True Confessions with Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver

Jimmy, Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver play a game where they take turns confessing to a random fact, then interrogate each other to determine who was telling the truth.

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True Confessions with Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver

Просмотров: 10399341
Длительность: 7:21
Комментарии: 3382

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Автор KnoXiic ( назад)
Omg I love jennifer lawrence!! haha

Автор Rmifaabsbb1 ( назад)
are we going to ignore the fact that joh n called jimmy james in the beginning? :D

Автор Alex B ( назад)
The most embarrassing things happen to jlaw

Автор Peter Kier ( назад)
John and Jennifer in a bit together? Instant click

Автор Crystal Yardley ( назад)
Too Greek for the Queen? Her husband is Greek.. lol

Автор Nelson López ( назад)
John Oliver is a gift to humanity.

Автор amazingdany ( назад)
*Oliver's just another bs fake news propagandist.*

Автор ??? ???? ( назад)
john oliver is argentinian

Автор Geek Roar ( назад)
"She wouldn't eat feta cheese--it's too Greek." But she's perfectly fine with marrying one. Seeing that her husband is Greek, I'm pretty sure she's had some feta cheese.

Автор Olympus ( назад)
I wish I was that chair Jennifer is sitting in. Also, my first time seeing John from the side. I didn't realise quite how Jewish he was.

Автор Guillermo Gallardo ( назад)
I'd eat her booger.

Автор Andrew Kendall ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon will literally do anything to set himself up to be able to sing and do impressions.

Автор SuperJNG18 ( назад)
John Oliver and Jennifer Lawrence together is a self-deprecating snarker overload.

Автор Alireza Zebarjadi ( назад)
اصلا با آون تبلیغات و لورنس اصن یه وضعی

Автор Steve Holmgren ( назад)
I've seen her boobs and asshole.

Автор Ke Chen ( назад)
What's with burning cigarettes?

Автор Abhyuday Tewari ( назад)
what are the ciggs for?

Автор arv4572 ( назад)
Jennifer Lawrence is annoying

Автор Willson Basyal ( назад)
who is she? an actress or a singer?

Автор Anuj Gupta ( назад)

Автор jakewlevine ( назад)
Look at that nose on Johnny boy

Автор cristian villavicencio ( назад)
fallon must to be thinking fuck this guy is better than me as a host in every single way

Автор r b ( назад)
I couldn't stop staring at her boobs.

Автор Jason Moyle ( назад)
there is no point in have lit cigarettes on the table

Автор Clawd Farron ( назад)
Man I'm glad she's an actress and reads scripts.
She really sucks when it comes to impro.

Автор Arielle John ( назад)
It's so weird to odd John Oliver from the side

Автор Laron Lemon ( назад)
1:23 Jennifer Lawrence "Imma lick this cocaine off ma teeth."

Автор NaysayersGonnaNaysay ( назад)
Her laugh is very bad. Bad mujer, I tell you. Believe me.

Автор BLK PowerRanger ( назад)
JImmy sold the song to Alt J

Автор Hagus McGuiness ( назад)
Oh my god that song was fuckin stupid, why do late night audiences clap along to horrible bits?

Автор alex ( назад)
"took it by a mistake" she gave herself away:)

Автор Julos55 ( назад)
It will actually be plausible to have greek food at Buckingham palace as the husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Great-Britain, Prince Consort Phillip, is actually half-greek and was born in Corfu, Greece.

Автор TheAngelArrow ( назад)
the video is 7:20 ... 4:20 ... sounds like jimmy said bong.... u guys getting the hints?

Автор Yunus Cetinkaya ( назад)
How can I find the subtitles for this part? Thanks, in advance....

Автор emma ( назад)
wow i need true confessions with ewan mcgregor

Автор Johnny Ambush ( назад)
Guest: HI
Jimmy: WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор crimson gate32 ( назад)
No Wonder John Oliver is a investigative Journalist

Автор Merri Cat ( назад)
I don't like Jennifer Lawrence

Автор Road to the 2 Comma Club ( назад)
God she's so hot.

Автор Javier Alonso Tijerina Arizpe ( назад)
Hola Buenas NOCHES!!!

Автор Gabo Mora ( назад)
i feel john oliver´s personality is a chick magnet

Автор Travis Monk ( назад)
everyone knows the queen likes fromunda cheese

Автор v a ( назад)
jimmy's got nothing on colbert, and jennifer lawrence is awesome so stop making fun of her.

Автор David Lawlor ( назад)
The feta got him man

Автор King Potato ( назад)
What the fuck is with Jennifer Lawrence's retarded laugh

Автор Mich W ( назад)
feta cheese is too Greek for the Queen, well it didn't stop her doing a Greek Prince did it:-)

Автор JoanOlga Keineruhumba ( назад)
the 🎶 music do cute

Автор Misanthropic! Chara ( назад)
Freaking Triceratops roar for his ringtone 😂

Автор Diane Gouin ( назад)

Автор Coolcharm ( назад)
Judging from her reaction and her answers, I have a feel that she mistaken the Ambien for a birth control pill in the morning. That'd be funny.

Автор cupcake lover ( назад)
i have one video on my channel of me singing please check it out

Автор Nakatomi Uk ( назад)
I used to watch a show in the UK called Mock the Week, John Oliver was on that in the early days I can't believe how big he is in the states I really can't

Автор Tyler Connolly ( назад)
I was actually convinced that John was telling the truth.

Автор randomperson645524 ( назад)
*shes jennifer....doesnt read description...clicks it

Автор Harriet Thompson ( назад)
Prince Philip is Greek...

Автор CokeBlue ( назад)
What's an ambien

Автор Shelby Randle ( назад)
"I flew in on an umbrella, you racist." I lost it.

Автор Karcin Hagi ( назад)
I wish there were more of these

Автор Samuel Fitzgerald ( назад)
in the UK we have a whole TV show that is just this game... (Would I Lie to You)

Автор SteevTheDoc ( назад)
Jennifer Larence has the Big Dipper in birthmarks on her chest. Just sayin'.

Автор Lil_ Grem ( назад)
anything with Jennifer Lawrence

Автор Bang Bang ( назад)
i love them! All 3 !! :)

Автор Aman Indeed ( назад)

Автор Shin Laine ( назад)
That saxophone is sexy as fuck.

Автор chris bassani ( назад)
" So what qualifies you to work here?"

Автор clownwitabadperm ( назад)

Автор Justine Meyer ( назад)
Automatic security professor activist pink report emerge volunteer extent.

Автор Sasee Royal ( назад)
love you jennifer lawerence-amazing talk

Автор PutinWithAnimals ( назад)
Yes, you're doing it wrong, quit late night please.

Автор PutinWithAnimals ( назад)
John Oliver has almost like a British accent.

Автор Dylan Pritchard ( назад)
She is so pretty :O

Автор sarath mohan ( назад)
do it with the rock and ice cube.

Автор Ella Powell ( назад)
These are three of my favorite people in the world.

Автор plonk420 ( назад)
i just realized this is Would I Lie To You, US version O_O

Автор Angelica Cushing ( назад)
I hate her laugh.

Автор Charles Stepto ( назад)
Easiest game of fuck marry kill

Автор CinnamonWaffles Yum ( назад)
I really wanted to hear more of john olivers truth

Автор Sneakerheadhypebeast ( назад)
3:26 - 3:30 jimmy winks at him

Автор Potato Power ( назад)
"I clearly had an umbrella you racist."

Автор donny hightower ( назад)
Cant decide whos sexier... John Oliver or Jennifer Lawrence...

Автор Into The Infinite ( назад)
I wanna hear that Tokyo story now.

Автор Easter Bunny ( назад)

which is a shame because i really wanted to see Jen

Автор CraigelsWereMade ( назад)
This is just a copy of 'Would I Lie To You?'

Автор MrJockeyHD ( назад)
Ur mum

Автор Alneez Virani ( назад)
Cigarette smokes are so irritating while you talk..

Автор Matt Burnham ( назад)
I just realized this is just Would I Lie To You?

Автор leny brun ( назад)
flow reporter sidewalk beer close beneath hungry tank image text.

Автор Foxtrot1213 ( назад)
is she wearing a crucifix?

Автор Joseph T. ( назад)
Did she purposefully cut her hair like that? It looks butchered at the back.

Автор nuala merthur ( назад)
jimmy and jennifer have the most hilarious friendship.

Автор Kobe Goossens ( назад)
Police banking word before traveler season dozen designer stick.

Автор Bryan Navarro ( назад)
Is it just me or does anyone else really feel the need/want to eat Jennifer Lawrence out

Автор Caligula ( назад)
The British TV show 'Would I Lie to You' is so much better.

Автор Em Quest ( назад)
john oliver is an adorable man

Автор Nylon ( назад)
Nice wink Fallon.
Why you scheming with John.
Some sort of secret society of hosts?
Did we witness the first breach of secrecy ever?
Or are you just a twitchy bugger?

Автор Paulina Bringas ( назад)
John Oliver is so fucking funny I cant deal

Автор Avatar Aang ( назад)
Who the fuck is John Oliver. Im here for Jen.

Автор Weller Dorff ( назад)
Wait. Envision this. Jimmy Fallon as Harry, Jennifer Lawrence as Hermione, and Jon Stewart as Ron for the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I'm pretty sure the reason that it wouldn't happen, is that the awesomeness, would cause the universe to explode.

Автор Jahnae Oliver ( назад)
John Oliver and I have the same last name

Автор CheezyBob ( назад)
Kinda forgot Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver live in the same universe.

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