• Опубликовано: 15 окт 2015
  • For this month's People are Awesome video we thought we'd try something a bit different, check out our Fast Workers Edition, a compilation of workers with amazing speed or flair!
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    Young Punx - You've Got To
    Ninja Window Washer SFO
    Russian Burrito Guy
    Hammer Time
    Spamming Letterboxes
    Man Washes The Dishes Quickly
    Fallafel Performance
    World Greatest Pizza Cutter
    Amazing cutting. Watermelon high speed.
    How To Count Money Faster
    Package Wrapping In China
    Skilled Hairstylist Cuts Hair with Style
    The best job in India
    7 year old pizza tosser Jersey City
    Human-Powered Ferris Wheel
    Scythe Wins in Grass Cutting Competition
    Cotton Candy Pro Spins Street Treat
    Worlds fastest chapati maker
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  • People are Awesome
    People are Awesome  9 месяцев назад +2

    Check out our best videos of the year compilation!

    • byangaming
      byangaming 5 дней назад

      People are Awesome i like the song

  • Marcus Tlau
    Marcus Tlau 6 часов назад

    So awesome!!

  • Adam Shock
    Adam Shock 15 часов назад

    Dang danyel

  • besoy liki
    besoy liki 16 часов назад

    0:20 timelapse

    VIDAK.SC.XD День назад

    Mierda de video basura

  • Plasma George
    Plasma George День назад

    Guess People love their jobs this much.that they practice

  • Adam Crigler
    Adam Crigler День назад

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  • Pakistance 2017
    Pakistance 2017 День назад

  • Jean Clarck Neloni Rabenandrasana
    Jean Clarck Neloni Rabenandrasana День назад

    :D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın

  • BEST combos
    BEST combos День назад


  • It’s all for the Fun
    It’s all for the Fun День назад

    1:11, how I slide into the dms

  • what how to do
    what how to do 2 дня назад


  • Danl
    Danl 2 дня назад we are very quick 💪🏻

  • Ainur Eka
    Ainur Eka 2 дня назад

    01:44 shinigami's sword? 😂😂

  • Malcolm Graves
    Malcolm Graves 2 дня назад

    1:34 This is a job? No

  • anu macwaana
    anu macwaana 3 дня назад

    I like that cotton candy boy.. his cute

  • Sir Moo Moo
    Sir Moo Moo 3 дня назад

    0:24 am I the only one who thought of Dumbo?

  • ادم محمد
    ادم محمد 3 дня назад

    2:00 till the end pro cotton candy collecter?

  • Josaia Rabo
    Josaia Rabo 3 дня назад

    Damn skills

  • meme with birds
    meme with birds 3 дня назад

    why u speed up the second 1

  • Jordan Sellner
    Jordan Sellner 4 дня назад

    Those who are rich dont got this kind of skill but those who are poor they got skill. Amen to That

  • Angelo Jesus Caballero
    Angelo Jesus Caballero 4 дня назад

    You sure people are awesome.PEOPLE ARE DESTROYING THE FLIPPIN EARTH

  • Laihmingthanga Laite
    Laihmingthanga Laite 4 дня назад

    Good idea

  • GC GJ
    GC GJ 4 дня назад


  • Golden Goat Ram Bam
    Golden Goat Ram Bam 4 дня назад

    Does anyone know what that song is called in the video?

  • Dimple 76ers
    Dimple 76ers 4 дня назад


  • Sabeer Malappuram
    Sabeer Malappuram 5 дней назад

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    Abhishek Kumar 5 дней назад


  • That Mothafuckin Dude
    That Mothafuckin Dude 5 дней назад

    I don't know how I'm supposed to feel after that song

  • Ironwolf playz
    Ironwolf playz 5 дней назад

    These people must have worked where they work now for a long time to be that good or they are just naturaly that good

  • Barbara Gawlik
    Barbara Gawlik 6 дней назад

    Syzyfowe pracę

  • MIAWUNG wkwkwkwk
    MIAWUNG wkwkwkwk 6 дней назад


  • John Vilnis
    John Vilnis 6 дней назад

    And some of these artistic cooks take twice as long to make your order than if they didn't entertain you.

  • Galxy _angel
    Galxy _angel 6 дней назад

    Kids got it

  • Joshua Welker
    Joshua Welker 6 дней назад

    This is why when you get a pizza it is cut rong

  • Muan Pi
    Muan Pi 6 дней назад

    no shit u just speeding it

  • Muan Pi
    Muan Pi 6 дней назад

    no shit u just speeding it

  • Muan Pi
    Muan Pi 6 дней назад

    no shirt

  • Andrew Thivierge
    Andrew Thivierge 6 дней назад

    WE'RE LOSING THE WAR AGAINST clickbaiters!

  • Vivora 2Cat
    Vivora 2Cat 7 дней назад

    Suscribirse en mi canal

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 7 дней назад

    0:45 forhed on fleakk (right dude)

  • niran katabi
    niran katabi 7 дней назад +2

    00:40 he is from

  • vincent munoz
    vincent munoz 7 дней назад

    The first cooking one was such clickbait

  • Daniel Leyva
    Daniel Leyva 8 дней назад

    If a camera wasn't pointed right at them, most of these people wouldn't bother doing tricks

  • Hayden Plays
    Hayden Plays 8 дней назад

    Time laps

  • kuskikuva tuilo
    kuskikuva tuilo 8 дней назад


  • Ian Willes
    Ian Willes 9 дней назад

    Lol what a stupid song XD

  • Viktor Drawing
    Viktor Drawing 9 дней назад

    Mia Khalifa is the best in the work.

  • Magyari Robert
    Magyari Robert 9 дней назад

    What is the music name

  • GameNut
    GameNut 9 дней назад

    The second dude making food was sped up, obvious to see

  • kaylin Hiehle
    kaylin Hiehle 9 дней назад

    The other workers are probably like “how are you doing that so fast?! How long have you been doing this?!”

  • Natia Qutatelaze
    Natia Qutatelaze 10 дней назад

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    Natia Qutatelaze 10 дней назад

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  • Szasza :3
    Szasza :3 10 дней назад

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  • Szasza :3
    Szasza :3 10 дней назад

    🌽🌟😃😍💵🙃 Jennifer Lopez Szex videó

  • Allen Alfonso
    Allen Alfonso 10 дней назад

    when you dont give a shit on ur job

  • Szasza :3
    Szasza :3 10 дней назад

    💜🎞🍑😃👍💷🥂😹😵 Kylie Jenner szex videó

  • AlexTheSecond 92MCPE
    AlexTheSecond 92MCPE 10 дней назад

    Did a saw a kid...

  • Chicken
    Chicken 10 дней назад +1


  • RYDER303 Minecrafter
    RYDER303 Minecrafter 10 дней назад

    Cool that guy is using a cythe than triser

  • Ieknolagy
    Ieknolagy 10 дней назад +1

    Mini pancakes me want all

  • พศวีร์ อุ่นเรือน

    What song is this??

  • ulsbold uls
    ulsbold uls 12 дней назад

    good cool

  • QuickScope4201337
    QuickScope4201337 12 дней назад

    Bae: Come over
    Me: I'm working
    Bae: But my parents aren't ho-
    Me: 1:14

  • Erika Paul
    Erika Paul 12 дней назад

    They speed this up 0:09

  • JustinBieber VEVO
    JustinBieber VEVO 14 дней назад

    0:21 is time lapsed

  • DANTDMFAN 1948
    DANTDMFAN 1948 14 дней назад +1

    Is this in time laps???

  • Chanticleer Guitarra
    Chanticleer Guitarra 14 дней назад +1

    I'd imagine that this is what working for a billionaire company in the U.S. overseas is like. You show up to the job interview, perform the ONE position they need to hire, then hop to it for the next 14 hours. If you get slow or make 1 mistake then your job gets taken by the next 12-year old in line who can pull it off.

  • Bobby Pinontoan
    Bobby Pinontoan 15 дней назад +1

    Don't increase speed of video bro..lets with Ori video

  • Dutch Jorgos
    Dutch Jorgos 15 дней назад +1

    00:28 is beast

  • HypeNation
    HypeNation 15 дней назад +1

    1:33 wait u get paid for that?

  • Mae Ortiz
    Mae Ortiz 15 дней назад

    I think the first it is on lapse just see the lights

  • Tonny Enriquez
    Tonny Enriquez 15 дней назад

    I cant tell the 2 workers is fakr cuz of the lights

  • Gucci Flip Flops
    Gucci Flip Flops 15 дней назад


  • Spellow90 op
    Spellow90 op 15 дней назад


    your welcome

  • Rossell Alberca
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  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres 15 дней назад

    This reminds me of FIFA 07

  • Massimo DeLuca
    Massimo DeLuca 16 дней назад

    Now that's what i call fast food!

  • Adarshlal Keralapuram
    Adarshlal Keralapuram 16 дней назад

    This video is in 2x speed 😂 lol

  • Tamil world
    Tamil world 16 дней назад +1


  • sumit800 coc
    sumit800 coc 16 дней назад

    1:28 that kid is awesome...😱😱

  • G Zock10 Yt
    G Zock10 Yt 17 дней назад

    No they are not

  • Sheik Q
    Sheik Q 17 дней назад


  • Blake Horn
    Blake Horn 17 дней назад

    Subscribe to my channel

  • Doray Suedad
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  • Rain Santiago
    Rain Santiago 17 дней назад

    i love cotton candy😍😍❤❤

  • I like triggered people TRIGGERED
    I like triggered people TRIGGERED 17 дней назад


  • Lucille Medina
    Lucille Medina 18 дней назад

    0:59-1:02 How many Philippine peso is that?

  • Maya Zaragoza
    Maya Zaragoza 18 дней назад


  • Debra Winstead
    Debra Winstead 18 дней назад




  • Aþena Elvarsdóttir
    Aþena Elvarsdóttir 18 дней назад

    O my god😯😧😲

  • Aþena Elvarsdóttir
    Aþena Elvarsdóttir 18 дней назад


  • Leon Lim
    Leon Lim 19 дней назад

    Sup with lil homie picking his nose

  • John Carvellas
    John Carvellas 19 дней назад +1

    The first one is fake, they speed it up. U can tell cuz of the lights.

  • Coolguythedude Roblox
    Coolguythedude Roblox 19 дней назад

    0:58 Philippine Pesos

  • THE GOST 154
    THE GOST 154 20 дней назад

    What is the song name

  • Prysm
    Prysm 20 дней назад

    1:56 fast forward

  • Lemasani Asuao
    Lemasani Asuao 21 день назад