Raspberry Pi Robotics #4: SSH Network Control

  • Опубликовано: 26 фев 2017
  • Using SSH to control a Raspberry Pi Zero robot from a Windows laptop and an Android tablet. This video is a follow-up to my Raspberry Pi Robotics #3 video: ruclip.com/video/XvOONPSoglY/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html
    In turn the above was a follow-up to Raspberry Pi Robotics #2: ruclip.com/video/AZSiqj0NZgU/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html
    And there is a follow-up #5 video where I turn the robot into a line follower: ruclip.com/video/Z5_8Va8QxnY/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html
    You can download all of the code and wiring schematics from this web page (keep scrolling down!): www.explainingcomputers.com/rasp_pi_robotics.html
    You may also be intereted in Raspberry Pi Robotics #1 on basic GPIO output control: ruclip.com/video/41IO4Qe5Jzw/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html
    And also this video on using Raspberry Pi GPIO inputs: ruclip.com/video/NAl-ULEattw/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html
    More videos on the Raspberry Pi and other computing-related topics can be found at: ruclip.com/user/explainingcomputers
    You may also like my ExplainingTheFuture channel at: ruclip.com/user/explainingthefuture
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  • Josh Allison
    Josh Allison 4 дня назад +1

    Unsure if this question has been answered already - apologies if so:
    If you are assigning the Pi its own IP through your personal router, if you were to take the device and access it on a completely different desktop connected to different network; would this same prescribed IP work as an access point?
    Great video - Learnt so much from you, thank you!

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  20 часов назад +1

      Any local IP assigned on a router is only for that local network. You would need to assign again on another.

  • Sheran Hasindra
    Sheran Hasindra 14 дней назад +1

    Can you make the camera stream live to a display over the WiFi network

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  14 дней назад

      This can be done, although this robot does not have a camera -- yet! :) I will be covering this in a future video.

  • Doug Conran
    Doug Conran Месяц назад +1

    Hi, Great videos! Thanks. #4 has inspired me to write couple of Android apps to control my CamJam robot rather than using SSH. Both send commands to the robot using UDP, one app controls it using the motion sensors and the othere app allows tracing a route on the android screen which is then translated into a series of moves. Pretty pleased with myself!
    However, the motors are either full on or off and I really need a way to control their speed. I'm sure that I've seen a video of yours where you muse on using PWM (plus an L298, I think). Was I dreaming that or did you do one and, if so, can you point me to it. Thanks.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Месяц назад

      On the PWM and the L298N, this would set the speed, but the four GPIO inputs would still control each motor forwards or backwards just the same, so full control would be possible. In effect the Pi would send two sets of signals; one for motor on/off direction control, and another for motor speed. :)

    • Doug Conran
      Doug Conran Месяц назад +1

      Thanks for a very quick reply. I'm actually using an H bridge that came with the CamJam kit and I don't think that has the ability to change speed which is why I was thinking of the L298. If the Pi only has a single PWM pin would that not mean that you can only control speed in one direction? And, as you say only equally for both motors. What I need to be able to do is to control the motors separately as one is faster than the other. I'm toying with replacing the Pi with an Adafruit Feather which has many more PWM pins but that is off topic here.
      Finally, do consider using UDP to control your robots, it is really simple and makes things far more portable (around the living room!).

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Месяц назад

      Thanks for this -- and great to hear about your Android apps! :) I've yet to make the speed control video. But, as you note, it can be done, by connecting the single PWM output pin on the Pi to both of the PWM pins on the L298N (they are by default jumpered out of action on most boards, so the motors just turn on or off as you say). But the Pi can send a PWM signal for speed control, which would have to be identical for each motor (as the Pi has only oe PWM pin), but this would allow speed control. My video on this is probably two months away due to other stuff in the schedule. :)

  • zebop917
    zebop917 Месяц назад +1

    Very helpful but just found one thing to add. Needed to ensure that ssh service was running on the Pi.
    # to start one time
    sudo service ssh restart
    # to ensure start on boot
    sudo systemctl enable ssh

  • Stephen Hargreaves
    Stephen Hargreaves 2 месяца назад

    Out of curiosity, why do you use dir rather than ls in the terminal? It takes 50% longer to type, and doesn't do highlighting to differentiate between files, directories etc. Oh, and thanks. Over an hour of Sunday eaten up watching this series. I have Netflix stuff to watch, you know ;)

  • mohammed Hashir.c
    mohammed Hashir.c 2 месяца назад

    sir i am an ECE student and i want make a camera surveillance with this robot and also access control over the robot and camera using an android application.my another doubt is that i want to run the program corresponding to this when ever the pi is turned on......expecting your suggestions

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 месяца назад

      My more recent series on the "Pi Devastator Robot" is progressing towards this.

  • tinkmarshino
    tinkmarshino 4 месяца назад +2

    oh yeah.. hummin' right along with you, digin' it all.. yeah, yeah got it.... until I tried to get into my router.. "oh yeah" I said to myself "I changed the name and password, now where is that password list?" Well it was so long ago it is not on my list ! I did this to keep my son out of it years ago and I do mean years.. so now I guess it is about time to change my router anyway..I already have three of them sitting in the back why not make it an even four... Oh how I love getting old.. heck I am still looking for the eggs I hide last easter.. even the kids got tired of helping... Well good on ya my friend.. enjoying the heck outta your vids...

  • Carlos Bah
    Carlos Bah 4 месяца назад +1

    I used webiopi api and it was quite easy.

  • Dylan Ross
    Dylan Ross 5 месяцев назад +1

    Your amazing. On your next video can you build a human robot!!!!

  • Antonio Carniero
    Antonio Carniero 5 месяцев назад

    Doesnt the raspberry pi zero WH already have wifi so why does he need the adapter?

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  5 месяцев назад

      The Pi being used here is a Pi Zero, not W or WH. :)

  • Rendon Greeff
    Rendon Greeff 6 месяцев назад +1

    I am a complete novice to Raspberry Pi and networking and Python. I have found your videos extremely helpful in getting myself up and running.

  • MR.ES1
    MR.ES1 8 месяцев назад

    What can I do if the connexion was refused?? when I typed the IP adress?

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  8 месяцев назад +1

      Try again! Suggests a typo, or SSH not enabled on the Pi.

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 9 месяцев назад +1

    Hi Chris, Been following this series, and am building my own. After trying to run PuTTY. I got a connection refused error. Fixed by turning the SSH option to ENABLE in the Raspberry Pi Configuration menu. From the Raspian desktop, Raspberry - Preferences-Raspberry Pi Configuration. Interfaces then enable SSH click OK and reboot. Then the Pi will work from PuTTY. Raspian was from NOOBS version 2.8.1 released 2018-04-24. Hope this helps others that have the same problem when following. Keep up the good work. Andrew D

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  9 месяцев назад

      Thanks for this. I can not account for how Raspbian configs change! :) Glad you got it working, and great you are building one too. :)

  • luciano ferreira
    luciano ferreira 9 месяцев назад

    How Can I like twice? Very good!!

  • Randy San
    Randy San 10 месяцев назад

    Can I control the robot if the robot is far away like 300 km from me, the robot connect to a WiFi and I control it with my laptop. Can I do that ? Sorry for my English !

  • Wacharapong Srisang
    Wacharapong Srisang 10 месяцев назад +1

    Thank You.

  • BocaDelCielo Playa
    BocaDelCielo Playa 11 месяцев назад +1

    in your video at 4:44, is that your dream house backyard? I like the brick patio pattern and the window buildings in the background.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  11 месяцев назад

      My desktop here is a still from a CG film that I made many years ago. It was/is a very nice place that I "worked" in making the film for about 18 months. :)

  • abhinith bakshi
    abhinith bakshi 11 месяцев назад +1

    Is there any way to control it over the internet?

  • Basil Sunny
    Basil Sunny Год назад +2

    what is the source you refer to before doing the video ?Can you suggest some source to learn robotics( book or online source).

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Год назад

      I check stuff all-over; I've no one source I'm afraid. Sorry.

  • Guillaume Wallet
    Guillaume Wallet Год назад +1

    Really nice project, thanks a lot for sharing.
    May I suggest an alternative with Bonjour protocol to let the Pi announce itself on the network.
    That way, there are no more pain to reserve/maintain IP, just connect to, for example, zummo.local and that's it.

  • nofate0007
    nofate0007 Год назад

    Try using MobaXterm (it is better)

  • Tony Kanaan
    Tony Kanaan Год назад +1

    Hi my computer can't establish a connection with my pi. Can you tell me why please.

    • Tony Kanaan
      Tony Kanaan Год назад

      Ok I am writing the address f my pi but it isn't opening on my laptop

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Год назад

      Sadly not, as you have not provided any information! :)

  • Vidyaa Sini
    Vidyaa Sini Год назад

    Hi Sir Just Want to comfirm that You using resberry pi Zero or resberry pi Zero wireless

  • BobbleNoggin
    BobbleNoggin Год назад +1

    Hi again Christopher - I'm trying to figure out how to get the keyboard control script (key_robot.py) to run when I start up my Pi. There seem to be a number of approaches, the only thing I've made any progress on is getting the terminal to load at start up via the startup file here: /home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart. I have not been able to get the python script to actually run on startup. Is this possible? I thought I heard you mention it somewhere but I haven't been able to find the video. Thanks again!

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Год назад

      You have to run the code in a terminal window or it will not work, as the curses method of obtaining keystrokes does so from a terminal window (hence the error you get above). All I can say is that the method in my Devastator window works! :) Good Luck!

    • BobbleNoggin
      BobbleNoggin Год назад

      The python script will run if I kick it off in a terminal window. but not if I try to "run" the file in a python window.

    • BobbleNoggin
      BobbleNoggin Год назад

      Dang. I was doing pretty well and the terminal actually opened and looked like it was going to work, but I got no response form the keyboard. Now I'm getting "curses.error: setupterm: could not find terminal" even when I try to just run the script in a python shell. Not sure if I hosed something up or what, your change was pretty straightforward.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Год назад

      Greetings -- I covered this fairly recently in this video -- ruclip.com/video/j6mglfhWZrQ/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html -- a different robot, but uses the same approach. Hopefully this will work for you. Code is here: www.explainingcomputers.com/pi_devastator_videos.html

  • greg roberts
    greg roberts Год назад

    I love your videos thank you for all you taught me good sir

  • Alok kumar
    Alok kumar Год назад

    please suggest me
    how to control gpio pin of raspberry pi using android apps over internet with different network (Remotely)

  • srinivas gadipe
    srinivas gadipe Год назад

    sir please upload more videos on raspberry pi robots and scb

  • DanielJ
    DanielJ Год назад

    Further question, you use a USB Power Bank, to power the Pi. What capacity is yours, plus how long can this keep the Pi operational? Could i use a single more substantial Power Bank, to run BOTH Pi and Motor board together (single power source for all components, plus no need for a bank of AA's)?

  • Saattvik Thourwal
    Saattvik Thourwal Год назад +1

    when I try to run the code it says invalid syntax. What should I do ???

    • Saattvik Thourwal
      Saattvik Thourwal Год назад

      Thank you for the reply but I already figured out and fixed the problem :)

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Год назад

      It could be a different Python version. And the Raspbian version may impact the libraries available, and whether you need to run with a sudo on the front to access GPIO.

    • Saattvik Thourwal
      Saattvik Thourwal Год назад

      Can it be because of the different rasbian version ???

    • Saattvik Thourwal
      Saattvik Thourwal Год назад

      it says in the first line

    • Saattvik Thourwal
      Saattvik Thourwal Год назад

      I used this code but still it says invalid syntax

  • Vincent Russell
    Vincent Russell Год назад

    How would you approach using a long range controller or something that can send video back to the user?

  • Areeb Raza
    Areeb Raza Год назад

    What’s the range?

    • Areeb Raza
      Areeb Raza Год назад


    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Год назад

      The range of your WiFi . . . ! So probably about 30m / 100 feet in idea conditions.

  • Marek Artur Penther
    Marek Artur Penther Год назад

    are you still using ieee802.11g router in 2017?
    by today I have more ieee802.11AC cards then I ever had computers (60 odd cards versus around 50-60 computers), but I do sell those cards anyway
    anyway my least powerful computer (Raspberry Pi 3) would be bottlenecked by ieee802.11g and in fact ieee802.11n is a bottleneck for it anyway.

  • Richard Ryerson
    Richard Ryerson Год назад

    Love it... good work man... Thanks for these videos they are so much appreciated

  • Sachin Chakravarthy S
    Sachin Chakravarthy S Год назад

    Hi , how many minutes it run with battery and battery capacity ? Thanks .

  • Dosbomber
    Dosbomber Год назад

    I've been wondering about these exact subjects for so long now.. RasPi GPIO access, Linux, Python programming, SSH... this series has been an massive eye-opener for me... what a fantastic way to start a weekend!
    And oh, what a coincidence... the hexapod robot I've been building, with intentions of driving with 8-bit PICs, will perfectly fit a full-size RasPi.... oh, the world you've just opened.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Год назад

      Thanks for this feedback. I hope that you enjoy the final part of the series -- posted last week -- where I turn the robot into a line follower. You may also be interested in my Raspberry Pi GPIO inputs video -- ruclip.com/video/NAl-ULEattw/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html -- which kind of completes the set.
      Your hexapod robot sounds interesting, and a great project to drive with a Pi! Good luck with this. :)

  • Yogesh Sonar
    Yogesh Sonar Год назад

    Sir, how we can run vehicle car by Joystick over sab, please guide

  • szzmm
    szzmm Год назад

    Hello, thanks for all these videos.
    I'm interested in learning these things and could use some tips on the topics to grasp.
    I'm learning phython right now wondering what's next.

  • Simon
    Simon Год назад +1

    Now we just need a live camera feed to another monitor.

    • Richard Caldwell
      Richard Caldwell 10 месяцев назад

      Install the "motion" package and stream it right to your web browser!

  • Simon
    Simon Год назад

    Can't I do so I simply add a port in which the Router will try to avoid giving to other devices, but when a device on the network asks for that number it will happily give that free spot to whoever is asking for it. Because later on I would like to add more devices on the network with a static IP, so when I'm in the Router configs I can simply make 4-5 new spots all at once and then set the devices one at a time to their respective spot.
    A pre-selected spot for ANY device who has a matching static IP address on the same network but will avoid giving those spots to none static addresses, is this possible?
    And something completely different, you log in with your standard gateway to get to the Router config page right? I got a different number than yours, but I still cannot access the Router page through any browser I have installed (Chrome, FireFox, Explorer). You got any tips what I should look up to gain access? And I would love if you could do more hardware tutorials, stuff such as how to use and install a LCD screen (I got a Adafruit 16x2 cha. monitor who most people buy when they want to experiment with new devices), different buttons such as roll buttons you find at most console controllers, etc.

  • Sybren van den Akker
    Sybren van den Akker Год назад

    if you install tightvncserver, you can use your Android tablet as screen for the raspberry pi (rasbian)

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
    it will ask if you want to make a view-only password. input "n"

    sudo nano /etc/init.d/tightvncserver
    type in the file:
    # /etc/unit.d/tightvncserver
    # Set the VNCUSER variable to the name of the user To start
    tightvncserver under
    case "$1" in
    su $VNCUSER -c '/user/bin/tightvncserver :1
    echo "starting TightVNC server for $VNCUSER"
    pkill Xtightvnc
    echo "Tightvncserver stopped"
    echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/tightvncserver
    exit 1
    exit 0

    safe the file and return to the terminal.
    sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/tightvncserver
    update-cr.d tightvncserver defaults
    sudo reboot

    download VNC viewer
    open VNC viewer
    click on the +
    ip = ip + :1

    if you have reboot, tips in the terminal:

    open VNC viewer and connect

  • Jurgen Mallia
    Jurgen Mallia Год назад +1

    This is amazing and I'm doing the same thing but can you show us how to change the drive system to eliminate using the enter key?
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Jurgen Mallia
      Jurgen Mallia Год назад

      ExplainingComputers Many thanks for your quick reply I will definitely try it out!

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  Год назад +1

      One solution is to put in a time delay -- something like time.sleep(0.1) -- at the end of the while loop, then turn all motors off before the loop repeats.

  • Qxl Reno
    Qxl Reno 2 года назад

    where can i get source code about the key event got from python?

  • shashank arora
    shashank arora 2 года назад

    Pi zero doesn't have wifi chip. How can you control it through ssh??

  • Jimmy Berenguer
    Jimmy Berenguer 2 года назад

    What's the thickness of the plasticard used?

  • DeathAngel
    DeathAngel 2 года назад

    why are you hiding the MAC addresses? there's not much someone can do with a mac.... do you know something i don't?

    • DeathAngel
      DeathAngel 2 года назад

      and i know of some...but that require physical access...which is pretty unlikely over the internet where people don't know where you live and even if they do they would still have to travel all the way to your house...

    • DeathAngel
      DeathAngel 2 года назад

      could you elaborate on that, please?

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад

      There are things people can do with MAC addresses . . .

  • Luke Watson
    Luke Watson 2 года назад

    this is really interesting. i have an idea of taking an old RC car apart and placing the pi inside, then installing a cheap power bank. i would also install a cheap mini router so i have i can connect my android phone to it on the go. this is just an idea but i might not go through with it.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад

      You idea will work using the same config I show here if the car uses two motors. You will just need a motor control, like the L298N I use here to make hook it up to the Pi. I run through the set-up in the previous two videos in this series -- all info and wiring is here: www.explainingcomputers.com/rasp_pi_robotics.html Good luck! :)

  • saber elmasry
    saber elmasry 2 года назад

    I build this project with your interesting 4 videos
    thanks a lot
    I'm beginner user
    but I have a question?
    how I make the motor only walk when I pressed key and stop when I don't pressed

  • Woulve 666
    Woulve 666 2 года назад +1

    Love this series! Can't wait for the next video :D

  • Jigar kapadia
    Jigar kapadia 2 года назад +1

    please make more videos on this zumo robot

  • Spike
    Spike 2 года назад

    Great series, looking forward to the next ones.
    I've only recently found your channel, but been watching a ton of your videos recently.
    You explanations and presentation is fantastic.
    Yes, of course I subscribed ... are there really people out there that haven't?! Surely not.

  • B Dutta
    B Dutta 2 года назад +1

    that is some really useful info.....heard about ssh before but had no idea that it is so cool....remotely control any device through the terminal.....fook yeah!!

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад

      Exactly. This is not just a video about a Raspberry Pi robot . . .

  • Stephen Garofalo
    Stephen Garofalo 2 года назад

    I would like to know if you could upgrade the robot with the new Pi Zero Wireless.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад +1

      Yes, this can be done -- and I will be doing it! :) I now have a Pi Zero W on order, and hope to feature it in a video in a week or so.

  • Stephen Garofalo
    Stephen Garofalo 2 года назад +2

    If you want to continue with projects with the Pi Zero, they just came out with the Pi Zero Wireless, with added WiFi and Bluetooth. Try it out!

  • Graeme Collin
    Graeme Collin 2 года назад +1

    And now, as I understand it, you can get a PiZero with Wifi & Bluetooth built in ... Woo-Hoo!

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад

      Yes, indeed -- the new Pi Zero makes things far easier! :)

  • Munster Tech
    Munster Tech 2 года назад +1

    Now overclock the Pi, get some extreme active cooling on it, and let it take over the world.

  • gietie96
    gietie96 2 года назад

    AMD's new Ryzen 8 core CPU's would make for an excellent "video editing PC upgrade" video ;-)

  • Peter Floyd
    Peter Floyd 2 года назад

    Great set of tutorials. I am in the process of building my first ever robot using these tutorials and my own updates and changes. When it is done, I'll let the channel know how it went.

  • Vic Avila
    Vic Avila 2 года назад +1

    awesome content!! thank you for this..I hope the next video comes very very soon..

  • Luka Kalicanin
    Luka Kalicanin 2 года назад

    Where can this be bought ?

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 2 года назад

    great video!
    can't wait to see what you do with the brand new "Pi Zero W".

  • Isaac Alonso
    Isaac Alonso 2 года назад +1

    a cool next step would be using the new raspberry zero revision that incorporates a camera connector, so you can cast live images from the robot to the laptop or tablet.

  • Jordan Fagan
    Jordan Fagan 2 года назад

    My robot drifts off to one side. Any reasons? It wasn't like this when I received it but the more I use it the worse it gets.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад +1

      I suspect that there is a problem with one of the motors.

  • Jordan Fagan
    Jordan Fagan 2 года назад

    I've seen people suggest adding a camera. I can say that I have done this and it is pretty cool but my one problem is that I can't have the control and camera on the same device so I'm connecting camera to phone and robot to rii keyboard. Is there a workaround to this? Ps I'm using a GoPro if that makes a difference

  • OceanStream
    OceanStream 2 года назад +1

    Okay. This was cool. You've got my sub. :)

  • Dexter Anusencion
    Dexter Anusencion 2 года назад

    how bout you create an android app to control your little robot :)

  • maniacatthecontrols
    maniacatthecontrols 2 года назад +1

    New Pi Zero has WIFI :D

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 2 года назад

    Is it possible to tinker with the CPU voltage and overclock the pi to.. maybe 2Ghz with that Extreme Passive Cooling you did? From the videos I've looked at it seems to be limited to 1.4Ghz :( Really would love to see it if you can push it to 1.8Ghz or something with the Extreme Passive Cooling you did

  • Chosen Architect
    Chosen Architect 2 года назад +1

    My new favourite channel

  • allaeddine khelifa
    allaeddine khelifa 2 года назад

    Thanks so much for this video
    with this ssh it will be parfect if you add a camera web server to this robot, :p

  • Rick Bhattacharya
    Rick Bhattacharya 2 года назад

    pls add a camera so that the robot send images to to PC and pls give the codes too
    and pls add it how to remotely access the robot on global network not only my home Wi-Fi

  • Nigel Blenz
    Nigel Blenz 2 года назад

    Nice video, but can you also do another video where you connect a webcam to your raspberry robot and remote control using ssh and a public IP to control anywhere in the world

  • Tangobaldy
    Tangobaldy 2 года назад

    Why do you hide the Mac ID? is it possible to connect via WiFi or LAN to a device you know ID number of even if it's already connected to another network? I know every item has its own unique code, but are they ever repeated? for example will all PlayStation 4 have same Mac ID?

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад

      MAC addresses can be used in identity theft. I will say no more here! :)

  • Pixel FPV
    Pixel FPV 2 года назад

    love it, I was wondering how to do this exact thing last week, though I was also hoping you'd show how to power the pi off a battery as well

  • Jonathan Emery
    Jonathan Emery 2 года назад +1

    I Am Following This Exact Build But I Will Add A Camera On Mine That I Will Transmit Through The Python Script. On Screen Can You Post More Of These?

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад

      Yes, I will be posting more of these, including adding a camera. :)

  • Asger Vestbjerg
    Asger Vestbjerg 2 года назад

    good job👍

  • Matt Cheese Fortnite
    Matt Cheese Fortnite 2 года назад

    and how can you power the pi from the batterys aswell

  • Matt Cheese Fortnite
    Matt Cheese Fortnite 2 года назад

    can you show us how to get it to run the code at boot

  • Matt Cheese Fortnite
    Matt Cheese Fortnite 2 года назад

    Have you upgraded the motors for mine i got 298:1 so i just might think that that one is very fast

  • Circuit Ideas Labs
    Circuit Ideas Labs 2 года назад

    Can I control this robot using an IPhone or an IPad ?

  • Mage Front
    Mage Front 2 года назад


  • Circuit Ideas Labs
    Circuit Ideas Labs 2 года назад +1

    I have a D-Link network

  • furtivedig
    furtivedig 2 года назад

    something I never managed to get it to work is SSH from laptop to Pi via ethernet cable

  • Circuit Ideas Labs
    Circuit Ideas Labs 2 года назад +1

    Hi Chris,
    Can I make this project using Raspberry pi 3 instead of a Raspberry pi 0 ?
    Hope you reply :)

  • Neil Vermeulen
    Neil Vermeulen 2 года назад +1

    Nice Chris. Well done.

  • Adrian Céleste
    Adrian Céleste 2 года назад

    A tutorial on generating / deploying SSH keys would be great! Don't want to leave password authentication on SSH on, makes you a sitting duck!

  • ap senpai
    ap senpai 2 года назад

    can we make the zumo robot standby on coin 3V battery and turn on by WOL?

  • Wesley Runyon
    Wesley Runyon 2 года назад

    I can hardly wait

  • pinoy skeptic
    pinoy skeptic 2 года назад

    just like a legomindstorms

  • Glenn Malcolm
    Glenn Malcolm 2 года назад

    Hey Chris, really like the videos especially the single board demos. Have you messed about with the BBC MicroBit? What's your thoughts on a Sunday video for this? Keep up the stellar work.

  • Brent  Drafts
    Brent Drafts 2 года назад +10

    Now add wireless cams for eyes

    • Martin C
      Martin C 2 года назад

      Done here! runmyrobot.com/

    • Brent  Drafts
      Brent Drafts 2 года назад

      +ExplainingComputers I wish I had never got rid of my pocket protector, seeing all the geeks get to have and propagate such cool things.

    • Maico
      Maico 2 года назад

      LOL one day it will take over your house :)

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад +16

      This will happen . . .

  • Rob Simpson
    Rob Simpson 2 года назад +2

    great video Chris...the possibilities are endless...

  • hellterminator
    hellterminator 2 года назад +1

    Here's an idea for a future project: Add a camera, implement web based controls and open the server to Internet (and probably put it on a separate subnet and firewall it off from everything else) and let your viewers drive the robot around your studio.

  • Barayuda Gautama
    Barayuda Gautama 2 года назад +2

    Nice sharing! 🤘😎 thanks EC

  • Tristan T
    Tristan T 2 года назад +1

    I like to use zeroconf instead of setting an address reservation or a static ip.

  • Tristan T
    Tristan T 2 года назад

    Ifconfig shouldn't be used anymore. Now you need to type 'ip addr show'. If you just need the ip it is easier to use 'hostname -I'.

  • TrivleX
    TrivleX 2 года назад

    do you know javascript?

  • y2ksw1
    y2ksw1 2 года назад +1

    Very nice and complete tutorial.
    Just one thing. You do not need to hide your MAC, since outside visitors can see only the MAC of your router. The router normally replaces the MAC with its own. However, if you plan to use your robot outside your network, maybe hiding isn't a bad thing 😊
    I have tried to lock out hackers by MAC, but failed due to the mechanisms of routers.

    • y2ksw1
      y2ksw1 2 года назад

      ExplainingComputers Now you make me curious. What could possibly go wrong with MAC's behind a firewall?

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад +1

      Thanks for this, but I assure you there are good reasons for hiding a MAC address.

  • Wolfgang Hieronimus Aslan Priyodarsono Bagio

    That's great but please show us how to control the robot by the internet network too (not by WAN/LAN)

  • Phil Liberatore
    Phil Liberatore 2 года назад

    An interesting demonstration of SSH. Thanks!

  • Phibir
    Phibir 2 года назад +1

    I purchased the 'Scratch Programming - In Easy Steps' book and have been working through it with my children. Towards the end of the book it introduces you to the Raspberry Pi and suggests that you continue from there. So I did a search for Raspberry Pi projects and found this; we've been following and enjoying your tutorials ever since. Please keep them coming, we can't get enough!!! :-)
    A couple of suggestions that we have sat and thought about.
    1. Would it be possible to purchase a basic USB solar panel and attach it to the top of our robot and have it charge the portable USB power bank?
    2. How about adding a Pan-Tilt HAT so that we can attach and control the Raspberry Pi camera remotely?
    We eagerly await your next video for this project.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers  2 года назад +1

      Thanks for this -- I'm glad you enjoy my videos! :) There will be some additions to this robot in future videos, and I'll also be working on a larger robot -- and a camera will feature! :)