Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling

  • Опубликовано:  3 года назад
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  • Josh Hood
    Josh Hood 1 час назад

    Anybody else still watching this in 2013?

  • the blue arrow
    the blue arrow 2 часа назад

    I don't just love this song because its good I mean don't get me wrong its the best but lzzy hale is just so beautiful and so is Lindsey but I'm talking about lzzy she has very go scream-o's I just love her songs and you ask "how can she scream and still sing you should listen to hale storm she is the lead singer of it she is soooooooooooooooooo good and one day I want to be just like her and if lzzy hale is reading this  I love you so muck you are my idol

  • Koziol1773
    Koziol1773 4 часа назад

    This song is beautiful!

  • Princess Llamacorn
    Princess Llamacorn 4 часа назад

    Everybody is coming here bc of lost girls but I'm here bc of child of light. Anyone else?

  • Kristi Gibson-Cormier
    Kristi Gibson-Cormier 4 часа назад


  • irinavido
    irinavido 5 часов назад

    #favorite song

  • ToxiBeingEmo
    ToxiBeingEmo 10 часов назад

    3:51 reminds me of dropping my iPad

  • Kimber Santiago
    Kimber Santiago 21 час назад

    i can do the same thing with that violet

  • Kimber Santiago
    Kimber Santiago 21 час назад

    0:30 1:28

  • Wolfie Gaming
    Wolfie Gaming 1 день назад

    The skills in both of them are #BOSS AF

  • marian Knight
    marian Knight 1 день назад

    My sister likes it

  • Love
    Love 1 день назад

    she is the best I'm a long time subscriber.

  • Lily T
    Lily T 1 день назад

    I bet you 100% what the magic mirror in snow white sings when he's alone

  • Vale Escalera
    Vale Escalera 1 день назад

    eres la mejor violinista

  • Naira Salcedo
    Naira Salcedo 1 день назад

    me encanta la canción:-)

  • Laura 17325
    Laura 17325 1 день назад

    After 3 years, listening to It, I still have goose bumps, and I love it. Anyone feel the same?

  • William Short
    William Short 1 день назад

    HOW?? does this have 11,000 dislikes?!?

  • Danny Gospodin
    Danny Gospodin 1 день назад

    Love Lindsey Stirling Music and Dancing.

  • SuriGaming ღ
    SuriGaming ღ 1 день назад

    New profile photo ?

  • Dollyo
    Dollyo 1 день назад

    If it wasn't for the dubstep part I would really love the song

  • Laela Gamer
    Laela Gamer 1 день назад

    I'm addicted💉💊

  • FirePlayz RobloX
    FirePlayz RobloX 1 день назад

    I literally started learning violin because of this video and Lindsey Stirling

  • Sofía Mira F.
    Sofía Mira F. 1 день назад

    Lindsey is this song on youtube free?

  • Paige Legge
    Paige Legge 1 день назад

    bad setting

  • Nikita Sinha
    Nikita Sinha 1 день назад

    I hit like after just a few seconds ..... very impressive music

  • aleyna Ece
    aleyna Ece 1 день назад

    shatter me 😘💟

  • Review Gamer Colecionaveis
    Review Gamer Colecionaveis 1 день назад


  • Red_Milk
    Red_Milk 1 день назад

    Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling but every-time she does something better than the viewers it gets faster...

    That would mean the video would be done in 5 seconds...

  • AngelDerp Tv
    AngelDerp Tv 1 день назад

    Anyone come because of Sirius music?

  • Mats Karlsson
    Mats Karlsson 1 день назад

    this song OUGHT to be a tribute to the character Orianna from League of Legends

  • Kimber Santiago
    Kimber Santiago 1 день назад

    1:09 1:28

  • Kimber Santiago
    Kimber Santiago 1 день назад

    1:00 4:50

  • Aniket Narvekar
    Aniket Narvekar 2 дня назад

    11k dislikes 😞😞 how can people dislike this

  • Jeremy Moran
    Jeremy Moran 2 дня назад

    I smoked an 1/8th. heh...................

  • Baby Polar Bear
    Baby Polar Bear 2 дня назад

    i wonder what the message is behind the music video

  • xazmiin Garziia
    xazmiin Garziia 2 дня назад

    me super encanta <3

  • guidinglightfilms
    guidinglightfilms 2 дня назад

    these videos are way better then any pop song video made by Katy Perry. like if you agree

  • Guffman the Weeb
    Guffman the Weeb 2 дня назад

    h e c c

  • Katt R.
    Katt R. 3 дня назад

    Is anybody else impressed with how still Lindsey can stand while on point and playing violin?

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall 3 дня назад

    Incredible holy Moses

  • Dustin/Phoenix Anderson
    Dustin/Phoenix Anderson 3 дня назад

    Lost girls find a way...

  • Teddi Darling
    Teddi Darling 3 дня назад

    Okay the steampunk elements in the video/song in correlation with the violin made me automatically think of the Infernal Devices--

    Beautiful song! Definitely one of my favorites.

  • Jaydann Durham
    Jaydann Durham 3 дня назад

    I love this song but wats it tryna say

  • Jaydann Durham
    Jaydann Durham 3 дня назад

    the beginning of this song reminds me of FNAF

  • Smoky Quartz
    Smoky Quartz 3 дня назад

    Love the clockwork feel so much! :3

  • YJ
    YJ 3 дня назад

    When I saw this video, I cried with my emotions.

  • Aris Peralta
    Aris Peralta 3 дня назад

    Amazing video, only thing is at 4:30 on the kick remember not to sickle foot .

  • Sari Peti
    Sari Peti 3 дня назад

    I'm here because I love Lzzy ♡

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles
    Lieutenant BaconWaffles 3 дня назад

    The actual violin music makes me think of wuxia chinese movies & hanfu clothing.

  • Lisa Bearsley
    Lisa Bearsley 3 дня назад

    Such a beautiful singer. I was sad that she was grimacing so much. I hope it was a one off just in this song.

  • Enolp Ari
    Enolp Ari 3 дня назад

    This is so good!!
    It's been running through my head all day
    Not even upset about it lol

  • Anushka
    Anushka 3 дня назад

    this song needs more likes

  • Alessandra Silva
    Alessandra Silva 4 дня назад

    shatter me🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼🎵🎵🎵🎤🎤🎤shatter me

  • MagnoliaTheMeme
    MagnoliaTheMeme 4 дня назад

    Am I the only one that sings along?

  • Elias Treyer
    Elias Treyer 4 дня назад

    geiles lied

  • Leigh Merritt
    Leigh Merritt 4 дня назад

    I can't get enough of this song 😍😍😍

  • Sims da Juliana
    Sims da Juliana 4 дня назад

    ela é linda, perfeita e faz um trabalho maravilhoso ❤

  • Kaydee Matheson
    Kaydee Matheson 4 дня назад

    Lindsey there is no way you're human. You're too perfect. And my compliments to Lizzy, her voice&your violin gives me goosebumps every time I hera this song

  • ItsJarredHere
    ItsJarredHere 4 дня назад

    omfl it's 2017 and I got a Attack on Titan Season two ad.

  • Георгий Пелевин
    Георгий Пелевин 4 дня назад

    Супер-клип. Снято потрясающе. Линдси как всегда великолепна. Песня держит в напряжении, а игра на скрипке не отпускает душу. Спасибо за такие работу девчонки. Это действительно хорошая и сильная работа как и многие работы Линдси. Желаю успехов и ждем вас в Москве!!!

  • Krizel Vyrdee Ramos
    Krizel Vyrdee Ramos 4 дня назад

    phenomenal song from 2 phenomenal female artists that i wouldn't change for anything else in the world.... thank you because your music made me feel alive again

  • XDepredadorX
    XDepredadorX 4 дня назад

    LOVET!!!!! <3

  • Shay Paige
    Shay Paige 5 дней назад

    I ❤️ her such a talented young lady!! The Violin 🎻 skills ❤️ it

  • emres- ente
    emres- ente 5 дней назад

    #R.I.P Fazon Varo III

  • AL Name
    AL Name 5 дней назад

    you are the best

  • Julia Kim
    Julia Kim 5 дней назад

    who knew lidsey was a ballerina.

  • Annette Sund
    Annette Sund 5 дней назад

    This reminds me so much of the infernal devices books.

  • ladymarano sg
    ladymarano sg 5 дней назад

    im new here and this is the first song i listen from Lindsey
    Im already a fan 😊

  • Ruby booby
    Ruby booby 5 дней назад

    am i the only person who likes this version and the nightcore version?

  • Siham Hussam
    Siham Hussam 5 дней назад

    Wow it was amazing ❤️

  • Esmeralda Cisneros
    Esmeralda Cisneros 5 дней назад

    Love this video!

  • Ádria Magalhães
    Ádria Magalhães 6 дней назад

    Minhas duas divas <3

  • India Y. Williams
    India Y. Williams 6 дней назад

    i love this song<3 so good

  • Martin Winter
    Martin Winter 6 дней назад

    good musik

  • Anything but Ziejen
    Anything but Ziejen 6 дней назад

    i play violin too

  • sehyoon's chode
    sehyoon's chode 7 дней назад

    lzzy hale is a fantastic singer and she gives me goosebumps whenever i listen to her voice aaa

  • matrix 02
    matrix 02 7 дней назад

    you're fantastic and amazing

  • Naomi Lee
    Naomi Lee 7 дней назад

    this song SHATTERED ME! ❣

  • got mangeld! Marinette
    got mangeld! Marinette 7 дней назад

    you are so cool i love you music i uesd to play the violen but my music teaher was really mean and she made it boring but i play the recorder naw and i can play star wars and i used to play the organ

  • Lpsem Papper
    Lpsem Papper 7 дней назад

    my favorite song 😍😍

  • Kendall Squicciarini
    Kendall Squicciarini 7 дней назад

    Why does this song tell my life?

  • Venkat Kovvali
    Venkat Kovvali 7 дней назад

    Why so many dislikes?! I don't understand.

  • shapperd john
    shapperd john 8 дней назад

    LINDSEY AND LZZY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flare Abolisher
    Flare Abolisher 8 дней назад

    *cries* What a beautiful collab

  • TrinityBlaze
    TrinityBlaze 8 дней назад

    This has a whole new story after lost girls.

  • Andrevus Whitetail
    Andrevus Whitetail 8 дней назад

    Only Lindsey could make me listen to dubstep and make me like it, jesus....

  • Vanedaniela Daza
    Vanedaniela Daza 9 дней назад

    me gustan todas las musicas de ella aparte ella ea capa con el violin

  • Jessenia Assain
    Jessenia Assain 9 дней назад


  • Darxyn
    Darxyn 9 дней назад

    Ahh this is so cool 😍

  • Huy Ngo
    Huy Ngo 9 дней назад

    Lol, she literally pirouetted!

  • Kitty Sky
    Kitty Sky 9 дней назад

    Who came cause they didn't know what was happening in Lost Girls?

  • Moonman
    Moonman 10 дней назад

    Attack on Titan Levi AMV???

  • peppino rastiello
    peppino rastiello 10 дней назад

    To Lindsey you look very beautiful kisses from your favourie fan Justin bieber the best singer and you.

  • peppino rastiello
    peppino rastiello 10 дней назад

    Lindsey Stirling you are very fantastic and amazing and i like your violin can you please give us a comment please from Francesca and Melissa we are both sisters.

    RYD MARTIN DOMINGO 10 дней назад

    to much awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Savannah Howell
    Savannah Howell 10 дней назад

    Dang it I think I broke the replay button 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😁😁😁😁😁😁 now I have to make a link to the starting 0:00

  • Qubegaming Scar
    Qubegaming Scar 10 дней назад

    This Song with Lindsey and Lzzy Shatter all. Epic Song Epic Voice Epic Sound.

  • michiel van't spijker
    michiel van't spijker 10 дней назад

    that moment you see lindsey stirling and lzzy hale in the same youtube title


  • Cristian Fernandez
    Cristian Fernandez 10 дней назад

    halguien habla español:'(

  • Danielle Spider
    Danielle Spider 10 дней назад

    You can see at 2:47 Lindsey mouthing the words "shatter me" right along with Lzzy
    its so beautiful and sad you can just see her crying for help in those words while she's curled up trying to find protection and freedom from the world breaking up around her
    I mean I don't know anything about anything but in my opinion this video was beautifully made. the message is really clear and the way she portrays it is just awesome I love it so much