2017 Ural Gear Up Individual Series 001, Overview, AlphaCars & Ural of New England

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
  • AlphaCars & Ural of New England | Boxborough MA, North Hampton NH
    www.alphacars.com | www.uralne.com
    In this video, we give a walk around of our 2017 Ural Gear Up Individual Series 001 that is loaded with the some of the best options and accessories available for Ural Motorcycles. The sidecar is loaded with LED Lights an Electric WInch and many more items that are not found on your standard Gear up. This bike was built for anyone that wants to tackle a overlanding adventure that will take you down dirt roads and offroad which can be handled with ease on this bike. Ural Sidecar motrcycles are available in 2wd with the Gear up Model and are very capable rigs but the additions to this particular limited edition overland model really takes it to a new level.
    2017 Ural Gear Up
    750cc Engine
    Selectable 2WD
    Brembo Disk Brakes
    Gear Driven Reverse Gear
    High Mount Exhaust
    To see a full list of options be sure to check out our website www.alphacars.com
    Contact us if you have any questions or would like to see a video of anything we missed.
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    Ural Sidecar Motorcycles
    Alfa Romeo
    and Many More.
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Comments • 58

  • Денис Колосков

    WOW! С полным обвесом конечно другое дело! Первый раз такой вижу, да и они то же .... Похоже это не заводское

  • CHIN
    CHIN 22 days ago

    Молодцы нет слов

  • Sutri Yono
    Sutri Yono 4 months ago

    I wish I could have this. Salam from Indonesia 🇮🇩.

  • cidcampeador1952
    cidcampeador1952 5 months ago

    ???????????????? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Jean louis Sturnich
    Jean louis Sturnich 7 months ago

    Quel est le prix cvp merci

    MANU PANDIT 7 months ago

    When it will be introduced in India

  • peter forden
    peter forden 8 months ago

    that wheel should be square tread not rounded

  • Roberto Alvarez
    Roberto Alvarez 8 months ago

    Que bellesa de moto me encantan

  • Johnny St.
    Johnny St. 8 months ago

    What's about fuel consumption??

    SHERESHER WATCHES 9 months ago

    I want one. Wher I can buy it ?

  • Iuri-Vasilică Blioju
    Iuri-Vasilică Blioju 9 months ago

    Very nice

  • jodeluna62
    jodeluna62 10 months ago

    You Did A Good Job On That Ural Bike! With All That Lighting How Does The Battery And Generator Handle It?

  • peter forden
    peter forden 10 months ago +1

    why not a heat grill as protection?

  • marcos brasil
    marcos brasil 10 months ago

    Só vou descansar quando comprar uma igual, essa é bruta.

  • panda panda
    panda panda 11 months ago

    Базару нету харооша 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • hector Cervantes
    hector Cervantes 11 months ago +1

    it really looks like a piece of art, nice nice

  • gatmanaug
    gatmanaug 11 months ago

    Has Ural ever thought about driving that front wheel????

  • HardlyFun
    HardlyFun 11 months ago

    4wd ? is he drunk ?

  • Dion Moore
    Dion Moore Year ago +4

    Pretty cool, Just a bit apprehensive about the alternator running all those lights and accessories.

    • TheAegisClaw
      TheAegisClaw Day ago

      Won't be a problem with them being LED

  • MrEye4get
    MrEye4get Year ago

    I want one but they cost over $32,000 (base) in Thailand! The sidecar can't be registered either! The cup holder for the driver is silly!

    • peter forden
      peter forden 8 months ago

      I mounted cup holdr on my 650 ffor myself on the side o the sidecar it wrks and isnt silly

  • Jonathan Dyer
    Jonathan Dyer Year ago +2

    Absolutely LOVE the Overlander Series bike! Well done!

  • не' иначе
    не' иначе Year ago

    Выход на масляный радиатор грамотно сделан,глушитель вообще песня я б такой купил. А вот чтоб лебёдку так к коляске поставить надо быть ебанько полным,вырвет в момент.

  • c3k pgdnrcml
    c3k pgdnrcml Year ago

    Saya berharap anda memberikannya satu untuk saya miliki..

  • Алексей Грызунов

    Даже я имея старый Урал в отличном состоянии захотел купить такой)))

  • Difefrog
    Difefrog Year ago +1

    Super, nice Bike with Extra Parts 👍👍👍

  • lobo leathers
    lobo leathers Year ago +1

    How much to have one made?...minus cup holders...lol.

  • Yaschurx
    Yaschurx Year ago +1

    Really 4 WD?! On the sidecar too :-) Spare wheel also :-)

  • Eric Martin
    Eric Martin Year ago +2

    superbe machine !! pour les vrais baroudeurs j adore !!!!!
    quel prix pour cette machine ?

  • Jarosław Gąsiorowski

    Dodajcie jeszcze skrzynie redukcyjną i go kupię 😁

  • Un known
    Un known Year ago

    The snorting by the Camera man is very Optimal! And the Quantity Is Exceptional!

  • Russell Turley
    Russell Turley Year ago +2

    Love this Ural wish I could afford it, lol!

  • Wayne Hamilton
    Wayne Hamilton Year ago

    Is this same setup available perhaps if only by special order?

  • Happy Trails
    Happy Trails Year ago +1

    Really nice setup. Would like to see the video for your 2nd build too.

  • νικος γιώργος

    The best part about these Ural bikes is how cheap they are!

  • Vlad Lemm
    Vlad Lemm Year ago +1

    Осталось аудиосистему прикрутить и обогрев ручек руля и будет полный максимум

  • الكبتن خالد كبيرمدربين غوص الدولي

    I would like to buy this product

    • AlphaCars & Motorcycles
      AlphaCars & Motorcycles  Year ago

      This particular Ural is sold. But we do have another available here!

  • Guzzy30
    Guzzy30 Year ago

    How much did that one cost?

  • Виталий
    Виталий Year ago +3

    Лопатка супер! Грозное оружие!

  • oldredcoonhound
    oldredcoonhound Year ago +1

    I like your guys enthusiasm. The bikes look awesome.

  • JP Stone
    JP Stone Year ago

    Sharp. I like all the lights, and the mirror for the tub rider too. Saw this color at a motorcycle show, it's cool.

  • Carlos
    Carlos Year ago

    When the E-Tool is folded you can use it as a seat and even sit and poop then dig and bury it. FYI.

  • Sylvia van Heumen


  • Omar Jaramillo
    Omar Jaramillo Year ago +3

    Esta es la Motocicleta en este modelo y color que mas me ha gustado de todas las que he visto en la marca URAL

    • osmel rrivera
      osmel rrivera Year ago +1

      Cuanto valen nuevas alguien me puede decir

    • osmel rrivera
      osmel rrivera Year ago

      Omar Jaramillo Omar cuanto valen nuevas sabes saludos mi nombre es osmel si puedes responder te lo agradezco

  • Alexey330
    Alexey330 Year ago +5

    Дмитрий, почему нет русских субтитров?)))

    • Alexey330
      Alexey330 10 months ago

      @cutawayman так они продаются у нас, но цены...

    • cutawayman
      cutawayman Year ago

      Нужен перевод. Пусть у нас учатся продавать. Народ берёт квадрики канадские с дуру, покатается и стоит он потом.. на дорогу не выехать и по полям менты начали на моциках рысачить. А эта машина не хуже и стоит столько же. Их у нас можно продавать.

  • demonglaz13
    demonglaz13 Year ago +1

    Юпитер тоже погоняйте ))

  • Ivan Lesovik
    Ivan Lesovik Year ago

    Они делают всё лучше и лучше , купил бы себе но живу в квартире и арендовать место в гараже не хочется .

  • Sniper Hämmerli
    Sniper Hämmerli Year ago +6

    absolut geil.