• Hey friends, I'm back with another This Week in Fragrance video featuring some upcoming new releases. This video includes Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau Fraiche, Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum, Nautica Midnight Voyage, Fragrance One Day for Women and Night for Women, Tommy Hilfiger Impact, CK One Summer 2020 and Pasha de Cartier Parfum. As always thanks for watching!
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Comments • 80

  • Giovanni Valencia
    Giovanni Valencia 18 days ago

    Any idea when one million parfum is released here ?

  • Cristian Perez
    Cristian Perez 26 days ago

    Ysl y eau fraiche!!?? Another y cologne!!?? Yoooooo that’s 4!! Effing hyped!! 😎😎😎.

  • AAJ Clips
    AAJ Clips 27 days ago


  • Miguel Cordeiro
    Miguel Cordeiro Month ago

    Ysl eau fraiche not worth it, nothing new and the smell is not that great

  • Antonio Flores
    Antonio Flores Month ago

    Like the hoodie man lol. But I've got green eyes and I tend to like to wear green quite a bit cuz of the match but 👌👌👌👍👍

  • DoubleAIV
    DoubleAIV Month ago

    I want a Versace Dylan Blue Parfum. This would make all other blue fragrances useless because the one flaw in Dylan Blue is it's beautiful mid that doesnt last long enough and turns into that cheap smelling woody syntheticness.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago

    The YSL, Tommy and Pasha sound interesting

  • Jose Sebastian Cuevas
    Jose Sebastian Cuevas Month ago +1

    YSL Y EAU FRAICHE is the next fragrance pick up

  • Plug
    Plug Month ago

    Jeremy is dogshit

  • BL4CKOU7
    BL4CKOU7 Month ago

    Next flanker by YSL is going to be called "YSL Y So Serious"

  • MarkJWalker33
    MarkJWalker33 Month ago

    Please tell me you got Keisuke Honda's L'eau de Diamond from Japan?

  • Иоанн Ка
    Иоанн Ка Month ago

    Ysl y eau fraiche will be my new purchase for sure

  • Through Smoke
    Through Smoke Month ago

    You can buy both for 149€ for 2x 50ml

  • b 88
    b 88 Month ago

    Hey gent scents i need your help you done a video i cant find and on it was a cologne that was new dedicated to street life type of scent urban one.... It was a new release a few months ago do you know which one it was

    • b 88
      b 88 Month ago

      Jimmy choo urban hero i found it buddy

    • Иоанн Ка
      Иоанн Ка Month ago

      Salvatore ferragamo urban feel?

  • kyirii GGL
    kyirii GGL Month ago

    Arigato Senpai those 4 days felt like 2 weeks lol
    Seeing that you're a master of fragrances does that make you the Mizukage?

  • Lion23city
    Lion23city Month ago

    Paco Rabanne released Lady Million Empire last year so i think it's time to release a brand new flanker for men. The classic one it's fine as it is.

  • iTizzano
    iTizzano Month ago

    Hey Friends If Math Rock interests you. Please check out this video essay I made about the genre. ruclip.com/video/X1JUzb1ZFm8/video.html Gracias

  • John Massey
    John Massey Month ago +1

    TF is solar notes?

  • Ma Mon
    Ma Mon Month ago

    Japaaaaaaaaaan love Japan. Still miss it

  • Freddie Cortez
    Freddie Cortez Month ago

    About emperor maximus?

  • Sal Geno
    Sal Geno Month ago

    found a cheapie 💎 Express clothing store. LEATHER dark and daring pomelo and sage. a knock off of santal 33 le labo. this one has more pronounced dark leather note. the sandalwood is replaced by agar wood. a very nice long lasting inspired santal 33 cologne. check it out. like $33 in store purchase

  • Snortch Gortch
    Snortch Gortch Month ago

    I will never blind buy Jeremy’s overpriced fragrance especially knowing the consensus is that it is a clone of various frags and generic

  • Snortch Gortch
    Snortch Gortch Month ago

    Pasha de Cartier is a real beauty in the edt version. Such an overlooked gem but please don’t buy it so that I can smell unique

    • Shinigami
      Shinigami Month ago

      Pasha noir is my favorite of that line.

  • Digital-Scratch
    Digital-Scratch Month ago

    My mornings weren't the same the last two days, had to watch something else for breakfast lol. I'm exited about Y eau fraiche, sounds like it'll be really fresh spicy and green

  • The Fragrance Decant Boutique

    Awesome review!

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami Month ago +11

    Jeremy fragrance thinks he's a niche house with these absurd prices 🤣. Office is only just decent in my opinion. Definitely not worth the price. His pricing just further solidifies the pretentious vibe I get from him 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Bob Weaver
    Bob Weaver Month ago

    You gotta watch out when you're in Japan, those guys like to party.

  • Tim Young
    Tim Young Month ago

    Definitely going to pick up that midnight voyage.

  • John Wen
    John Wen Month ago

    how do u deal with jet lag ? any supplement, product or any life routine ?

    cartier looks interesting ?
    love ur channel as always !
    any great JP Frag boutique , shop worth mention ?

  • Heidi Marine
    Heidi Marine Month ago +1

    Your nonverbals made me giggle

  • Ryan Ramirez
    Ryan Ramirez Month ago +2

    I understand all the flanker hate, but at the same time, I completely appreciate it. If we just had new, different ground breaking scents everyday (which is hard to accomplish),people would complain that certain lines weren't explored enough before moving on to new scents. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Richard Igbinoba
    Richard Igbinoba Month ago +1

    I’m kind of tired of designer fragrances this days all they keep doing is flankers upon flankers ... that’s the more reason why since last year I have personally upgraded to Niche fragrances.

  • joshua_fry_speed
    joshua_fry_speed Month ago

    Lolll they mean a bath of light not a light bath

  • Makin’ Scents
    Makin’ Scents Month ago

    Nice! I’m not sure how many of these are on my grab list but I’m a big fan of the Y line so here we go again!! Great video

  • Lucky
    Lucky Month ago +1

    He said "notice me senpai"... he's been affected by japan

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    You dare mock our pain?!? We were in withdrawals. Any idea how painful the DT’s can be? You sir can expect the bill for my latest therapist visit. To think I was on the cusp of overcoming my abandonment issues then this happened! Better believe you’re paying for my next fragrance haul cause I’m gonna need to buy me some happy!!

  • FatDave
    FatDave Month ago +1

    Did you get checked out for the corona Virus 🦠? Hope you didn’t need any 🦇 soup while you were over there

  • Aishik Ashraf
    Aishik Ashraf Month ago


  • Tor-Allan Vassvik
    Tor-Allan Vassvik Month ago

    Okay, people in here seem to know what they're talking about. So - Sauvage EDP or Bentley For Men Intense?

  • St. Jello
    St. Jello Month ago

    Why did they have to put in incense in the Y fragrance? I we'll have to get a deacon before I decide to buy full bottle

  • shawn Z
    shawn Z Month ago +3

    FK jeremy fragrance and his overpriced mouthwash

  • Dániel Mátyás
    Dániel Mátyás Month ago +1

    Pumped for 1 millon and nautica 💪

  • Sandro Mateush
    Sandro Mateush Month ago

    YSL Eau Fraiche not bad - clean, citrusy and fresh. Close to Dior Homme Cologne. Smelled it 2 weeks ago

  • Nomo 4u
    Nomo 4u Month ago +1

    Lowkey hyped for midnight voyage

  • ObiWan Solo716
    ObiWan Solo716 Month ago

    I like Polo green, Cool water and Obsession, I need something new for the spring, What do you recommend?

    • ObiWan Solo716
      ObiWan Solo716 Month ago

      @DaveR thanks

    • DaveR
      DaveR Month ago +1

      ObiWan Solo716 Recommend a trip Into 2020. And start exploring new scents
      There are so many. Azzaro pour Homme intense u might like Polo green is still a great classic
      Cool water has a new flanker out that guys like. Try it

  • namo730
    namo730 Month ago

    Haha YSL Y was so strong that they hade to make an eau fresh version 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😨😨😨😨😨

  • Nathaniel's Phone
    Nathaniel's Phone Month ago +7

    Nautica Midnight Voyage piques my interest the most!

  • Brian Wood
    Brian Wood Month ago

    Ck one summer 4 lyfe

  • eddieMK7
    eddieMK7 Month ago +1

    Sweet beard. Can my comment please get some likes?

  • Andrew Lukins
    Andrew Lukins Month ago +1

    'Chelsey's top 10 favourite mens fragrances' for a future video? I imagine it would include something from Parfums Vintage.

  • Kenneth Meyers
    Kenneth Meyers Month ago


  • depecheddurand
    depecheddurand Month ago +2

    We need some Japanese colognes.

  • Michael Bullock
    Michael Bullock Month ago +1

    Great video and I enjoyed it and i can't wait to try these fragrances and have a blessed day

  • Nicky Poundtown
    Nicky Poundtown Month ago

    I hope 1million parfum is a re release of absolutely gold

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee Month ago +1

    YSL Y Not?

  • The Backup Bottle Boss

    The 1 million flanker sounds misnamed. I'll be optimistic because I really like the 1 Million line. Hope you review this one ASAP.

  • The Fragrance Shark

    Hope you visited A-Cho or any arcades while in Japan.

  • Just Add Light
    Just Add Light Month ago +3

    I'm naming my kid Eau Fraiche. Johnny Eau Fraiche. Kid spy.

  • agosto15
    agosto15 Month ago +1

    Not even Ashton can keep up with all the new Fragrances. I'm glad huge boss is still in his radar, which gives me hope for Boss the scent parfume review and hopefully a huge boss wife rating as well. Glad he didn't go quarantine, even though it's mainly in China, Japan is not that far.

  • Colby Nye
    Colby Nye Month ago +2

    Looking forward to a review on YSL Eau fresh!

  • JG Bio
    JG Bio Month ago

    Noticed that you already have Proxima by Centauri. When can we exect a review?

  • Will Zavala
    Will Zavala Month ago

    Coronavirus! Quarantine!

  • Michael Garza
    Michael Garza Month ago

    Missed ya man! Hope you had a great time bro.

  • bam pyro
    bam pyro Month ago

    i'd rather go with tommy this time around.it would be interesting to see all reviewers dressed in anime in japan or as american rock n rollers.

  • Marcelo Clemente
    Marcelo Clemente Month ago +20

    Flankers, flankers, flankers. Where is the creativity ? More of the same fragrances. Best regards from Brazil.

    PROFESSOR X Month ago

    Mr. Ashton for President!!!

  • Jose Isaias Peña
    Jose Isaias Peña Month ago

    Hi...can I ask what's a flanker?

    • Bryan
      Bryan Month ago +1

      A derivative of a certain fragrance. Many names and types of the same perfume

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith Month ago

    Japan a bad place to be with coronavirus

  • Air for Life
    Air for Life Month ago +10

    La Nuit EDP and Y Live still aren’t out in the US yet, but the L’homme and Y lines already have newer flankers 😂😂

    • The Caramel Cat
      The Caramel Cat Month ago

      I'm not sure why but I think Y Live might not release in the US.

    • BosaFTW
      BosaFTW Month ago

      Y Live is very nice. Just bought it.
      Here in Germany it‘s also called Y Live Intense.

    • Wayne Morris
      Wayne Morris Month ago

      Y Live is on fragrancex. It's listed as Y Live Intense😁

  • jonathan ortiz
    jonathan ortiz Month ago

    Pasha De Cartier Parfum seems most interesting to me because I want to be noticed, lol. I actually have Pasha De Cartier Noir, and I enjoy that one.

    • Wayne Morris
      Wayne Morris Month ago

      Does PDCN smell similar to PDC or is it completely different?

  • RḗNz
    RḗNz Month ago +4

    I buy clones.

  • Robert Louise Drake
    Robert Louise Drake Month ago +11

    Flankers, majority of them are pretty redundant.
    Designed to spur people to spend further.

    • Aleks
      Aleks Month ago +1


    BRIAN I Month ago

    Hey ash wanted to know your opinion on christian clive Rock Rose?

  • Shave- a-thon
    Shave- a-thon Month ago

    What site had the Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum announcement? It's not on their official site.

  • Sam Ellison
    Sam Ellison Month ago +8

    Lots of "Flavor" in these scents. All about the synesthesia.

  • TJ Roberts
    TJ Roberts Month ago +2

    I love how you roast the description of every fragrance these videos.

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Thanks for another great video Ash! Tbh, the fragrance you mentioned that I’m most excited for is Nautica Midnight Voyage. Thanks Ash! 👍👊

  • Jason Vegan
    Jason Vegan Month ago +12

    YSL Y Blue, YSL Y Noir, YSL Y Extreme, YSL Y Sport, YSL Y Aviator, YSL Y Absolu, YSL Y Red Intense, YSL Y Die (since they already have the "Live" version)

    • Digital-Scratch
      Digital-Scratch Month ago +1

      and Y'd buy every single one lol

    • DarlingNikki2
      DarlingNikki2 Month ago +2

      @DJ B LOL! I'm still waiting for Y Not to come out.

    • DJ B
      DJ B Month ago +8

      don't forget the "YSL Y R we still making these"

  • Shabir Samadyar
    Shabir Samadyar Month ago +1

    Where u been for last two days bro, no video

    • Shabir Samadyar
      Shabir Samadyar Month ago

      DarlingNikki2 i commented even before opening the video lol, cuz i was so waiting last two days and no video from him ☹️

    • DarlingNikki2
      DarlingNikki2 Month ago

      He literally said in the beginning of the video he's been in Japan.

  • Rivado Valon
    Rivado Valon Month ago +8

    Hey Ash will you ever review Mancera's 4 new fragrances from 2019 ? Haven't seen a full review yet.

    • Ryan Ramirez
      Ryan Ramirez Month ago +1

      Yeah, I wanna hear about Mancera Deep Forest and Amber Fever the most.