Rhino Runs Away After Revealing Gender of His Baby

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • A rhino took part in a gender reveal party for his newborn calf at Zoo Miami. Officials set up a box with treats for the daddy rhino. He walked over and knocked it down, prompting a pink ball to bounce out, revealing the newest member of the family is a girl. The baby, a rare one-horned rhino, was born a few months ago but has been bonding with mom in seclusion. She made her first public appearance after the big show. InsideEdition.com's Lisa Voyticki has more.

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  • Crystal Dolphin
    Crystal Dolphin 9 months ago

    Thats a cool looking dog

  • kpopcoffeebeans
    kpopcoffeebeans 10 months ago

    I like places that genuinely care about the animals, and trying to get their numbers back up, so that they can be introduced back into their natural habitat. Not places that stick animals in concrete pens, and make them have babies for profit.

  • Sebastian1010
    Sebastian1010 11 months ago +2

    🤔 Hmm...maybe he ran away because he hears a bunch of aliens screaming and looking at him¿

  • Breezy 108
    Breezy 108 Year ago

    There he IIIISS

  • Stone Sober
    Stone Sober Year ago

    We can't have nothing cool because of poaching can we?😢

  • Magen Swift
    Magen Swift Year ago


  • Mood
    Mood Year ago

    Potato quality

  • Laura Nolastnamegiven

    terrific, frighten an endangered animal

  • Ayan Alymova
    Ayan Alymova Year ago


  • *_No Videos_*
    *_No Videos_* Year ago

    Legend says he wants the baby aborted.

  • Rachel G
    Rachel G Year ago

    00:11 they were hyped

  • cuellar4500
    cuellar4500 Year ago


  • Dimitra B
    Dimitra B Year ago

    Liberalism has effected the rhinos...

  • Baconz
    Baconz Year ago

    So is no one going to talk about the Android Quality this video has?

  • Straw Hat
    Straw Hat Year ago

    Child Support

  • entries entries
    entries entries Year ago

    I thought rhinos were extinct

  • Blakk Bonez
    Blakk Bonez Year ago

    Playing god is never good you morons have been warned don't start blaming God when your man-made animals turn on you

  • Tea ASMR
    Tea ASMR Year ago

    He just went to go get some milk from the store chill

  • Edwin V
    Edwin V Year ago +1

    The title made it sound like something serious happened... I thought there was a rhino on the loose

  • KingLoop13
    KingLoop13 Year ago

    LMAO like any good man, he ran away soon as he had a daughter

  • dub2459
    dub2459 Year ago

    Can we get this rhino on Maury Povich to find out if he is even the real father ?!?!

  • yeet man
    yeet man Year ago +1

    Why is this suprising?

  • Johannes Sundqvist

    My mans recording on a mf potato 🥔

  • Brittney Moreland

    So cool! 💖

  • Portus
    Portus Year ago

    the dad is just gone to get some miLk

  • Letucces Satan
    Letucces Satan Year ago

    Doctor: "I'm sorry to say this but, we just found out that your son has autism"
    Dad: 0:23

  • county sheepdog
    county sheepdog Year ago +10

    *How Do You Keep A Rhino From Charging?*

    *_Take away it's credit cards_* 💳

  • Paige Mcmanamon
    Paige Mcmanamon Year ago

    Rhino gender reveal...ok 🤣

  • pineapple Lord
    pineapple Lord Year ago

    why is mom called his?

  • Mary Kinuthia
    Mary Kinuthia Year ago

    Poor thing, it hates noise!

  • TJ Booker
    TJ Booker Year ago

    Artificial insemination and induced ovulation. Humans wanted a baby rhino. Adult rhinos had no choice. They seem to take pride in their animal rape and forced impregnating. Same species trying to preserve them is the same species responsible for endangering them.

  • Shantel Goggins
    Shantel Goggins Year ago

    🗣There he is😂😂😂😂😂

  • Red Butterfly
    Red Butterfly Year ago +1

    Gender reveal is the most akward trend ever

  • Isaiah Verdusco
    Isaiah Verdusco Year ago

    Hold up I forgot tha milk

  • earthrocker 48
    earthrocker 48 Year ago

    It’s a girl - RUUUUUUUN!

  • Franny Darko
    Franny Darko Year ago

    Probably ran away to get a gender reassignment

  • Nhek Zero
    Nhek Zero Year ago

    Dad wanted a paternity test. Maury where you at!?

  • Nirav Verma
    Nirav Verma Year ago +2

    Lisa Guerrero would confront that running daddy rhino 🤔😅

  • Rapidfury13
    Rapidfury13 Year ago

    Well I’d run to

  • Zuko’s Honor
    Zuko’s Honor Year ago +11

    0:12 when dad actually comes home from the groceries...

  • Sam S
    Sam S Year ago

    OMG we as humans care about the stupidest things in life.

    PICKLE FRESH Year ago

    Dad didn't want to cough up that child support.

    PICKLE FRESH Year ago

    How cute.💕

    Too bad they're gonna become extinct soon 🤷‍♂️

  • Cameron Parson.
    Cameron Parson. Year ago

    The video quality is terrible

  • Serasia
    Serasia Year ago

    Dad: I thought this was a party for ME. Darn it you humans.

  • bakxxc
    bakxxc Year ago

    They look like they're wearing clothes

  • Noble BoiTM
    Noble BoiTM Year ago

    He went to get milk

  • Edie Koller
    Edie Koller Year ago

    that was adorable..!!

  • Puking Dino
    Puking Dino Year ago

    When humans run out of things to do 🙄

  • the gold pickle
    the gold pickle Year ago

    I was going to make that joke

  • Youtube Comment
    Youtube Comment Year ago

    Did you just gender that Rhino?

  • Liberty M
    Liberty M Year ago

    Cant see anything in the gender reveal... camera quality succkkks

  • Tek
    Tek Year ago

    Black dads be like:

  • Akilleus
    Akilleus Year ago +1

    How dare you assume that rhino’s gender!

  • Bimbo Is here
    Bimbo Is here Year ago

    He pulled a thanos

  • Beatriz Bio
    Beatriz Bio Year ago

    Really weird.

  • Kev1n
    Kev1n Year ago

    It’s 2019 and people still record with potatoes

  • Mesheka Thompson
    Mesheka Thompson Year ago

    They don't look like this in cartoons

    • Alex Munch
      Alex Munch Year ago

      Mesheka Thompson Neither does any other animal caption obvious

  • God Savage Red Lion
    God Savage Red Lion Year ago +1

    I never knew this would happen lmao

  • Kiran Thapa
    Kiran Thapa Year ago

    One horn rino is not an indian rino.....
    You need to do some research.. one horn rino is only found in nepal chitwan.

  • Rachel Jackson
    Rachel Jackson Year ago

    I really thought this picture was of a plastic rhino. I've never seen one in real life. Not even a picture. Thia is so craaaazzzyyyy and I'm not even seeing it in person

    • Alex Munch
      Alex Munch Year ago

      Rachel Jackson Wait how can you go your entire life without seeing a picture of a rhino?? Did you just not ever leave your house?

  • Atomiplex
    Atomiplex Year ago

    Huh, reminds me of my dad.

  • Juan Castaneda
    Juan Castaneda Year ago

    Wow the story of my life right there lmao miss you dad

  • Sophia Koontz
    Sophia Koontz Year ago

    His baby wow inside

  • PhoenixVG
    PhoenixVG Year ago

    It’s Wednesday my dudes 0:04

  • Ag Jr
    Ag Jr Year ago

    The rhino was upset that the baby was being gender assumed.

  • Jane Irish
    Jane Irish Year ago

    What a weird title !
    The balloon scared him ! Not having a different gender than he already has . What click bait ..
    Like he ran away because he already had a girl . How stupid ! 😒
    Anyway cute animals made me smile inspite this STUPID TITLE.

  • ipman 505
    ipman 505 Year ago

    Should name her Rine

  • Richard C
    Richard C Year ago

    Potatoes can record video?

  • Emma Lake
    Emma Lake Year ago

    What kind of potato was this filmed on?

  • Ruby Alvarez
    Ruby Alvarez Year ago


  • Trinity Gilreath
    Trinity Gilreath Year ago

    Honestly same

  • Brandon Noel
    Brandon Noel Year ago

    Lmao I’m sure it was a black rhino😂

    JOSHTHEPRO Year ago

    Hey it’s my sister.

  • Put your tongue on my Ass

    LOL. Sounds like real life or the Maury show

  • Sophia Marie
    Sophia Marie Year ago +124

    "This is its first public appearance." *Shows a horrendous potato-quality video*

    • Dabuss55
      Dabuss55 Year ago +4

      For real, its like one of those videos proving Big Foot exists 😂

    • 『Rekter.』
      『Rekter.』 Year ago +3

      Sophia Marie That’s Inside Edition for ya

  • Dope Everyday
    Dope Everyday Year ago


  • Guillermo Estrada Ojeda

    Clicked this video and got an ad about Elephants. Lol.

  • 29kMel
    29kMel Year ago

    *"I WANTED A BOY"*

  • Syrup
    Syrup Year ago

    He mad because he got that baby for 18 years lol

  • Messi Perres
    Messi Perres Year ago

    When you realize is a girl ahhhhshiiitttt I need to get the fuckout😟

  • JackDaBos_Gaming 8

    Should have named it, “guy runs away after figuring out he was going to be a dad”

  • Hectic Erectic
    Hectic Erectic Year ago

    And where's the daddy??? Prob. At a bar with all his loser friends!!

    • Alex Munch
      Alex Munch Year ago

      Hectic Erectic Sorry for your sad family life.

    • Just A potato
      Just A potato Year ago

      Hectic Erectic
      Not at all.

    • Hectic Erectic
      Hectic Erectic Year ago

      @Just A potato triggered much?

    • Just A potato
      Just A potato Year ago +1

      Hectic Erectic
      I think you're talking about your dad.

  • Miami Thug
    Miami Thug Year ago

    I wish I was there cause I live around there

  • polite spoon
    polite spoon Year ago

    aw congrats rhino. this is really great because we NEED to save rhinos.

  • Simply Myla K.
    Simply Myla K. Year ago

    What did they use to record this?

    • Alex Munch
      Alex Munch Year ago

      Simply Myla K. A cheap Android phone

  • Diet Bleach
    Diet Bleach Year ago

    Usually the dad runs away...

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S Year ago

    😘😘😘😍🤩 her name is Gabriella

  • A megalodon with internet access

    I just went to another zoo to get some leafs

  • Noah Swett
    Noah Swett Year ago


  • Jaime Ruiz
    Jaime Ruiz Year ago +3



  • It's ye boi blayt

    Footage filmed on android

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee Year ago

    Did they film it on a potato?

  • dumb channel
    dumb channel Year ago +13

    The persons android quality

  • Sean Davis
    Sean Davis Year ago

    Gender reveals need to die

    • Alex Munch
      Alex Munch Year ago

      Sean Davis Why? It’s a fun way to tell people what gender it is.

  • dinobot 82
    dinobot 82 Year ago +1

    THERE HE IS..........

  • Greg noway
    Greg noway Year ago

    Like way to many males, baby, runaway.

  • Zo- Landdd
    Zo- Landdd Year ago

    Black fathers in a nutshell:

  • Prince Doggy
    Prince Doggy Year ago

    We have only a few years to fix climate change before it kills us all by 2050

  • Black_Buushin
    Black_Buushin Year ago

    Bruh what’s up with this android quality ass recording