Mike kill all - FNaF 2 Trailer reversed

  • Published on Feb 6, 2015
  • Hi everyone!I'm Powerful_Kitten and today I'm making a new FNAF 2 Trailer reversed video!A lot of you told me that the correct form is Mike kill all,so yeah...I made a new video!Enjoy! :D

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  • Bendy Theories
    Bendy Theories 14 hours ago

    Who's in 2019 Btw I think The kids are crazy

  • Pedro Henryk
    Pedro Henryk 2 days ago


  • Pyscho Boy
    Pyscho Boy 9 days ago

    Mike kill all this is enough i sleep well i love the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try it many times hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Pikachu :v
    Pikachu :v 13 days ago

    Creo que no podré dormir con esto

  • k_St4rz
    k_St4rz 14 days ago

    "This is enough"
    "Mike kill all"
    "Mike kill all"
    "Mike kill all"

  • FraneGG
    FraneGG 14 days ago +1

    this is creepy my heart stopped
    i heard this stuff at night in my mind...

  • Pina Gorre
    Pina Gorre 17 days ago

    Fake fck

  • TV크리퍼
    TV크리퍼 17 days ago


  • Jacquelin Simpkins
    Jacquelin Simpkins 17 days ago

    I heard mike killed all the b*****

  • Troy Mornis
    Troy Mornis 22 days ago

    *NoSleep_ForYou has entered the chat*

  • xShxdxwGacha
    xShxdxwGacha 24 days ago +1

    I sometimes hear "Mike kill all" Even if it's not reversed... Am I going crazy or something?

  • Breydons Viral Videos
    Breydons Viral Videos 28 days ago

    Wait so that means the security guard is purple guy

  • ღ ƝƵƵ ƊαMαƓҽ ツ

    Scott ia crazy...

  • Diana Morris
    Diana Morris Month ago

    It is Scary

  • Our proud prime minister · 27 years ago ·

    I Keep Watching Dis. Am I A Daring Ya Say.

  • Our proud prime minister · 27 years ago ·

    Mike Represent Purple Guy.

  • ayan funny videos with affan

    I did nt understand

  • playgendary 69
    playgendary 69 Month ago

    Woah its a creppy video well enough for youtube today

    SHA ĐØW Month ago +1

    That's so creepy XD

  • Esterfox Cute :3
    Esterfox Cute :3 Month ago

    Mike kill all.....

  • Owen Flynt
    Owen Flynt Month ago

    First of all, William killed the kids, mike is his son.

  • ProGamers 0503
    ProGamers 0503 Month ago

    Spotted mike kill all without revseved

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse Month ago +1

    This goes with the last SL cutscene. “They thought I was you” the kids/animatronics thought Mike was the killer rather William. So when they say “this is enough” they wanted to kill him. Now he’s in a Springtrap.

  • A random YouTube channel {ARYTC}


    NNOOBBII_HD Month ago +1

    so what mike kill all and with killing all he means kill purple guy and eva

      NNOOBBII_HD Month ago +1

      this comments of me was poor shit here’s the original when you backwards it m.ruclip.com/video/zTQtRdioxfE/video.html this came out

      NNOOBBII_HD Month ago +1

      sorry for this comment the song london bridge is falling down is a old song

  • CBP
    CBP 2 months ago

    Im scared of sleeping...

  • Alyssa Drawker
    Alyssa Drawker 2 months ago

    Help 0-0

  • xxxtentacionfan Ski mask the slump god

    This is bad grammar tho

  • CZ/SK ELelaci
    CZ/SK ELelaci 2 months ago

    mike all

  • WhiteWolfDaGamer
    WhiteWolfDaGamer 2 months ago +3

    The killer is out
    Mike Kill all
    This is enough
    Mike kill all
    Mike Kill all
    Mike Kill all
    It's jeremy now.

  • fun video maker
    fun video maker 2 months ago

    Mike Afton or Mike the nightgaurd

  • arki cz
    arki cz 2 months ago

    its creepy

  • BALDIFANART 4 Squad animates

    Mike kill all means the night guard is the bad guy

  • Caden Case
    Caden Case 2 months ago +1


  • Kid foxy gamer Thompson126!

    Why am I watching this at night 😖

  • Tio Michael
    Tio Michael 2 months ago +3

    They didn't... recognize me at first but then...
    They thought I was you.

    This explain why the kids are saying that

  • Tristan Zazueta
    Tristan Zazueta 2 months ago

    Thanks I can’t sleep at all lol

  • MrPotato10
    MrPotato10 2 months ago

    Now if you watch game theory this made me believe that mike aka the person that is trying to find his father aka the purple guy or William Afton so as soon as I heard this this made me think that the animatronics thought MIKE William son was the kill what supports this was when during sister location during the cut scenes when mike walks throughout his neighborhood he slowly rots having the same color as his father the purple thats on william ment as a shady figure "purple" so in this case this why they said mike while in REALITY the killer is not mike but really william afton and like the puppet said in ultimate costume night "the others act like animals but im very aware" saying that bunny freddy fox chica killed whoever looked like him(william) at night

    • Amir hassanyazdi
      Amir hassanyazdi 2 months ago +1

      If you complete sister location custom nights you'll get a cutscene where Michael talks about how he found them and put them back together. In this scenario he is mentioning the kids. He also says that they didn't recognize him at first and thought that he was William Afton.

  • santos flores
    santos flores 3 months ago

    plz help i cant sleep D:

  • sugrrx
    sugrrx 3 months ago

    London bridge is falling down
    Falling down, london bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

  • A randombOi
    A randombOi 3 months ago

    all i can make up is mike kill all however
    i can’t make up the other words..

  • MD Gaming
    MD Gaming 3 months ago +1

    Mike kill all
    Wait a minute,the guy from the first location?
    Well,i mean mike,jeremy is maybe all the same person
    But purple guy is the guy who kill all,william kill all

  • Charlotte Emily
    Charlotte Emily 3 months ago

    If I listen without words I hear "my kill aww this if off"

  • Kawaii LPS TV
    Kawaii LPS TV 3 months ago


  • LegendaryGaming AndVlogs

    Oh thats creepy

  • Ashley
    Ashley 3 months ago +3

    When I hear Mike, I instantly think Michael Afton. I mean, he is the son of the killer

  • Thomas Gamer
    Thomas Gamer 3 months ago +1

    The childeren

  • Thomas Gamer
    Thomas Gamer 3 months ago +1

    I think they scream for help

  • I am Natsuki
    I am Natsuki 3 months ago

    That’s actually really scary because “mike kill all, and the killer is out” mike, like Michael afton or purple guy...

  • See dank fan Boi
    See dank fan Boi 3 months ago

    I’m scared cuddle me please

  • Ritvik Mishra
    Ritvik Mishra 3 months ago

    Doom: “we have the best backwards encrypted messages
    Fnaf 2 trailer: I’m about to end this whole man’s Career

  • Kalironi
    Kalironi 3 months ago +1

    The voices are all the Children that Mike Aston
    Aka purple boi killed

  • Tati Tazkiah
    Tati Tazkiah 3 months ago

    Mike Was At My Closet Now I Cant Sleep

  • Faridah Faridah
    Faridah Faridah 3 months ago

    Michael afton

  • Mason Clarke
    Mason Clarke 3 months ago

    My dad thought it said Thank you all

  • Lindsey Atikian
    Lindsey Atikian 3 months ago

    welp, thats gonna be in my nightmares :D

  • Veruch Kawaii
    Veruch Kawaii 3 months ago

    Shit the original song is really old o.o

  • Vatan Yoldas
    Vatan Yoldas 3 months ago

    Its like the 5 Dead Chidren are holding hands singing together.

  • King Spider
    King Spider 3 months ago

    Si does that mean that mike is purple guy cuz purple guy killed all

  • unuuti rosing
    unuuti rosing 3 months ago