Top 10 Crazy Moments in Sports

Top 10 Crazy Moments in Sports
Part 1 of 2 (part 2 is Unsportsmanlike moments and includes Mike Tyson, Malice in Palace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eps0J53sb_w

You never know what might happen when it comes to physical competitions. Join WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 crazy moments in sports. Special thanks to our users akt, Ansis Jēkabsons, aldqbigsquare and Margaret Rd for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest

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Автор Alex King ( назад)
Where is malice at the palace

Автор Adam Zbiegien ( назад)
2006 rigged nba finals should be on

Автор Nathan Miller ( назад)
It's time to make a new list to include the LeBron James block in game 7 and the Rajai Davis home run in game 7.

Автор Jazmyn Simmons ( назад)
I immediately grabbed my throat and shut my eyes when I saw that neck slice. I've never been so disturbed before by a sports clip holy hell.

Автор Vishesh Khare ( назад)
Malace at the palace?

Автор RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me ( назад)
Ware should've been more than HM. I mean, the kid's *shin popped out of his leg!!!*

Автор tom nadeau ( назад)
that senna impact was insane

Автор Harambe ( назад)
24 Fucking Million Fucking Views What The Fuck am I doing Wrong!!!

Автор ecb1912 ( назад)
Not even Mike Tyson biting off an ear?

Автор GMM Gaming ( назад)
Malice at the Palice?

Автор saltedbanana234 ( назад)
7:30 shes hot

Автор Sheen from Jimmy Neutron ( назад)
Steve Bartman should have been number one

Автор Kuruma Uzamaki ( назад)
Cubs won 2016

Автор brian cywan ( назад)
Tonya Harding? No? Okay...

Автор BaconBeastFTW ( назад)
they should of added the malice in the palace from the nba

Автор Connor Rich ( назад)
Malice In The Palace?

Автор Pyro Z ( назад)
Steve Bartman only an honorable mention?

Автор Kevin Reyes ( назад)
malice in the palace?

Автор Landon Landeros ( назад)
Espero que puedas dormir cada noche.

Una desgracia en el deporte.

Автор Indu Kannan ( назад)
owen harts fell always gets me

Автор sammi zayn ( назад)
owen hart is the big one in the pro wrestling tragedy everyone lists it

Автор doesgofast ( назад)
soon as i heard her voice i knew i fucked up, back button

Автор Awesome 18 ( назад)
The Malice at the Palace

Автор Cormoran Strike ( назад)
All great picks but you missed the Malice in the Palace.

Автор Sekhar Vinod ( назад)
at the start of the video, U can actually see MARK CUBAN, A SHARK!!!!

Автор The Batman ( назад)
15 seconds?

And i thought Superman was dangerous...

Автор egoarmyic ( назад)
No Malice in the Palace?

Автор Maher Chowdhury Kamal ( назад)
Liverpool '96 incident????!!!!!

Автор ItzYaBoi Donnie ( назад)

Автор Sekhar Vinod ( назад)
6.9 huh (if u know what I mean)

Автор Lenni Engel ( назад)
Sacred direction state rocket visual resistance slice stuff hell die.

Автор Daniel Diaz ( назад)
no fucken malice at the palice!!!??? UNSUBSCRIBED

Автор Nexon ( назад)
I think someone getting their fucking throat cut is crazier than 2 goals.

Автор Joonas Penttilä ( назад)
number one is tyson bite or hand of god

Автор Joonas Penttilä ( назад)
number one is tyson bite or hand of god

Автор Blaze McMahan ( назад)
They obviously don't know sports. The malice at the palace should've been there

Автор Ryan Turner ( назад)
I thought this was gonna have real sports plays and not be depressing af

Автор Jean-François Chapdelaine ( назад)
The fight between Canada and USSR cost us the gold medal. USSR started it. Losers. And the strike in 1994 cost the Montreal Expo's de freaking championship. Sad. Very sad. All those bad memories.... Thank you WatchMojo

Автор Hector Rodriguez ( назад)
I so disagree on this list.

Автор FenerbacheSK Gaming ( назад)
fail mary

Автор Nico S Normann ( назад)

Автор Tricked up23 ( назад)
Ever heard of any country other than America

Автор Hower Corpuz ( назад)
Where's malace in the palace

Автор YouTube Show Business Delight ( назад)

Автор David Ellis ( назад)
Malice at the Palace
Superbowl XLVII Blackout
Mike Tyson biting Holyfield's ear off
Apollo Creed Dying in the ring

Автор Pablo Lastra Tabuenca ( назад)
helo? malice at the palace?

Автор Eva Wallner ( назад)
Niki Lauda... just sayin

Автор Shyam S Devasthali ( назад)

Автор Ricardo Rosa ( назад)
Los chicos de Puerto Rico

Автор Stormchaser 101 ( назад)
4:25 and 5:51 are really insane!

Автор Isaiah Anderson ( назад)
Malice at the palice

Автор laila raza ( назад)
cricket is the second most popular sport in the world and a player died while playing i think it should have made it to this list.

Автор Timothy Smith ( назад)
that MLB strike is some bs to me. I'm sorry you get paid to stay in shape and play a game. if I was paid their current minimum salary I'd be skipping my butt all the way to the bank.

Автор ComaAlpha ( назад)
How was the Malice not in this list?

Автор Nature King ( назад)
Nba player jumps to block shot and broke his foot ,looked really sick!people sitting right in front him didn't even notice that.

Автор Sketch Morton ( назад)
malice at the palace

Автор sooraj prakash ( назад)
wrong..zinedine Zidane wont agree...

Автор crxRTsupreme 000 ( назад)
When monica seles got attacked, what was nearly as shocking is that she beat Steffi Graf.

Автор Joseph Paulo ( назад)
Upon further review, the goalie touched second base, touchdown Celtics!

Автор seryev vassiliu ( назад)
any Fc Barcelona vs Real Madrid brawls should be in here or do a top about the biggest soccer brawls in history

Автор D'Lo Joedel ( назад)
Ron Artest??

Автор What's my name? ( назад)
If you watch cricket. Phillip Hugh's death would be there.
Also the terrorsts in Cricket from Pakistan attacked the Sri lankan cricketers.
And in the Sri lankan Marathon 2008 there was a massacre caused by LTTE (liberation tigers of tamil eelam) that cause 15 deaths. Sri Lanka's national athletics coach Lakshman de Alwis, politician Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, former Olympics runner K.A. Karunaratne and army officer Lt Colonel Udayadeera were killed in the bombing which wounded 90 others.

Автор Speed Soldier ( назад)
The Malace at the palace Detroit Pistons/fans brawl

Автор Mpotvin PLAYZ ( назад)
Paul George's ankle injury

Автор NVoltrex GAMES ( назад)

Автор Nick Lawitzke ( назад)
Omg Kevin ware that was horrible

Автор The king js ( назад)
wwe is not a sports it's a entertainment

Автор TheGiantsfan100 ( назад)
7:30 watch the bench

Автор Alan Cvrkovic ( назад)
title should say "murica sports"

Автор Tyler Burns ( назад)
Bruh we're the Malas at the Pallas and y is that 1 one and y isn't the earthquake not 1 one

Автор Tay diggs ( назад)
the malice of palice should of been up here

Автор Demarioshow1 ( назад)
malice at the palace

Автор Tornado Play's ( назад)
I'm glad that she said football

Автор Skeleton Clique ( назад)
D.B Cooper? haha poor boy

Автор MrCreepa222 !! ( назад)
Malice at the palace?

Автор Landon Schiefelbein ( назад)
MoJo is the best channel

Автор Landon Schiefelbein ( назад)
I love this channel

Автор REMOVE KEBAB ( назад)
Cubs fan died ?

Автор Jason Gaccione ( назад)
why would ANYONE put that video highlight as number 1?? That was soooo fucking stupid

Автор Kurt Cobain's Ghost ( назад)
As a cubs fan I can say that most of us have forgiven Bartman

Автор Sam W ( назад)
WWE us fake though

Автор Dallas Clark is Da GOAT ( назад)

Автор MrNBA 2025 ( назад)
What about Malice at the Palace?????

change the title to top 10 crazy American sport moment.(yes I know some of them aren't but ),
still dudes.

Автор j g ( назад)
that poor guy at 8:35. there's a documentary about him. at least they finally won one

Автор AntTonic ( назад)
Malice at the palace ?

Автор Jethro Almocera ( назад)
i bet this watchmojo-girl is a 1980's guy.. almost all her videos are from late 2000

Автор Madden Mobile Monster ( назад)
When watch mojo doesn't want to upset the cunt soccer fans by not putting some gay shit at #1

Автор Trento ( назад)
How was the earthquake not at number 1, 60 people died...Or at least not at number 10 like come on.

Автор William Borgen ( назад)
The malice at the palice

Автор Michael Snelham ( назад)
Maradona is a wanker

Автор Trane Crowley ( назад)
No Kermit Washington??

Автор erîc scôtt ( назад)
uhm... Malice at the Palace. Cmon now mojo

Автор Alexis Francois ( назад)
need brand waste woman historian basement.

Автор Lego88fan ( назад)
5:54 That was parodied in Bud Bowl 3

Автор Brendon Silva ( назад)

Автор Jalen Shurn ( назад)
2002 lakers vs kings Conference Finals

Автор Alek Travis ( назад)
Where the fuck is the miracle on ice?

Автор Émil Ouellet ( назад)
You missed the richard riot

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