Mike Tyson - The Most Dangerous Boxer in History!

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
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    Mike Tyson is one of the most gifted boxers in history and perhaps the most talented heavyweight. The potential of the Iron Mike was so great that he could dominate the ring for many years, but despite all brutality and aggressiveness that he displayed he was a person who needed very delicate psychological support. When Cus d'Amato and later Kevin Rooney were beside him, Mike was a real machine of knockouts. Mike Tyson of that period is that very Tyson that we know and love. His professional career started in march 1985. By the end of the year Tyson fought 15 times and won in each of them by KO or TKO. Back then it was already obvious that in the nearest future fans would be able to witness something special...
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  • The World of Boxing!
    The World of Boxing!  Month ago +284

    Thanks for watching!
    I hope You enjoy this video :)

    • Andres Costa
      Andres Costa 10 hours ago

      .......U were in the ring w/him...
      .....U were scared.....period..!!!

    • Paddy Wack
      Paddy Wack 2 days ago

      The world of boxing
      Thanks for such a fanastic video

    • Max78
      Max78 4 days ago

      Love your videos.. Unforgetable memories of a brutal legendary iron mike tyson .. He's the beast masters .. No replacesment to his over the top names in boxing historys .. The only one enspiring legend and still on his feet enjoy his old ages now .. What a really great records from mike .. Solute you iron mike tyson.. ❤❤❤💪💪💪💪💪💪

    • Mik Wakefield
      Mik Wakefield 7 days ago

      I enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much.

    • John Salvatore
      John Salvatore 12 days ago

      @Jaiden Diaz from the movie 28 days it's a horror flick

  • Dustin Albers
    Dustin Albers 4 hours ago

    Great fucking video bri

  • nic sharp
    nic sharp 9 hours ago

    Tyson was a beast!

  • Dharminder Kumar
    Dharminder Kumar 12 hours ago


  • Kanna Qt
    Kanna Qt 17 hours ago

    No, Joe was

    IILMNBD 18 hours ago

    Though Mike was shorter than many but he was the most furious one among them..he had so much force while others were lousy "going to get retired" son's of no one.

  • Mo Saleem
    Mo Saleem 19 hours ago

    Allah huakbr

  • Jarrod Hardeman
    Jarrod Hardeman 22 hours ago

    Greatest boxer in my lifetime, always the champ

  • Rifat Tanvir
    Rifat Tanvir 23 hours ago +1

    Who is the best boxer in the history??
    Mike tyson=comment
    Mohammad ali=like.

  • David Morales
    David Morales 23 hours ago

    Bone crusher Smith was underrated

  • Jhonata Siqueira
    Jhonata Siqueira Day ago +1

    Maiqui taisom o melho do boxi o testruido..

  • BIG HERBO 23
    BIG HERBO 23 Day ago

    What is that song in the beginning

  • Niko Teresky
    Niko Teresky Day ago

    Shaolin Boxing From Bronx

  • John Dockert
    John Dockert Day ago

    He was something to see in his prime. It was truly amazing.

  • John Dockert
    John Dockert Day ago

    100 dollars for a 90 second pay per view fight. It was worth it.

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  • walentaz
    walentaz Day ago

    I wish he didn't collapse as a man and as a boxer. 90's was a really dark period for Mike - a rape sentence at the peak of career, then incidents like biting off ear, eventually followed by alcohol addiction, bankruptcy... If not that, he could be crowned best boxer who ever lived, but even without it - nobody ever hit like Mike did.

  • Bryant.th
    Bryant.th 2 days ago

    Mike tyson = Kratos

  • Bronson 2140
    Bronson 2140 2 days ago

    Most notorious fighter ever lived

  • Irfan Ahmad
    Irfan Ahmad 2 days ago

    2:19 that was a superman punch 🥴

  • Paddy Wack
    Paddy Wack 2 days ago

    What a fanastic video of Mike Tyson , well done for making it

  • Suga Plum
    Suga Plum 2 days ago +1

    From Brooklyn nyc,trained by the best.

  • Tik Fung
    Tik Fung 2 days ago

    Why Mohammad Ali don’t fight Tyson?

  • Talk to me nice Momma there go that man

    Well I was given 2 options...1. Swim with 10 sharks in the middle of the ocean for 24 hrs. 2. Fight Mike Tyson when he was in his prime.... I said guess ill be swimming with them sharks then😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Baau 3994
    Baau 3994 2 days ago


  • dan taylor
    dan taylor 3 days ago

    Having watched the Smith fight, Tyson wasn't all the hype, points? Come on fangirls where's your "beast" where your excuses? Usually it's Mike wasn't the old Mike or the ref was not on his side bollox but in the Smith fight, Tyson was exposed, points was all he had.

    • dan taylor
      dan taylor Day ago

      @cmoneytheman NO ONE MENTIONED Douglas that was YOU. I said Having watched the Smith fight, Tyson wasn't all the hype, points? Come on fangirls where's your "beast" where your excuses? Usually it's Mike wasn't the old Mike or the ref was not on his side bollox but in the Smith fight, Tyson was exposed, points was all he had.

    • dan taylor
      dan taylor 2 days ago

      @cmoneytheman Stop denying facts you sound like a naive twat. You'll have to figure out why you're a casual, no one can help you fangirl

    • cmoneytheman
      cmoneytheman 2 days ago

      @dan taylor stop trolling u sound like a fool how am I a causal u sound so dumb watch matches

    • dan taylor
      dan taylor 2 days ago

      @cmoneytheman hhahhaha fucking casual, typical fangirl thinking with your precious glass heart again.

    • cmoneytheman
      cmoneytheman 2 days ago

      @dan taylor so u sayin Tyson didnt beat folks better then buster before him and u sayin Tyson fought him the same
      cause u dummies like to say he was exposed so that means he fought the same

  • Fairy Tail Fan
    Fairy Tail Fan 3 days ago

    Did u recognized the most of the boxers were black

  • July Stylez
    July Stylez 3 days ago +2

    I can feel Mike's punches through the screen

  • Juma Seif
    Juma Seif 3 days ago

    Harusi ya mariam

  • truestdude
    truestdude 3 days ago

    Tyson Forever

  • barbara Corcoran
    barbara Corcoran 3 days ago

    Mass x Acceleration = Mike Tyson

  • dice1331
    dice1331 3 days ago +28

    Those people making fun of his voice wouldn't even dare say it to his face lol

    OMAYRA RIVERA 3 days ago

    Tyson era un boxeador q tenia movimientos d un boxeador d peso pequeño una gran energia y un gran coraje y fuerza era un boxeador completo

  • Apk Darter
    Apk Darter 3 days ago

    More RUclip nonsense! There have been boxers that have killed other boxers in the ring. Luckily Tyson has never done that. Boxing did not start in the mid eighties.

  • Nik Min
    Nik Min 3 days ago

    Strong but way slow... No chance against BRUCE

  • M. S.
    M. S. 3 days ago

    He still remains the KING for me.

  • Mat Joseph
    Mat Joseph 3 days ago

    I will never fight Mike Tyson even if I'm Zeus

    FISHTHEFOX1 3 days ago

    A true pit bull. Damn! Watching Tyson is simply awesome.

  • Irfan Aja
    Irfan Aja 4 days ago


  • Carl Bennett
    Carl Bennett 4 days ago


  • Marc Cajita
    Marc Cajita 4 days ago +5

    Dang..those refs would be like "do you want mike to continue?"

  • Фома
    Фома 4 days ago

    Мишаня ,крепись!

  • Mario Palčić
    Mario Palčić 4 days ago

    Mike legendo,poz.iz Croatie.

  • Mark Regalado
    Mark Regalado 4 days ago


  • Mustafa Ahmadi
    Mustafa Ahmadi 4 days ago

    He was the king of boxers

  • Ambushments
    Ambushments 4 days ago

    Big strong black man

  • Shaikh Ehteshm
    Shaikh Ehteshm 4 days ago

    Tuker is good

  • Robbie Boyd
    Robbie Boyd 4 days ago +4

    Mike Tyson, at his peak was a monster! Beautiful to see his skills in the ring. His movement, power and speed was special. He practiced with a since of seriousness and purpose. He was a great champion!

    • Sofia
      Sofia Day ago

      Robbie Boyd his composure was also exquisite.

  • gerry comfort
    gerry comfort 4 days ago

    This man went true hell and back. And BOXING is what the man needed. AND HE WAS THE BEST AT HIS GAME. MIKE TYSON BOXING HE WAS BY NO DOUTH THE ONE AND ONLY BOXINGS BEST......

  • Arhan Solo
    Arhan Solo 4 days ago +1

    Mike Tyson. What a magnificent fighting machine. A tank that doesn't stop. The power behind his punchers... just amazing. I always wondered how he would do in MMA...

  • E-Man
    E-Man 4 days ago

    0:01 -0:12 and so on someone tell me music nvm its ruclip.com/video/ST2H8FWDvEA/video.html (edit)

  • Therese Walker
    Therese Walker 4 days ago

    Look at the respect he gives over another heavy hitter... You can tell he was his own biggest critic. What you say, meant nothing over his own thoughts.

  • Therese Walker
    Therese Walker 4 days ago

    Y'all saw Mohammed....

  • Therese Walker
    Therese Walker 4 days ago

    He mastered the Art of Boxing.

  • I’m ur nan No
    I’m ur nan No 4 days ago

    Didn’t this guy bite someone’s ear off or something☠️

  • MasterKing Sir
    MasterKing Sir 5 days ago

    Damn what he said at the end, Exactly what i want to say!!

  • Ali Abdouraman
    Ali Abdouraman 5 days ago


  • cmoneytheman
    cmoneytheman 5 days ago

    for some reason blind followers say george could beat tyson even tho his def was bad and he was slow so how do he beat tyson

  • Jean Lei Villanueva
    Jean Lei Villanueva 5 days ago

    After browsing 9gag...here I am watching Tyson's fights

  • internal thoughted1
    internal thoughted1 5 days ago +4

    At 1:00 holy shit that combo was sick. Straight lightning coming through his fast twitch fibers