Leon Panetta: President Trump Should Apologize To President Obama And Move On | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017
  • Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says he believes there is no evidence to back up Trump's wiretapping claims and he expects Jim Comey to state this in Monday's hearing.
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    Leon Panetta: President Trump Should Apologize To President Obama And Move On | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Комментарии • 189

  • Tiwas Ansuz
    Tiwas Ansuz Год назад

    Nigel Farage, a member of the European Parliament from England and a
    supporter of President Trump, said the European Union is "terrified" of
    what the new leader of the free world may do.insider.foxnews.com/2017/02/01/nigel-farage-european-union-terrified-donald-trump-immigration-refugees-trade

  • larron bable
    larron bable Год назад

    Leon Panetta wants president to apologize to Obama about the false rumor about Obama had president trump wiretapped and now it's true that Obama had it done. Now Leon Panetta should apologize to our president for defending Obama wiretapping president trump y Panetta should resign from his work

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231 Год назад

    waaaaa. waaaaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa
    lol idiots this isnt even a news channel. lol fake news at best

  • Fifita Leone
    Fifita Leone Год назад

    Leon. P to you remember what year you flyover to new Zealand hahaha I'm China 9 haha because we have something in my south pacific building okay Obama

  • Sheri Townsend
    Sheri Townsend Год назад

    Trump and his supporters are out of touch with reality. If you don't know by now, that the most powerful man in the world who would rather get his news from TV, or reading what some new outlet says, when he has the best intel at his finger tips; if you don't think something is wrong with that, you (like Trump) have no clue how the government works, or you're just as looney as he is.

  • William Engel
    William Engel Год назад

    This news agency is so pathetic and sad. I am perpetually surprised that they are still in business. The brainwashing techniques that you, the liberal, are being subjugated to and believing -> Constant repetition of tag lines, Patriarchal and matriarchal appearance of disappointment, the appearance of popularity, the perceived notion of what intelligence looks like to the common man being used as the foundation of their presentations of their lies, groups of like minded people in constant verbal agreement with a couple of them in slight variations of their paradigm in order to appear authentic, group laughter (to remind you of being laughed at in high-school and pressing you to take their side), and precisely timed emotional outbursts of frustrations in order to appeal to the group mentality of "we must band together" to solve this issue (never you mind what the actual issue is, for we are your leader figures and you can just trust that we know what we are doing"). It is my hope that some of you, the brainwashed, can find the freedom to think for yourselves. Trump is not your enemy, these soulless media creatures with their followers of mind slaves are.

  • Mimi McClaine
    Mimi McClaine Год назад

    Obama deserves NO APOLOGY from anyone. Ever.

  • Marnie Larocque
    Marnie Larocque Год назад

    The only moral and honourable thing that can be done is to replace the whole trump government and put the person in power that won the popular vote. If Mrs Clinton had came in second in votes or anyone else in the future they must be put in power because they were running an honest campaign, this is far worse than watergate. This is sadly as bad as no worse than the assassination of a president because it is the assassination of America and democracy

  • James Fields
    James Fields Год назад

    taking our country back...build that wall. racist views got all poor rural whitefolks to vote 4trujmp

  • Bill
    Bill Год назад


    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard Год назад

      So you're saying the democrats rigged the election for donald duck to win. Right

    • Bill
      Bill Год назад

      Because we are a two party system. The RICH ELITES on both Dems and Republicans have been running things. Trump and Sanders were outsides. Only the Republicans respected the people enough to let the people be heard. The Dems RIGGED the DNC election thus rigger the General be extension. They only talked about Hillary because her top aid was married to a pedophile who had access to top secret information.

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard Год назад

      How exactly do elections get "fixed" by questions given in a debate between people of the same party? but not by 2 active investigations by the FBI & only ONE of these investigation details being given to the public before the election?

  • Simon Evans
    Simon Evans Год назад

    One of the questions we need to know is when was President Obama briefed on this situation and why sanctions on Russia were not put in place until December?

  • Ashok Iyer
    Ashok Iyer Год назад +1

    Trump is a living embodiment of littlefinger"s claim "Chaos is Ladder".

  • tukau greenaway
    tukau greenaway Год назад

    how name isn't prisadant Obama it's pesant

  • Christian
    Christian Год назад +2

    Trump? Apologize? Yeah right. Even if he did at the end I bet he would spin it into either an insult or a compliment to himself. Most likely the latter. I really dislike the way that guy portrays himself.

  • Finau Fam
    Finau Fam Год назад +2

    impeachment!!!!PLEASE!save our beautiful country from this maniac.

  • thomas bourne
    thomas bourne Год назад +2

    Trump should apologize and say that the report he based the wiretapping on came from Secretary Flynn before he resigned.

  • xr500t
    xr500t Год назад +1

    Trump can't admit to defamation. He knows if he admits, he'll be impeached. This is not going to be hidden as a mistake. This was intentional and malicious. #LOCKHIMUP

  • Marie Tooth
    Marie Tooth Год назад +2

    Lets hope democrats can impeach Trump!!!!

    • Marie Tooth
      Marie Tooth Год назад +1

      Last count, it was said that there were 3 very big grounds for Trump's impeachment. I have heard so many say they were voting for Hillary, but changed their minds a day or two before election day and voted for Trump because of what was said about Hillary. Then, right after the elections they learned that what they heard about Hillary was totally mad up in order to make her look bad. Trump is a illegitimate president! Nobody like him, and feel betrayed by the news media, forcing them to vote for someone who they deemed the lesser of the supposed 2 evils. In short, Hillary would have won it it were not for the Russians, and some parts of the news medias!!!!

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard Год назад +2

      They can't, they don't have the numbers! Lets hope Pence & team can grow the balls to take the 25th & forcefully remove donald from office. Plenty of grounds for a section 4!

  • Sue Sally
    Sue Sally Год назад

    So you want the president to apologize to Obama well I do think that Obama influenced this mess with the Russians and the Democrats have been feasting on it like it's Thanksgiving . And there has been no proof of interference so is Obama and the Democrats willing to apologize to Putin and the president .

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard Год назад

      Sure, after the investigations are over & the US intelligence agencies publicly declare they are over & there was no evidence, we'll expect Obama to apologise, as long as donald apologises now his investigations are over & have proven he lied. Deal?

  • BIG A
    BIG A Год назад +1

    Leon Panetta bends over grabs his ankles for Obama, and big long Michelle!!!!!!!!

  • Blazing Dumpster
    Blazing Dumpster Год назад +1

    WTF was Trump tweeting with his little hands? How did he get to Watergate? Is the wind bag full of $hit? Subpoena the joker, and get to the bottom of this $hit hole.

  • vladviking
    vladviking Год назад +1

    he could fix them bulldog jowls he's got

  • good goat
    good goat Год назад +1

    Obama and his crew can give his apology from a jail cell. Investigate and report on "Project Dragnet"! I DARE YOU!!!!!!

    • D E
      D E Год назад +4

      Infowars ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Paul Copland
    Paul Copland Год назад

    Remember the guy playing the violin while the entire empire was in flames? Feeling kind of familiar?

  • Mitch Ross
    Mitch Ross Год назад

    Cant wait for the next election

  • Bob Anonymous
    Bob Anonymous Год назад

    A president can't protect the country without good intelligence? We are so fudged. (Only I didn't say fudge.)

    • Rick Harrison
      Rick Harrison Год назад +1

      Bob Anonymous it's not all up to the president, you realize there is a cabinet right?

  • Linda L
    Linda L Год назад +1

    a "mistake" was not made. Trump maliciously defamed Obama. It was no mistake. The least he needs to do is apologize for lying. Outright lying. Say, " I was wrong". Nothing less than that is acceptable.

  • My Thoughts
    My Thoughts Год назад

    1:45 - 1:52
    That analogy didn't go well

  • Worrywart
    Worrywart Год назад +1

    Trump is not man enough to admit he was wrong about Obama or to apologise. Pig-headedness is not strength; it is childish.

  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro Год назад

    LEON 2020

  • john smith
    john smith Год назад +1

    Penata owes me and the American people an apology for HIS lies and His treasons compliancy in this coup.

  • Diana Ivey
    Diana Ivey Год назад +3

    I spent half of my life (25 years) in the United States, and l have nothing but respect for american people, they appreciate hard working people, and they all have great values, l also respect who they voted for but not necessary agree with all of them, and I understand that is part of what America is, there is a right to disagree, and a freedom of speech, my humble opinion is that Mr. Trump does not represent what America is, he does not inspire unity or respect, and he is misrepresenting an awesome country and a lot of good hearted people, it is hard to please everybody while being the president of the USA, it is a task that not just anybody can accomplish , and l think we all are seeing it, God bless America specially in times like these.

  • Jake Missy
    Jake Missy Год назад +2

    apologize and move on? he should be charged for falsely accusing a president of a crime.

  • TCt83067695
    TCt83067695 Год назад

    his laugh is endearing. 1:28
    its okay sir. just let it out. its a mess. we know.

  • Riley Martin
    Riley Martin Год назад +1

    The fake president needs to kiss the real president's ring.

  • Evan
    Evan Год назад

    So says the Defense Secretary who oversaw bombing 7 majority-Muslim countries. You should definitely talk about Trump's wiretap lie, but don't bring on this warmonger to do it.

  • Robert Hudson
    Robert Hudson Год назад +1

    Fox Jews is not news.

  • kvdgadj
    kvdgadj Год назад +1

    Trump wil never apologize? If trouble come from South Korea. UK, Australia, , Germany, Sweden, may not help the US?

  • Stacy Chapman
    Stacy Chapman Год назад +2

    Trump should apologize

  • Will Ganness
    Will Ganness Год назад +1

    FACT - There is no evidence after almost a year of exhaustive searching for a Trump/Russian connection.
    FACT - We dont know yet if there is any evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump but we do know the Obama used many clandestine measures to promote his political agenda - ordering banks to finance liberal group instead of fines, using the IRS as a weapon against conservatives, Meeting hundreds of times with operatives who were involved in election fraud. Wiretapping EU leaders etc. There has not been any full investigation into this, and i bet Trump has the evidence and is waiting for the press to get all over its self on this one.
    BUT the MSM still insists on investigating the Fake news on Trump/Russia Cnx & The insistence that NO wiretapping occurred despite it being reported in their own news sources, when the truth is they dont know. (clapper and the CIA and FBI arent the only ways to get a tap.

    • Man In Water
      Man In Water Год назад

      +Will Ganness and lied about it

    • Will Ganness
      Will Ganness Год назад

      So have most politicians including most of Hillary's camp according to the Russians - thats not news nor is it unusual. And i dont know about them lying about it - i know that their response appears to be about if they met with the Russians in connection with concessions or about elections. BO told the Russian premiere that he would be free to make better concessions to Putin after his 2012 elections. Anything other than showing intent to interefer with the election or offering bribes, kinda like Barrack did in 2012, is fake news.

    • Man In Water
      Man In Water Год назад

      Will Ganness it has actually been proven that much of his staff and advisors met with Russian diplomats and lied about it. I would provide links, but you'll just call them fake news.

  • Will Ganness
    Will Ganness Год назад

    This jackass Panetta is the one who twiddled his thumbs while 4 embassy staffers were murdered. And he can fix anything ??? You guys are FAKE NEWS.

  • Malca's Grace
    Malca's Grace Год назад


  • Mobius Trip
    Mobius Trip Год назад

    Here's the thing: I know Trump is an arsehole, I, as a voter, will use him as a blunt instrument to bludgeon you into oblivion. Until you start showing some respect to me.

  • Tony Losia
    Tony Losia Год назад

    so they are so adamant that obama never wire tapped Trump's phones (without confirmation)..... same thing happened when they were so adamant that Trump was never going to win the election ........ stop pushing your agenda and report the facts as you are suppose to do..... no wonder people are turning off to your show

  • Dex Wolfe
    Dex Wolfe Год назад

    Peneta should just stay home and shut u worst Sec ever not to mention the millions he burned going back home from DC while Sec charge to the tax payer.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Год назад +2

    One thing all rich people have in common: they apologize for nothing.

  • Realbillball
    Realbillball Год назад

    Mika is hot.

  • TX Beachbum
    TX Beachbum Год назад

    Pres. Trump might apologize once Obama apologizes for all the lies, letting Americans die, allowing terror to spread throughout the world, bowing down to communist dictators, targeting media and military personnel, giving terrorist nations tax payer money, releasing terrorist for a traitor, doubling the national debt with nothing to show for it and on and on.

    • TX Beachbum
      TX Beachbum Год назад

      Javi Chavez......I have better things to do than make videos and put up pictures.... My comments stand as facts. You should try harder to dispel their truths other than calling names and providing no counter argument.

    • Javi Chavez
      Javi Chavez Год назад +2

      TX Beachbum wow an account with no profile pictures or videos.... try harder russian troll.

  • DRightOne1
    DRightOne1 Год назад +2

    A troll does what a troll a does. trump and most of the Republican Party are nothing but trolls. Criticize them and you're failing or not good. Tweet at 4am on the weekend about an article in Breitbart News? What a joke.

  • kboxer5555
    kboxer5555 Год назад +2

    Trump has some balls! Great big orange Cheto balls.

  • Dale Hauk
    Dale Hauk Год назад +8

    he should kiss obama feet

    • K S
      K S Год назад +1

      Dale Hauk What did Obama do to suffer through a slimeball touching him??

  • Me Davis
    Me Davis Год назад +2

    Get rid of Trump before the damage is irreversible .

  • greg romero
    greg romero Год назад +1

    chump...the american people what an apology to obama. it better be a good one too! trump...your biggest nightmare will be that you ran for president. trump = cancer.

  • Jim C
    Jim C Год назад +4

    I'm confused about this idea that Trump should apologize and get on with things. This is a criminal accusation. Besides this being libel if he was lying, wouldn't that be an impeachable offense? And if that directly is not impeachable, then let's get him on the stand during these hearings and have him say things under oath. THEN he can be impeached just like Clinton then. Nobody should be "moving forward" except for an IMPEACHMENT HEARING.

  • Rosita A. Huff
    Rosita A. Huff Год назад +2

    You all try to make sense of the nonsensical....he ( Trump )is mentally ill...no question! Money pulled him trough life....not intelligence....it is scary....very scary...

  • dooley tooley
    dooley tooley Год назад +3

    You can't just make serious allegations about a former president without evidence, apologize and just move on.
    You can't make a false allegations about GCHQ and just move on.
    Trump needs to be removed. Then move on.

  • Bessie W
    Bessie W Год назад +2

    Trump is insulting our allies given Putin (if not NK) a clear path to control of the ONCE powerful country in the world U.S.A.

  • nigella4me
    nigella4me Год назад +7


  • Charles White
    Charles White Год назад +3

    Team Trump Are LAIRS! ! ! ! Team Trump Create Fake News Daily! ! ! ! Dictator wannabe Trump will never apologized for anything he says because he is childish and petty. Dictator wannabe Trump lack leadership skills because he fails to take responsiblity for his actions. There are serious questions that need to be answered. Did Trump's campaign coordinate with Russian intelligence to sabotage our democracy? Does Trump keep lavishing praise on Putin as payback for helping Trump win? Is he being blackmailed by the Kremlin? We can't stop Team Trump from lying ten times a minute, but we can keep the pressure on Republicans in Congress not to let this administration off the hook. We the People need to demand an independent investigation into Trump and Russia immediately. Trump is not the SMARTEST person on Team Trump. There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt or vile men. Dictator wannabe Trump is the first President since FDR not to be considered The Leader of the Free World and has over 50 lawsuits within his first month of service. Trump is MAKING AMERICA WEAKER and not Safer and Stronger. Google “Impeach Trump” to express your desires to put an end to Dictator wannabe Trump agenda.

  • chacha2017 chacha2017
    chacha2017 chacha2017 Год назад +3

    After t$$$$ has insulted the rest of Americas' allies!!!! He would never apologise to anyone about anything!!! That's what being born entitled brings...

  • rick payne
    rick payne Год назад +1


  • Andy Bee
    Andy Bee Год назад +7

    So now we have Comey at the FBI stating that there was no wiretapping of Trump Tower. Now Trumpanzees...what do you have to say about that. Donny LIED and lied again. Conwoman lied - microwave ovens said as a distraction. Spicer lied....and accused the British of spying on the US - distraction. Shame on all of them and shame on Trumpanzees. Some people who voted for Drumf are starting to wake up and regret their decision. The rest of you still supporting the orange ape, when will you wake up?

  • ShaunieBNaturalista
    ShaunieBNaturalista Год назад

    Mr. Secretary, you are not retaining people because skilled people don't want to be killers.

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson Год назад +2

    NYT reported wiretapping Inaugral day.

    • Bob Johnson
      Bob Johnson Год назад

      Trump pres for 8 years. Yeah!!!

    • zarryfaz
      zarryfaz Год назад

      Bob Johnson 'Failing NYT' that Trump called fake news? So now there's a news that favors Trump, they're no longer fake news?

    • Marcos Imperial
      Marcos Imperial Год назад +4

      STFU Russian bot. FBI director said there's no evidence of wire "tapping"

  • Albin Augustin
    Albin Augustin Год назад +3

    Can this guy get impeached already Jesus. At least when you make a falsehood that proves to be wrong, you apologize. He can't even do that cause of his ego

  • Joe Waggers
    Joe Waggers Год назад +1

    America does not have any allies. When are you going to get wise. Never has unless you were paying them to be your friend.

  • Faith777
    Faith777 Год назад

    Still no visible solid proof given only yaping. Obama did wiretap trump tower and now he's trying to sabotage him with his shadow government...sick psychopath....

    • Khalia Thompson
      Khalia Thompson Год назад

      alexandraitzhaki If Obama is able to run a shadow government while Frumpy is president, it shows just how weak a leader Drumpf is. Either way, Drumpf sucks.

    • KC
      KC Год назад +3

      yet you have no proof Obama did any of those things, shut up -___-

  • Shay Houk
    Shay Houk Год назад +2

    Just because there's no evidence, doesn't mean it didn't happen! You harpies need to find something else to talk about. There were wild fires in TX,OK,KS that killed thousands of cattle ,several humans, and burned hay, grain and grass land! Why not talk about how we can help farmers and ranchers feed their animals! The great barrier reef is dead, that's important news. The sun has changed have any of you noticed? Why? All you news whores want to talk about is how much you hate Trump! I want to hear REAL NEWS, not repetitive trash talk against our President or the people who support him! With every anti Trump, anti American story you put out, I trust you less, and despise you more!

  • nil bogg
    nil bogg Год назад +4

    Germany, Britain, Australia and Mexico ARE THE POINT of Donald's agenda: He was put in place by RUSSIA to sow discord in NATO so Putin can continue his Ukraine invasion and further Russian influence through Syria without a "united front" from "squabbling" NATO countries. Mexico, Australia, Britain and now Germany all have had their opinions of their U.S. alliance PLUMMET after Donald insulted each country. Donald isn't hurting HIMSELF, he's hurting US.

  • Pedro Colon
    Pedro Colon Год назад +2

    Unfortunately trump "thinks" he know more than anyone. So let trump continue to tighten the robe around his neck.

  • James Sunix
    James Sunix Год назад +43

    Trump won't apologize because he lacks morals, integrity, and something every man who can accept when he is wrong has, the BALLS to admit it.

    • James Sunix
      James Sunix Год назад

      You mean Ratpublicans and anti-american Russian loving Traitors, like yourself. Just by looking at that username I can tell you are a drug addict.

    • Marie Tooth
      Marie Tooth Год назад +1

      I wish Obama were still our president!

    • Me Davis
      Me Davis Год назад +6

      James Sunnixx Trump has a big mouth and his little hands couldn't hurt a fly. He's left in a room by himself, he'd cry like the little baby he is.

  • dank oyster po boy
    dank oyster po boy Год назад +1

    But on a lighter note Dang..... Mika is so hot!

  • Lester Ma
    Lester Ma Год назад

    Pin heada should apologize to the public for being a liar on the Benghazi investigation

  • Teresa Young
    Teresa Young Год назад +2

    Trump can't protect the Country with his constantly​ making things up to distracted everyone from what is really going on.

  • Sara Chilumo
    Sara Chilumo Год назад

    Are you sure there is partnership between China and South Korea against North Korea? My take is expect a lot of combined veto stunts against America. Some people want to replace You as a super power. Nothing else will give them satisfaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren Told
    Lauren Told Год назад

    I agree

  • Mr Wheels
    Mr Wheels Год назад +4

    The proof came out last night. NSA had over a million names numbers and addresses on Trump, his employees and his associates. We have documented proof! It is coming out mainstream today. It is called "Project Dragnet".

    • PollyMamedePsi
      PollyMamedePsi Год назад +1

      so, just like pizzagate hã? Crazy people.

    • Mr Wheels
      Mr Wheels Год назад +1

      The Globalists are going down. Rockefeller dead at 101. Lucifer has a new lover today.

    • Areanyusernamesleft
      Areanyusernamesleft Год назад +2

      Mr Wheels don't bring Joe Friday into your paranoid fever dream! :p

    • Rodney Watson
      Rodney Watson Год назад

      Despicably Irascible Rapscallion No its the NSA sorry

  • TheBestWayOne
    TheBestWayOne Год назад

    Support and Buy USA--- fairly made without cheating low ball wages. Anyone that trys to convince you otherwise has stock or friends that have stock in cheating bad trade deal country's. Support American Made and fair trade deals. Dont be fooled by slanted talk with a agenda of slanted half truths and stories.

  • Eat Candy
    Eat Candy Год назад +21

    The GOP is such an embarrassment. Seem to have no idea what it takes to create a modern industrial country.

    • Thomas Bias
      Thomas Bias Год назад +14

      Eat Candy The republicans have been party over people for my entire life. republicans stand for no education and then the stupid and ignorant people will believe anything that the republicans say. Fake news is a republican stepping stone for the republicans.

  • DigitalimageryTV
    DigitalimageryTV Год назад +2

    he should resign....

  • My Name Is Simeon
    My Name Is Simeon Год назад +15

    Apologize and move on? that's all Leon? whatever happen to consequence? I guess that doesn't apply to the elites huh...but if it was just a regular person they would be sent to jail in a heart beat...I seriously don't get it...SMH

    • Thomas Bias
      Thomas Bias Год назад +4

      My Name Is Simeon Nixon would have been thrown in jail just like liddy but ford pardoned him. Rumsfeld never came into question as one of Nixon's advisors. Rumsfeld should have served time for his involvement in Watergate and rove should not have a voice in any branch of politics and cheney should be in prison now.

  • The Other
    The Other Год назад +18

    A president who: does all he can to destabilize NATO and America's relationships with it's allies; cripples America's ability to influence international affairs by gutting the State Department and aid budget; pours resources into military hardware which is ineffective in cold water power projection; increased internal security while gutting social cohesion programmes which will increase resentment among the poor; and plans tax reforms that increase inequality and destabilize society; sounds like the behaviourviour you would expect from someone working in the interests of Russia.

    • Dawn Adriana
      Dawn Adriana Год назад +4

      I'm thinking of figuring out how much of my taxes go for his constant golf weekends and deducting it as a charity.

    • The Other
      The Other Год назад +2

      Therese Van Vleet : The Russians​ are smart, they figured out the great weakness of the west, our corporations are full of greedy sociopaths.

    • Dawn Adriana
      Dawn Adriana Год назад +3

      Too right. It's so obvious. Here we are, running from brushfire to brushfire, spinning our wheels, and all they have to do is send a guy to buy one of Trump's houses for millions more than it's worth. Trump's not only acting as a foreign agent, he's an easy lay. And guess what, we get to pay for him to play golf every weekend, and his kids fly free, too. Time for this game of Monopoly to end. And no get out of jail card.

  • char byte
    char byte Год назад +20

    Apprentice President Trump unintentionally set the Doomsday clock forward just like the Kremlin planned

    • 75joev
      75joev Год назад +4

      And also Russia wants Britain and Germany losing confidence in US.

  • Vinnie Wilson
    Vinnie Wilson Год назад +8

    The white house is way out of trump lead and he seems to be very insecure in that position. He has exposed all of his deficiencies for the world to examine. This is not good for America. What is worst the republicans are letting it happen, so they push for their own agenda. Let him go back to his hood and continue making fools out of as he call him "poorly educated" people, he can relate to. For best interest of the country - Tell him , he has done a good job (fake news) and Let Him GO before innocent people get hurt

  • Gregg Hammilton
    Gregg Hammilton Год назад

    When was Leon emasculated? Somebody cut 'em off!

  • Amy Sternheim
    Amy Sternheim Год назад +4

    He will never apologize! His daddy and mommy never taught him how, they coddled him and told him he was SO smart, handsome, etc all his life, he believes he is perfect and doesn't need to apologize for anything!

  • Macedonian Hack Club
    Macedonian Hack Club Год назад

    Leon should be arrested

  • Paul McKnight
    Paul McKnight Год назад +1

    MOVE ON!!!!! - are you kidding me - wtf...............

  • eymang66
    eymang66 Год назад

    Let's dispel this fiction once and for all that Barack Obama doesn't
    know what he's doing. He knows EXACTLY what he's doing; he's undergoing a
    systematic effort to change this country and make America more like the
    rest of the world, we don't want to be like the rest of the world. We want to be the single greatest country in the history of the world.

    • D E
      D E Год назад +2

      What's Obama doing? Paragliding?

    • eymang66
      eymang66 Год назад


    • Amy Sternheim
      Amy Sternheim Год назад +7

      Actually Bannon is president and pulling Trump's strings.

  • SKinSKorea
    SKinSKorea Год назад +20

    I appreciate Panetta's (very brief and limited) comments on North Korea. I live in South Korea (and have for over 13 years) and the "threat" has always been here. That said, people here are used to it and recognize it's a lot of posturing, mostly for the local North Korean audience. South Koreans fear Trump and uninformed, ill-advised, "strong-armed" policies in an area he knows is far away, and doesn't really have an interest in (no Trump Towers here in East Asia). He nevertheless has an ability to create chaos and potenially war. His Sec of State is worthless, and cannot be depended on to reign him in. Korea just impeached (yeah!!) the corrupt and scandal-ridden president, so has 2 months before the snap election gives us a new president-- not a long time to hold an election, yet seemingly too long to be without a president in the dangerous days of drumft.

    • Thomas Bias
      Thomas Bias Год назад

      SKinSKorea Unyon Haseo! kam sah hamnida! Unyon Kah seo.

    • RDR
      RDR Год назад +3

      SKinSKorea they know nothing from history. All they have to do is offer some financial aid to N. Korea and they'll go back to their hole. Ramping up aggression is not the answer.
      Nice to see you here, I lived in S. Korea as a baby *waves*

  • Tom Hulme
    Tom Hulme Год назад

    the fbi cia nsa many many more tap everybodys phones laptops smart tvs everything snowden proved this wiki does to as does mcafe its laughable people cannot c this nobody gives the order it just is what it is all day every day we cant stop it its impossible to protect it and depending what you find out youll b killed for it

  • Edward Russell
    Edward Russell Год назад

    Talking of apology..all these guys need to apologise to common mortals in Libya Syria Iraq Afghanistan... for killing them and destroying their lives. They should remind themselves of the injustice and cruelty they have done to these millions of human beings... Trump does not need to apologise ...

    • Thomas Bias
      Thomas Bias Год назад

      Edward Russell Libya and Syria did that to themselves. Iraq could have prevented US invasion.

  • Political Twinkie
    Political Twinkie Год назад +47

    Two months into office and talk with war against North Korea equals WW3. Get ready for a draft.

    • Marie Tooth
      Marie Tooth Год назад +1

      Oh yes, Trump is all in favor of a draft. He wants war! He said himself that he likes war.

    • Political Twinkie
      Political Twinkie Год назад +1

      Sandy Sunrise, I take exception to your position that "We just didn't expect this current POTUS to create the crisis!" Frighteningly so many did not but a great majority of Americans had clarity to understand we were and are in grave danger. The three million plus deemed the popular vote should have been called the sane vote. This is not an endorsement for Hillary but simply to state she was mentally sound.

    • Political Twinkie
      Political Twinkie Год назад

      Eli Luna, I believe North Korea is a rabid pit bull on a cheap pain. I believe it is to the benefit of not just the US but the world to sanction North Korea until it's knees bleed and ankles are broken. I believe the sanctions should be endless and without mercy until the spirit of the people break their leaders, and not just for the present but for generations to come. From within the actions of the people against its leaders should be as the The Ouroboros, the snake that eats it own tail. Sanctions should be levied not to punish but to cripple the country permanently. Ironically this may be one occasion by need and not by choice Russia, China and the US can be a chorus. World War Three IS nuclear winter. North Korea is a great threat but not so great all of mankind should be destroyed to put it down. Eli Luna, what do you think should be done?

  • Darin Andersen
    Darin Andersen Год назад +99

    Trump the wrecking ball president, is destroying everything America stands for. The fools wanted him to destroy our current form of government, is this what they have in mind ?
    This isn't change, it's fatal !

    • Darin Andersen
      Darin Andersen Год назад

      I don't think it's wise to blindly put our trust in any of our elected officials !
      Even our checks and balances, need to be held accountable anymore !

    • Bill
      Bill Год назад +2

      NO OBAMA was destroying our American way and Hillary would have continued on.

    • scott williams
      scott williams Год назад +2

      InYourFace....you've got to be joking. Wait till the Joe Sixpacks don't get their brake pad manufacturing jobs back or the veterans with their VA health care benefits issues. this president is the biggest clown and he will resign before being impeached

  • Apurva Nataraj
    Apurva Nataraj Год назад +67

    Trump is actually really smart. Creating fake news to distract the world from any possible mayhem his administration is really causing.

    • Miguel Janerios
      Miguel Janerios Год назад

      +Bill Smith
      Yes, and there are people who also still think the earth is flat, vaccines cause autism, and Mohammed flew to heaven literally on a winged horse. None of that matters to me, I don;t much care what people think. What people think has little to do with what is actually true and correct. Given a health care plan, budget, etc., it is possible to sit down and crunch the numbers and use mathematical analysis to determine what the effects of said is likely to be. That's what matters to me.
      You could tell some people that a cube is the 3D shape with the smallest surface area - to - volume ratio, and they will believe you if you sound confident enough and can BS a bit. You could get a lot of people to think that, even... but it still wouldn't change the fact that is not true. Furthermore, when someone else comes along and explains that the shape with the smallest SA:Volume is a sphere, they will be able to make their case easier, since they would be correct.

    • Alang
      Alang Год назад +2

      Apurva Nataraj yeaah! Very smart indeed, for his benefit ONLY.

    • Bill Smith
      Bill Smith Год назад

      +Miguel janerios, No matter if Jesus Christ Almighty came down and wrote a budget, put into place health care, and ran the nation there will be people who think his approach sucks, or he's not smart enough, etc.

    • Miguel Janerios
      Miguel Janerios Год назад +1

      +Bill Smith
      Sure, although it seems to me that with social media and the internet, 'fake news' has become more common. Regardless, my main point was that, if Trump were actually really smart, he wouldn't need distractions. If he was a genius, then he could've come up with a better health care plan, a better budget for the people, and he wouldn't have to worry about so many leaks coming out the reflect him in a bad light.

    • Bill Smith
      Bill Smith Год назад

      +Miguel Janerios There has always been some fake news throughout America's history. There is never a need for it, but the media is a cash cow of a machine. And a little fake news here and there helps run up the viewers and ratings, thus this runs up the commercial value time.

  • Oba*** Man
    Oba*** Man Год назад +15

    RT is a Russian apparatus, i saw a program, they are saying Obama wired tap the Trump tower. only a fisa court judge with 100% proof to give out a warrant

    • animation Parmar
      animation Parmar Год назад +11

      Oba*** Man Mike Flynn even got money from RT