How To Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen

Today I show you how to easily fix any cracked smartphone or tablet screen for free. This technique works with all smartphones & tablets, not just iPhones! Don't spend hundreds of dollars on getting your screen professionally fixed! Repair it yourself at home for free. This method is incredibly easy! Simply follow the step by step instructions in this video and you'll be able to replace any cracked screen (No matter how badly damaged it is) in less than a minute!

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Автор Magic DisneyDream ( назад)
wtf man

Автор kumeil GT ( назад)
I tried it and it work

Автор Archer Gambell ( назад)
Way better than tech rax

Автор Bud D ( назад)
Africa in kids could have eaten this dead meme

Автор Narwhale Andy69 ( назад)
I'm lost?

Автор Roman Sandoval ( назад)
Thank u my friends phone is now fixed

Автор İbrahim Gümüşay ( назад)
sen insan degilsin

Автор Mukharram Nabieva ( назад)
everyone knows that u replaced the iPad...... on 0:39

Автор reda nakkouch ( назад)

Автор Christian Di Nasso ( назад)
this man is insane

Автор alligator rice ( назад)
ok i followed the step it seems legit

Автор Wolfie _X ( назад)
wtf did i just watch

Автор Kyler Rogers ( назад)
I need to start making videos like this.

Автор primo trunks ( назад)
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he buy this with the Yputube money?

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Автор Adama Mare ( назад)
u just wasted my time

Автор Alpha-kid_8219 ( назад)
Me:this is wut I need...
(Reads name)

Автор Acilisa ( назад)
OMG It's Working!

Автор Jmay 2004 ( назад)
Does this really work?! Lol!!!

Автор Hannah W ( назад)
It's actually worked thanks

Автор alexvids 1121 ( назад)
I love to see one idiot follow one of his tutorials

Автор XDark zz ( назад)
Wow it actually works

Автор sanjay kumar ( назад)

Автор Konstantinos Georgiou ( назад)
Wtf.Have you got a sponge for brain.I pad is expensive.Also,some children in Africa haven't got food.

Автор ICanHazMuffin47 ( назад)
hey whats up guys, techrax here

Автор Max Luijben ( назад)
Really good vid

Автор Richard Ooteman ( назад)
Great job!!

Автор Tobias Vork ( назад)
Keep it up bro

Автор Sjouke van Dolder ( назад)
nice video man

Автор Dogan Kraaijeveld ( назад)
Thanks for the video.

Автор Romeo Cremonesi ( назад)
nice video man

Автор Umberto Fanucci ( назад)
Good job!

Автор Lily Curumi ( назад)
I enjoyed this so much 😂

Автор Todd Poulton ( назад)
That was a waste of my time.....

Автор iReDiZz ( назад)
Thanks you ! My screen is now fix but can you make a tutorial how to fix the home !

Автор Arcturus ( назад)

Автор xXx_oJameso_xXx ( назад)
I followed all the steps it just make it worst

Автор Scout Sadler ( назад)
How do I always end up here?

Автор 王心瑞 ( назад)

Автор Lim Kean yang ( назад)
U sir are a fucking YouTube faggor

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Автор Steven Villon ( назад)
this is not funny.

Автор MEMELORD SANS ( назад)

Автор Elias Gonzalez ( назад)
I herd that's the best way to fix a ipad

Автор Lee R ( назад)
I'm a pyromaniac

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tenes un problema

Автор Andrew Gomez ( назад)
Ha lol

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you stupid

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Автор Talon Quinnett ( назад)
0:09 damn u

Автор Kiara Gallardo ( назад)
That was so hil

Автор Steve MC ( назад)
a very good ways to fix an ipad

Автор Pink Diaz ( назад)

Автор Paige Sullivan ( назад)
WHAT the heck did I just watch?? 🤣😂

Автор Kalia Lina ( назад)
so funny XD

Автор Kimberly Wold ( назад)
thats a ipad

Автор andrius ponasx ( назад)
:( ipad rip

Автор Kareema Davis ( назад)
that is not how I fix a phone he just destroyed it more

Автор blueberry underswap ( назад)
how to crack a phone

Автор ikon bae ( назад)
You are stupid.

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not funny just obnoxious what the actual fuck

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yap that's how u fix it... 😕

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well...that was me when I broke my tablet...

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Huh. Not only are the jump cuts pretty funny, but it's not revolting.

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he is nuts but he is funny

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