Two Federal Judges Block Pres. Trump's Travel Ban | The View

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Автор David Bento ( назад)
These women are so friggin disgusting,, The pew view crew...

Автор Pili Moczó ( назад)
I really like Jed, and I'm always rooting for her.

Автор J M ( назад)
You start to look like Sweden, we take more people then we can take care of, why doesn't the democrats take care of all the homeless veterans??? You want more people to live in the streets???

Автор J M ( назад)
If you don't look at the language but look at what a person said in the past, then nobody has a future. We all change over time and we all say things we wished we hadn't but as i understand it now you all want that to mather when we write a decision. I don't think a judge or a court should look at anything other then whats written down! I might be stupid but thats the way I think it should be! You do understand that you all have to look beoynd this travel ban and that this judges rulings will set the standard for other rulings in other cases that doesn't have anything to do with Trump or a travel ban!

Автор J M ( назад)
Both sides are right in some ways but doesn't it bother you all when the constitusion is used to protect non americans outside USA??? I have a cusin in USA, does the constitusion protect me in Sweden??? Help, send the marines because the the swedish goverment violate my constitusional rights!

Автор Empericalmonkey ( назад)
Hmmm....guess this is where all the people who dont work during the day get there facts. Any of these lovly ladies sponsoring and Immigrant ? Serious question.

Автор flora quint ( назад)
I'm glad it's blocked, it's absurd completely absurd.

Автор Jay M ( назад)
I bet this judge passed out candy during 911.

Автор Jay M ( назад)
Where were these rogue Judges when Obama did the same?
Oh that's right, in his back pocket.

Автор FUN WITH WORDS ( назад)
4:23 I laughed so hard. I know it's a serious issue but i couldn't help that ,the way the black women (not being racist) got taken aback lol 😂, someone of you from other religion would find it funny too well guess why ??? We are humans,we are the same blood ,we just distinguished ourselves , and game people name according to their colour or religion , I am sorry it may hurt u but it's the truth , - Muslims are considered terrorists ,u have a beard u get stared upon in public, - u black the people think of u as a serial killer who puts his pant in his pocket the police shoot him on suspicion of having a gun ,- whites all considered as evil ,they are said to dominate others and others are afraid of the, ,but guess what we share in common , protests were done by people belonging to not only Muslim but also Christians ,whites ,blacks everyone did it . Everyone is not evil . We just need to trust and respect each other to gain respect and trust .#nohate #noracism #onlylove #wethepeopleareone

Автор Randy Bailin ( назад)
None of these women is especially well informed. Usually there knowledge of any subject is based on what they just heard on the audio clip.

Автор Deeply Deeply Dope ( назад)
"It should not have been blocked" - Donald The Judge Trump acting as President.

Автор chilled ( назад)
terroist attacks in london is the reason why these muslim scum should not been let in.

Автор Billy Edwards ( назад)
I'm so shocked that this young lady who is of Jewish descent supports Trump knowing how you feel about people from other countries

Автор Jasmine Rochester ( назад)
ISIS gets weapons from the Saudis. Fucking Jed.

Автор Jasmine Rochester ( назад)
Jed... are you really supporting the Saudi government? The country that doesn't let women walk outside on their own...? Really???

Автор Jay Something ( назад)
I love Jed and how she is ready to defend her beliefs amougst all these liberal opinions. If you've been watching for a long time, Jed has always held these beliefs so why shouldn't she defend them... regardless of the President

Автор Rachel Freeman ( назад)
I don't agree with Jed but sometimes I feel bad for her because the majority of the panel is really hard on her and she doesn't get equal talking time :(

Автор lucien indus ( назад)
President Trump

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

There are other good things in our Constitution. With all the power our country was created on . Try reading it.
It starts with WE THE PEOPLE...

Автор DESCARTES66 ( назад)
Is the view trying to market this chic as the next Elisabeth Hasselbeck or is she marketing herself as the next Elisabeth Hasselbeck? It's very unappealing either way. Also don't believe she believe anything she says, just being contrary to be contrary.

Автор Ema Star ( назад)
oh lord

Автор Ed Kelly ( назад)
They're all Obama's dogs, still running Obama's Sharia-driven shadow government. And even if they weren't, the Federal judges, all of them Obama's dogs as well, run this country. Any one of them can walk right into the White House and impeach Trump themselves then install Hillary, no process, no reason, the nation is run by Obama's federal judges. Why Congress is even debating health care, tax cuts, repatriation of corporate trillions, and any and all other issues if a moot point. Hussein's Federal judges make all the decisions and enforce their edicts. Why we even have a White House or Congress is a fucking mystery. The president and Congress have absolutely no power at all. Obama is still dictating to all.

Автор Michael 0788 ( назад)
The intent is most definitely still the same but are we not supposed to do anything about it and just wait for something to happen? Whoopi and Sunny's main complaint was that it didn't cover people who have green cards and visas the first time around. Now it does so they are holding on to the one thing they have left and that is the intent argument. I think maybe people would take Trump more seriously if his friends Saudi Arabia was on the list. He absolutely was picking and choosing based on more than just safety which is my biggest concern. I see Jed's point and Whoopi's argument is totally valid. The first order will have forever screwed trump which is why someone needs experience as president and someone who acknowledges their language. He doesn't care what or how he says something.

Автор Gun Guy ( назад)
Joke is on them as the appeal to the SC will go Trumps way. We win again.

Автор Real American Patriot ( назад)
We the GOOD, SMART and CONCERNED Americans of the country can guarantee that these CACKLING HENS of this low-rated show will sing a different tune if Syrian Refugees are relocated into the communities they all live in. It is easy for these Anti-Trump LIBERALS to talk tough now since they are not immediately impacted by the possibility of having RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS living in their neighborhood.

Автор Lupe Stella ( назад)
the ban is for MUSLIMS and the walls for wetbacks ha ha ha America First

Автор Lupe Stella ( назад)
So we intend to keep MUSLIMS/WETBACKS out so what

Автор Lupe Stella ( назад)
you're so boring

Автор Henry Jeter ( назад)
The "Intent" is a Muslim ban. Lets keep it honest.

Автор Bhebot ( назад)
Trump is right!,,, if your loved ones gets killed by muslim terrorist, you have these stupid judges to blame and maybe you can return the favor not to these stupid judges but to his loved ones also.

Автор Alex Personius ( назад)
Let's have the view on location...Somalia ladies? Sudan? I hear Syria is a hot vacation spot. Think. Emotions are useful, but only when metered by rationale.

Автор dee stevens ( назад)
Jed unfortunately is not working with a full deck on this one!

Автор joe smith ( назад)
jedidiah is the only rational one on the view. she is smart and sexy and doesnt back down. god bless that woman!

Автор Mrcelebrity07 ( назад)
And Sara, what a sweetheart. She's great but I always forget she's there because she's so quiet and doesn't add much to the more in depth conversations at hand.

Автор christle nwole ( назад)
He literally said in the rally it's a watered down version of the 1st order which he called a Muslim ban, so therefore it is a Muslim ban

Автор Jo Penny ( назад)
These women should take a moonlight stroll through downtown Karachi or Cairo and lets us know how it works out.

Автор Naima S ( назад)
The best decision The View has ever made hiring wise is bringing on Sonny! I love her!

Автор curtis grissom ( назад)
Jed is fox news zombie for life.

Автор Jessie Gabs ( назад)
It's only temporary if there's a date to end. When will it end?

Автор Krystal Ituarte ( назад)
I would like to know how she doesn't know the intent when the president made the case and point clear to make it a religious ban.

Автор white pride996 ( назад)
I like way whoopi wants to say "Nashville" it was like she was being discreet on making fun of country people.....I thank shes a discreet racist

Автор Cody Meyers ( назад)
Sunny.... I can't stand her. Jed could say "oh what a beautiful day" and sunny would say "that's wrong Jed!!"

Автор Isaac H ( назад)
Jed, please take your lies back to Fox News! You agreed with the FIRST ban!! Saying it wasn't a Muslim Ban the first time either! I don't have a problem with people having different views but I do have a problem with people who lie and try to hide their true colours! You are so pathetic, Jed!

Автор oscar salas ( назад)
jed reminds me of elisabeth! 👎👎👎👎

Автор Alex Jordon ( назад)
Jeb isn't that educated ey!! she is a template for the Republican party.

Автор L Li ( назад)
Can someone get them facts. There is already severe vetting from those 6 countries.

Автор NomadRepublic ( назад)
You stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID fucking moonbat liberals can't seem to get it through your fat empty heads that 40 MUSLIM COUNTRIES ARE NOT ON THE LIST. If it were a muslim ban, ALL death cult countries would be on it, not merely 6 of the 7 nations that the Purple-Lipped Almond identified while in office. Good God, are you blithering parasites worthless.

Автор Denise Hall ( назад)
Notice... no minorities.

Автор awesomeand12 ( назад)
THIS ISNT A RELIGIOUS BAN 70% of Muslims live in other countries other than the ones that he wants to ban and also in the Constitution word for word it says that he can do this and its completely legitimate its so funny :)

Автор Ramon Mora ( назад)
for the real American patriot. you are sick racist. retard like stupid retard trump. . real american they are a good people. they wrote the constitution. those are a good real american patriot. no. like stupid trump wrote retarded twitter. trump show. your taxes. you known something. is wrong with it. God help us. with. trump. big mouth. 😐

Автор Mel Perez ( назад)
Love whoopy but she doesn't let her talk

Автор Latara Evans ( назад)
Jedadiah is hopeless.Trump supporters are struggling with their leader's decisions.He is an idiot and so are they.

Автор AMERICAN GIRL ( назад)
TOO BAD THESE MENTALLY INCOMPETENT JUDGES had no problem with Hussein Obama funding terrorists and/or giving nuclear capabilities to Iran. HUSSEIN OBAMA SHOULD BE IN PRISON not playing golf. Does the law only apply to certain people? Are there no penalties for traitors like Hussein Obama who has, btw, his records sealed and is very probably a MUSLIM HIMSELF and therefore a blatant liar instead of the transparent president he promised to be.

Автор Frankincensed ( назад)
I don't drop down to the dregs on the Tube much for political discussion, but I thought that since I'm here, let me tell you why being liberalism today is counter-intuitive, counter-productive, and all around anti-American or that which is NOT in accordance with the ideal of the revolutionary founders. Herewith, the ultra-left fascist bares little resemblance to those that came before. Go back and listen even to Clinton, and you'll see that he's in agreement with much of what Trump speaks to (Greenspan said that Clinton was an fiscal conservative), especially as regards immigration and national security. Almost the same words.

But today, liberals have pulled far away from fact based logic and the common sense of Keynesian based economics. Not that it's a good system, far from it (and it needs to be replaced before we go the way of other countries via economic collapse), but it's what we have and few understand it, especially liberals. And if you know the system, you can see by who they elect the are clueless. They also don't understand or care that Congress has worked hard at extracting TRILLIONS from the tax payer via poor banking, trade, and taxation policies (something Trump understands WAY better than Obama and is moving in the proper direction to make amends).

Finally, most are clueless as the the general outline that the Constitution is but still needs to have that basic framework adhered to, unlike that which Obama has done. His credo is to break not only with Constitutional fundamentalism but to break away from it all together. You can see this in his lawlessness, encouraging racism, cop killings, harboring and aiding federal law breaking illegals (something Clinton would have NEVER stood for, Bill, that is), catch and release, releasing of felons and murdering terrorists, inviting known terrorists into the country by the thousands, and so forth. So today's liberal is like Obama, or that which he learned from his dad, grandfather, and college professors, that the west is evil and must be punished, taken down socially, economically, morally, completely to "even the playing field." This is ruthless, this is unethical, this is horrifically dangerous, and worthy of not only imprisonment but death by handing--or today, lethal injection. And this is where we stand today. If America is to continue, then liberalism must be wiped off the face of this country if not the earth before we are all dead. Amen.

Автор claire mcfadden ( назад)
Jed definitely voted for trump.. I can't believe how much she defends him

Автор Crista Kampert ( назад)
You just can't defend Trump without looking stupid, just stop doing it. You can't use logic when you try. Waste of time and making a fool of yourself every time you try to defend that clown

Автор Selina Serrano ( назад)
FAKE muslims on this here show.

Автор bydesign001 ( назад)

Автор G hrvyck ( назад)
Well, well, lookie here.   http://conservativepost.com/well-well-well-look-who-the-hawaii-judge-met-with-before-ruling-against-trumps-executive-order/

Автор Jaylon's Videos ( назад)
I disagree with Jed. But sometimes they need to let her fucking talk.

Автор RenegadeTruth ( назад)
This whole "intent of the Order" issue is the same mindset that the left use for hate speech legislation. It doesn't matter what was actually said, but if the receiving party BELIEVES it was meant in another way, it can be twisted to mean anything and hence forth the person who said the words is a hater going to prison getting butt raped! That is the lefts main delusion is that they dabble way too much in "feelings" and not enough in facts. I don't care about anyone's feelings over my family's safety. To those people who were not born here... I'll say it.. IT SUCKS TO BE YOU! Deal with it. If by some miracle you get to come here... LEGALLY, good luck. But I don't have to care about your situation being outside of my country being crap. A rich guy can say to me "it sucks to be poor like you" and I would say YES!! YES it does!! But it doesn't mean he is obligated to give me some of his money or his home because my situation isn't as great as his. I hate this liberal socialist agenda that says America is not allowed to be better and more free than other countries.. YES WE ARE! If we are willing to stand up to liberal lunatics and preserve and protect America.

Автор real eyes realize real lies ( назад)
cluck cluck cluck..
whoopie has big hands a big mouth and small mind

Автор RenegadeTruth ( назад)
Section 212(f), of the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act states: "Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate."... it sounds like the term "any class of aliens" could mean the POTUS CAN in fact stop people of a curtain culture or even religion (when that religion, being followed in it's full fundamental teaching, instructs it's followers to force it's religion on others or inflict violence and death on them). So, lets come to a compromise... we will say that it is a Muslim ban, if you say that all Muslims are terrorists! You first!

Автор I'm Always Right ( назад)
Jed is not a lawyer. She has no idea.

Автор RenegadeTruth ( назад)
I can't wait to come back to this video after Trump gets his Order passed by the SC! Whoppi is merely using her public position to push the idea that the leftist judges that stopped both of these Orders are how all federal judges interpret the powers of the POTUS given to him by the Constitution... THEY DON'T! This is all a delay tactic to get in the way of what Trump wants to do. They "challenged" the orders because technically they could, but it is not based on any supposed over reaching of Exec powers. It is totally within the powers of the POTUS to do this, and the SC will show that and all of those that insisted that he couldn't will dine a craw! You guys so conveniently leave out the fact that the 9th Circuit is the most overturned appellate court in the nation. It gets it more wrong than it gets it right. It makes me laugh how Whoopi comes across like an expert in Constitutional Law.. I look forward to the day when Whoopi looking like a total fool will be fulfilled. Though the Order mentions countries, and they happen to be primarily Muslim-populated countries... call it what you want!! I don't care if you call it a "Ban On Turbines!" or a "Ban on Huge Lumberjack Beards" or a "Ban on Bad Body Odor"! I don't care who else it limits from coming into my home country if it also reduces the chances of terrorists getting in. NON-US citizens HAVE NO RIGHTS TO ENTER OUR COUNTRY. IMMIGRANTS, REFUGEES GREEN CARD HOLDERS, VISA HOLDERS.... CAN ALL BE STOPPED BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DEMAND ANYTHING BUT A KICK IN THE TEETH.. AND THE LEFT ARE WRONG TO INSIST THAT THEY DO. I'VE SAID IT ONCE I WILL SAY IT AGAIN! IF THE LEFT LOVES EUROPE SO MUCH AND WANT TO BRING EUROPEAN IDEALS TO THE USA...GO THERE AND RUIN THEIR COUNTRIES... LEAVE AMERICA TO US WHO ACTUALLY WANT AMERICA TO STAY AMERICA!!

Автор Jack ( назад)
This clearly isn't bigotry it's just not loving everyone. Just because liberals feel all humans deserve love even those who murder rape and carry out terrorist attacks it doesn't mean that those who don't love everyone are bigots! More...? REALISTS!

Автор Derick Piner ( назад)
"You can't just walk into the US". Well actually you can..

Автор Real American Patriot ( назад)
It is an OUTRAGE that Liberal Activist judges are politicizing their DANGEROUS and RECKLESS decisions to OBSTRUCT the orders of President Trump. We the GOOD, SMART and CONCERNED People of America are ANGRY with these FAILED RADICAL CON-MAN Barrack Hussein Obama appointees. They WILL BE HELD FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for all American deaths caused by any future identified terrorist(s) who were allowed into the country due to their STUPIDITY.


Автор Len Peterson ( назад)
One day Whoopi should take off her ugly gorilla mask and show people her real face.

Автор ranoona5 ( назад)
jed really believes by smiling and shaking her head she wins an argument...

Автор Ms. Moses ( назад)
The borders need to be checked as well. Border Patrol are asking people if they support Trump and if you don't they turn you away. They've also been known to reject anyone that's Indian or Who they think is a Muslim.

Автор Len Peterson ( назад)
Multiculturalism wipes out the white race. This is the race that invented everything non-whites have. This is not a good race to wipe out!

Автор Elaine Marie ( назад)
I appreciate Jed being able to hold her own, especially in the face of strong opposition. I absolutely do not agree with her, but there has to be debate from opposing viewpoints to bring a more rounded set of information.
It seems like President Trump believes that his position of POTUS means he is a dictator.

Автор outdoor fun ( назад)
Congress gave the president the power to do exactly what he is doing. Clinton, Bush and Obama all did it. This is why liberalism is classified as a mental disorder and no reason to take the time and debate one. Also why most do not like debates. Democrats for years only pic certain laws or parts of the constitution too follow. Just parts they agree with and ignore everything else. Why by all accounts the Obama administration was the most corrupt in US history. We have now set a precedent. Any Federal judge can rule anyway they like. Forget law. Lets say a pro-life judge rules abortion is illegal due to their belief. That is no different than this is it? The left would be up in arms about it. The left is heading this country strait down the tubes. Also why the Democrat Party is the most dangerous corrupt criminal organization in the world. Just glad enough people woke up and voted for Trump.

Автор RSSF Asmara ( назад)
What's the name of that white lady sitting on the right... Dinaldina Trumpet?! How can she sit there defending the indefensible. What Trump is doing is racism pure and simple!

Автор Rejep tayip Erdogan ( назад)
Jed has a reset full of hate. Just like Trump. She is a horrible women.

Автор Geo 876 ( назад)
Jed is just arguing to stay on tv ....the world sees it's a Muslim ban stfu and stop arguing for arguments sake smh

Автор R R ( назад)
the Trump is really pissing the heck out of me. He is the president of free world, he need to stop with his bigotry and need to be more diplomatic.

Автор Steve Lombari ( назад)
Not worth commenting on with Left Libtards who will twist everything to show them selfs in a better light.

Автор Roman Numeraluno ( назад)
Those Judges are political hacks, who loved Obama. Would have bent backward for him. And passed this through the first round in. That is the reality to this story, period. No one cares about US citizens, they are open borders globalist ideologues. Who won't compromise that belief over safety of the people they are sworn to protect and uphold laws that are meant to secure us. We've been sold out by such non-entities.

Автор Shams Puri ( назад)
I feel sorry for Jed who often tells everyone that she's "as white as the come". Nothing wrong in being white, black, brown, etc. but you don't need to remind the world about your colour in such discourses. It's a no brainer!

Автор Len Peterson ( назад)
Multiculturalism wipes out the white race. People who like multiculturalism are pure evil.

Автор Anne Louise ( назад)
Jedediah doesn't have a different point of view, she willingly distort the facts to confuse and to defend all Trump because she was a Fox pundit and still is.

Автор Serena Serena ( назад)
Jed is astonishlingly stupid

Автор Camara Rhodes ( назад)
get it Jed. Sunny isn't always right. I'm sure there's a lot of lawyers in general who would disagree with her. But of course, they all have a bias. She has the worst attitude.

Автор Issac hunt ( назад)
Jed v leftard dogs

Автор Ka MoMo ( назад)
Bravo Jedediah, I do not agree with you but I appreciate you standing your ground. I'm liberal through and through but I appreciate you always sharing your views, they are informed and consistent. Great job, you and the other awesome women you share a table with are just the bees knees xoxo

Автор Quinn McDonald ( назад)
Jed remind me of the type of people who smile with you but are the closet racists

Автор MsWaitrose ( назад)
Jedidiah! Because you're a conservative does not mean you have to defend nonsense! C'mon! Do not be absolutely silly! - I genuinely try to like you every clip cause she seems fun but when it comes to politics it's annoying! When something is wrong say it's wrong, when something is right defended it.

Автор stay onpoint ( назад)
I don't think I hate Jed. I might not agree with some things that she says, though.  I have no right to hate her. she is not the only one with such opinion and she may be corny about it in some ways but, that's is her opinion and she is free to say it the way she feels it. I just think she should be given her own time to talk. I think the room will be boring without her cos we might not have anyone standing in opposition. On some issues, she has no background knowledge but then she cannot just sit down and say nothing. it is better to say something when the camera is rolling than being a mute

Автор Ahmed Wijanarko ( назад)
Sunny had to scream, oh god,

Автор J.J. Martinez ( назад)
I know the show needs someone to play devils advocate, but please get rid of Jedidah, she's just a mindless, heartless of trumps minions. It sickens me to listens to her stupid arguments.

Автор Patricia Holme ( назад)
I finally get it, TrumpTards (in the background behind Trump) Finally, people are starting to LAUGH at him. The unity is starting to relief some of the stress that he is generating with his hate.

Автор A Heart ( назад)
he still had not done anything since being in office. he just like to fight people. he though being prez meant he could what he wants. nooooot.

Автор Cinthia montolio ( назад)
Jed is arrrggg

Автор Nhlanhla Nhlangothi ( назад)
Jedi Girl...I can't!

Автор blooddimond472 ( назад)
Jed is my favourite!!

Автор cndvd ( назад)
These women are so ignorant on Islam and the radicals that carry out it's tenants. The President has the power to deem what will protect the US. Jed is the only intelligent person there. But the blonde may agree with Jed. They have to put all the nations on it.

Автор tikab ( назад)
trump is an evil monster.

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