I Went To The Gym And Terrible Things Happened - Gym Simulator

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • Are you ready to get swole in Gym Simulator for the pc? This game has some funny gameplay which is perfect for a lets play. So let's play this game together and get the body transformation we've always wanted!
    Sub to get swoked!: bit.ly/2ovKO1q
    Colonel Sanders Datin Sim ► ruclip.com/video/wDheRVwKYEk/video.html
    ►Twitter : Jack_Septic_Eye
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    Outro animation created by Pixlpit:
    Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here
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  • Druidic Garrison
    Druidic Garrison 13 hours ago

    Howd he know i was eating a sandwich

  • Ankida Edin
    Ankida Edin 17 hours ago

    "I ran out of stamina so cant do this anymore , but I have no idea how to get back up"
    Literally life

  • flyingpotatocorn
    flyingpotatocorn 17 hours ago

    The elbow made me wildly uncomfortable... that pop it had damn...

  • jesse Sims
    jesse Sims 3 days ago

    *use's minecraft noises for when jack drinks his "shake"*

  • Metal Pig
    Metal Pig 3 days ago

    what. the. fuck.

  • Something Somethingson

    This game was probably made by a 12 year old

  • Elizabeth Twstd
    Elizabeth Twstd 4 days ago

    Jack: put the sandwich down
    Me holding a box of Oreos: ☉_☉

  • L3G1T FAD3
    L3G1T FAD3 4 days ago

    2:07 that guy looks like rock hard Johnson from Mr president

  • Justice Mccool
    Justice Mccool 4 days ago

    The picture he kept talking about was Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Camdyn Dew
    Camdyn Dew 5 days ago

    guy: u want to atsosuck

    jack:atsosuck atsosuck.....ewwww

  • purplefox Gacha
    purplefox Gacha 5 days ago

    Wait did he say he wants to have sex with us???????

  • Khalil Ali
    Khalil Ali 6 days ago

    The ending was so fucked I spit my coffee twice

  • Weird Loner
    Weird Loner 8 days ago

    1:44 🥺❤️

    Someone get him a cookie

  • LeprechaunJon 3
    LeprechaunJon 3 8 days ago

    Tig ol biddies

  • THEJMAN113
    THEJMAN113 10 days ago

    3:10 I just got off of work and jack and I said “Yes😓” at the same time 😂

  • Window
    Window 11 days ago

    So jackspeticeye got fucked and fucked

  • M1 Gaming
    M1 Gaming 11 days ago

    1:00 that's actually me ngl

  • DerpDeAmaze
    DerpDeAmaze 11 days ago

    Me the whole time: WHY YOU BUILT LIKE THAT

  • Deacon Whaley
    Deacon Whaley 11 days ago


  • Deacon Whaley
    Deacon Whaley 11 days ago

    Yeah rock and

  • Doomjack91 Rogan
    Doomjack91 Rogan 11 days ago

    10:19 Well... This can also happen

  • Doomjack91 Rogan
    Doomjack91 Rogan 11 days ago

    This video is about to get banned! XD

  • Sym Boatright
    Sym Boatright 12 days ago

    His laugh is so contagious

  • Psychotic Gamer
    Psychotic Gamer 12 days ago

    Wait he said tig ol bitties does he listen to your favorite martion? That's a song

  • Ria S
    Ria S 13 days ago


  • Goose
    Goose 14 days ago +1

    any girls want the otsosuck?

  • The Noah Show
    The Noah Show 14 days ago

    big bruh moment

  • Md Atiquzzaman
    Md Atiquzzaman 14 days ago

    13:39 123456! Guitar plays

  • Jordan Neon
    Jordan Neon 14 days ago +1


  • Jordan Neon
    Jordan Neon 14 days ago +1

    Hey Jack it is creepy

  • Respect A239
    Respect A239 14 days ago

    I had full volume in the beginning of the video scared the crap out of me

  • Bunny Cottonback
    Bunny Cottonback 15 days ago

    0:30 song?

  • KawaiOMG
    KawaiOMG 15 days ago

    Séan:*looks inside of of face
    Me:-Michael Jordan ad- stop it get help

  • Lily Freya
    Lily Freya 16 days ago

    I had my phone in full volume and clicked on this video... ow

  • Ted Panda
    Ted Panda 17 days ago

    13:13 ....umm

  • alexander Herrera
    alexander Herrera 17 days ago

    I hate the gym

  • Logan In side games
    Logan In side games 17 days ago

    Notice at the the end jack goes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6

  • Arrie Muller
    Arrie Muller 18 days ago

    Anyone else hear Voldemort's laugh at 4:14🤣

  • Bob Big
    Bob Big 19 days ago

    I was eating a sandwich when he said put down the sandwich now

  • CommunistGamer Union
    CommunistGamer Union 19 days ago

    What is the link to this game I wanna play it lol-

  • Rabile Hufane
    Rabile Hufane 19 days ago

    i need mental help after watching this

  • Darius Blackmon-Rorie
    Darius Blackmon-Rorie 19 days ago

    8:43When you see yourself for the first time in the morning

  • Mr__Monopoly_
    Mr__Monopoly_ 19 days ago

    I watched the chase video right before this and it went from feely to the intensity of this intro

  • Premium Aphid
    Premium Aphid 20 days ago

    Golds gym ad played lol

  • Gage Miller
    Gage Miller 20 days ago

    The dude with two different nipples is Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • T7 Duck
    T7 Duck 20 days ago

    Big daddy Sean chill please. Your bulging muscles are scaring me

  • BiffBTW
    BiffBTW 20 days ago +1


    You are now dead

  • Mr. Pokenis
    Mr. Pokenis 21 day ago +4

    *Sees video until the end.*
    *Childrens watching*

  • _ Bo _
    _ Bo _ 21 day ago

    🤣 watching people laugh is contagious 13:40
    Ahh his laugh is everything 🤣🤣

  • Spectrum Emerald
    Spectrum Emerald 21 day ago

    13:41 Here you go

  • TheOmegaOne
    TheOmegaOne 21 day ago

    I googled what otsosuck means and this is the legit answer I got lmfao: The slang word Otsosuck stands for the “suck out”. “Otso” means “out” in Russian. So, Otsosuck is a combination of Russian and English words which are “out” and “suck”. This word became popular after Jacksepiceye’s Gym Simulator video with the title: “I Went To The Gym And Terrible Things Happened”.

  • ILikeBass
    ILikeBass 22 days ago

    Jack:"he's got the death metal grunt down"

  • Gacha Brady Jr
    Gacha Brady Jr 22 days ago +1

    RUclip: Ummm.......This gym simulator seems a bit of
    Also I'm starting a petition for coke to sponsor Jack and if they don't sponsor him I will only drink Pepsi

  • GGR Makes
    GGR Makes 22 days ago

    This is one of the most CONFUSING and HILARIOUS videos I've ever seen! I can't breathe! XD

  • Austin Jenkins
    Austin Jenkins 23 days ago

    Your player looks like a god damn gorilla

  • Felicity Malika
    Felicity Malika 24 days ago

    We know where they got the sperm protien from now.

  • The black Octoling
    The black Octoling 24 days ago

    Did you not see the eye lids 😂😂😂

  • CommunistGamer Union
    CommunistGamer Union 24 days ago +3

    Jack: "Can I just leave?"
    Me: That is so relatable...
    Also me: *realises we're both Irish and loud*
    Still me: *yells random stuff around the house*

  • imagine dragon
    imagine dragon 26 days ago

    Jack: Put down that sandwich
    Me: (Scared while drinking Mont. Dew.) Well I'm in for a treat!

  • BowlCutGaming
    BowlCutGaming 26 days ago +1

    4:00 that was a burp right??