Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling

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Concept by • Joe Sill & Lindsey Stirling

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Автор Lluc Jofre ( назад)
please @Linsey, do more dubstep music with your violin

Автор NerdyGamerTVXD ( назад)
I'm the new 2017 comment...

Автор Adriana Adriana ( назад)
maravilhas muito especial

Автор Amanda Young ( назад)
This song was playing today at Walmart. I stopped shopping just to listen. :D

Автор n32547 ( назад)
This is cool and very weird 👍🏿

Автор Pinckamena Тюрина ( назад)

Автор Łukasz Prajsnar ( назад)
3:03 awesome ;)

Автор Courtney Bell ( назад)
this was weird and cringe but shes good at violin

Автор harold chirinos ( назад)
Another epica song that same one knows

Автор Mason Vang ( назад)
Wait is Lindsey Sterling singing and playing the violin???

Автор Mady Luna ( назад)
I absolutely love it when you add dramatic effects and a violin to the bass drop

Автор partygamer11 ( назад)

Автор Katharina Kiesel ( назад)
love it

Автор Хулан Мэнд-Амар ( назад)
l love Lindsey

Автор Erza Scarlet ( назад)
I like the original and the nightcore one

Автор Tara :3 ( назад)
Who is watching this in 2017? :D

Автор Eridan Fanatic ( назад)
Story of this?

Автор Samiya Ahmed ( назад)
we love you lindsey stirling and also lzzy hales

Автор Flower Soul ( назад)
somebody make me feel alive and shatter me

Автор Sena Nur Göç ( назад)

Автор The Devil Unleashed ( назад)
The boring part was her violine....lyrics quality is too poor......

Автор Abigail Morrissey ( назад)
I heard this song once two years ago. Almost a year ago now, I looked it up and heard it a second time. I remembered the name, artist and chorus for almost a full year after hearing it once in school. If you can create anything that has an effect that strong, you know you have it made.

Автор AdventurousJoline ( назад)
I love your music. It really inspires me to follow my dreams. 😊😊😊

Автор Erin Elisabeth ( назад)
I've heard this song a handful of times, but didn't realize how much I relate until I was shattered...and then set back. Playing this song on repeat right now. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Автор Anabel Lugo ( назад)
Me enamore de esta cancion

Автор Himeko ( назад)

Автор ESC Ryan ( назад)
Still listen to this frequently ♥️ anyone else?

Автор Sultanh 95 ( назад)

Автор Марина Брагинова ( назад)
Очень крутая песня

Автор Marylou Choserot ( назад)
+1 abonné☺:)

Автор Lugister ( назад)
Can I copy this song to my video?

Автор TwilightGalaxyMoon ( назад)
Amazing! Great job!

Автор Dark Scarlet ( назад)
oh my gosh! did you really just stand with your toes!?!?!?!? that..that hurt!!

Автор Rachel H ( назад)
awesome and amazing :D

Автор Killerdude3GT ( назад)
You don't deserve 9 million subs, you deserve like 10000000000 million times more subscribers

Автор Gabi Lps Dias ( назад)
amo essa musica

Автор Nhur Ruiz ( назад)

Автор Dean Knatz ( назад)
thank you lzzy hale ill check it out

Автор Aniela Razol ( назад)
Oh no... now i will have this song in my head all this day...

Автор Ágnes Bedics ( назад)
nagyon tetszik

Автор Cata Gimenez ( назад)
me encanta esta canción la adoro igual q todas sus canciones

Автор Danielle Tommy ( назад)
I love your and i`am your big fan. I hope i can play with your some day. I love how your play .

Автор Xaxel Alquicira ( назад)

Автор Sophisticated Sonic ( назад)
This song fits Widowmaker from Overwatch so well.

Автор Yung QueenBr ( назад)
minha filha de 5 anos ama essa musica, nao sei onde ela ouviu, mas toda vez que eu ponho aqui em casa ela pede pra repetir um milhão de vezes hahaha

Автор Krasy Tsvetkov ( назад)
Play at speed of 1.25 and enjoy :D

Автор Laila B ( назад)

Автор unicorn lover ( назад)
soooo good and amazing wooooo!!!!!

Автор Letícia Rodrigues da Silva ( назад)
relou is neim is Letícia

Автор Thuận Nguyễn ( назад)
she sings well

Автор Luke King ( назад)
good song

Автор Çaylak Neoist Tobiasjg ( назад)
I loveeeeeeeeeeee this song and I loveeeeeeeeeeee Lindsey stirling, please coming turkey 😐😐

Автор mr. patata ( назад)
this song makes me feel alive and shatter me! lol <3

Автор Evol Enmity ( назад)
One of the best songs ever made/performed.

Автор Johaniita BTC uwu ( назад)
La amo es la mejor 😍

Автор Milo & Morgan ( назад)
Love your song shatter me, it really hits close to home. I love all your songs. You are amazing Lindsey.

Автор Robyn Sheridan ( назад)
Allen saw 456 and I have none have course

Автор Nick Muetsch ( назад)

Автор Weronika Mos ( назад)
i love you Lindsey!

Автор Atosha Harris ( назад)
it "s N ot.

Автор mochi, kpop, manga, and anime is laifu ( назад)
love this song

Автор Yaaaaayize ( назад)
imagine if someone made a snowglobe of this and the song sings shatter me

Автор angelique pacholick ( назад)
Lindsey Stirling all the kids in my class love your music and my teacher recommends it

Автор Nico Kleemann ( назад)
There is just one problem I have with you Lindsey: I cant decide which song I love most xD

Автор Mehmet Catak ( назад)
#VaroMomente xD

Автор Issa-A-Mo Dood ( назад)
Her bow is too tighten but i oh man I love this song

Автор Dagya Gacos ( назад)
Im so addicted to this song 😍 so magical 😍

Автор vladicator ( назад)
Hey Lindsey, I was at your concert yesterday in Luxembourg, when you played this song, it was AMAZING. The choreography and especially the clock effects in the video behind your back on the screens, it was really really nice. The sound quality was also incredible, so much better than youtube. Thanks a lot for coming to Luxembourg, i hope you will come back here again <3 !

PS: Epic nice surprise with the magic tricks, i didn't expect that AT ALL lol your concert was definitely a 10/10 ! :)))

Автор Lee Taemin ( назад)
the song is the same of child of light

Автор The Titan ( назад)
Lindsey is amazing

Автор The Titan ( назад)

Автор Hargos Claudino ( назад)

Автор haras03 ( назад)
Wow another amazing song...I love it.

Автор Keyry Rivera ( назад)
I love the shatter mi

Автор XxNightShadeXx Aj ( назад)
That robot came back to life and made 10k accounts and disliked the video because he got smashed. How immature of that robot!

Автор Carlene Roulette ( назад)
My friend brought me here

Автор Cry Baby ( назад)
So inspiring

Автор Cry Baby ( назад)
It's so awesome

Автор Gael Cava ( назад)
tocas increible

Автор Gwar ( назад)
I already know how to play the violin and I can play some of the notes on this song is pretty hard but you learn it after you played the violin for a long time riding so thank you.

Автор BMBfreak ( назад)
TBH this video gave me the goosebumps

Автор kaylee ( назад)
This is such an awesome song and video I still get goosebumps watching it!!

Автор TheSoulstainer ( назад)
I just wanted to say I love your music. I have played every single song you have done on Youtube at-least 1000 times, but this one is by far my favorite. I really wish you would come to the Minneapolis MN area so I could see you in concert I think it would be amazing. Best of luck on your next song and hope the tour goes well =)

Автор Wang Xinning ( назад)
Wait....I dont get it. Why was her face shattered and then at the end she was perfectly fine? Amazing video though. Lindsey has turned into a ballerina...

Автор Curious Cheshire ( назад)
wish Lindsey would play in all the states i live in missouri and NO ONE performs there

Автор lindsay barron ( назад)
Like 2017

Автор EpilepsyIsDancing81 ( назад)
Anthem to my life right now. About to leave my husband and kids to go to New York, alone, for five weeks for a music and theatre program... trying to change my life and pursue music again. #shatterme

Автор Ryn Jeff ( назад)
Glad for YouTube. Wish this would get radio play.

Автор Katie Torres ( назад)
how can people dislike this lol it's amazeballs

Автор Lindsey Russell ( назад)
I love love love this video!!! I want them to make the snow globe with her and her violin in it!!

Автор Cx10foxythepirate ( назад)
you are the best

Автор Monir Mohmad ( назад)
lindsey ich mag dich und ich liebe dein musik so sehr der musik ist echt geil und geistig 😍😍😍😘

Автор gnat felton ( назад)
I saw this live and literally cried 🐺💙

Автор PCL Jamaa ( назад)
I turn up the volume cuz I can't hear, then she screams XD

Автор Alice Louise ( назад)
1:41 She's stuck to the stand. She almost falls over, but she's stuck.

Автор Phoenix Ride ( назад)
I totally created a lyrical dance to this. It's just so... amazing!!!!

Автор Stormy Lott ( назад)
love this. song

Автор bean_ _101 ( назад)
This is her best collaboration song. My second favorite song. Almost my favorite

Автор Mnstrek 4u ( назад)

Автор Trine Petersen ( назад)
This video is so beautiful in every way!

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