person you know, having a gun by his/her side. Not a fun picture? Did you know sugar makes people more temperamental? Do you know how much sugar the average american intake per day is? Imagine that with a nasty divorce. Imagine that with alcohol, and a firearm ready when the anger is at the highest. Still not a fun picture? Well that's America today.
    I hope the best for the world including America, but you have to make a choice who you will be in this horrible historical event's.

  • Jean Presley
    Jean Presley 3 часа назад

    Emma is a fucking ugly cunt and a smart pussy . i wish she would been she in her flapping face . she is a bully . when other countries come over here and take over maybe she can as them not cut up her pussy . as a teacher if she does not know history what can i say but she is worth less .NRA cannot watch everybody and it is not their place to .

  • pro2
    pro2 13 часов назад +1

    AHHH yeah the surviving bullies. Just like clockwork they want to point the finger in the wrong direction. Idiots.

  • Tara Au
    Tara Au 14 часов назад

    Put your hand on your mind and say what is more important thing? Money? or our lives?
    You are an witch to be deleted by the balance, justice, and our happiness.

  • Bradford Flynn
    Bradford Flynn 15 часов назад +1

    Yes and at 18 the government gives you a fully automatic weapon to fight for them. Then they want to take them away from law abiding 18 year olds. Hypocritical thinking is exactly what the leftist communistic socialist are best at. God Bless the USA and the second amendment. It is already illegal to kill a human being regardless of the weapon. What on God's green earth makes you think more laws will stop it. Please stop blaming the guns and start figuring out what has happened to society . Period. End of logical discussion. Now let's hear from the people who live in a dream world of unrealistic utopian thinking.

  • Amber Thompson
    Amber Thompson 17 часов назад

    Ok so here is some logic, drugs are illegal but hey how easy is it to get them?? Extremely. So ya let’s make guns illegal then guess what???? Only criminals and people in positions of power have them. I hate what happened to these kids but it’s just not as simple as get rid of them

  • Amber Thompson
    Amber Thompson 17 часов назад

    Dana loesch looks like Janis Dickson .... she’s pretty

  • Felix Chien
    Felix Chien 19 часов назад

    Funny how the cop doesn't get booed when it were the cops who failed to their jobs. Staying outside the school while the shooter was still inside? The FBI not ever investigating the kid after concerns of the kid were handed to them on a silver platter?

  • sergio santos
    sergio santos 20 часов назад

    What see here is a organized conspiracy, this sherif should be ashamed
    to show his face on this meeting, trying to use emotional reactions to
    make decisions that influence everyone is stupid.
    Since when was this individual considered mentally insane, nuts, crazy, dangerous,
    a monster are you all retarded, and if before this incident why was not the people that
    interacted with him ready to defend themselves, sad is being forced into this
    type of situation without being able to defend yourself,
    retarded is to wait for the sherif to arrive to save you.
    Mr sherif where is the background check, it is BS, what background check,
    who is going to interview millions of citizens with fire arms, are you guys crazy.
    Mr Sherif you make America retarded and you become the pimp,
    only if you take away the fire arms from everyone and only you can have the toy.
    If this individual did what he did with an illegal fire arm everything
    would be OK and all this attention would not take place right???

  • Colby Lane
    Colby Lane День назад

    I support the NRA

  • Devin Corn
    Devin Corn День назад

    “39 years is (LAR) enforment” ( 39 years and can’t even pronounce it correctly. You’re slurring your words, have you been drinking?)
    “I’ve violated the 2nd amendment as a government employee”
    “I blame you, the NRA even though we had every evidence to prove this individual mentally unstable” That’s all I heard from that cop. CLAIMS THEY KNOW HOW TO KEEP AMERICA SAFE AND FAILS TO SEE THE ABUNDANTLY OBVIOUS WARNING SIGNS.
    1.) You have written evidence providing you leads that this would happen
    2.) Too many flags on him as a mentally unstable person
    3.) Too many flags on him threatening people with firearms.

  • Piece Positivity
    Piece Positivity День назад

    Man this is whack rip to all my youth in Florida but in Black schools in the ghetto they make us walk thru metal detectors that would solve all this nonsense plus the officers gotta not be scared to put there life on the line

  • Platinum Star
    Platinum Star День назад

    Jesus, reading these comments really make me feel sorry for the non dumbfuck americans that have to deal with shootings just because gun obsessed retards can't realize they are a problem.

  • Tosh
    Tosh День назад +1

    To the cop saying they know how to protect from these occurring. What a load of horse shit. If you have to call the cops it’s already too late. Stop looking for an object to blame this on and start looking at yourself. Most murders lack the attention that they crave. Humans are social creatures, if they lack that, they lose their humanity. This is a social issue NOT an object issue. Start treating everyone like a human being and this shit won’t happen. If something happens in your community the community (every individual) is responsible. Stop being a lazy, selfish, asshole and start taking care of each other. If we ban guns what’s next? Freedom of speech? so we don’t hurt someone with words? Ban everything sharp so no one can stab someone? That line never stops.

    • bisonbulls25
      bisonbulls25 День назад

      Tosh - Not to mention these “cops” had a man on the scene (Deputy Scot Peterson) and he DID NOTHING! So as for them protecting people? I’ll just keep carrying my own protection thanks though.

  • trickydisco36 ©
    trickydisco36 © День назад +3

    think I saw her in a brazzers video

  • The Spectacular Marques
    The Spectacular Marques 2 дня назад

    So the NRA decided to send someone there to get destroyed. How about they show up themselves.......on that note, she is smoking 🔥. She can get it.

  • Rohit Shinde
    Rohit Shinde 2 дня назад

    Anyone who'd hire such spoke person just to make their case worst.

  • ItsJustBanter X
    ItsJustBanter X 2 дня назад +2

    maybe teach your kids not to bully

  • SwordOF Truth
    SwordOF Truth 2 дня назад +1

    Monkeys clapping

  • Joseph Brallier
    Joseph Brallier 2 дня назад +1

    damn I was 18 training with a fire arm in the military, guess that was morally wrong

  • weirdgirl 669
    weirdgirl 669 2 дня назад

    That's the problem "society the people" don't want to help the ones with problems, like some of us come from broken homes, the damage ones will do damage...some of us

  • tiago3106
    tiago3106 3 дня назад +1

    Coward cop

  • tiago3106
    tiago3106 3 дня назад

    What a crap show..... 1vs 10k on CNN really interesting.... Put a bunch of high school kids who want to be on TV funny how every kid in that school was against guns.... I guess they don't have rednecks in that school.... Interesting

  • HD Tigerrr
    HD Tigerrr 3 дня назад +4

    We get it you shaved your head

  • Dale Crummie
    Dale Crummie 3 дня назад

    This bald punk chick was no where near the shooting, her and Wolf had to run to get to where it happened.

  • silvert00
    silvert00 3 дня назад

    Sheriff Israel is a typical full of shit beta male.

  • John mavrogiannis
    John mavrogiannis 3 дня назад

    An 18 year old should never have rifle!!! Except when they enlist in the military and are given one! Clowns... I've had weapons all my life and was trained and taught how to handle them and to cherish life! It's the person not the weapon! And for him to say an 18 year old should never have a rifle.. you're a fool!

  • 420Effect
    420Effect 3 дня назад

    That audience must've been interrogated to make sure they all agreed with the network on this one, eery

  • rhini 420
    rhini 420 4 дня назад

    I'm never subscribing just calling ya bs

  • damian sorrow
    damian sorrow 4 дня назад

    100 % da shooter was bullied, is always da outcast who get a lil quiet, n sends cunts to dey grave

  • mr jama
    mr jama 4 дня назад

    Thank god I don't live in America... imagine going to school everyday thinking "maybe my school will be next". Horrifying.

  • Reggie K
    Reggie K 4 дня назад

    Wow, This woman is dumb, but then again she is American which answers all other questions.

  • Didine Charles
    Didine Charles 4 дня назад

    Someone who is set on killing, is going to find a way to kill. You can ban guns, but sadly there is always other ways to kill peoole.

  • Phazelvos FreqDetector
    Phazelvos FreqDetector 4 дня назад

    I wouldn't call that answering the question. More like dancing away from the question to talk on point.

  • meligoth
    meligoth 4 дня назад

    Dana Loesch is the LAST PERSON I would want on my side in a firefight. A failed actress selling out to the lowest common denominator for attention.

  • Anna-M Behr
    Anna-M Behr 4 дня назад

    *shaking my head while scrolling through the comment section* those kids r right!!!!

  • bring the dirt
    bring the dirt 4 дня назад

    Soooooo police are not taking responsibility for NOT doing their job yet?! Yet this Dana lass is to blame?! I agree with this Dana lass! There should be red flags when mentally ill people try to get guns, yet no red flags come up because NO ONE reports a person for being menatlly ill.... How would a red flag come up then?? She is not there to answer personal questions, if these survivors actually listen and stop winding themselves and other up; maybe they'd have a fucking clue. That cop needs a reality check! If he thinks he's keeping America safe then why are students dead?? America is fucking retarded.

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner 5 дней назад

    Infantile retards, sheriff included, arguing against a goddess.

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner 5 дней назад

    This little girl is such a dumb cunt. Trying to distract from the fact that she and others were part of the problem in bullying Nik along with his own brother.

  • Slaughter Them
    Slaughter Them 5 дней назад

    Guns save more lives then they take. Guns don't kill *PEOPLE* People kill people.

  • Nigger Guy
    Nigger Guy 5 дней назад

    Ban automatic rifles- Scott Isreal hes so dumb he wants to make something thats. Already illegal illegal so many lies from the gun control pussies

  • Stranger 425
    Stranger 425 5 дней назад

    That lady’s gonna hate my town. We’re given our first guns at 9 or 10, and learn at 5 or 6.
    America is great people.
    Plastic straws have been banned, my house flooded twice this year, there’s been 2 shootings and a bomb threat (yet no one’s done anything about it), and the lady at McDonalds screwed my order up again!

  • Nigger Guy
    Nigger Guy 5 дней назад

    “Millitary assault rifle” a its not a millitary weapon just bc it looks like actual millitary weapons the m4 carbine and the m16 B its not an assault rifle ar standa for armalite rifle

  • Nigger Guy
    Nigger Guy 5 дней назад

    That dumb fucking teacher called an ar a millitary rifle jesus christ🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ these people trying to take guns they know NOTHING ABOUT AWAY THE AR-15 Is not a milltiary rifle never been used in combat just bc it looks like it doesnt mean it is

  • Nigger Guy
    Nigger Guy 5 дней назад

    The only reason these anti gun liberals know what a bumpstock is is because of las vegas emma would never have known what the fuck a bumpstock is if it werent for Stephen Paddock that shooting gave the anti gunners a new target these are the same morons who know NOTHING about guns

  • Nigger Guy
    Nigger Guy 5 дней назад

    Nik Cruz did not use a bumpstock she has no idea what shes talking about

  • chloe cervi
    chloe cervi 5 дней назад

    Not everyone with a mental health issue is insane btw. Just saying

  • Jesus Sandl
    Jesus Sandl 6 дней назад

    They just use scare words like “assault weapon” “automatic or fully automatic”

  • Jesus Sandl
    Jesus Sandl 6 дней назад

    “Bump stocks make weapons fully automatic.” 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Soap Andskin
    Soap Andskin 6 дней назад

    Well first off the Baker Act is the biggest bullshit in this country and the biggest infringement on an American’s rights in addition to being the most futile tool in the judiciary system so 😂😂😂😂😂this country is braindead I’m convinced

  • Gainster
    Gainster 6 дней назад

    Wtf is a "crazy" person. Fucking stupid bitch.

  • Adjei Boateng
    Adjei Boateng 6 дней назад +1

    No one can take our rights from us. This bitch is no exception

  • Joshua
    Joshua 6 дней назад

    Bullied shooter too far . he shoots up the school , we need gun control and im the face of gun control

  • Savage Alphawolf
    Savage Alphawolf 6 дней назад +2

    Dana on point the kid should have been called out when the FBI already said meh whos fault is that? Not guns and not civilians the authorities knew the potential and should have taken procedural measures what second amendment rights freedom supporters present as solutions actually work the girl and these know it alls know nothing haha! Holy moly and we got the crypt keeper teaching these kids? No wonder the girls shaving her head they have lost it ... 39 times 39 times they had a chance to stop this killings ......yea and its the guns ?.......

  • Mike Sadler Preaching/Teaching the KJV Bible

    Love the NRA

  • Jared U
    Jared U 7 дней назад +1

    I love how cnn gives platforms to a communist lesbian and a hogg wash actor David hogg who can’t even prove he was at school during the shooting. Lol there’s more proof he road his bike to school when he found out about the shooting 🤣 how about give a platform to the ppl actually shot instead of a bunch of communist idiots who have been exposed. Learn your gun rights and history before you call an ar15 a military rifle 🤣🤣 if we gave our soldiers ar15s against the taliban in Afghanistan they would be screwed.

  • Maisy Richardson
    Maisy Richardson 7 дней назад

    anyone with a firearm is dangerous tho

    • TheBookWorm1718
      TheBookWorm1718 6 дней назад

      Anyone with anything is dangerous period. The Yorkshire Ripper stabbed women to death with screwdrivers, the Hillside stranglers used their hands, the Boston strangler used women's pantyhose, the mafia hitman the Iceman put cyanide in a nose spray bottle and sprayed it in random people's faces, Dennis Rader the BTK killer used knives, ropes, plastic bags, etc., old time serial killer, Fritz Haarmann, used his teeth, bit out the throats of teen boys.

  • Hannah Rose Mason
    Hannah Rose Mason 7 дней назад +1

    An insane person could not plan a school shooting. Under 4% of violent crime is committed by the mentally ill. Ms. Loesch should do some more research before arguing.

    • Hannah Rose Mason
      Hannah Rose Mason 6 дней назад

      So what is the difference in mentally ill and insane? I'm using facts here.

    • TheBookWorm1718
      TheBookWorm1718 6 дней назад

      Mentally ill is NOT insane and you can't really expect anybody to buy that somebody who is mentally HEALTHY decides their greatest achievement will be to go kill 20 people for no damn reason.

  • Chriss.35
    Chriss.35 7 дней назад +4

    the bald headed girl is whack
    EDIT; that whole crowd is whack
    EDITT; 11:18 that kid in the blue shirt looks like he reminds the teacher about weekend homework

  • Termaskeye
    Termaskeye 7 дней назад

    Its funny how a teenager that knows nothing about guns or the laws of guns wants them banned... smh

  • 504daniel
    504daniel 7 дней назад

    people kill with knives why are 18 year olds allowed to buy those? why dont you take knives away too

  • RagerDanger I raging gameplay
    RagerDanger I raging gameplay 7 дней назад

    She shows no emotion when a teacher talks about seeing a dead student. Fuck America. Fuck Conservatives. Fuck Trump. Fuck the NRA. Fuck Dana Loesche.

  • Kampfbereit MMXIII
    Kampfbereit MMXIII 7 дней назад


  • The Bardock
    The Bardock 7 дней назад

    I don't understand how people didn't understand the woman in white? She provided a answer and reasons behind it.

  • Christopher Adams
    Christopher Adams 7 дней назад

    Stop blaming the NRA, Blame America for allowing people to get away with buying these things, even if there is a law you have millions of guns that are sold on the black market and even people making guns in their back yard.

  • Vince Ilardi
    Vince Ilardi 8 дней назад

    Dana....FABULOUS JOB....I am proud to be a NRA Life Member being represented by you in this incredibly tough setting. I do hope many people there left with a clearer understanding of this issue...GREAT JOB DANA!!!!

    • Kampfbereit MMXIII
      Kampfbereit MMXIII 7 дней назад

      Vince Ilardi 🖕🏽you🖕🏾 and 🖕dana🖕🏻

  • Phillip Johnson
    Phillip Johnson 8 дней назад

    I question anyone who use children to press their social engineering issues.

  • Henri Jaune
    Henri Jaune 8 дней назад

    the ap teacher let Dana fool her
    1. The word "militia" does not refer to an individual; however, it normally means a collection of armed units. At least that's how the Militia Act of 1792 refers to.
    2. The original draft of the 2nd Amendment : "A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; but no person religiously scrupulous shall be compelled to bear arms" See which part was taken out and what kind of changes had been done.
    The clauses "body of people" and "but no PERSON religiously......." were gone, and the phrase "best security of...." became "necessary to...". There are two important messages being sent from these changes; first, the framers emphasized and prioritized the basic safety of a state (only as needed or necessary) as the precondition for arm rights. Second, they wanted to clarify that the arm rights was more of the collective rights instead of individual rights. In conclusion, the collective right interpretation is closer to the original intent than individual right interpretation.
    3. DC vs Heller , McDonald vs Chicago , and the holy NRA's agenda gradually shifted the public understanding of original intent of the 2nd Amend into the individual right interpretation.

  • Kevin Johnstone
    Kevin Johnstone 8 дней назад

    Like the end of the barrel of a gun, she is smokin'

  • The Imaginary Gallery
    The Imaginary Gallery 8 дней назад

    Nikolas was not "nuts". He was a victim of MK Ultra 2.0 Voice to Skull technology & frequency technology where he is given painful remote shocks & heartbeat changes & threatened that if he does not play the patsy role they will shock him even worse to the point of death so he played the role. Retarded media seems to ignore the teacher's report ("Why IS the police here?") there was a man in full gear and an unusual rifle as Cruz was walking OUT of the school. These discussions are pointless because everything they are suggesting (creating NEW laws that do not allow someone like Cruz to LEGALLY purchase a firearm, as if had those new laws been put in place they would have prevented him from doing what he didn't do) If such a person cannot LEGALLY purchase then he would simply borrow or steal. New laws would have no effect on Cruz or anyone else with murder on their mind. MURDER is illegal already. Guns in gun free zone as well. Do they think that a murderer is going to change his murder plans based on some new law?NO! This is ridiculous propaganda. Starring Hitler Hoggwash proved that.

  • mattyey
    mattyey 8 дней назад

    Im so conflicted about this. Im disgusted when any liberal says “NRA has blood on their hands” but when a conservative says “the liberals have blood on their hands, they want to take our guns so we are open targets” its stupid too.... im Australian but conservative (Aussie culture is more anti-gun, because their was no revolutionary war in Aus). It is so conflicting, both sides are right & wrong in my eyes... it’s absolutely heartbreaking. I love the US but as an outsider i just hope like hell the fatalities can be reversed

  • Gary Drake
    Gary Drake 8 дней назад

    Bump stocks are a need to not be banned.

  • frizzybob
    frizzybob 8 дней назад

    I'm saying it. Dana is so beautiful 😍

  • Andy23337 Gaming
    Andy23337 Gaming 8 дней назад

    This is a bunch of bullshit bumpstocks don’t make semi autos automatic and Trump is #1 president. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

  • steven mays
    steven mays 8 дней назад

    Look at those kids why are the left so fucking ugly and stupid the are so stupid fighting the deep states battle they want are guns to control us we dont have guns we go to fema camps there parents go to fema Wal-mart is involved with fema a lot Of PEOPLE DONT KNOW THAT WAL-MART HAS A HIDDEN MEANING AND ITS MARTIAL -LAW AND THATS FACT SO TELL ME WALL-MART (WHY ARE YOU INVOLVED WITH THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS

  • steven mays
    steven mays 8 дней назад

    Hey blame the government they seen cops in full cop gear shooting at the kids of that teach never seen that cop they would of killed them all .these people in the government of satanic lunatics

  • Not So Insane
    Not So Insane 8 дней назад

    The more you try to control the more you realize there's nothing that can be controlled

  • Shane Hull
    Shane Hull 8 дней назад

    With the whole “21 to drink and 18 to buy a gun” thing. If those people are old enough be drafted, they’re old enough to buy a gun. Not if they’re mentally ill, but that’s my thought. Those other people are morons. They won’t even let Dana talk.

  • Louisa Jeffery
    Louisa Jeffery 8 дней назад

    I don't necessarily agree with everything anyone says, but you gotta respect Dana for keeping so calm

  • Afflicter !
    Afflicter ! 8 дней назад

    Too bad that the amendments will always let the non insane individuals get fire arms. Bare arms... Remember. I think that anyone who is mentally unstable should not be able to purchase, aquire, and use fire arms. But again the Bare arms will never go away there is only so far you can try to ban ALL GUNS.

  • Emily Parker
    Emily Parker 8 дней назад

    Stop using the term “nuts” and “crazy” to describe mentally ill people whoever they are and whatever they’ve done.

  • Gabriel Clayton
    Gabriel Clayton 8 дней назад

    How can you buy a gun at 18 but not drink until 21? I don't understand what the hell they were thinking.

  • Hakan Blacksheep
    Hakan Blacksheep 9 дней назад

    Its completely shit just click away right now

  • Angel Boma Ye
    Angel Boma Ye 9 дней назад

    Wow bringing up her kids immediately

  • Sukh
    Sukh 9 дней назад

    #Clench_Fist_of_Truth bitch

  • Big Gay Al
    Big Gay Al 9 дней назад

    Someone could have at least told those people how to properly pronounce Dana's last name. :)

  • Ladan Mo
    Ladan Mo 9 дней назад

    *The problem is that she is arguing with logic and facts for her job .*

  • kerzefresser
    kerzefresser 9 дней назад

    6:43 how can the head of the girl with the black hair in the back/right be so much bigger then the teachers head, when theyre like at least 9 feet apart???

  • Hershey
    Hershey 9 дней назад

    Guns will ALWAYS be attainable. For us to ban guns to everyone except law enforcement or military is not right for those that are sane and want to protect their families and themselves. Schools need to start installing metal detectors as well as 2 well trained and armed security guards during school hours to monitor as I see the security outside a freaking AT@T shop does... and if that does not cut back on school shootings then we are all fucked...

  • D.E. Booker
    D.E. Booker 10 дней назад

    Don't worry baby girl, we're inching away to feet the 2nd amendment ( This Okey simple bitch, actually helps the argument ) A true police state will teach these irresponsible pink mosquitos. I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face, but it's worth it to effect a shrinking white American culture. Open the marginalizing immigration flood gates, don't assimilate, but effect the vote and fundamentally change these USA. Terrorists, we need your help as well, these pink mosquitos will always vote their rights away for peace of mind. ( Patriot Act, California, bullet ID. and magazine restrictions, etc. etc. ) No reparations huh? Pay attention to the future generations, our government will help us steal/restrict what pink whitey loves. It's currently happening.

  • Gabriela Suarez
    Gabriela Suarez 10 дней назад

    After this meeting the sheriff true actions showed he could of saved more lives but acted cowardly

  • Martin Marquez
    Martin Marquez 10 дней назад

    they keep repeating what the shes saying about gun control as soon as she turned the tables on him the officer he quickly went out another way.....

  • Espresso Depresso
    Espresso Depresso 10 дней назад

    “He shouldn’t have had access to a gun” but he did have access to one, the time for saying “they shouldn’t” is over and the time for saying “they can’t no matter what” needs to begin, they shouldn’t of even had any access to any fire arm in the first place

  • Nyja Storm
    Nyja Storm 10 дней назад +2

    all these people are so stupid honestly. they probably support gun free zones too dont they? lmao

  • Dan Brady
    Dan Brady 10 дней назад +1

    Dana is a Rock Star!

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 10 дней назад +3

    Look at the the liberals 😂just looking at them make me cringe

    • 1hunnid
      1hunnid 8 дней назад +1

      Gabriel Rodriguez from wanting safety?

  • Blue on Black
    Blue on Black 10 дней назад

    Get me the fuck out of this country.

  • Episode panda Martinez
    Episode panda Martinez 10 дней назад

    Her mouth looks like Donald Trump talking 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Rzejdi
    Rzejdi 10 дней назад +2

    Dana Loesch was there alone against the full room of people and still managed to win with arguments. Great job Dana and NRA