Top 7 Scary & Spooky Moments Caught on Camera

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • It's October and things are getting SPOOKY as hell. People are witnessing some scary moments on camera in their houses and neighbourhoods! From ghost activity, haunted rooms and disappearing cats, prepare to be spooked by this scary compilation!
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Comments • 103

  • Moustache Savante
    Moustache Savante 21 hour ago

    Furnitures with rollers or wheels are MOST haunted than the rest. Top 7 rolling furnitures with strings !

  • Deepak Chaudhary
    Deepak Chaudhary 4 days ago

    Wheelchair is really scary and 100 percent real

  • Lyss Dor
    Lyss Dor 7 days ago

    The only paranormal things in this, is how people don't know how to do videos without ading "scary" music inside...

  • cheyenne hill
    cheyenne hill 10 days ago


  • Luis Alicea
    Luis Alicea 11 days ago

    This is fun. Seeing these type of spirit and knowing how to communicate with them.

  • Noj Rpaico
    Noj Rpaico 12 days ago

    is it bad that i laugh whenever the dog reacts to the moving chairs??

  • Seedilicious
    Seedilicious 12 days ago

    Wtf are you doing with editing and random noise

  • rav-man
    rav-man 20 days ago

    Can I pet the ghost cat?

  • uppanadam74
    uppanadam74 20 days ago

    Musical chairs??

  • leonard sarmiento
    leonard sarmiento 22 days ago


  • Ian Moline
    Ian Moline 23 days ago +2

    The sound affects are so unnecessary and aren't part of the actual footage which ruins it lol

  • Fredericka Bell
    Fredericka Bell 23 days ago

    OH shit" this is fcking creepy .. I can't even+ Imagine !

  • peta gozenya
    peta gozenya 26 days ago


  • xSPYDRx
    xSPYDRx 27 days ago +1

    horrible editing. and showing the pug clip 3 times with different sounds was dumb. please take a skill share class on video editing.

  • Erica Johnson
    Erica Johnson 27 days ago

    None of the videos were scary but some of the comments were funny 😆

  • Ketlin
    Ketlin 28 days ago +2

    2:20 me in school "Oh hell no, I quit!"

  • Ketlin
    Ketlin 28 days ago +1

    0:48 I think it couldn't see where it was going. I hopr it's okay after this bang.

    ARMY FANGIRL 28 days ago +2

    Big dog: oohh ma necks itcheehh
    *chair moves*
    Small dog: Mom... something's there...
    Big dog: oohh ma necks soooo itcheeehh

    edit: 2:16
    thats ma spritual grandma tryna get outa the hospital

  • Daniel Amadi
    Daniel Amadi 29 days ago +1

    These dont scare me 1 bit

  • TJ Gibbons
    TJ Gibbons 29 days ago +1

    The one with the dogs you can see an anomaly fly towards the chairs before they move. Thats class a video evidence

  • claire romeus
    claire romeus Month ago

    Ight ima head out🐒

  • hoàng vũ tv
    hoàng vũ tv Month ago +1

    2:24 from vietnam

  • lil Dragone
    lil Dragone Month ago +2

    The first one is a pregnant stray and it's fake

  • Well Rounded
    Well Rounded Month ago

    Quit showing these stupid "scary'" videos that can be made with a fu@king fishing line!

  • Annelee Klein
    Annelee Klein Month ago

    I'm hiding! 🙈🙉

  • Jenn &Zy
    Jenn &Zy Month ago +2

    The puppy was to cute...its mom seemed to be use to it or something lol

  • Joy Plant
    Joy Plant Month ago

    Music spoils it

  • Cat Meow
    Cat Meow Month ago +6

    The ghost is stealing that only wheel chair in the building.

  • JBU
    JBU Month ago

    Music sucks ass bra

  • Sir Wellington
    Sir Wellington Month ago

    I know this is fake but it still scares the shit outta me

  • El Cintri Paz
    El Cintri Paz Month ago +8

    1:15 when your banging your girl and are about to finish....

  • Mo Hawk
    Mo Hawk Month ago +5

    Ghosts got to have a hobby too, I guess.

  • David Birmingham
    David Birmingham Month ago +4

    When the figure is crossing the street there is another shadow figure against the building

  • Joey Owens
    Joey Owens Month ago +5

    OldPug is just Worried about Hittin' That Ear Just Right!

    • Erica Johnson
      Erica Johnson 27 days ago

      Joey Owens 😂😂😂😂

    • Joey Owens
      Joey Owens Month ago

      Love the Dramatic Rise to the Dueling OfficeChairGhosts!

  • Jim Sirette
    Jim Sirette Month ago +1

    What a fucking joke...the easiest effects to produce in home video are all here.

  • čamango
    čamango Month ago

    I shit my self in pants 😭

  • Jacky Hill
    Jacky Hill Month ago +31

    The only thing scary here is the music that's going crazy

    • Maximilian Raley
      Maximilian Raley Month ago +2

      Fucking right. Thatd what I said. I'm like all this footage could easily be fake. I'm not saying it is. But that music is terrible.

  • Níamh Lan
    Níamh Lan Month ago +2

    No need for the over dramatic music, I like my ear drums

  • •It Kam•
    •It Kam• Month ago +4

    1:15 Those ghosts are having fun

  • Anthony Guarino
    Anthony Guarino Month ago +1

    If you think it’s fake, you gonna watch the time screen on the video to make sure if it’s real.

  • Spursx 22
    Spursx 22 Month ago +2

    Poor dogs😭

  • kiki g
    kiki g Month ago +4

    I hate the 'scary' music over these kinds of videos...

  • wackoswonka
    wackoswonka Month ago

    Ok ok what the fucks up with the soundtrack tho! 😂#reallynigga 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  • Steven Davidson
    Steven Davidson Month ago


  • Erenated
    Erenated Month ago +2

    Disliked instantly cause of the music

  • Nikunj niks
    Nikunj niks Month ago

    edited fake ...

  • I Frenchy
    I Frenchy Month ago


  • Charles Garnier
    Charles Garnier Month ago +28

    I love the dog’s reaction to the moving chairs 😂 like ight I’m boutta head out

    • kiki g
      kiki g Month ago

      Charles Garnier yeah but the other dog isn't too fussed till the last chair shove

  • Frano M
    Frano M Month ago


  • santosh landge
    santosh landge Month ago +1

    Nice Photoshop

  • Teewattkaar
    Teewattkaar Month ago


  • ByBy
    ByBy Month ago +1

    İnanmayın efekt bunlar gerçek dışı

  • Jon Patel
    Jon Patel Month ago +1

    Video editing fake videos

  • Josephine Hogg
    Josephine Hogg Month ago +2

    some footage I've never seen before is most satisfying. Really enjoyed the show. thank you for posting

  • Jennifer Runnestrand
    Jennifer Runnestrand Month ago +6

    You can do anything with cameras these days.

  • Merlinite
    Merlinite Month ago

    Here's a question why can't a ghost stack my dishwasher like fuck they move chairs but can't fold laundry ?

  • Lisa Holland
    Lisa Holland Month ago

    Great video, but the music was too loud and distracting.

  • Karim
    Karim Month ago +8

    0:03 , a demon? no , just a clever editing!

    • Karim
      Karim 23 days ago

      @Haitham Nation the video edited had one goal : make people think that the black cat disapearing in the night is probably a demon!

    • Haitham Nation
      Haitham Nation 23 days ago

      @Karim yeah I know, you meant that they edited the video to make the cat disappear

    • Karim
      Karim 23 days ago

      I wonder if you really understood my comment!

    • Haitham Nation
      Haitham Nation 23 days ago

      Dude it's just a cat

  • fury dark
    fury dark Month ago +3

    ~Ghost- we dont need zebra crossing
    ~zebracrossing/ traffic light - are we joke to U?

  • D Deen
    D Deen Month ago +1

    What a load!