7 Most IMPORTANT VIDEO GAMES in my life!

Someone asked me on stream what the most influential games I've ever played were so I thought I'd make this video and take a walk down memory lane with you guys talking about
super mario brothers, legend of zelda, pacman, everquest, world of warcraft, warcraft 2, final fantasy, and a few more :)

I talk about why these games meant so much to me and what was going on in my life at the time that made them so influential and important!

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Автор Onb3k3nd3 ( назад)
part 2 pls

Автор Capt. Marco Hawk ( назад)
I brought Final Fantasy 7 but hated it.. I started getting hooked on a game called Elite on the BBC B, and back then before I brought a computer first thing i would ask was "can you get Elite on this computer" if not, I never was interested in the computer.. way back I also love the game SabreWolf which took allot of my time up... then the Amiga days it was Elite plus,Knights of the sky, Elite2 Frontier. Then my playstation days Command and conquer all of then from ps1 to ps2,, also loved the game Epic which i completed many times, then I gotinto Grand theft auto from the 2nd game onward,,,Then the PC came in, I really started getting hooked when I found a game called X-Beyond the frontier (a bit like elite) then x-2 then x-3,,, I really got into a game called FreeLancer and still have my copy to this day, and still feel I need to back into this game :),, I've always Loved Fantasy and always loved the Fighting Fantasy game books. then I found a game called World of warcraft and was hooked for the next 9 years then after that I started to play less, for a short time I got hooked on Startrek online and also Star Wars: The Old Republic, I also played the first Diablo game allot.. But the game that really got me hooked on Computers was the first Elite game on the BBC B

Автор Flats The Flounder ( назад)
Here's my list
.Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
.The Legend of Dragoon
.True Crime: Streets of LA
.Call of Duty 4
.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
.Super Mario 64

Автор andrew dockery ( назад)
Man...everquest..the game that shits on your chest every day and makes you pay 9.99$ a month of the privilege. Yet for some reason I miss playing it.

Автор jorowlingfan ( назад)
Thank you, Boogie. Your videos are a breath of fresh air, and I always enjoy watching them! It really did make my day a bit better. Please keep it up! :)

Автор colter johnson ( назад)
Super Mario Bros and Pokemon blue on the game boy color were the first two games I owned. Pokemon is really the one that got me into games tho. Descent was the first computer game that I played. Fun stuff.

Автор asmronly24 ( назад)
Even though I find pac man super boring now, I was super into Mrs. Pacman on the sega genesis. I remember playing with my grandma (Who recently passed, RIP) on 2 player mode and loved it. I do remember actually beating it at some point with her when I was around 8 years old. I'll always remember that, but now I can't even touch a pacman game and see it as being fun. Growing up I guess ha

Автор Carson B Wagner ( назад)
"Hill's Has the Hits! LPs, or Cassettes!"

I remember when fights broke out, there, over Cabbage Patch Kids, for girls, and over Lazer Tag, for boys.

That was the first time I ever saw violence over getting a hold of Christmas gifts that were under-distributed. Thankfully, we still had NES Classic, this past year, and will have SNES Classic, to keep things going, 32 or 33 years later.

Автор Floyd van het Hoff ( назад)
episode estimate preference tail beach ability congressional short trend review seek.

Автор Random Guy ( назад)
My list

Halo Combat Evolved
Super Mario 64
The Last of Us
Uncharted 2
Crash Bandicoot
The Walking Dead Season One (telltale)
DOOM (1993)

Автор Peepo_of_Riva ( назад)
spyro riptos rage
elder scrolls oblivion
age of empires
Diablo 2(huge)
persona 3
and of course the greatest game series ever .....the witcher

Автор PullDatHorse ( назад)
i play rs since '05

Автор Isaac Beeby ( назад)
"Holy shit, I'm Pacman" Boogie2988 2017

Автор Craig Anderson ( назад)
I thought that picture of you looked like Gabe Newell xD

Автор J Swagner ( назад)
Holy shit boogie, I had no idea you were such a good speaker. I've only seen Francis stuff I guess. You're incredible man!

Автор mechman133 ( назад)
I love it game enthusiasts share their experiences. My games are Legend of Zelda
Gauntlet Legends
Halo 2 (lan parties)
Ragnorok Online

Автор Michael Kim ( назад)
Your thumbnail is freaking amazing, made me laugh pretty hard even before watching the video. I love you boogie <3

Автор Joel Geissmann ( назад)
I love u boogie :)

Автор Andrew Wood ( назад)
Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)
Super Ghouls and Ghosts (SNES)
Zelda- Link's Awakening (GB)
Super Mario 64 (N64)
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (N64)
Banjo Kazooie (N64)
Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

Might read like a fanboy list but I do play and enjoy games on other platforms- I just seem to enjoy Nintendo ones more. More whimsy perhaps.

Автор Andrew Wood ( назад)
You've come a long way dude. So glad to hear your life got better and continues to do so. I hope you are proud of all you've achieved- you deserve to be.

Автор trendkilla254 ( назад)
Ultima online by far was the most influential game for me. I moved from that game to star wars galaxies then to WoW. Wow was the most addictive game and not in a good way. Video game addiction is addiction real. I blame it on the gambling nature of the item drops in the game and raids.

Автор Jessica Paul ( назад)
Super Mario Bros was a game I loved. I had an NES and Super Nintendo. Mario Cart is the other game I loved to play. I stopped gaming until a few years ago. I'm not good but I like to play.

Автор Jeroen Fleer ( назад)
The Witcher

Автор Alexandria Dawn ( назад)
I was born in 1995 :)

Автор Alexandria Dawn ( назад)
boogie2988 SuperMario Bros is such a classic game.

Автор PC William ( назад)
Part 2! Part 2!

Автор Eru Nerd ( назад)
My list:

Mortal Kombat 3
Legend of Legaia
Parasite Eve
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Metal Gear Solid
Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4

Автор D S ( назад)
I never thought I would hear someone mention Hills on YouTube! So now I have another human being who can give first-hand confirmation that it actually existed.

Автор eldsprutandedrake ( назад)
That is actually a pretty interesting thing to think about. I can't pretend to be particularly interested in all the other lists posted in the comments here though, so I don't expect people to care about mine either. But mainly as a fun thing to do I will post my list as well :D
I think the games (in order of importance) for me was:

- Counter strike 1.1-1.6, introduced me to competitive gaming and LAN-parties.

- World of warcraft, played a couple of hours a day on average from day 1 of the open beta, not buying WOTLK was my way out. Still some of the most found memories I have of gaming though.

- Warcraft 3 / Dota - Apart from Red Alert 2, Wc3 was the only rts game I actually sunk a lot of time into, and the only one I seriously tried to get good at, played a whole lot of ladder games. And when we (my friends and I) got into custom games that took over our LAN-parties for a while. All the tower defence maps, Hero arena, Hero line wars etc and finally Dota. Played Dota for quite some time but that eventually died, never got into HON, LOL or any other Moba though. But when Dota 2 came out I was all in again... until the horrible community finally killed that, it's sad that that is just something that is a part of online gaming today.

- Doom 2 - First fps game I played, one of the first games I played in general. Never played it seriously though, I remember playing with a friend controlling the movement and I the space bar, or the opposite. Always with cheat codes, IDDQD, IDKFA, IDCLEV will never leave my head.

- Diablo - Got me into the whole fantasy gaming thing and RPGs, but I played Diablo 2 more.

- Neverwinter nights - All time favourite game, easily, I'm afraid to back because it will certainly not be as good as I remember it being though.

And in no particular order:
- The Sims
- Rollercoaster tycoon
- SimTown, SimCity(a few versions), SimPark
- Bygg båtar med Mulle Meck
- Half Life

Автор Jack KissMyAspergers ( назад)
"Optional Tourettes" lmao sounds like me

This makes me wanna make my own video about this

Mine will probably be similar but also vastly different given my personal tastes and the age difference between us. I have so many videos I wanna make - I need to learn how to edit videos first though! lol. Anyone wanna suggest free software that's easy to learn for a beginner who wants to make edited videos with something other than YouTube's editor?

Автор Chris Holcomb ( назад)
I made the memory card mistake too.

Автор Jeff NinjaFox ( назад)
How dare you suggest EverQuest was not immersive?! HOW DARE YOU, SIR?! :D

Автор sean garcia ( назад)
Idk why but I really
enjoyed this vid

Автор Bailey Bayer ( назад)
Just watching this video and it make my day, the one off Francis jokes made me laugh so hard as usual :)

Автор Andrew ( назад)

Автор MrFreeman012 ( назад)
Pokemon Crystal, I don't think the version was the specific reason it influenced my life so greatly but rather the fact that it was the first pokemon game I ever played. Unfortunately, my obsession with it led me to get so angry when I was fighting the last battle with Red (is it the last battle?) that my mom took away my game boy and the game and never gave it back. To this day I have not beaten pokemon crystal.........

Автор MrFreeman012 ( назад)
I wish I had the motivation to be obsessed with the things I like. No matter how much I initially enjoy something, I end up quitting after a few days or weeks.

Автор Mittakono ( назад)
Boogie please read this... if you haven't played the game, Jet Set Radio Future, you should play it because it confronts issues such as government oppression and freedom of expression, but also has fun mechanics and graphics. It was made in 2002 for the original Xbox, but you can use it on the 360 if you have the hard drive that allows you to play original Xbox games on the console. It's one of the best games ever! I promise!

Автор Umair Ahmed ( назад)
Onimusha 2 Sumurais Destiny
GTA San Andreas
Super Smash bros Melee
Battlefield 3
Call of duty Black Ops
Monkey Ball Adventure
Super Mario Sunshine/Luigis Mansion

Автор Noel Tuazon ( назад)
was only able to play whatever i could get my hands on back in the day, so here's my 10 games.

1. Donkey Kong Country 3 (introduced me to the gaming world, and where i learned that my older brother was a game-hogger)
2. Castlevania SOTN (a game truly ahead of its time, could still play it today and enjoy it)
3. Tenchu 2 (1 was one of the best, but 2 was a masterpiece, at least imo)
4. Final Fantasy 8 (yep not 7. i was only able to play 7 at a very much later date, but 8 became a part of me when i was young)
5. Legend of Mana (adorable sprites, amazing gameplay but i really fell madly in love with its music)
6. Diablo 2 (this got me so hooked that i ignored Counter Strike and Ragnarok Online which was the fad, so i could never relate to most of my classmates or friends, but it also made me realize that though i was an outcast, i was also unique)
7. Valkyrie Profile 2 (sparked my interest to the norse mythos and taught me that nerds can also get even)
8. Skyrim (most hours spent on a single player game, and also where i learned character creation is kind of my thing)
9. Heroes of Newerth (established the foundation of my closest friends and how we click together as a team)
10. Soulsborne Series (hardcore license!)

Автор Bark the Polarbear ( назад)
my personal 7 list:
Persona 3 for Gameplay
Persona 4 For Music
Final Fantasy 7 for Story.
Megaman Battle Network for Gameplay.
Megaman StarForce for Music and Story.
Sonic Adventure 2 for Gameplay.
and Finally Persona 2 Eternal Punishment for Gameplay, Music, and Story

Автор Unchainedboar ( назад)
I Quit WoW now but i have over 450 days played ><

Автор Mediocre PC Gaming ( назад)
part 2!

Автор TheRyanMannShow ( назад)
My Top Seven games that influenced my life, if anyone cared mind you.

Project Gotham Racing (Original Xbox)
SEGA GT 2002 (Xbox)
Halo (Xbox - XOne)
Blinx the Time Sweeper (Xbox)
Mass Effect (original trilogy) (PS3)
Tom Clancy's (Various games) (Xbox 360)
Dead or Alive 4/5 (I play the game for the story) (Xbox 360)

Автор Jose Chang ( назад)
Great video man👍

Автор Dave C. ( назад)
MGS is easily my favorite franchise, but World of Warcraft was special. One of my favorite moments in gaming was walking into Stormwind for the first time and hearing the orchestral music start up... awesomeness. So many hours spent in dungeons/raids/PvP with so many people -- I still remember character names of people I haven't spoken to in 10 freaking years. Weird.

Автор Tony Bjornson ( назад)
Yeah more vids like this. Go ahead and talk more about the other games. For me, Doom and Doom 2 made me a PC gamer since before I can remember. Super Mario Bros. 3 got me into consoles, but I never thought my parents would get me one... so I went for the Game Boy Colour, Mario Land 2, Pokemon Red, and Link's Awakening. Then the N64 released. I begged and with good grades I was rewarded the N64 with Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, eventually Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. But perhaps the most important game to me was Conker's Bad Fur Day, for the single player and multiplayer parties. All the while StarCraft and Brood War were/are the Blizzard games for my soul.

There was also Half-Life and Diablo 2 and their expansions. Later, I gave up on Nintendo and found the Dragon Age series and Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion, and 5 Skyrim is the RPG that speaks to my soul as StarrCraft 1 and Brood War is the RTS that does. Plenty of Team Fortress 2 and Civ 5 as well. Never got into the Warcraft franchise, but I am currently playing Heroes of the Storm a lot.

Автор Zentorno Gaming ( назад)
Most influential game of my life is Halo Combat Evolved. Halo 2 is my favourite in the series but Halo CE was the one that I played first. It was my first fps and I fell in love with the game, the characters, the story. And still to this day play all of the games in the series. I used to replay Halo 2 like every day on the original Xbox it was my life hahahah

Автор Totally not Snorticus Porticus ( назад)
2: Star Wars BattleFront
3: Super Smash bros Brawl
4: Diablo 2
5: Morrowind
6: MinceRaft
7: Super Mario Galaxy

Автор play4thrill42 ( назад)
"Holy shit I'm Pacman...."

Автор PhatxBoyxFresh ( назад)
Halo 2 was definitely THE game of my life.

Автор Snoodler69 ( назад)
Part 2 Part 2!!!!

Автор Scott Frazier ( назад)
"Hills is where the toys are!" Lol, that's amazing that you had a Hills...I thought it was just a local chain. It was similar to another chain we had called Hecks...I loved them two stores, especially Hills.

Автор autumnleaf29 ( назад)
lol omg i am the same way i never swear until i play mario . but i love the game

Автор KawaiiiPikachoochic 123 ( назад)
You should play terraria

Автор nemo breukhoven ( назад)
u got a swetty cunt

Автор Nicholas Ford ( назад)
Age of Empires II Age of Kings, and Heroes of Might and Magic III

Автор kcgetmoney07 ( назад)
My 7 Most Important Games.
1. Final Fantasy VI/III (Favorite)
2. Super Mario Bros.
3. Super Mario World (1st Snes game)
4. Grand Theft Auto III
5. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
6. DragonBall Z Legacy of Goku 2
7. Pokémon Gold (Stayed up all night training lol)

Автор Kurtiss Smtih ( назад)
I miss a good coin op

Автор Kurtiss Smtih ( назад)
Hay pac-man

Автор TuxedoNINJA643 ( назад)
Pokemon White 2
Zelda NES
New Super Mario Bros
Mario 64 DS
Xenoblade Chronicles
Assassins Creed 2
CoD Advanced Warefare

Edit: Zelda Breath of the Wild is awesome too.

Автор kdechain ( назад)
My first actual game, was Super Mario Bros, in the arcade! My uncle took me to an arcade, and he let me play it... and it was awesome! Kung Fu followed and Elevator Action... Got me hooked on video games...

Автор Joey Patron ( назад)
Dino Crisis 1&2
Resident 2
Crash Bandicoot
And my number 1 would be BF2 for PS2

Автор SpaceStormy ( назад)
I love that picture of Vintage Boogie playing EQ cause holy fuck those old monitors always make me laugh

Автор Bobbyp02 ( назад)
I have the 3rd final fantasy on snes. once i get the original final fantasy, i will play the 3rd

Автор Jimmy Saveloy ( назад)
all you needed was one exercise game.

Автор Chucklez ( назад)
It's funny because my mom still gives me shit about playing WoW to this day and I get to blame her for it because she is the one who bought me a battle chest containing Warcraft 2, Starcraft, and Diablo.

Автор MetaWulfTV ( назад)
I thought the thumbnail said "END MY LIFE !" and then i choked on my water!

Автор Chris Shaw ( назад)
I remember being hooked to the original diablo's games most my childhood so keep up the good news and work your friend chris

Автор Euph0ricRush ( назад)
XMen for Sega was first game I ever played a lot of followed by MK. Madden and NBA Live I played a lot too. GTA 3 was first game that took ahold of me. Gears of War I won a tournament in. Gears is still my favorite ever

Автор clarkgeek ( назад)
Runescape ?

Автор tinymanthebeast ( назад)
10:58 that's amazing.

Автор mg23 ( назад)
no arcade, SFII????? Tekken??? you just missed the best games in your generation.

Автор Andrew Pereira ( назад)
EverQuest is my favorite game of all time. That screen shot with the OG interface hit me with the feels.

Автор ChillCreep ( назад)
I love the fact that background music from Warcraft II is used during pet battles in WoW. So much nostalgia.

Автор 50kT ( назад)
I have fond memories of shoplifting Diablo 2 when I was like 12-13, and other computer games at the time.

Автор Maksymilian Bury ( назад)
It influenced my life.( five minutes later ) it influenced my life

Автор j.r. Rabet ( назад)
i'm curious, have you played legend of the dragoon or dungeon fighter online? thoose are my influential games.

Автор David Brito ( назад)
Freaking Larry.......

Автор Rouge Narwhal ( назад)
Crash Bandicoot 3, Sly Cooper 2, Ocarina of Time, Halo 1, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Madness Combat(if that counts) Dayz

Автор Jake the Snake ( назад)
Civilization III
Fallout 2
Battlefield 2
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
Dark Souls

Автор Edgar Olvera ( назад)
My best friend had a NES first in the entire town so we played in their house hours even if I just watched them play. When my dad bought me my own I ran the entire town screaming " I have a NES!, I have a NES!", next in line was Diablo I, never again I would shit my pants when I first met the butcher, that SoB made my heart race and killed me. No w I'm a dirty casual and play games whenever I can.

Автор Max Payne ( назад)
I wish I could meet 1999 boogie.

Автор CrypticHD ( назад)
I can't live without FINAL FANTASY TYPE 0 HD👍

Автор The Toxic Atheist ( назад)
I think the most important games in MY life would probably be...hmm..

1. Super Mario Bros 3 - It is the first game I ever played.

2. Deus Ex PC - This game got me to believe, for a while when I was much younger, in all sorts of cool conspiracy theories, I have played it countless times, I still have it installed as well as the Revision mod I purchased from steam. There are very few video games that are so legendary in the gaming culture, that just the mere mention of the game not only sparks a sense of nostalgia from all those whose lives it touched, but whose influence can still be found in games today.

3. Diablo II - This game was something I obsessed over for more than 5 years. I still play it on rare occasions. This was the game I played all throughout high school. It inspired my imagination, and brought me a lot of joy.

4. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Too long of a story, so, long story short, It was my first zelda game.

5. Pokemon Silver - I started with pokemon blue. I saw commercials for pokemon, and it looked really super cool. I heard a few people mention it off handedly, but after I saw the first episode on that fateful saturday morning, I was instantly hooked. I begged my parents for a game I had no game system to play it on, then begged my neighbors to let me play it with their gameboy original, then begged my parents to buy me batteries for their game system. It wasn't until I got a game boy advanced years later when silver came out that I became hooked on pokemon forever.

6. Age of Empires II - I spent years playing this game, it got me into RTS war games, and really helped me grow my mind. I learned a lot of strategy from this game, as well as organizational skills. Plus, it is pretty sweet.

7. Okami - This is the only other game other than Ocarina of time to ever have given me a sense of Awe, Joy and suspense all at the same time. The only real thing this game does better than OoT is that it has a vastely superior story. The art style, the music, the characters you meet are all amazing and you really do get absorbed into it near the end.

Автор Christian Hubbs ( назад)
For me it was 3D Pinball: Space Cadet as a kid. Stop laughing at me.

Автор Light23K ( назад)
First time I ever saw Super Mario Bros. was at an laundromat here is SoCal so you're not alone then when the NES came out my brother bought one and we play it like there is no TMW. Most influential game 1. Super Mario Bros. 2. Zelda 3. Super mario64.

Автор Assad Khalif ( назад)
Top 7 games of all time.

mario 64
Zelda majors mask/ocarina of time
kingdom hearts1/2/3
I cant remember the name but it was a racing game on water. And the water was the reason why i loved that game so much, it was like every level had water lots of water and you were racing with like snowmobiles or something like that, the water in that game really got to me though. I cant remember what it was called though.
Donkey kong 64
Sonic for saga genesis. I cant remember the name but it was for that system and it was awesome.
Mario kart the very first one with rainbow road that was awesome
and the very first smash bros game.

So yeah its like 9 games but those were the best games ever.
Those were some really cool years man. damn LOL Games now days just arent the same.

Автор Benton Cahill ( назад)

Автор TekReviews ( назад)
Y's 1 & 2, Super Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Pac Man Jr Arcade/Pinball, Tecmo Football, Handheld BattleStar Galactica, Handheld NFL Football.

Автор Kenster Canfield ( назад)
man, you were alive when the sezawan sauce came out

Автор Superfly Whiteguy ( назад)
EVERQUEST!!!! I had a guild called HOA - Hall Of Antitheses. Love you homie.

Автор J.W. B. ( назад)
We have a very similar past.

Автор Charles Kinder ( назад)
Myst,Riven,the first half life game

Автор DJ Melodia ( назад)
parasite eve and PE2 were MY jam

Автор Cory R ( назад)
wow alot the same here, mario blew my freakin mind as a game. Then later when i got a computer and 56k internet everquest came out and i was fucking obsessed with that game for YEARS. It was the best days I ever had in gaming, and if i had one game to be stuck on an island with that would still be it.

Автор LordZack1 ( назад)
I happen to be playing Final Fantasy VII on Steam as I watch this video.

Автор Horace Nobilia ( назад)
super mario world
secret of evermore
fifa 09 yeah baby

Автор Charles Kinder ( назад)
I was 20yrs old in 85

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