Shooting survivor confronts NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch

  • Опубликовано: 22 фев 2018
  • At a CNN town hall following the Parkland school shooting, survivor Emma Gonzalez presses National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch on the NRA's stance on banning the purchase of semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons

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  • Yung_boi gig
    Yung_boi gig 4 часа назад

    I’m also wasn’t a military grade weapon, the bullets aren’t the same and the gun isn’t automatic. I’ve shit guns with a bump stock and it does not make its automatic. It increases the fire rate by a very small amount

  • Yung_boi gig
    Yung_boi gig 4 часа назад

    Damn all those ppl in the crowd are fucking annoying. I get that shootings happen, i am sorry for all those people. But I believe guns shouldn’t be illegal, i think that it should be much harder to get a gun, with more background checks and even mental health check ups. I’m not pro gun all the way but I am not anti gun all the way.

  • Val
    Val 5 часов назад

    What amazes me is the gall of this Sheriff so sit up here and use the crowd's emotions to vindicate himself, his department, and his deputy who literally allowed those children to die in there. Ms. Loesch isn't standing up for them? How about his department which didn't report this crazy killer. His department which visited the kid's home THIRTY times and didn't do anything. His department who's deputy refused to go into the school and do something while all those children died.
    What gall. What nerve. What a disgrace. Disgraziat.

  • Nathan Cene
    Nathan Cene 6 часов назад

    Dumb libtards

  • Nathan Cene
    Nathan Cene 6 часов назад

    Not a military assault rifle

  • roger zahn
    roger zahn 10 часов назад

    If your 18 and can join the military and shoot the guns then you have a right if your not nuts to own one.

  • JDUBS WALL86 gaming/sports cards
    JDUBS WALL86 gaming/sports cards 10 часов назад

    Dana is a badass

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson 11 часов назад

    Very dangerous road they are starting down. Saying that people should be examined for mental illness and guns be taken away from them before they are a danger. Very easy to start stonewalling people and taking guns. Americans need to stop giving up their rights. Those kids have no idea what they are talking about because they are just that kids... I don't want to listen to their "voice" they are only on the network because of the people behind the scenes with an agenda to get guns out of americans hands, and they are victims so of course people will shut off the rational side of their brain and sympathize with them. Very ugly showing it was a mob mentality.

  • Bell Nine
    Bell Nine 12 часов назад

    Also, I feel the age should be somewhere between 18-21 yrs old when it comes to owning an automatic gun. Also, way way way better back-up checks, tests and etc when it comes to any age when buying a gun.

  • Bell Nine
    Bell Nine 13 часов назад

    Getting bullied is not a fucking excuse to kill people!! Don't bring up "he was bullied" because your practically saying "well, he was bullied so no wonder he shot up those people." Wtf wo(man). So many kids have been and are bullied does that mean it's understandable that they shot up people?! NO!! It mean that our generation, our society, our country has gotten too emotional, too fucking soft. Remember when you could play dodgeball in school for fun and yes !sometimes! we want to hit the people we don't like but now it's damn banned from school to play because it's bullying. Shit isn't that soft, right there. Any action or words can be bullying. Any sport, any class can and does has bullying in it. It's just all fucked up, too much of anything is bad for all of us.

  • Lucas Velasco
    Lucas Velasco 13 часов назад

    Dana is right..... IDC if you've been in a mass shooting but your reasoning is wrong. The people need guns. The reasoning of the 2nd amendment is to protect us from the government, without guns a authoritarian regime could form and we could do nothing. A mentally well 18 year old should be able to get a semiautomatic rifle. The shooter should have never, ever, gotten any fire arm period. It is not the gun system it is the mental health system.

  • quennie joy
    quennie joy 15 часов назад

    This was so annoying.

  • Jokers Deadly Gaming
    Jokers Deadly Gaming 16 часов назад

    look at Chicago they have it very hard to obtain a gun and have a high crime rate now look at Texas its so very easy to obtain a gun but they have a low crime rate. so if you want end up like Chicago then you should keep your guns and keep the second amendment. if you disagree then you need to rethink about it. also the FBI is also at fault for not taking proper precautions and also that cop needs to sit tf down bc the police were too scared to go inside the school while the shooting was going on also if he needs to make an arrest what is he gonna us his sons or daughters toy gun or just act like he has a gun. think about the words I speak.

  • melanie Velasquez
    melanie Velasquez 20 часов назад

    They should raise the age to carry a gun to 25. Period. It’s so mind blowing to even know that 18 year old kids are able to obtain a weapon; and for what?? What does an 18 year old have to do that requires the use of a gun?!?!?!?!? this is absolutely insane. I dont care what anyone else has to say but 18 year olds are still children!!! They physically may not be young, but mentally... they are fucking children!!!! They are 100% a risk to anyone if they have a gun! They are impulsive, reckless, and have no idea the damage they can do to other people and themselves! Especially if they are mentally ill. It is sad to know that the government or NRA do not realize this, they can barley see this is a problem. The solution is simple, either raise the age limit, add a test so hard it even makes it difficult for adults to obtain a weapon, or ban guns altogether. - If you look up the death rate by firearm in other countries you will notice how low the numbers are compared to U.S.A . The Untied States is one of six countries to make up half of worldwide gun deaths. This altogether is just a sad subject to talk about when dealing with kids..

    • LKP KoroOcto
      LKP KoroOcto 16 часов назад

      100% risk? That's a quite an assumption. Some kids are quite calm and collected. I live in Canada, and I am a minor. However, my dad was in the military, and owns guns. I can shoot at certain ranges, in the supervision of my father, or someone who has a gun license. I know in the US, it is pretty easy to get a firearm, as opposed to Canada. But I dislike it when people assume something about minors being reckless, or something along those lines. That is considered ageism. However, I agree that to independently own a gun, you should be 25, as your brain is fully developed.

  • MrGovernment502
    MrGovernment502 День назад

    When a false flag attack yields exactly what they intended. My state has the most relaxed gun laws and the least gun crime per capita. Hmmmm, I wonder if knowing everyone and their mum has a gun is a deterrent? Also, the NRA is a joke. They are like PETA, they just use a hot button topic to cash in .

  • steven thornton
    steven thornton День назад

    This is bullshit how can that policeman say an 18 year old should never have a rifle, but it is fine for them to join the military.

  • Icy_Phill
    Icy_Phill День назад

    Every sjw feels the need to shave their head

  • Mac McManus
    Mac McManus День назад

    The event was horrid and tragic but what about the coward cop who didn’t breach the school? or all the videos and evidence about the killer threatening to kill his classmates obtained by the FBI and police prior to the events ? And they’re going to gang up and basically blame this one woman who works for the NRA? Mentally sick people or violent offenders should not be eligible to own firearms legally period.. But classifying AR 15 rifles as evil weapons that need to be taken away gun from law abiding citizens is unconstitutional and just ridiculous.. It’s simple guns don’t kill people.. people kill people. I have Ar 15 rifles, I’m a law abiding citizen have never committed a crime in my life and I’m being punished for exercising my 2nd amendment rights. If a mentally sick person or criminal with the intention to harm or kill runs over civilians on the the streets in a ford pick up truck does that mean u out law and take away everyone who has a ford pick up truck ? Drastic example I know. And yes background checks need to be better and more thorough so that guns stay out of the wrong hands but get real and open your eyes to what the real problem is and stop punishing the ones who obey the law and exercise their rights as lawful free Americans.. #Carryon #2ndAMENdment

  • Karma Rekked u
    Karma Rekked u День назад

    We should just give teachers guns

  • Alaina T
    Alaina T День назад

    I kind of feel like she was dodging the question. It got me a little angry.

  • Sophia Tacc
    Sophia Tacc День назад

    I liked how after the shooter survived asked the question the lady had been stahling for like 15 mins

    THOTIMUS PRIME День назад

    Welcome to the Wild West lmao

  • Jeremy Malcom
    Jeremy Malcom День назад

    They want convictions to be reported? Lol how would that have helped? All that does is takes guns away from black people who were convicted at 12 years old trying to protect themselves in the hood. People would still get them illegally because they need to live and more people would go to jail in the hood for their illegal possession. All that leads to is more black people in jail and more white mentally sick students shooting schools. Smh

  • bundes person
    bundes person День назад

    I like how that History teacher didn't even finish her question and the audience was already clapping. Fucking liberals. Can't even listen either. I hate shooters too, it should stop (being a student myself) but goddamn, if you're not even gonna listen, then don't even come near an argument, as there's no point. America is shit, and no ones doing anything about it because some people don't know how to use their fucking ears.


    Oh yeah it's the same NRA spokesperson who said a spoon is an assault weapon.

  • Howard Ashton
    Howard Ashton День назад

    These idiots wooing and clapping for each other. Your policies if seen to fruition will usher in a new dark age

  • Howard Ashton
    Howard Ashton День назад

    CNN.. truly an enemy of the people. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. It is NOT a right bestowed by the government. It is inherent in being a human. The idea that taking guns away from law abiding people will reduce violence is asinine. It wont work. For countless reasons. Almost all guns are semi automatic. Attempting to ban all of them would lead to civil war. And its clear just from watching this how classless and moronic most leaning on the left. It's not the cops job to prevent crimes. They respond to crimes. If a few ppl are kicking your door in. You gonna call the police and wait. Or would you rather have a gun ready at hand. CNN is fake news. They fake stories and push false narratives. And emotional arguments lacking foundation

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith День назад

    CNN is a Joke

  • greg Madore
    greg Madore День назад

    Passing the puck seems to be the states way. Cant fix the problem if no one wants to stand up and take blame

  • X Billups
    X Billups День назад

    f*ck Emma Gonzales and f*ck David Hogg. They be the most evil people on the planet.

  • Rumpleforskinn
    Rumpleforskinn День назад

    NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS 😏🖕. Also the cop is for taking guns away from the people. Emma is just another school bully playing victim. Why isn't Emma in jail for bullying the kid? Also she sounds like a disgusting feminist 🖕🤢🖕

  • some auzzie guy
    some auzzie guy День назад

    Australia’s gun laws are awful keep the second amendment

  • blackflag 321
    blackflag 321 День назад

    She's a survivor what kind of joke is that she hid and just ran away . Me I would have killed the shooter LOL . I'm a survivor . I would stalk him like pray and when he's in my trap I would take hum out . I would try to get a gun or if there's no gun I would grab a sharp object and wait around the corner or sneak behind him and all that and stab him in the throwt and disarm the gun and drag him on the floor in the same time with the knife still in his throwt then I would cut his whole neck open to guarantee he's dead . its way more advanced then that what I would do but I can't be bothered to type it all so I said 1 of the ways the most simplest I could. And I would make sure the students are safe plus I'm just 18 LOL . 😅😅😅

  • kevin smith
    kevin smith 2 дня назад

    What people do not understand is that the Ar15 is a civilian rifle, it was created for civilians. It is not a military rifle, and the AR doesn't stand for Assault Rifle like everyone thinks, it stands for ArmaLite Rifle.

  • Allan Underwood
    Allan Underwood 2 дня назад

    We cant stop mentally insane criminals from getting guns due to the law that trump repealed lol

  • selenaboo
    selenaboo 2 дня назад

    These comments are way America has these problems.

  • kaleidoscope
    kaleidoscope 2 дня назад

    Fucking sheriff should be on the ropes here. God damn pussy.

  • Noemi Mena
    Noemi Mena 2 дня назад


  • Nightingale J
    Nightingale J 2 дня назад

    America is bullshit.

  • Sockune
    Sockune 2 дня назад

    How about no guns for everyone?? No more school shootings more weapons for the army and defence forces. Citizens should not have guns it’s easier to kill and threaten people

    • Avery1428
      Avery1428 День назад

      great idea, now the only people that will have firearms are criminals, makes so much sense

  • Sockune
    Sockune 2 дня назад

    Mums mind “I will give my teenager a gun he’s responsible” ha bitch you thought

  • bcfun67 bcfun
    bcfun67 bcfun 2 дня назад

    how sad the games, lives, and slaughters the demons play and do.....

  • Matthew mcg
    Matthew mcg 2 дня назад

    Ok like the sheriff said the only one responsible is the killer so then why are you going after everyone else ? Oh and 18 yr olds have guns because people hunt I know people who started at 14 and have been hunting ever since and that haven't gone a killing spree so explain that to me ?

  • Tiffy's Pet Life
    Tiffy's Pet Life 2 дня назад

    New challenge: stick up your middle finger at that redneck NRA stupid woman for this whole video

  • stektirade
    stektirade 3 дня назад

    These kids have no clue. They've just been through trauma and just want to automatically ban firearms. And it's pretty sad the anti gun politicians using these kids to do their work.

  • Persistence Crew
    Persistence Crew 3 дня назад

    Crazy ass liberals have no respect

  • selenaboo
    selenaboo 3 дня назад

    Look at the amount of gun lovers in the comments, they can’t even defend guns without using the most pathetic arguments. Hopefully a shooting takes your life bc you’re cancer.

  • Nathan Millan
    Nathan Millan 3 дня назад

    If guns are banned does anyone believe that gun violence will stop lol then you are stupid

  • Nathan Millan
    Nathan Millan 3 дня назад

    So now this little girl is a expert lol ya ight

  • Cloud. H Moon. U
    Cloud. H Moon. U 3 дня назад

    That cop is a bitch

  • Rumuniun
    Rumuniun 3 дня назад

    Why are we giving the stage to a teenager who bullied the student at question. Her questions could've all been answered with google searches. This had no substance, and it was so emotionally charged. Emotions are bad for political discussion. These Teenagers don't even know the laws, and the teacher was so rude. The crowd was rude to both sides of the discussion and made me upset to even watch this. The Woman here was doing her best to answer these questions, but had to respond to emotion in the room. Zzzzz This wasn't even productive.

  • John Grit
    John Grit 3 дня назад +1

    When they scanned the audience, every damn one of them looked like space aliens! At least the hippies looked human.

  • Ava Rose
    Ava Rose 3 дня назад

    So I have ADHD. Does that mean that I’m mentally insane? Does that mean I need to be reported? She didn’t answer any of the questions. She needs to leave. The NRA needs to leave

  • Adriaan Michael
    Adriaan Michael 3 дня назад

    This was a lynching, not a debate.

  • Ryan Pi
    Ryan Pi 3 дня назад

    this is embarrassing that audience is far to present minded. They think they are winning when in reality this will be seen by vastly more people online, who will justifiably feel sorry for dana, which by ethos, helps validate her claims. They're morons, however if you think this is just a phenomenon with liberals, I'd like for you to imagine if Hilary Clinton got up and spoke at a Trump rally. It's a great example of how true democracies are well-intentioned, terrible ideas. mob mentality tramples reason and civility

  • Freddie Miranda
    Freddie Miranda 3 дня назад

    This kid is not a survivor. She witnessed the attack. A survivor is someone that was shot and SURVIVED the wounds. All these kids now a days are sheeps and way to sensitive.

  • JFK Shot First
    JFK Shot First 3 дня назад

    I find it ironic that this girl immigrated from Cuba a country where Castro banned all guns to oppress Cubans and now this girl is trying to do exactly that

  • James Reck
    James Reck 3 дня назад

    Some changes? yes. Wholesale banning? NO!
    Do you also want to ban forks and spoons to keep people from getting fat?

  • D A
    D A 3 дня назад

    I wish that audience could just shut the fuck up. I mean, how do you debate and talk to each other with hundreds of idiots shouting and booing around you. She even said the system was flawed but still those cry babies went off. Grow up and have an adult conversation. I get that it's a hot topic and many people are emotional but disrespect gets you nowhere.

  • Shon Newton
    Shon Newton 3 дня назад

    Cop 👮‍♀️ not there job stop fist time

  • Stevie G
    Stevie G 3 дня назад

    This crowd is so disrespectful, like they’re at a big party or something. It’s disgraceful at best. They won’t even let anyone try to help, just yell and disrespect. Why shouldn’t an 18 year old be able to obtain a long gun, for sport or hunting? I got my FID card when I was 14, and my pistol permit at 18, and my LTC when I was 21, that was the law back then. Just because an 18 year old buys a rifle or a shotgun, doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to be a criminal..

  • Stevie G
    Stevie G 3 дня назад

    The shooter in Florida didn’t own the gun legally, it was taken away and his father gave it back to him, this is after multiple complaints and threats. In my opinion, the system let these kids down

  • Kaim McGregor
    Kaim McGregor 3 дня назад

    so an eighteen year old can enlist or be drafted and serve and die for his country but he cant own a rifle and most law officers are only out for tuenselves

  • Edwin Tay B
    Edwin Tay B 4 дня назад

    Scott Israel, you are an idiot

  • Ben Svanda
    Ben Svanda 4 дня назад +1

    Lol.... if only they knew you need a class 3 license for an automatic firearm.

  • Sam pyrope
    Sam pyrope 4 дня назад

    Y’all this was a school shooting, and you are belittling the victims? How insensitive and insecure are you

  • youngwalkerotos
    youngwalkerotos 4 дня назад

    The first 10 sec of this video has got to be the worst way to dissent an opinion I have literally ever seen.

  • SgtGrahamGaming
    SgtGrahamGaming 4 дня назад +1

    Skinhead lesbian.

    • LKP KoroOcto
      LKP KoroOcto 16 часов назад

      What is wrong with her lack of hair? I don't understand why people continue to insult her on that, it looks fine. And how does that make her homosexual? Does appearance suddenly reflect someone's sexuality?

    GAM3KILL3R 4 дня назад

    Bruh you look so pathetic with that crumpled peice of small ass paper

  • Dean Koskolos
    Dean Koskolos 4 дня назад

    Its funny how uneducated everyone apart of this argument was

  • CD
    CD 4 дня назад

    typical libtards. Just yell yell yell and scream until they get what THEY want. They dont want any even grounds, they want all the power to decide and fuck the rest.

    GKO YBM 4 дня назад


  • Jesse Salomon
    Jesse Salomon 4 дня назад +1

    Are you a survivor if you hid in an auditorium? Then that would make me a survivor too , of gun violence, yet even I KNOW THE NRA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE

  • Angelo Cerrato
    Angelo Cerrato 4 дня назад

    Sounds like the sheriff was trying to cover his ass for screwing up and not taking this guy seriously as a threat that's what it boils down to. And the history teacher should realize the reason for the Second Amendment just like the Nazis in Germany if they would have had a second amendment and their people could have armed themselves that stuff would have never happened evidently she's not a very good history teacher

  • Krystal Nemetz
    Krystal Nemetz 4 дня назад

    Yes, for gun control, but could we focus as a nation on solving the systemic issue that access to healthcare for (all, first) people who suffer from mental illness (mental is physical our body is one entity) that is treatable with the appropriate medications at a cost they can afford (Big pharma charges a huge markup on the latest generation of anti psychotic drugs) , support whether from our family, group, therapist, doctor, friend and resources in our community to best become self sufficient in proper self care... End the stigma for coming forward asking for help. All people especially children need to practice simple kindness and compassion, you don't have to be everyone's friend but be respectful. Teach these principles along side emotion regulation in school age population by trained professional social workers & counselors. Foster a community where everyone feels safe in themselves and around each other by not isolating & bullying the "outcast". Gandhi spoke words of immense wisdom, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Let us start by how we fundamentally treat each other.

    • FutureVortexYT
      FutureVortexYT 3 дня назад

      Krystal Nemetz g u n c o n t r o l wouldn’t work dumb bitch u ain’t taking my guns

  • DeathGaze
    DeathGaze 4 дня назад

    Why not just ban guns in the US? Geez.

  • Bounty6Gulf
    Bounty6Gulf 5 дней назад

    Fuck that guy looks like a pussy

  • Vertlin
    Vertlin 5 дней назад

    Wow, she's pretty fucking hot.

  • The Chimera
    The Chimera 5 дней назад

    The skin head bitch can speak, impressive.

  • oshun
    oshun 5 дней назад

    I don't think I would've had the patience to sit up there.

  • Krista Kerry
    Krista Kerry 5 дней назад

    18 year old kids shouldn't have a rifle yet children can decide what sex they can be...RIGHT

  • Lil Miss Cookie Cat
    Lil Miss Cookie Cat 5 дней назад

    Emma a person that bullied the guy that she caused him to shoot them because of her and people that bullied him

  • Oofer 27
    Oofer 27 5 дней назад

    Oh my god... these people and that bald head hoe dyke need to get some respect ✊

  • Crazy Dolphin
    Crazy Dolphin 5 дней назад +4

    Guns don’t kill people
    People kill people

    • Dr Karl Brian Kinney Barth
      Dr Karl Brian Kinney Barth День назад

      Guns don't kill people. Rednecks kill people

    • Crazy Dolphin
      Crazy Dolphin День назад

      Guns are useless with out a person to press the trigger. So that means the person holding the gun killed the person, not the gun itself.
      And also, guns aren’t the only things that kill people. Knives also kill. Should we also put knife control too?

    • Maria K
      Maria K 2 дня назад

      people use guns to kill people tho

  • manny q
    manny q 5 дней назад +1

    Police and government should have all the power! Basically what is being said.... God help us

  • Kev G
    Kev G 5 дней назад

    CNN knows you can't just go to any store and buy a full automatic firearm! But they continue running information to the opposite. That officer on stage is more than happy to place blame on everyone else to deflect from HIS culpability in the shooting. His officers stayed outside, they dismissed the calls for help with the shooter, and claim they did all they could to make students safer.

  • The Memer Streamer
    The Memer Streamer 5 дней назад +2

    I had a rifle is 6th grade

  • Marco Melis
    Marco Melis 5 дней назад

    Lady Vomit. How hard she works not to feel sad for herself as she ought to...

  • agiancat
    agiancat 5 дней назад

    Oh I guess we just chose to forget about all the 18 year olds who were DRAFTED, torn from their homes and slaughtered in the name of our government. I guess it's easy to compartmentalize when you have selective memory.. fuckin clowns. Plus they don't even let her speak, reminds me of a 9th grade classroom where everyone feels they can just shout whatever tf they want. 70% of shootings happen in gun free zones, either give guns to everybody or nobody, the answer is simple. However ,if you choose the latter you just promote the black markets and the cartels and lead to more violence. The fact is, sad as it is, these people are emotional and emotions cloud logic. School shooter walks into a building and starts shooting.. every single staff member is armed, you tell me how far they get.

  • Phillip Ofori - Amoyaw
    Phillip Ofori - Amoyaw 5 дней назад

    I’m sorry but not every shooter is mentally disabled, there’s people who just want to hurt other people. America is the best place for these type of people, it’s easy to get guns and slaughter until they sort out their laws on this, it will only get worse unfortunately. RIP to those who have lost their lives to senseless killings.

  • Bianca di Angelo
    Bianca di Angelo 6 дней назад

    She uses words like nuts and crazy-easily blurring the line between a simple insult and questioning the shooters mental health. It's unprofessional and just a way to slip away.

  • jeff stalkholms
    jeff stalkholms 6 дней назад

    I wish that bald haired bitch would just die already from any thing. this girl should choke to death. it is sick that a bald haired bitch can parade around and try to take away rights from the good people. you should be ashamed that you gain fame by talking about a school shooting. and trying to make it harder to defend ourselves

  • ryan
    ryan 6 дней назад

    No longer need to pornhub to watch a gang bang

  • Yukii
    Yukii 6 дней назад

    Uhg hold up I can't help to say something about the fact that Cruz was bullied. Okay fine. Everyone in their time of existence will be put down and harassed by another individual as well as go through some kind of mental disorder/illness. Correct? We have urged for revenge to people who have hurt us, it is a normal reaction and response to any threat to ourselves. BUT. There is no excuse. For people to take another life just because they are suffering. You're bullied? You're going through a lot of situations and you feel overwhelmed? Get help. Talk to someone who is appropriate. It doesn't matter if the people who started this movement had bullied him. It does to some extent. But yet again. You being hurt by someone else does not give you a reason to create a massacre. I wish someone reached out to him and got help to support his unstable mental health. Also. Dana's reason may have some valid points. But for years these shootings have been happening. Decades, centuries. Wake up and realize that Americans law for firearms is not efficient. Review it. plan. and change it. Also, this is where bullying comes in. Yes, it adds to the factors. We need to learn how to act sensibly, learn to accept what is different. Because frankly, everyone is unique in their own way, so accept individuals who are different. Support them. Stop being dicks, makes the world an easier place to live in

  • carltonp420
    carltonp420 6 дней назад

    Guns are cooler than a bald girl

  • Daro
    Daro 6 дней назад

    This is what a non respectful and counter productive "debate" looks like. Regardless of your belief, the moment WE lose the ability to respectfully communicate with one another is the moment WE all lose. We're on the same team!

  • jonathan mcadams
    jonathan mcadams 7 дней назад

    Having a gun in America is like having a spare tire while walking to work.

  • Chris Stumbo
    Chris Stumbo 7 дней назад

    Hmmm.. it was said that this girl had bullied the shooter.. Not that it justifies what he did because it don't, but since she is going to be spokesman then it should be brought up.

    OJ NAFTA 7 дней назад

    God bless America no matter how much you bitch and moan and shave your head at the end of the day we all still get a vote and trust me guns ain't going anywhere so all your doing is making your self look like a complete full to the rim douche bag on national TV thank God for records because your going to go down in the books as a complete dumbass for generations to come