Sonicaid - Music to Inspire Creativity

These songs use Alpha/Beta/Theta waves along with music to create the desired mental state. I take zero claim or responsibility for anything - positive or negative, direct or indirect, accidental or purposeful - that may come to you or occur within your life and health as a result of these tracks. The quality of audio on YouTube is severely limited, so if you want the true experience, please BUY THESE TRACKS. They are not expensive and can be purchased at any of the following locations:

You are cheating yourself more than the album creators if you don't. =)

Purchase here: http://www.amazon.com/Music-Inspire-Creativity-Ron-Allen/dp/B000KNAYNK

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Автор Ghost Ranger ( назад)
Designing a Convention Centre. Any Architects / Future Architects here?

Автор Clara L. Young ( назад)
Nobody else writing fanfictions?? XD

Автор YayKay Does Art ( назад)
Listened to this while using pro markers on my beautiful sketch of Candy (a character my favourite art channel made up)
This helped with the almost completely realistic sketch and helped with colouring and shading with the promarkers (pro markers made it look less realistic but still AMAZING)

Автор Ercan Abraham ( назад)
Very Nice! :)

Автор citoschoice ( назад)
Previous two message were not for the Xytayce it was another youtube address who unethically copied a whole playlist from the author. And I do listen these tracks myself.

Автор citoschoice ( назад)
The plagiarism you did was not about the individual songs or one video!! It is the playlist you cut and copied from a West Valley College class and you had the courage to name your playlist as West Valley. If you are a student I will be communicating with you on ethics disclosures.

Автор citoschoice ( назад)
This playlist is the property of the instructor who created it for a class. You have not asked permission to take it and publish it with your name and I will be reporting you for your unethical behavior. You can not claim ownership for something you do not own.

Автор Alexander Foyle ( назад)
Every day after work I tune into channels like this, kick back, and write for a solid hour. This music is one of several pieces helping me turn over a new leaf for dedication and creativity. Thanks for posting!

Look out, world! I have screenplays inbound!

Автор Omar Omax ( назад)
what is the human?
is it only man and woman?
is the destruction is the idea of out common?
I know u will say no!
but I will tell u a story
and it's little scary
one say while I was walking in the street
feeling I am such a great
I found a man on a seat
someone which I hate
and here is his fate
I kicked him till he was dead
I was shocked
I ran to my home and the door was locked
I stand infront of the mirror
asked my self in horror
what did I do?!
who t u?!
and here I am writing to u..
violence is the main destruction law
his soul had flew!
I asked my self, how can I do good
and my hand is full blood
no winning from sorrow
that's how the story does end!
the violence is going to extend
ask us self my friend
again and again
pain is the only gain
when u get stuck with an enemy on plane
you would do as I did the same
u own my name!
human race is our fame!!
so don't be shame,no need for blame.

nor real story :P
but was that good? :D

Автор hippiechic1111 ( назад)
This is one of the most beautiful sets of music I have ever heard.
Thank you. I am at 5 now - hoping 6 is actually skipped based on comments.
Peace and Love, everyone....

Автор Abdiel Hernandez Lopez ( назад)
Who's your favorite incarnation of the doctor?

Автор Jose L. Fdez Pulido ( назад)
Follow my playlist on spotify,

Автор SQM ( назад)

Автор Johanna Jordan ( назад)
Absolutely wonderful music, it is so nice to listen to for writing, relaxing, meditation (got many ideas) ! love this, thank you for creating it and sharing it. love all of the sonicaid music. I started with the music to inspire positive thinking and that one is just wonderful. it truly makes me feel so happy! THANK YOU!! :)

Автор carioca rj ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор MyArtistheWeapon ( назад)
Starting a Frerard fic for writing practice. :)

Автор Jerry Xu ( назад)
i was listening to this while typing an essay for ELA. I got an A+ :).

Автор truthseekerUK ( назад)
Did this work?😂

Автор MMOnster ( назад)
Where is track 6?

Автор Che Angel ( назад)

follow me on IG angelladyart
follow her on facebook che loveli lady art

read and comment, even if you hate it. Thank you.

Автор Synbious ( назад)
How unfortunate it has taken me until 2016 to find this video, but I am grateful to have found it at all, it keeps me focused on my painting, thank you. :)

Автор Ms Hill ( назад)
Going out to conquer my exams now thanks to this piece of music

Автор surela family ( назад)
wow nice music

Автор Simo ( назад)
this music + weed it's perfect! it worked for me

Автор art seeker ( назад)

Автор Minecraft Wolf LPS ( назад)
holy shit it works

Автор elizabeth thorpe ( назад)
who is creating really artistic scenes in their heads.

Автор Maia Dream ( назад)
J'adore ! Merci ;))

Автор Mary Kriztine Tumalad ( назад)
Thanks,for doing this...This helped me ALLOT,Since i wasn't relaxing,And couldn't write on my story....I felt very blank and empty,I couldn't write anything.....BUT This helped me so thank You Very Much!!!

Автор Mellon Collie and the Infinite Pumpkins ( назад)
I have never been so desperate for creativity... I have 5 hours to find something to draw/paint and my mind is blank ✍.........

Автор Lauriel Coscia ( назад)
Sunday, I need a designer miracle.

Автор Yolanda Sankobe ( назад)
I love this. It works for me

Автор satyrosjay ( назад)
The Sirens are calling in the night.

Автор Deimos ( назад)

Автор Derrick Stratton ( назад)
If only there was a Love button..I love this playlist. Super calming!

Автор Suzanna Danna from Indiana ( назад)
Love all of Sonicaid but still waiting on a reply before purchasing to my question posted on another song. "Can the CD's be played while driving?"

Автор Manga-Artlove ( назад)
I listened to this while painting with watercolors, my first impressionistic picture ever. Worked for me!

Автор Alain Guilloux ( назад)

Автор L volans ( назад)
God, I love this!!!

Автор Goddess Anne Literature ( назад)

Автор Fiorline EU ( назад)
Who's track 02 - liberations?

Автор Kara Smith ( назад)
does this work with only one headphone because my left headphone just decided to stop working. =(

Автор Necro Mesmerownz ( назад)
Got 4 days to create a short film - currently have writers block. Feel like I need a limitless pill

Автор julian Smith ( назад)
this is amazing, it really helps me to draw and focus!!! but it can make me sleepy !

Автор Raina Warner ( назад)
my favorite was Track 3:A World of Possibilities

Автор Raina Warner ( назад)
Thank You
it got me away from the annoying christmas music while i drew. Now i have an masterpiece. TIP EVERYONE; when shearing headphones, you can hear a transition from ear to ear. helps ALOT! XP

Автор Cats TV ( назад)
see my video :) or my channel

Автор Cats TV ( назад)
thanks for audio :)

Автор Caitlyn Chapman ( назад)
Beautiful music! I LOVE painting with this in the background. Makes me feel very relaxed. Great job!

Автор pagan (1997 лет назад)
i wanna sleep......zzzzzzzz

Автор Anthony Pooler ( назад)
What's the names of these songs here so I can find them and but them from the links you posted? ???

Автор Mugicianwill ( назад)
I imagine everyone on here is a creative genius... With my 150 friends on Facebook, there is literally nobody I can talk to about my passion for all that is creative. If anyone feels the same as me, let me know. It would be nice to chat to others who find passion from creativity.

Автор NK97 ( назад)
I was blank minded when I listened to this. I had my sketch book and pencil next to me. Next thing I knew is that I was scribbling throughout my sketchbook and when I finished along with this track, I was left with a blissful and serene feeling. :3

Автор Sabb Adams ( назад)

Автор alicerulzall k ( назад)
This is an amazing soundtrack!

Автор B rax ( назад)
the music i was looking for

Автор xXThatRandomChicXx ( назад)
All I thought was that I was doodling in my sketchbook, but no. I drew an all-out Angel like man with a Markiplier shirt! thanks!

Автор Visceral Villian ( назад)
This is the right side of YouTube.

Автор My real name is not Gagan Deep Purple ( назад)

Автор Nana Ama ( назад)
This works I just came up with an incredible idea

Автор Paŗagon 4 ( назад)

Автор Den Cas ( назад)
This music DOES works! I tried the whole day to obtain ideas,to get creative and to be inspired and nothing! then I listened to this and I could finish my publicity campaign! Thanks a lot!.

Автор Anselm Menger ( назад)
Thank you, good music :D

Автор Raylene Evans ( назад)
Caution: Track 6 "technicolor" on the CD has five or six minutes of what sounds like my alarm clock buzzing.  Very distracting. Hard to concentrate on anything but that alarm clock. The rest of this is inspiring background while writing. If you're trying to concentrate, find a way to skip over #6 of the CD. If I would have known about #6 I wouldn't have bought the CD. NOTE: Track 6 is not on this YouTube showing. They go straight from 5 to 7 here. Don't buy the CD cause you won't be able to do anything creative in the middle of this CD.

Автор Connon Buch ( назад)
at first i clicked the wrong vid then I saw the TARDIS and decided to stay

Автор Level 58 Death Knight ( назад)
I just blew through writing 3 chapters in an hour. Whoa.

Автор The Gaming Girl ( назад)
This music made me make the best birthday present ever

Автор Hermione Granger ( назад)
here i am again on this side of youtube

Автор AoS Designs ( назад)
Track 3 <3

Автор Myan Googling ( назад)
Perfect alternative to rhythm and blues, plus the benefits of being inspired creatively.

Автор Josh Simon ( назад)
I like how this part of youtube, including the comment section is not full of bantering and Swaglife. Just good creative folk gathering in one place to better their world. Just think if the rest of the world acted the same....

Автор Deja Vu ( назад)
Why is this working? O.o

Автор Wifi Waffles ( назад)
This is wonderful I listen to this while I draw

Автор a b ( назад)
I love this so much.  Thank you!  I will look into purchasing.

Автор Mariza Perena ( назад)
Being CREATIVE meant being open-minded to create something new. It needed a , certain energy yet in a relaxed unhurried manner. Steady reliable pace bring about spell binding flow of creative juices inducing ideas to overflow. This adds to being "cool".Big thank you for the creators.

Автор NK97 ( назад)
I really love this music. I've listened to this countless times already. It greatly helped me in drawing, reading and writing. Thank you very much for this! My favorite was track # 7 - toward the light. :D I wish you had a longer version. <3

Автор Brain Jones ( назад)
This makes me sad

Автор Dominus Storm ( назад)
Strange, normally when doing my course work I'll fall asleep, yet this is creative and relaxing and im still awake! Great collection of music!

Автор veronica power ( назад)
does it still work if i don t wear headphones?

Автор Frisky ( назад)
Let's see how this goes, wish me luck!

Автор guywhodraws88 ( назад)
Thanks for this. Helps me to write an article about my characters for my TV show one day...

Автор Ayse Erbas ( назад)
Hey, you. You have something important to do. Stop scrolling through the comments and get back to what you need to do. 

Автор Dollymayfrosty ( назад)
This music is amazing for blocking out everything, and focusing on what's going on in your mind. 

Автор Luis Navarro Carlos ( назад)
I really like, it is great! thank you for sharing, planing to buy any time sun. support what you love....

Автор Lumen Lee ( назад)
This piece really helps me to study my periodontal text book, it's amazing i just can concentrate all myself into the content, really thanks.

Автор jammin jayzee ( назад)
it makes me giggle... wthahaha

Автор Shawn Kim ( назад)
Soooo good. Thank you for posting this. I've been looking for something like this for some time now.

Автор Pridera ( назад)
This was FREAKIN AMAZING!!! like, i thought i was drawing a hetalia char, next i knew i was drawing a badass furry horse thats a mage AND has a sword and OMIBODOMIGOD THANK YOU

Автор Jason McMillan ( назад)
this music sucks

Автор loriclau (1461 год назад)

Автор anouck jamyang ( назад)
good good !!!

Автор Michelle Lavallee ( назад)

Автор Calvin Yu ( назад)

Автор Bart the Simpsons man ( назад)
A World of possibilities :o <333 Best one :))

Автор Jack Off ( назад)
This has just helped me to write a short story. Yes it was just a story that was floating through my head at that point in time and yes most of it wouldn't make the most gripping read. However, I can't stop writing...

Автор Judy Joy ( назад)
Beautifully done! Listened to it trying to meditate, with two cats in my lap and two pit bulls on my bed. They all fell asleep and i really enjoyed it thank you for sharing, God bless!

Автор Karin Schirrmeister ( назад)

Автор R Aubrey ( назад)

Автор Rhea Amanda Sandy ( назад)
I love this instrumental its very helpful :) :) :)

Автор SolidersOfTheFifth ( назад)
duckduckgo.com ...best place...

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