10 Games Kids Should Never Play With Their Parents

top 10 games and video games children shouldn't play
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Автор TheRichest ( назад)
My best friend started a channel! Please check it out and subscribe if you like it!! http://www.goo.gl/87YJzG

Автор sargent queen ( назад)
The Richest: Mortal Combat X
Me: Opps...

Автор Foxy the pirate ( назад)
except the modern warfare your allowed to skip the level with no problems

Автор Infinityboy71 Gaming ( назад)
I was once playing no Russian and my dad walked in..... Guess what he said?........ Can I have a go?

Автор Tobias-Ryan Ries ( назад)
I showed my dad HuniePop. He now plays it as he's the only straight man in the house

Автор Nicholas Harper ( назад)
My mom and dad still let me play GTA5

Автор CurledSun 6062 ( назад)
Did you seriously censor the mortal kombat gore

Автор Jake Livingston ( назад)
Dummy you an skip the MW2 Russian mission actually play the freaking game it says this might be offensive so you can skip it and get all the achievements

Автор angeloma maiocchi ( назад)
I play mortal combat with my dad .-.

Автор Jeremy Bennett ( назад)
I'v played mortal Kombat xl

Автор Squishy Galaxy The Anime Lover ( назад)
i was 6 once i played mortal combat now that i think of it, its disgusting

Автор ciaran the Gardiner ( назад)
u dont have to shoot in no russian

Автор Kalyani Mungal ( назад)
My whole family plays mortal combat x

Автор Fearless Idiot ( назад)
I wear headphones all the time anyway and lock my door

Автор Withered Foxy ( назад)
Hunniepop yesssssss

Автор SmashLiXs ( назад)
anyone ever watch panty & stocking with garterbelt with their parents near by?

Автор Justin Stienbach ( назад)
I played south park the stick of truth in front of my mom at the part spoiler. were you got turned tiny😑

Автор dubsteperdancer ( назад)
you do realize, most parents dont give a fuck. their the ones who give them the fuckin games

weird enough, my dad plays GTA online me

Автор Angel Mora ( назад)
fuck that video I play games whenever I wont

Автор SEBSTER ( назад)
I played card against humanity with my parents, it was so funny

Автор EAZY E ( назад)
im 10 and I play cods gta san Andreas gta 5 dead island manhunt in front of my parents and much more

Автор Dimpy Tinani ( назад)
I have played modern warfare and mortal x combat with my mom

Автор Sienna Van vliet ( назад)
I play gta but I can't drive or shoot 😂😂🤠

Автор inuyashasoul24 ( назад)
my parents wouldn't give a damn

Автор Marilu Guardado ( назад)
there were 5

Автор Marilu Guardado ( назад)
I did some of them with my mom and dad and they did not care

Автор James Howard ( назад)
I have Mortal Kombat and guess what my family doesn't care

Автор alorg ( назад)
*Plays all of these games with parents*

Автор Anime Music ( назад)
i came for the anime.

Автор I liked and commented On this vid ( назад)
Who actually just shoots civilians in gtav ?its so boring

Автор GAMER j ( назад)
Fuck you i lpve call of duty modern warfare IT WASNT SEXUAL BUT BRUTAL ONLY

Автор almighty_dudz ( назад)
when I play gta5 online and my mom or dad is in the room I just try to avoid my friends killing me

Автор TK Gaming ( назад)
Or should just dont play

Автор GOLDEN Knight ( назад)
i love modern warfare2

Автор Travalav ( назад)
what about leisure suit larry?

Автор casper nin26 ( назад)
i played mkx with my dad. lol

Автор Clint Thiele ( назад)
Kids shouldn't be playing Mortal Kombat X (or other M-rated games) in front of their parents, because they shouldn't be playing those games anyway.

Автор Moira Dwi Permata ( назад)
1:32 i play that and i'm still 11

Автор gunter110 ( назад)
mw2 acually says you shouldnt play the level "no russian"

Автор Margaret Painter ( назад)
now i'm suprised my parents are fine with me being into the holocaust!

Автор Amy pine 5 ( назад)
Well my brother played South Park the sick of truth and my little sister was 7 and I was 9 it was CRAZY!!! :')

Автор Mr. Feels ( назад)
I'll have you know that I bought Huniepop with original digital art and official soundtrack and my parents don't know. The day they find out, though, is a day I'm ready for. I'm ready to feel their judgement.

Автор Cassidy Howard ( назад)
jokes on you my parents are already divorced

Автор Ron Swanson ( назад)
Does anyone actually fully think about what their doing when your playing any Cod game

Автор Hens Farm ( назад)
why mortal kombat

Автор HelloIts Me ( назад)
Omg I played cards against humanity with my parents and uncle and grandma. It was sooo fun. Lol xD

Автор Cory Nyznyk ( назад)
I'm going to be the trillionth person who says you don't have to shoot in No Russian.

Автор Ivy Violet ( назад)
My parents let me play GTA5. There only rules are that I have to have the volume turn all the way down and no strip club

Автор Bryan Walls ( назад)
my mom playes grand theft auto

Автор nextoryus vlogs ( назад)
iv played gta,mortLcombat(with my uncle who exucuted me 5 times and other family mebers) and also i havent played cod but theres a way to not kill people just the targets

Автор The Ninja Creators ( назад)
kill me

Автор The Ninja Creators ( назад)

Автор Jester 692 ( назад)
when i wasvplaying gta v in front of my dad and hevwas laughing

Автор Peach Crack ( назад)
I played cod when I was 7. That's not mw2 so that's good right?

Автор Zheni ( назад)
I play whit my father these games

Автор Reflex The Sniper ( назад)
I agree with Hunie Pop the most...yeah...........

Автор FogMaskArmy ( назад)
Ok so came here to know what i DON'T have to play... k guys imma try these brb

Автор Kirkology ( назад)
Why die fuck would you play Hunie Pop with your parents??? Why???

Автор Err0rC0de ( назад)
Games KIDS should never play with their parents

Автор Sameera Jaswal ( назад)
Name the Chanel

Автор WailedPoem ( назад)
Some of the best games of CAH I played were with my parents. Showed how messed up they really are.

Автор Cole Selzler ( назад)
I let my friend play my gta v in front of my dad and he spent 100$ on a ugly hooker and all my dad sad was that is the most ugly hooker I have ever seen

Автор Lunar Gaming :3 ( назад)
but I play COD

Автор Kawaii TskD7 ( назад)
in mortal combat x my dad and mom used scorpions fatality on me and i played the game for a long time. My dad also completed most of the missions in gta5 for me XD

Автор Anthony Correia ( назад)

Автор ScottGamerHD ( назад)
i love your videos your the best hop everyone has a nice day :)

Автор Kirito Kirigaya ( назад)
My dad used to play mortal combat so I have no problem

Автор EZmoke ( назад)
Started teaching my son to play cs go. The next day he asked me "Dad, What's cyka blyat?" And oh man I fucking laughed my ass off. Never answered his question, told him to figure it out himself.

Автор Kpop Is My Lifeu ( назад)
*WELP* my bros played mortal kombat but my parents were *NOT* mad at all.

Автор Cvspdr/Mr. Cavespider ( назад)
Wow my mom played the stick of truth

Автор JoseAntonio Zuniga ( назад)
Batman : cries inside...

Автор Rudy Sanchez ( назад)
i was playing MKX with my mom and i performed a fatality on her in the game. she didn't mind

Автор CheangGamer8378 Fan of Fav Youtubers ( назад)
I would rather play South Park:The Stick Of Truth.

Автор The Twin Sparkilng gamers ( назад)
My 8 year old Friend plays Mortal combat X....

Автор Mooie124 ( назад)
I played no Russian withy dad in the room. he is the one who gave it to me. he said it was his favorite in the series

Автор Christian Acevedo ( назад)

Автор 80sMetal ( назад)

Автор alexander fridh ( назад)
I played Dead or alive extreme 3 with my dad

Автор Ornela Beqiri ( назад)
I've never played any of these games ... I'm too innocent.

Автор King Batman ( назад)
gta is not for kids
it's not suppose to be here

Автор Hitler 2.0 ( назад)
I play GT5 all the time with my father watching, it's a really fun game

Автор That Dude ( назад)
I play that game a lot even when my parents r watching

Автор Clartycat Kittenface ( назад)
When I once got back from school my dad let me sit with him while he played GTA5

Автор nokutenda marufu ( назад)
1. im 11
2. finished huniepop
3.come at me bro

Автор Vicente Ortiz ( назад)
I was 11 when I played mortal combat x with my dad and my mom behind us and they didn't care

I also played gta5 next to my dad and mom but didn't go to the strip club and prostituts

Автор XxCuteBubbleGum Girl Roblox ( назад)
i wanna play Dead or alive xtreme (the beach game)

Автор Denis Milić ( назад)
well you forgot one game that would be more fitting for this topic and that is God Of War 1,2,3 i seen 4 its not as good hate me if you want :P

Автор The Grock Says ( назад)
cards against humanity is my kid of game

Автор TheMinecraftGM GamingPRO ( назад)
When I got to ,,No Russian,, I wanted to skip the level.But I needed to be strong I tried killing the group,but fail.I didn't kill enyone

Автор Rana Salihin ( назад)
im 11 years old and play mortal combat with my father

Автор EpicTeam studios ( назад)
I subscribed to your friends channel

Автор RealSpringtrap 2015 ( назад)
The added a feature to skip the Russian civilian murder

Автор Nicole Pedersen ( назад)
My mom played grand theft auto with me...

Автор v0rt3z ( назад)
Hi random person, i'm begging for likes because i'm an insecure 10 year old.
Also anime is trash

Автор RavenTheGoddess ( назад)
Figures Huniepop was the first one in the video XD

Автор Meoteor Rights ( назад)
Is Yandere Simulator counted?

Автор Andrew Pappas ( назад)
Huniepop doesn't really surprise me, it's kinda why I've mainly watched it on YouTube

Автор RedSpicyGamingLive ( назад)
My mom likes the Mortal Kombat series..

Автор SGGamer4Life ( назад)
Where is dead space??

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