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  • Published on Jan 15, 2017
  • Betsy DeVos is not fit to be the next Secretary of Education! Watch to learn more about how she ruined education in Michigan through for-profit charter schools -- and be sure to call your U.S. Senators today to tell them to protect public education! (202) 224-3121 #StopDeVos
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  • Dawn Peters
    Dawn Peters 2 months ago

    I teach in Michigan. We need smaller class sizes not larger. Our children deserve so much better than these politicians want to provide for them! This is a deliberate attack on our schools, teachers and children. What a nation focuses on we get more of. We live in a nation of unbridled greed leaving our most vulnerable people left to suffer while we fully fund death and destruction around the world. What a sad time in the world we are in.

  • Causus Belly
    Causus Belly 6 months ago

    Worth mentioning that

  • Danny Mayle
    Danny Mayle 8 months ago

    This Bitch is Evil and a Hypocrite who hides behind her Fake Values and The Bible. Greedy and Dangerous to Children 😡🤮

  • Pete Diaz
    Pete Diaz 10 months ago

    Public education is a joke in the south; scrap it & start all over. Sure blame Betsy for your failures...

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler Year ago

    protect the teaching unins more like. Public cash is public education. hand that cash to the parents and get out of the way.

    THESEADOG82 Year ago +1

    DEVOS is Great!!!!! public education needs to be destroyed let's work together to get rid of it.

  • AlienPsyTing1
    AlienPsyTing1 Year ago

    Soros crap check out the film "Waiting for Superman"

  • John Tripp
    John Tripp Year ago

    Devos is a creepy witch from some freakish cult called Amway.

  • Kevdawg Sutton III% Pro Gun-Rights Activist

    Public schools are teaching us like shit, but authorize of where u coming from and having these uncease debates to make it as a safe space environment. Kids today need to choose their own quality of pace education. Rather than staying in mass destruction of learning.

  • Tiffany Sillah
    Tiffany Sillah 2 years ago

    Fuck that. Home school. Im home schooling my kids. If ur tired of this public school nonsense, get prepared to home school. if you live in and around Nashville, TN i will voluntarily educate your children along with my own. idk how we will make it but enough is enough.

  • Prophet YouTube
    Prophet YouTube 2 years ago +1

    Public education sucks, has sucked for years, that is why we need parents! I teach my children, pay their college tuition, and now they are doing just fine! Don't need BIG GOVERNMENT teaching and telling me and my children anything...

  • MooseHead
    MooseHead 2 years ago +1

    WE NEED someone who is radicle to turn our failing schools around.

  • Jan Kowal
    Jan Kowal 2 years ago

    I support Betsy

  • Miss Heathen
    Miss Heathen 2 years ago

    We live in an Oligarchy-Police state... This is not my opinion. This is an objective fact.

  • cnniz fakenewz
    cnniz fakenewz 2 years ago

    because public education is nothing but indoctrination and lies..Its about time our children are taught the truth rather than what the elite want pumped into youth..Common core is racism bottom line..Some of our children are beaten after schools because of the distorted lies being fed to them...This will also spread to MSM. and Hollywood which is another form of indoctrination...And it's about time..

  • Paul MacLean
    Paul MacLean 2 years ago

    Republicans always talk about choice or giving you the opportunity to choose .what a crock .same with defunding ACA they won't to give you the tools to choose choose what? .racist Jesus freaks .

  • jack hoff
    jack hoff 2 years ago +1

    Wow. You really did make a difference. NOT. LMFAO

  • vmk
    vmk 2 years ago

    Because money is everything in this society

  • sophia1998ish
    sophia1998ish 2 years ago +1

    As a parent who lived in low income communities desperate to get my son out of the dangerous and failing public schools, I can say I felt utterly hopeless when he was forced to attend district schools which were no better than prisons. People argue that the fight for public schools is for the children but if anyone cared for the children, they would understand parents and not the government, understand their children's needs. Take a tour of the scary schools with metal detectors and fenced in stairwells before you decide some child's fate.

  • Luzitanium
    Luzitanium 2 years ago

    video reported for inciting hate and violence, not so tolerante this leftists these days, soon people will revolt against you they are getting fed up with your childish actions. This video is a attack to human inteligence.

  • Backyard Brook
    Backyard Brook 2 years ago

    Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Democrats lose again
    Finally an end to the teachers unions
    Teacher union teachers indoctrinate kids with communism

    • rouge1ful
      rouge1ful 2 years ago

      @Backyard Brook still didn't give me a reason as to why DeVos is a good pick

    • Backyard Brook
      Backyard Brook 2 years ago

      Awwwww. Straight to calling me names.
      The only sad thing is I can't watch your head explode when I say
      HaHaHaHaHaHaHa Loser!!! Lol

    • rouge1ful
      rouge1ful 2 years ago

      this isn't about left or right, or unions dumbass, this is about the children's education and how this woman will suck the money away from there education getting herself money and any of her rich friends that own private and charter schools. everyone lost here and the kids are the biggest losers. tell me what good will come from DeVos being in charge?

  • Craig TheSchmeg
    Craig TheSchmeg 2 years ago +1

    Protect Public Education? You mean Protect Public Indoctrination, right? Especially the indoctrination of children in grade school. The filthy liberal worm is the ultimate predator.

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 2 years ago

    We can Spend that $$$$ on Educational Materials and Building Repairs....

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 2 years ago +1

    I thougt That ALL Children Deserv THE SAME QUALITY EDUCATION

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 2 years ago


  • Rtpont
    Rtpont 2 years ago

    Public schools must really suck if people are waiting in line to be entered into a lottery.

    UNDER GRACE 2 years ago

    The children don't benefit whether monies are poured in or not the more money they get, the dumber the kids are. we are up to over12,000 dollars per kid in public school. The public schools are not for the interests of the child, it's for the teachers unions, their pensions, tenure and lack of accountability..

  • faceSpace
    faceSpace 2 years ago

    Old black water, keep on rollin...

  • MewMeister Mei
    MewMeister Mei 2 years ago

    Does anyone believe this?

  • Anthony Mcqueen
    Anthony Mcqueen 2 years ago

    The sad part is this BITCH devos got CONFIRMED trump is a fucking asshole for threatening our childrens education this woman is not qualified period !

  • sunynite
    sunynite 2 years ago

    Another propaganda . I can't believe more people don't see right through this BS.

  • weallbfree
    weallbfree 2 years ago +1

    The idea that school choice supporters are "destroying" public education is completely ridiculous. As long as each student has enough funds assigned to them, then public education will be just fine. The unions don't like De Vos because they have a financial interest in keeping district schools open. If district schools close, that means fewer public school teachers, which means fewer $$ in union dues, which means they can't spend the money they steal from us on political agenda. If you're going to "follow the money" in DeVos's case, you have to do the same for the NEA/AFT.

  • James Simmons
    James Simmons 2 years ago

    I disagree with any idea of guns being allowed in schools. Further, I think that schools, at least those below college level, are primarily centers for scholastic pursuits. They are NOT centers of indoctrination in political correctness. The reason for this is simply because as time goes on our collective ideas about social issues changes. Our young people should not be taught the ideas of the moment. Let them sort those things out for themselves as they age and mature. Any ideas regarding homosexuality are the private business of parents to teach, not primary, public schools. Why? Because below a certain age students are too malleable and immature for such topics. I fully realize that so many will disagree with my views. They are mine nonetheless and so long as we have freedom of thought in our country I will not allow anyone to change them. The federal government has no damn business interfering in those things which are the preogatives of parents. The federal government of the USA is our servant, not our master.

  • Shannon Rishky
    Shannon Rishky 2 years ago +1

    DeVos must be stopped if our schools are to survive

  • Betsy Collins
    Betsy Collins 2 years ago

    Why were those closed-down charter schools allowed to keep everything they purchased with public funds? In public school, all discards have to go to a public auction!

  • David Powell
    David Powell 2 years ago +1

    No, this is crap propaganda. The very first statement is the problem. The job of the Secretary of education, is to make sure every CHILD has a high quality education. I notice they don't offer any quantitative comparisons between the charter and non-charter schools. Why do you think that is? If the charter schools are so bad, why do you think parents are still sending their students? Why would parents be on waiting lists? The public schools have been ruined by the teachers' unions, and she is going to fix it!

  • Hopefulbond
    Hopefulbond 2 years ago

    I can't believe she try's to bring God into this.

  • TheGreatgan
    TheGreatgan 2 years ago +1

    if you dont like/trust charter school dont go there.. simple.. goverment are paying the tuition of kids that wanted to go charter, not funding the school its self. its a huge difference it between.

  • softminimal1
    softminimal1 2 years ago +1

    The goal here is to keep the masses stupid while funneling billions of dollars into the pockets of the wealthy elites.

  • softminimal1
    softminimal1 2 years ago +1

    Charter schools are a recipe for corruption and fraud.

  • softminimal1
    softminimal1 2 years ago +1

    Education should not be about profit.
    Trump is boosting the military budget by 100b dollars while our schools are falling apart.

  • softminimal1
    softminimal1 2 years ago

    Religion has no place in our schools!
    You want to indoctrinate your child with religion, do it at home.

  • Heather Arthur
    Heather Arthur 2 years ago

    Educate yourself, CREDO (center for research on educational outcome) from Stanford University.

  • panos pata os
    panos pata os 2 years ago +3

    public education sucks.

    • panos pata os
      panos pata os 2 years ago

      rouge1ful like those are the only two options.

    • rouge1ful
      rouge1ful 2 years ago

      its not perfect but its better then not having the ability to teach kids at all

  • TL E
    TL E 2 years ago +4

    Betsy DeVos absolutely horrifies me! Charter and private education are fine (some of them work wonderfully), but I'm 100% against destroying public schools in order to have them. Just like private prisons, they can be a recipe for disaster when businesses care more about their profit than the people they serve.

  • Gary Sisk
    Gary Sisk 2 years ago

    I am not a resident of Michigan so other then propaganda sheets put out but various groups really don't know what is going on their. But I do have concerns with allowing funding be used on private education. I am a 30 year serviced school employee now retired and no, not a teacher, principal or any Union was I ever part of, nor would I be. I was a facility director for that 30 years in 2 different states and 4 different districts, so have a feel for public education. Is it perfect, no. But for the most part comprised of people greatly, greatly interested in your child's success. I see school staff being surrogate moms, dads, advisers, counselors, friends and advocates for those children who have no or very little parent support. As well as supporting those with special needs. My fear is vouchers will even spread the distance between those who have and those who have not. Taking money out of education is not the way to support it and make it better. Separating those to have and those who have not is not the way to build an education or fix a problem as well. I am an Anglo American male and this looks like another way to support the wealthy whites of the United States.

  • Thomas Lowe
    Thomas Lowe 2 years ago +1

    I highly doubt that many people knocking Ms. Devos o this forum have had kids in truly SHITTY public schools like my son was in his middle school. Do you think people in NYC and other places line up like they're waiting for the megamillions results to see if their kids get into a charter school because they love their public schools? Out there in actual America, there are parents that care more about their kids than they do the crappy, expensive, dangerous public schools and it's not a theoretical argument to them. They know if their kids remain in these schools, they'll be unprepared and unarmed in the adult labor force. We can't afford to keep this country afloat with immigrants who arrive with better educations than us. Competition to find the most effective way is the only way to make a dent in this.

  • Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta 2 years ago

    I have never seen such a strong courageous lady (DeVos) in politics to speak so much truth for the people (not Politically correct but truth). I'm so proud to be American today to be led by such visionary and strong leader!!!
    God bless America and such brave people who speak their mind and truth.

    • Dawn Peters
      Dawn Peters 2 months ago

      Himanshu Gupta are you serious? We have unlimited dollars to bomb and kill millions of people but we have no money ever for the education of our children. Our country is an abominable mess.

  • Kitty Cobb
    Kitty Cobb 2 years ago

    Go Trump!
    I wondered if any of the speakers, in the video, were involved in the massive damage done in Atlanta, Ga. by Administration and teachers. They caused a lot of problems for students.
    Some involved in the scam got jail time.

  • Sterling simms
    Sterling simms 2 years ago

    What is he doing. I knew he had no idea what he was doing but come on he has to know better than this. This women is insane her family is a band of CRIMINALS.
    She is the CO-FOUNDER of AMWAY. The legalized Ponzi Scheme that steals money from thousands of people.
    Her brother is the founder of Blackwater Security Consultants which has been shutdown and virtually sold for scrap because of crimes it committed over in Iraq.
    What is our President-Elect DOING

  • Sandra Sims
    Sandra Sims 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for making this film! Keep up the good work.

  • Vikingstaff
    Vikingstaff 2 years ago +2

    I have dedicated my adult life, professional life, personal life to educating the children in my classroom for over 23 years in Michigan. I cherish my students, and the bright futures that they will have. I have lost sleep, stayed up all night, dedicated weekends, and freely given my evenings to doing what it takes so they have the opportunities they need and deserve in the classroom. It takes dedication. It takes teamwork. And yes, it takes a village to guide, nurture and educate kids so they can reach their full potential. It takes parents, students, and teachers working together. It takes schools and communities being unified and supportive of the educational needs of all of their kids. It takes all of us. This video is powerful, and really speaks to the truth of how DeVos has been attacking, undermining, and weakening public education in my home state, Michigan. She is utterly unqualified for the position she has been appointed to as the next Secretary of Education for the United States. She never attended a public school in her life. Her children have never attended a public school in their life. She does not have ANY educational background in education. What are her qualifications? She has BOUGHT influence in GOP circles to push a radical view of private and for profit educational systems in the State of Michigan. That has bought her influence on issues she is ignorant about, and now she is poised to push that ideological vision of corporate education on the U.S.A. It breaks my heart! I hope others will continue to speak up to mitigate the dangerous influence she currently wields like a hammer in public policy circles in my home state, and soon, potentially the entire country.

    HENROID 2 years ago +1

    Charter schools have been proven to work and America would greatly benefit from more of them. This is what Devos wants more of. They provide a better education, have a focus on strict learning, do not waste money, and finally have teachers that are not protected by tenure. In other words, they have to fight for there job so that they wont be fired ( much like many other countless occupations). This creates some of the best teachers around. A quick research of the topic will show the power of the free market system (capitalism) on schools. I encourage everyone to read on both sides of this argument to not seem ignorant

  • rouge1ful
    rouge1ful 2 years ago +11

    my mom has been teaching for 30 years now, this is terrifying to see someone so unqualified for a job potentially getting it. a person who's nearly destroyed public schools in her state alone, now she might get power over all 50?

      THESEADOG82 Year ago

      rouge1ful Get rid of public education u know it sucks

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 2 years ago +2


    • Anita Dijkers Bakker
      Anita Dijkers Bakker 2 years ago +2

      so, if this is fake news ( which it is not), come back with some proof.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 2 years ago +4


    • look at the flowers
      look at the flowers 2 years ago +3

      Eric Smith It's not fake fucking news it's not even news this is a small documentary about the idiot family that's going to run education in the fucking future, it's almost unbelievable how delusional you trump cronies are. Because this isn't about your fucking president, this is about the godamn the children.

  • Raymond Licon
    Raymond Licon 2 years ago +4

    choice is better

    • rouge1ful
      rouge1ful 2 years ago +1

      there is no proof that private or charter school do better than a normal public schools. choice doesn't work if the school your kids attend keep sucking and you have to keep moving from school to school. that is damaging the child's time they could be using to learn learning

    • Thomas Lowe
      Thomas Lowe 2 years ago +2

      I agree with you, I can't believe that don't think that the same kind of motivation that brought us Iphones, wonder drugs and the personal short that supplies us with so many things that make our lives better... couldn't help improve how we educate our kids?

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor 2 years ago +6

    I just called my senator and congressman and told them to please support and confirm Betsy Devos nomination for secretary of education. Because I want to see public education destroyed once and for all.

      THESEADOG82 Year ago

      Andrew Taylor Thank you. only chance kids have is to destroy public education!!!

    • rouge1ful
      rouge1ful 2 years ago

      and charter schools enrollment are done by lotto

    • TrIsSy GiRl
      TrIsSy GiRl 2 years ago +3

      Andrew Taylor and where should kids go for education? Private schools get to pick and choose the kids they teach

  • Francesca Runza
    Francesca Runza 2 years ago +3

    I don't think all charter schools are not functioning well. We live in a community where the public school option is very bad so we went with the charter school. It's very diverse and responsible with funding. It also offers more progressive thinking in terms of the curriculum compared to our public school options. I think we need to do this community by community and have a choice for parents. I am willing to pay more into my public charter school to have the option to send my kids there knowing that there are some families in our school community that cannot pay more, but want the ability to send their children there.

  • Pedro
    Pedro 2 years ago +15

    And this is what you get when you elect the worst member of the 1% to be your president.

  • hugesinker
    hugesinker 2 years ago +3

    What you're pushing for with this propaganda piece is for children and parents not to have a choice. If there's only a crappy public school in their area, that's where you want them to go-- even if the same amount of per-pupil spending could give them a far superior local education. You probably only have experience with decent public schools and are thinking those are going to be forced to shut down. That isn't the case. If a charter school is worse than the local public school, the parents will prefer to keep their kids in the public school. No one is forcing them out, that isn't how this works. The only way they could be shut down is if parents and students choose to abandon them in droves. This is fear over superior competition. Please don't be fooled.
    I can't believe you presented the Stossel clip where he shows parents waiting in lines around the block hoping to be entered into a lottery for admission to a Charter school. The reason for that line is because the state forces them to limit the number of admissions, and because the public schools in that area are so poor by comparison that those seats are in in very high demand. You want that to count AGAINST the charter schools? No, it's a failure of the local public schools. Otherwise there would be no lines. Also, no schools that receive public funds segregate by race-- that certainly is not something Devos is pushing for. There is the appearance of segregation even in many public schools because of the ways the districts are drawn-- more school choice actually reduces that.

    • Robert DeSio
      Robert DeSio 6 months ago

      hugesinker . Bravo! Well stated!

    • rouge1ful
      rouge1ful 2 years ago

      you know there have been multiple cases about people in charge of charter schools embezzling 10s of thousands of dollars

    • Sean Jau
      Sean Jau 2 years ago

      @hugesinker Shutting down a school in the middle of the school year is terrible for students! The one single good quality of monopolies is stability, which is paramount to an education system. Students who are forced to switch schools in the middle of the year are more likely to fall behind, even when the new school is better.
      Our public education system has worked for decades because of adequate government funding. Innovation from charter schools will complement the system, but public schools still need to be well taken care of.

    • hugesinker
      hugesinker 2 years ago

      Parents hold those schools accountable. The fact that when charter schools fail, or if they don't get enough children attending, they get shut down is not a down side-- it's a feature. The horrible public schools that never get shut down because they have a monopoly IS a problem.
      Everyone has some profit motive, which is essentially a desire to better their own lives; even the teachers in the public schools. The tenure policies in most public school districts are not good for children, but they are beyond reproach anyway. That doesn't mean that they don't care about kids-- the vast majority of
      teachers going into both public and private schools care more about the kids than the money-- otherwise they would usually go do something else. It's funny how the profit motive produces just about everything in our society, even very important things, yet some people think it can't be used to help children learn. That is quite strange to me.

    • Kristin Pichaske
      Kristin Pichaske 2 years ago

      Folks, I have studied charter schools in great depth as I worked on a more objective documentary on the matter and the reality is this: they are neither good nor bad in principal. Some are wonderful. With the right regulation and oversight, they can improve education. But there are potential pitfalls, many of which stem from the profit motive others have noted. Once education becomes a for-profit business, there will always be some bad actors who are in it for the money and seek to cut corners at kids' expense or expand their business by building schools in neighborhoods that don't need them and use advertising and false promises to draw kids away from public neighborhood schools, which then undercuts their success and REDUCES the available of good choices. The existence of this phenomenon is well documented. The key thing here is how we deal with charter schools. We should not allow for-profit charters to build schools in districts where there is already an high-performing public school. We should shut down charters that underperform and make them return their assets to the district. We should not grant more charters to corporations that run schools that are currently underperforming. The problem with DeVos is not that she supports charters per se but that she would not hold them accountable in any of these ways. That and the fact that she clearly doesn't know that much about education. (If you watched her confirmation hearing this point should be obvious.) Let's focus on the real issues here, not the question of whether charter schools are good or bad because that argument is pretty much unresolvable.

  • Steelbreeze420
    Steelbreeze420 2 years ago +1

    @4:10 thats because your city is run by a corrupt one party system full of morons and uneducated boobs conning you. Funny thing is elsewhere where there is some honesty at the top (in both DNC and GOP States) they are AWESOME. Higher scores, better college placement, and more successful students.

  • Steelbreeze420
    Steelbreeze420 2 years ago +16

    So if Michigan has a decline, your plan is to stick with what doesnt work already???

    • paphiopedilumpal
      paphiopedilumpal 2 years ago +1

      Since 1993, the republicans have had the majority in the state house and senate most years. Will you please look stuff up and stop repeating what you hear? What happened is this - it took a long time for workers in the auto plants to get all these great benefits...and way longer for the teachers to get anything at all. If you don't know that, you don't know much. So yes, the older teachers have a pension - they did away with that. Now, no new teacher gets a pension - they have to have 401k. Which the originators of the 401k say, it's a bad idea. Quit bitching about taxes, and start bitching about what we GET for our taxes. Like constant war, and corporate welfare. We need to pay more attention to people, and a whole lot less attention to being the world's police force.

    • paphiopedilumpal
      paphiopedilumpal 2 years ago +1

      Anything to back what up? All I know is that if you have 2 schools in an area with known for poor educational outcomes, the Charter schools do no better than the public schools. The difference is there are no CEOs ripping me off with public schools and I can call a school board member if I have a problem or question. If you want to pay for billboards and advertising and CEO pay and "management company" profits from our tax dollars, all without any recourse, I think you're nuts.
      I hate to tell you but part of Trump's making America "Great" again includes union jobs. Why do you think those poor coal miners are upset? Because they lost their $60k a year jobs and the only jobs available now are at Walmart. Welcome to 2017. In the 1970's the biggest employer in the USA was General Motors. Now, it's Walmart. If you want to make a living wage, learn how to do something that requires some type of skill. But don't bitch about unions to me - unions made America "Great".

    • weallbfree
      weallbfree 2 years ago +1

      Do you have anything to back that up? Michigan is on the decline because the unions have such a stranglehold on public services, that raises costs and thanks to their loss of population (because of the high taxes implemented by the Democrats who have run it for 60 years) they no longer have the tax base to support it.

    • paphiopedilumpal
      paphiopedilumpal 2 years ago +1

      Maybe that's how your schools are bad. The public schools in my city are wonderful. Why not model everyone's schools after those in my district? That's not what Betsy wants - she wants everyone to learn everything from their Bible.

    • Steelbreeze420
      Steelbreeze420 2 years ago +2

      Michigan is in decline for a host of reasons outside of the DeVos...Its a toilet. Detroit is exactly what you would expect of a singular party stronghold of that sort. A warzone like Chicago where all the decent and salary earning people fled.Why would anyone want to stay in such a cesspool? Plus, .Public Schools in the USA are all in decline. The system, as we have it, has already failed spectacularly. The only thing we are protecting now are people's who careers are central to that. I totally get what you are saying, what i am saying is regardless of DeVoe or not, the system in place has failed all over(not just Michigan alone) and flushing it ALL down the toilet and starting over could make us much more dead last then we are now..

  • avolantyable
    avolantyable 2 years ago +1

    public schools need competitors to help improve their ratings. If all you have are public schools, then they will all receive funding no matter what and have no urge to better their students. By removing the funding and giving it to someone that can perform better you cause a struggle which makes people work harder to earn it.

  • timothy moore
    timothy moore 2 years ago

    white supremacy white supremacy white supremacy destroy Blacks period.

  • Richard Denny
    Richard Denny 2 years ago +3

    This video is total BULLLSHIT!!! I just looked up Michigan's ranking in overall education and for the past 5 years their students have preformed overall around the 48-52% right in league with the national average. The adoption of "charter" schools hasn't really made very much of an impact. However I would probably agree that there needs to be better oversight. As with any and all Government programs.

    • Janet Joakim
      Janet Joakim 2 years ago +2

    • Sean Jau
      Sean Jau 2 years ago +2

  • Richard Denny
    Richard Denny 2 years ago +1

    Join together and protect group-think so all of our children will fail equally.... just like in Chicago....

  • Toussaints' Wrath
    Toussaints' Wrath 2 years ago +1

    4:15 Why are they in military uniforms? lol Can we get that crackpot Alex Jones on this--ASASP?

  • Solx
    Solx 2 years ago

    so based on this idea of charter schools then every one is saying all our higher education college schools are also bad?

  • PeaceProfit
    PeaceProfit 2 years ago +20

    Anyone with any corporate business experience can see this is NOT a peaceful transition of government power, it's a classic hostile take over.
    The final push toward corporate authority...
    Sadly as usual middle & lower income people will be the main looser's in all this, fucked if you do, fucked if you don't that's the power of your vote... L.O.V.E.*Rulz

    • Paul MacLean
      Paul MacLean 2 years ago

      FreeMind sounds good in your lala land I'm sure .so I'm poor and the school that is good is 100 miles away now what? the whole point of public is equal standards .it's complete fkn bs d Vos plan is to make desperate people for cannonfodder.

    • PeaceProfit
      PeaceProfit 2 years ago

      FreeMind U*R funny... good luck with that ;(

    • A Man
      A Man 2 years ago

      @PeaceProfit A voucher would be given to all.. Everyone would have a choice where they send their kids. Education companies seeking largest market share would have to produce the best and lowest cost education possible to get that market share. Competition would force them to go for that because if they don't someone else will and force them out of business. That's why capitalist countries are so prosperous and advanced, while socialist countries have failed or are failing.

    • PeaceProfit
      PeaceProfit 2 years ago

      FreeMind if you require explanation, you either need history lessons or live in a bubble of denial created by whatever delusion you subscribe to. Good*Luck with that... L.O.V.E.*Rulz

    • A Man
      A Man 2 years ago

      PeaceProfit Explain how middle class and lower class will do worse from this.

  • Chriss RE
    Chriss RE 2 years ago +2

    You worry about segregation in schools. Black Lives Matters movement advocated that some schools should be separated because whites are dangerous somehow

    • Terry #27
      Terry #27 2 years ago

      @Chriss RE No dumbass, you just took a moment that not only has NOTHING to do with BLM, but furthermore, tried to place BLM in an arena that real BLM members had never focused on! So stay in your lane, and never try to tell a black man what BLM is trying to do!

    • Chriss RE
      Chriss RE 2 years ago

      I just gave an example from my country. My point is that if you have no private schools. choice you are stuck with what current ideology is.

    • TrIsSy GiRl
      TrIsSy GiRl 2 years ago

      Chriss RE they dont teach religion in public schools. and i dont think people should pay for schools that their children dont go to their tax money should go into their children

    • Chriss RE
      Chriss RE 2 years ago

      I know I just gave left policy example (not yet implemented) on how they also can influence the public schools. In that case that was idea by BLM. I live in Europe and we have both private and public schools. Problem with public schools is that they are not focused on teaching. They are focused on putting the goverment current ideology in those schools. For example in my country I was forced to religion classes even tho im an Atheist and in Germany they teach 9 year old kids about sex. Now they wanted to ban evolution. I don't want to give my kinds in hands of people that I don't trust can make good decissions.

    • TrIsSy GiRl
      TrIsSy GiRl 2 years ago

      Chriss RE this aint about BLM its about making public schools better for your children the tax payers money should go to public schools not private schools

  • Blume
    Blume 2 years ago +3

    I'm sorry these single mother hyenas on gubbmint assistance need to take responsibility

  • Mitch McTurtle
    Mitch McTurtle 2 years ago +13

    Betsy DeVos' agenda is a clear and alarming example of the neoliberal attack on public education waged by corporatist politicians who believe they know better than teachers on how our education system should function.
    They want to privatize education and turn it into a business, where profit is prioritized over student achievement.
    They want to force schools to compete against each other for funding, while diverting it from the struggling schools that need help the most.
    They want to turn students into customers and school districts into shopping malls, where school choice provides families the "freedom" to select from many options that often fail to provide quality education for their children.
    Although our public schooling certainly has its flaws, no one should ever apply free market principles to the entire education system. Schools are not (and should never be considered) a business under any circumstances.
    Parents, students, and teachers should all stand up against the corporate takeover of public schools if the Trump administration pushes for it, and fight back without any mercy, for the future of our children, education, and country is at stake.

    • Midnight Rambler
      Midnight Rambler Year ago

      no its not allowing the unions to block reform.

      THESEADOG82 Year ago

      Steven Du Public schools are horrible. Make public schools illegal. work together close them all.

    • Paul MacLean
      Paul MacLean 2 years ago +1

      Kristin Pichaske charter schools do not have to follow any set curriculum.they open up give the management of it over to their brothers management company which is🎀week old siphon off the money close up and move on .give your head a shake .keep schools public. absolutely no one in the developed world does this .usa are addicted to private is better that's why you are so far behind in basics. universal healthcare maternity leave pensions. fk

    • Mitch McTurtle
      Mitch McTurtle 2 years ago +1

      Thanks for clarifying, Kristin. Although I only referred to DeVos' policies as neoliberal, I guess I forgot to emphasize the religious aspect of her goals. They're at least partially neoliberal because of their promotion of competition, school choice, and deregulation, though. Perhaps I focused too much on the neoliberal portions of her agenda, but I do agree now that she is not the best example of a neoliberal.

    • Kristin Pichaske
      Kristin Pichaske 2 years ago

      You are both partially right. Steven is correct that neoliberalism embraces policies like privatization, deregulation, free trade, and increasing the role of the private sector in the economy and society. Charter schools fall in line with that. However, Betsy is correct that Betsy Devos is not herself a neoliberal. She is a straight-up conservative Republican who espouses conservative values -- hence her push support for religious schools with taxdollars, something a liberal wouldn't support. Bill Clinton would be a better example of a neoliberal -- he had liberal social values, but made a lot of economic decisions that favored deregulation and the free market.

  • Blume
    Blume 2 years ago +1

    These blacks are like "MUDDUFUGGUH WHUH!? Not No White Womanz!!

    • 79blt
      79blt 2 years ago +4

      you are a horrible, miserable person

  • Blume
    Blume 2 years ago +6

    Oh No! No more Marxist Schooling 😱

      THESEADOG82 Year ago

      tarkineWild That's right capitalism is fantastic. Gov Capitalism sucks!! Learn the difference.

    • tarkineWild
      tarkineWild 2 years ago +4

      Too right. I cant sleep at night without the pitter patter of reds under my bed.What we need is more laissez faire policies where unbridled capitalism has its head

    • Blume
      Blume 2 years ago +1

      Gillean Freire Yes, their institutions as like most European Nations have been infiltrated by Marxist Communist degenerate ideological waste.

    • Gillean Freire
      Gillean Freire 2 years ago +2

      Mary Lago so Canada Europe Austrália and New Zeland are all wrong!?

  • A Man
    A Man 2 years ago +15

    Public education sucks and all this would do is open it up to competition.

    • IAB98Raptor
      IAB98Raptor 2 years ago

      The military has been 50 years ahead of the public technology and has been largely government funded. Many of the technological advancements that progressed modern science so much have been developed by government funded entities. You need to read an earlier comment that addresses your question exactly. I am not repeating myself a thousand times. We are already back treading on a debate that happened at least a few weeks ago.

    • A Man
      A Man 2 years ago

      @IAB98Raptor How are you going to get to that great education system if you dont take risks and "turns students into guinea pigs"? You can't. You can only know if you try things out. Why technology has progressed so much is because of the free market and that there are thousands of experiments going on all the time trying thing out to find the best way of doing something or new ways of doing something.

    • IAB98Raptor
      IAB98Raptor 2 years ago

      FreeMind Your entire comment disproves your fundamental argument that privatisation will provide a diverse educational environment in terms of learning styles. Sure, due to demand some methodologies will be dropped for something better. Unfortunately getting to the right place will take a long time and having a large amount of educational options that are viewed as credible at any given time is an unrealistic expectation. Don't look towards neo-liberalism to magically spawn some sort of perfect education system out of free market principles. We need to analyze and research a new education system directly, and we don't need privatisation for this. Your system turns students into guinea pigs instead of just getting to the heart of the problem. As I've said before, you bring examples of how corporations are great, but when you say to privatise education, it reminds me of the military industrial complex which turned into a disaster.

    • Greg B
      Greg B 2 years ago

      @FreeMind That's fine if your basis is honestly to still get an education...and not an excuse to do what u want,how u want and sometimes equals nothing at all. There are people that take total advantage of home schooling and don't learn shit in reasonable amount of time and still feel as if they know it all. But we don't need billionaires with there own financial agenda, acting as if they give a shit about education. That's funnels money out of the collective to spread amongst people they want to enrich and in very blatant cases spread there personal, political and religious beliefs.

    • A Man
      A Man 2 years ago

      @IAB98Raptor I actually agree with most of what you said. I don't like that online education and self study should cost the same. Thing is the economics and politics of making online education cheap for universities and public schools is difficult. I think it will be done in time though. It's all relatively new.
      The thing about privatizing ending up becoming a monopoly and uniform is something that I actually used to harp about when I was socialist. From experience of studying markets and economics I've learned that industries obviously do fall into that, but they break themselves out, because if there is a better way of doing something or a niche demand then the market will go there if a company provides it. There is a lot of evidence of this, but the best evidence is the things Elon Musk has done with his companies. Solar is going to take most of the market in the next decade because of Telsa's Solar Citys' new solar roof. Also his gigabit internet satellites he's planning to roll out. Apple changed the game as well and out innovated and brought about innovation that overtook IBM. Microsoft also outdid IBM, who used to have a near monopoly over much if the tech world. At&t used to have a monopoly, but we're out done by many others on internet service deployment and even on wireless communication by companies like Verizon. The free market does get stuck at certain best ways of doing things of the time, but if they don't innovate and someone else does then they get supplanted and thinga change for the better.

  • browndogz
    browndogz 2 years ago +14

    DeVos is utterly ignorant, delusional, and pathetically uneducated. She has no role in guiding public education in the US. She wants to use a role in federal education to push her fake sky-daddy down children's throats. Fuck DeVos.

    • growells
      growells 2 years ago

      +browndogz "Ms."? I was responding to Madaline Duran, not you. Sorry I didn't make that clear in my first comment, I edited it to make it more clear.

    • browndogz
      browndogz 2 years ago +1

      Aw Madeline, C'MON! It's as much about DeVos as the ignorant anti-science slope America is sliding down. Wake up and smell the coffee girl. We're headed down a very ignorant, anti-education, anti-science path, and the people we're fucking are future generations of Americans!

    • browndogz
      browndogz 2 years ago

      Dear Ms. Growells, did you even read what I wrote? We agree, so what thew hell are you lecturing ME for???

    • growells
      growells 2 years ago

      Madaline, And just who are the "powers that be" in your opinion? Our government is for the people, by the people. Charter schools are run by the private sector and the 1%ers. I for one want the people to be in control of our schools via government and not the 1%ers who are looking after their own pocketbooks.

    • Madaline Duran
      Madaline Duran 2 years ago +3

      This video is not about DeVos, it's about the potential change in the educational system, where just maybe the powers that be won't be able to control.

  • Madaline Duran
    Madaline Duran 2 years ago +3

    Public schools are over crowded. The video sounds like public schools. people you are being lied to in this video, this is really about public education, admin stealing funds, school not providing school supplies, paper, books, public school budgets being slashed, there is a reason for our educational system going down the toilet. The "SYSTEM" is trying to create zombies controllably on anti-depressants, creating people who will go to a mindless job day after day not complain, be obedient, take their vaccines, be micro-chipped, eat GMO, think persistent contrails (chemtrails) are really clouds, because there is no mention in school. Eat processed packaged food loaded with high fructose corn syrup, GMOed out with pesticides, food grown with pesticides, factory farms meat shot up with antibiotics. If the system doesn't keep you controlled on pharmaceuticals then you'll drink fluoride in tap water, the SYSTEM will find a way to destroy you. What about radiation in the ocean, new industry pops up farmed fish more pharmaceuticals, more dumbing down.

    • torchandhammer
      torchandhammer 2 years ago +2

      Yes, Betsy is an unbelievable disaster. But not surprising in a State like Michigan where our Attorney General is using taxpayer dollars to fight against the idea that children have a right to literacy.

    • Janet Joakim
      Janet Joakim 2 years ago

    • IAB98Raptor
      IAB98Raptor 2 years ago +2

      Yeah bruh, 9/11 was an inside job too. Chemtrails are real, just like Big foot.
      Let us all educate ourselves by watching RT and Infowars!

    • torchandhammer
      torchandhammer 2 years ago +3

      I live in Michigan.

    • Madaline Duran
      Madaline Duran 2 years ago +1

      Why do you say that? Where are your facts? You can't say this without backing it up.

  • Madaline Duran
    Madaline Duran 2 years ago +7

    These are actors, there is no truth here.

    • Jennifer Goossen
      Jennifer Goossen Year ago

      Prove it.

    • Steve Dail
      Steve Dail 2 years ago +1

      Thomas - Wow, I am very sorry to hear that about your son's school. It does make me understand why you would be skeptical about my thoughts about Devos, etc. I would hope you'd agree that if those problems were addressed, having your son attend a "free", public school would be better than having to foot an expensive bill yourself to ensure he gets a good education. First and foremost, those concerns should be voiced and I would hope that the administration would address those concerns...I am 100% certain that my administrators would do just that. Do some less-than-desired activities happen at my school? I'd be lying if I said no...but they don't take over... and when the kid(s) gets caught doing anything against the rules/illegal, they get the punishment they deserve. Expulsion is usually the consequence for serious illegal activity.
      Educating a child is expensive, which is why we all pay the taxes so that we all share the burden of educating OUR future. It's like paying taxes for better roads (can you tell I'm from Michigan?...THAT's another story) If we had to foot the bill for our neighborhood roads and kick in for highways, etc., we couldn't afford it. So we all share a small portion of that cost so it gets done. Slabs of concrete are important so we can get around...but they pale in comparison to the importance of educating our future, our kids...and educating them COLLECTIVELY makes the most sense. And, I'm NOT an economics major, but this is common-sense economics (and ethics I feel.) Lastly, coming back to what I THINK (I need to read up more myself honestly) Betsy DeVos would want is to take away that collective financial effort (defund public education) and give that funding to some cream-of-the-crop schools. Hey, those schools will become even better...but the benefit to the "few" will be at the expense of the "many poor."
      Think about re-visitng that public school your son attended this summer and have a serious talk with those in charge. You and your son deserve to get the most from that free public school. Administrators take parental concerns seriously...have them convince you why their school is a solid choice for your son's future. Thank goodness that is still your RIGHT at the moment. I wish you the best and thanks for the honest opinions, I've enjoyed the discussion.

    • Thomas Lowe
      Thomas Lowe 2 years ago

      Steve, thats an excellently articulated response, thank you. It definitely gives me some more things to consider. I'm still looking things up about Michigan so I won't speak to it. My view of public education might run the risk of being too parochial; my son was in a middle school that, if it continues to operate as it does, would do a greater service to it's students if it were burned to the ground. I saw the faculty allowing near anarchy and ciminality in its hallways and I saw them doing NOTHING to stop it. As the income of the people running this place was publicly available, I noted that several of the staff were making a comparably good wage to let this situation continue. Any child in that school that wanted to learn ran the risk of getting his ass kicked, and nobody was going to stop it. My son adopted a go-along-to-get-along attitude until I discovered what it was really like there, and then I pulled him out and put him in a private school which was costly. People with these experiences are quite a bit more open to trying alternatives. You make a good case for the idea that these alternatives come with some risk and maybe Charters aren't the best way to go. I'm just not certain that the central planning model of the Federal Government controlling educational standards is the way to go either --- and it has the problem of being un-Constitutional. Again, good points to consider.

    • Steve Dail
      Steve Dail 2 years ago +2

      Thomas - Here are some more facts and if I had more time I'd cite them: Internationally, we are one of VERY few countries that give free education to ALL students. In some countries, they sort the kids at about 8th grade and those who are brighter move on in the system. The others go to vocational schools. Then, later, the brighter students take exams that are compared to the US where ALL students take that exam. Sure, we will not fare as well. However, if we take our top students, we fare extremely well with all others. The College Board put out some info awhile back that showed this fact. Our good AP students rank right up there with the other countries that score at the top. Also, I can't begin to explain how far we've come since, say, the 50's, with good teaching models, etc. Teachers get sent to those other succeeding countries and we learn about those good methods. America still leading in most technologies is a testament to our public education system. About DeVos, look at those charities they have supported. Most of those contributions have much more than just a kind heart in mind. They definitely try to further the DeVos's political desires. One of those is to support the recent State politics of underfunding public education. You know what schools hurt the most from this? Not my school, being that I'm fortunate enough to work in a public school where a good deal of the parents care about their sons/daughters' education. It is the inner-city schools and the poor rural school who hurt the most. Do you think talented teachers want to work in those areas? Maybe some, but they face overcrowded classes in schools with very little resources. Most want to work away from those problems. About Michigan's charter schools, they originated in the late 80's with failing students in mind. AWESOME, we need MORE of those...but most of the for-profit charter schools today want only the best - No Special Ed students here! So supporting those Charters supports the top students...hey, that's great but not at the expense of the inner-city and rural schools! That type of model will erode ALL areas of our society Thomas. And, it's that type of model Betsy has in mind. I honestly do not know why, because from watching some of the hearings I THINK she wants to help those poor students...but I think she feels charter schools are the answer. Nope, the real answer takes a TON of effort and work at those less-fortunate schools, with reasonable class sizes, with teachers who are paid a good living so that they push themselves AND their students...with hopefully supportive parents. That's not just "throwing money at a problem"...that's investing in the future of our country: educating ALL Americans...and making America great for ALL Americans. I don't think DeVos sees this...

    • Thomas Lowe
      Thomas Lowe 2 years ago

      one of the main parts to a great America? Are you aware of how our youth compare to their counterparts internationally? Unfortunately, your claim is FAR from a boast. Your conclusion that shes loooking out for only the rich is based on...what, exactly?. All about the rich? You do know the made the Forbes list in 2015 as one of the most charitable givers in the country? IRegarding Michigan...thanks for pointing to MIchigan as an example, I'm looking up articles on the state of education there and I can already see that it's an interesting read as charters have been there for quite a while. Who knows, maybe it'll change my mind. tks.

  • Madaline Duran
    Madaline Duran 2 years ago +5

    This video is fake. The people interviewed on the video are reading scripts. This is propaganda. The reason for the video is to give people without critical thinking a reason to believe our educational system is America is actually worth keeping. First of all, students learn in school what the AGENDA wants them to learn, (who owns the text books) not what is true, but to continue the lies fed to every generation for eons. Education in America needs reform, students need to think with the truth, not being spoon fed lies, and pharmaceutical to calm them down, and mandatory vaccines, microchipped....Come on people wake up THE AGENDA is trying to get you on their side.

    • D X
      D X 2 years ago +10

      I don't think anyone is fighting against reform. They're fighting against bias and an inequitable, unproven, corrupt private system.