For this month's People are Awesome video we thought we'd try something a bit different, check out our Fast Workers Edition, a compilation of workers with amazing speed or flair!

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Young Punx - You've Got To


Ninja Window Washer SFO
Russian Burrito Guy
Hammer Time
Spamming Letterboxes
Man Washes The Dishes Quickly
Fallafel Performance
World Greatest Pizza Cutter
Amazing cutting. Watermelon high speed.
How To Count Money Faster
Package Wrapping In China
Skilled Hairstylist Cuts Hair with Style
The best job in India
7 year old pizza tosser Jersey City
Human-Powered Ferris Wheel
Scythe Wins in Grass Cutting Competition
Cotton Candy Pro Spins Street Treat
Worlds fastest chapati maker

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Комментарии: 2419

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Автор Dustin ( назад)
When you have been at a job for way to long.

Автор Steve Lin ( назад)
Some are sped up

Автор Gian Suyat ( назад)
The 2nd one look like he's in a cooking dance off

Автор KevinHJ Hercuspido ( назад)
wat you men slimen pro siglos

Автор Matt Poland ( назад)
this is not better than people are awsome

Автор Mj Yumping ( назад)
Bet you a dollar, one of these people have only done this once!

Автор Disney Kids Toys ( назад)
absolutely awesome

Автор filip bohatec ( назад)
Image those ants in the candyfloss on da street :D

Автор Eoin Feehan ( назад)
Some of them are clearly Tim lapsed

Автор hopmr ( назад)
Vidéo satisfaisante

Автор GamingLatest13 ( назад)
Say something nice about my channel on one of my videos, and I will teach you how to do -this- _this_ and *this*

Автор Rick Harrison ( назад)
2nd clip was sped up

Автор Vikk XYZ ( назад)
0:26 Rord of the rings/hobbit edition! :D

Автор aynosekeponer ( назад)

Автор James Green ( назад)
Who wants to check my channel out its name is'James Green'

Автор Mahi Khan ( назад)
when I see this I kind video I feel like that I m nothing but a slow shit

Автор Harley joe Weekley ( назад)

Автор muneeb ali ( назад)
courtesy: 4× faster than orignal on vlc player

Автор Kristi Damasco ( назад)
thumbnail at 1:39

Автор OpTic Jesus Christ FaZe ( назад)
Gay ass music

Автор Polski Królik ( назад)
*Window cleaner xDD*

Автор Bence Bánkuti ( назад)
1:11 when you're too lazy two turn twice xD

Автор Ben Dough Vour ( назад)
Some of these were impressive but other were just doing extra shit when they would've done it quicker doing it normal

Автор X_Green_4 ( назад)
some of these are just sped up you can tell from the surroundings

Автор Windex ( назад)
0:32 singapore

Автор Jj Dxx ( назад)
oooo its so nice

Автор RCM Random Copyright music ( назад)
hmm, okey! lets do this job..

Автор Alesya Army ( назад)
the kid so amazing...awesome

Автор Vinay Kumar ( назад)
man Vs machine

Автор Sabin Gheorghe ( назад)
man,this is awsome

Автор Ricegrain animation's ( назад)
This really looks like it was speeded up but I was in between

Автор HassleFreeOX :D ( назад)
I'm sorry but this is supposed to be called SATISFYING VIDEO LOL

Автор Brian Truong ( назад)
bru R u an ninja haha 0:17

Автор Alissa Morvell ( назад)
The 9th one is money not a job......

Автор Master Hacker 2003 ( назад)
this isn't gid level , this is legendary level , UNREAL LEVEL

Автор Tony Huerta ( назад)
i like how u get like 20M Views and you only got 1.5M Subs. You deserv 100M Views and 20M Subs

Автор Herogamers Hanssen ( назад)
1:41 was what we came for!

Автор Clint Smith ( назад)
These people are sooooooooooooooooooooooo fast😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Автор Qadeer Abbas ( назад)
Wuts the song name??

Автор Mystery Gamer ( назад)
0:36 my mom can do that

Автор The Beast 3000 ( назад)
dont say they not fast

Автор fuss xnet ( назад)
who subs on me i sub back! say done

Автор Mr nice guy Gy ( назад)
Fucking hell................ fassssstttttt and 20 m views holy fuck.........

Автор AmmoniumChloride106 ( назад)
At first i thought it was tonfa and later it ws a glass cleaner or something or idk..

Автор Cool Kids. ( назад)

Автор MєŁσvє ΛпιΜє ( назад)
Good Job

Автор Silver Edge ( назад)
I like the cotton candy one

Автор Fardin FR ( назад)

Автор Jacob Bishop ( назад)
the video was spead up

Автор 33panther33 ( назад)
Do they get payed better?

Автор Nat N ( назад)
0:48 was really fast

Автор Felipe Gutiez ( назад)
Defently the greatest YouTube channel in the world

Автор ArttuAvokaadoVideot ( назад)
wtf is the song

Автор PNG_Alpha ( назад)
Some are just sped up

Автор People are Awesome ( назад)
Thanks for watching everyone! Check out our new compilation of extremely talented kids!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNfTM0Eulbk

Автор Ulrich Stern ( назад)
the sign that they love their job

Автор Daniel Nowka ( назад)
Some of These r just sped up

Автор AdzyyyFish ( назад)
It's just been fasforwarded

Автор gopi nathan ( назад)
last is funny

Автор moctar toure ( назад)
https://youtu.be/-WZmz3sHnvE regardez

Автор minecraft whats the gamer ( назад)

Автор MR.WEIRDO ( назад)
Most of them was satisfying

Автор GDM ( назад)
When they were hammering down the tent it reminded me of dumbo and the circus scene

Автор Hal Luco ( назад)
That asian chick at 0:32! It's no wonder I can't catch these people sticking their damned menus all over my truck.

Автор Makica Bakica ( назад)
Izvorne pkesme

Автор Nantaporn Pintong ( назад)

Автор Gaming Nerd ( назад)
what is the music?

Автор thehmph1 ( назад)
I'm going to blast them with a glorious DDT

Автор Giggi Widit ( назад)
WOW... just wow, it's so great to see people with a passion for what they do, and it just goes to show you that your job is only as boring as you want it to be =9

Автор Vizual_ Plxsma ( назад)
this guys just want to get work done faster so they can go home and watch T.V.

Автор clorox bleach ( назад)
i subscribed these awsome channel

Автор Satrio Rama Elvan ( назад)
good job..

Автор Mohammad Zarei ( назад)
woooow . thank you for it

Автор Bendot Sriti ( назад)
hhhhhhhhhh seneng aq ndelok e

Автор Zako Mendez ( назад)
There's something of fast workers and people who can do tricks

Автор Danish Zameer ( назад)

Автор shabeeb rahman ( назад)

Автор Victor Sul ( назад)
That cotton candy guy was fucking dope

Автор Conefo CN ( назад)

Автор Benedek Barta ( назад)
This music fits soooooo good to the video! d[-_-]b

Автор sk Dildar ( назад)

Автор Aadam Manuel ( назад)
is this fast forward

Автор meme stealer ( назад)
fast forward

Автор MagicFanForever ( назад)
1:13 RIP shoe grip

Автор Kirbyz ( назад)
1:40 that guy could be death with that scythe

Автор Smooth Puncher ( назад)
dont push your body to the limit doing your daily job.u will get pain soon.n if u work for other people they not see u they just see the money come.if they thinking of u n care about u they will advice u dont do job like that..

Автор Hobson McMaster ( назад)

Автор Yaser Malik ( назад)
zabardastť mashallah

Автор Suhaib Yahin ( назад)
people are awesome

Автор Scarces Tree ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The part you are looking for is 1:42

Автор Emil Wall ( назад)

Автор Old Man ( назад)
Im gonna make a channel called people are awful and Im gonna highlight all the atrocities humans commit everyday

Автор Crazy Norwegians ( назад)
The ferris wheel man seems capable of defying gravity.

Автор Mr. Chillies ( назад)
When I look at this I ask myself "What am I doing with my life"

Автор Vicheth Official ( назад)
wow i like this viedo

Автор Kakashi Hatake ( назад)
Imagine an expert Pani poori guy in action...

Автор tubeist- dan ( назад)
Welcome to Donald Trump's job program.

Автор sathisha nayaka ( назад)

Автор Abdeali Vanat ( назад)
who else read the comments everytime when they watch a video and don't judge it by themselves?

Автор TheUltimate EnderLord ( назад)
People aren't awesome. They people idiots.

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