Last To Leave Slime Pit Wins $20,000 - Challenge

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  6 months ago +71042

    Subscribe and i'll invite you next time.

  • Jenna Whelan
    Jenna Whelan 17 minutes ago

    9:57 this instantly came to my mind this morning when i first opened my exam

  • Isador Nowell
    Isador Nowell Hour ago +1

    This is how many times Chris fell

  • Saphtou
    Saphtou Hour ago

    I'm a shy Peeer too chandlerrrrr

  • Kenny Barnett
    Kenny Barnett 3 hours ago

    Chandler’s face at 0:16

  • Kezo Izomi
    Kezo Izomi 3 hours ago

    Chandler Is kinda cute👌🏼

  • Dhonyai Loy
    Dhonyai Loy 4 hours ago

    Go chandler

  • Cesar M 666
    Cesar M 666 5 hours ago

    Pp infection;)

  • Almonds YEET ;3
    Almonds YEET ;3 6 hours ago

    Man..chandlers eyebrows are so straight XD

  • Shiely Hamidi
    Shiely Hamidi 6 hours ago

    Any one in June 2019!!👍👍👍

  • Natty Getu
    Natty Getu 6 hours ago

    why is chanlers sister so cute

  • Turkey Chicken
    Turkey Chicken 6 hours ago

    Chandlers eyebrows are on fleek

  • Steven Marshall
    Steven Marshall 9 hours ago +1


  • Steven Marshall
    Steven Marshall 9 hours ago +1

    He copyrighted Mr.Beast

  • Amy B
    Amy B 9 hours ago +1

    *actually thirty four million people were watching chandler pee*

  • 8ight bees
    8ight bees 11 hours ago

    whoever leaves the amusment park last wins

  • Declan Rodriquez
    Declan Rodriquez 11 hours ago

    chandlers dad is new mr beast

  • cs1.6 isawsome
    cs1.6 isawsome 13 hours ago

    at 18:01 subscribe or I will delete ur fortnite account man I DON'T EVEN PLAY FORTNITE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marsha _Gacha life gamer

    Chandler pls win!

  • ro_ miii
    ro_ miii 15 hours ago


  • Shrek
    Shrek 16 hours ago

    Me wins 20k

    My mind: *ROBUX*

  • Stephani Perrone
    Stephani Perrone 16 hours ago

    Chanler please win the next round please I beilieven u chanler

  • Miranda Krug
    Miranda Krug 16 hours ago

    Has chandler ever won?

  • thestudentof swish
    thestudentof swish 18 hours ago +1

    Jimmy: if you lose you get 50,000 dollars
    Chandler: *wins*

  • Fluid Burst_YT
    Fluid Burst_YT 18 hours ago +1

    Fill a bathroom with water

  • GlassyTiger620
    GlassyTiger620 19 hours ago +1

    "Atleast you outlived your son" Most parents wouldn't want to hear that.

  • shril. jpeg
    shril. jpeg 19 hours ago

    4:00 thats what I would do, i love that song

  • Bre W.
    Bre W. 20 hours ago

    I swear they all just have raging adhd

  • Sophie meow meow
    Sophie meow meow 20 hours ago

    4:00 Grammy award for that ( Africa ) by : Chris

    DIERIZ 22 hours ago

    At 13:25 I DIED

  • Bonnie Freddy
    Bonnie Freddy 22 hours ago

    Ethan come on you can do this

  • rawan r
    rawan r 22 hours ago

    he could’ve let the dad win...

  • Cody James
    Cody James 22 hours ago

    Do the no talk challenge wins $20,000

  • Bonnie Freddy
    Bonnie Freddy 22 hours ago

    Chandler! Come on

  • Roman Gavilan
    Roman Gavilan 23 hours ago

    Subscribe to Mr. beast or I well delete your fortnight account

  • IffyGaming740S
    IffyGaming740S 23 hours ago

    This was basically the sit in dyed water challenge

  • I like Turtles881
    I like Turtles881 23 hours ago

    Chandlers dad lasted longer than chandler in previous videos also do a last to leave the ocean

  • I_HavE_ No_HearT
    I_HavE_ No_HearT Day ago +4

    Mrbeast: Last one to be funny wins 20,000

    Chandler:Im gonna win a challenge

    me: I already won

  • Victor Gillenwater

    chandler dad's

  • Victor Gillenwater

    chandler lost because chrtis didint moisturise

  • Victor Gillenwater

    if chandler lose im gona kill im

  • Alexander Bustos

    Duck you chanler

  • 悲しみemmalyn

    use code chris so he can fix his penis

  • geo win
    geo win Day ago

    the steak is still there XD

  • Kyra Kitson
    Kyra Kitson Day ago

    I subscribed

  • Forever Sisters! :3

    MrBeast: Anyone who’s on earth wins 60K!
    Candler: *goes in space.*
    MrBeast: Goddamn chandlerrrr!

  • Ryan Levin
    Ryan Levin Day ago +2

    Everyone with a CH of their name will win!
    _Sandler:_ just got my name changed

  • Chrishna Owen
    Chrishna Owen Day ago

    Chandler you better win

  • LyLy Salisbury
    LyLy Salisbury Day ago

    Chandler's a wimp

  • J.K. just kidding

    Garret he’s 57

  • Unicorn 1028
    Unicorn 1028 Day ago

    Chaler u got this

  • Issey Boss
    Issey Boss Day ago

    You posted it on my birthday

  • Fernando De La O


  • Lillybender videos
    Lillybender videos Day ago +1

    I can smell the slim from my house...nvm its my little cousin's slim

  • Green Circut
    Green Circut Day ago

    how does it feel to be sitting in a pool filled with slime pee and steak

  • Mason playz
    Mason playz Day ago

    chris is bi-sexual

  • Devlin Day
    Devlin Day Day ago

    Chandler always finishes first

  • Aeron Sparkes
    Aeron Sparkes Day ago

    Come on chandler

  • HaveyyBabeyy
    HaveyyBabeyy Day ago

    Chris is such a Carolina boy 😂😂 Ricky Bobby references and lifted trucks, that about the whole damn state

  • sam paudel
    sam paudel Day ago

    I subbed 2 weeks ago

  • Alexander Ferreira

    You should do a heated slime pool challenge

  • Ferhana Farooqi
    Ferhana Farooqi Day ago

    First one to leave slime pit gets 20 grand
    Chandler lasts the longest

  • Treysyn Beadle
    Treysyn Beadle Day ago +6

    Beast: How long will you last
    Ethan: Forever
    Lasts 9 hours...

  • Megan Van Winkle

    You guys are always so funny 😂

  • Dessi Getz
    Dessi Getz Day ago

    can chandler please win a freaking challenge

  • The Busta
    The Busta Day ago


  • Josiah Burleson
    Josiah Burleson Day ago

    Chandler never wins

  • Amanda Hadley
    Amanda Hadley Day ago +1

    Lol Garrett

  • Rosalba Garrido
    Rosalba Garrido Day ago

    Math time 3:32

  • Luc Pearl
    Luc Pearl Day ago


  • Garrett Hacker
    Garrett Hacker Day ago +1

    I subscribed please let this other Garrett win!!!

  • Kay McDonald
    Kay McDonald Day ago +1


  • Erica Anderson
    Erica Anderson Day ago

    I haven't watched it all the way or read the comments but I hope Chandler's dad wins

  • jonathan rodriguez

    Mrbeast do u know what slime is?

  • Jeremiah Swisher

    @MrBeast. I don't know why you use the same cast. But, I guarantee you that I can win. I have a strong desire for money and have a very strong pain tolerance. $20,000 dollars for me, would mean either a nice down payment on a house, or enough money to go towards a second Master's Degree or half of a Doctorate degree.

    BRAYDENATER99 Day ago

    been broke 57 years
    is 56 y/o

  • Poppa Love
    Poppa Love Day ago

    Chandler nooooooooo

  • kenzie_ plays
    kenzie_ plays Day ago

    Chandler win something there making memes of u now

  • zooey scott
    zooey scott Day ago

    *throws slime*

  • Leigh Schaffer
    Leigh Schaffer 2 days ago

    The steak was floating around🤣🤣🤣

  • moecue2010
    moecue2010 2 days ago

    Go Chandler's Dad!!😄😄

  • DiscordedHowl
    DiscordedHowl 2 days ago

    "I think Chandler needs to win one, because that'd be embarrassing if he keeps losing."
    ~ Hannah ( Chandlers Sister )

    Chandler has yet to win one challenge in an entire year.

  • King Tony III
    King Tony III 2 days ago +1


  • mertcan 123s
    mertcan 123s 2 days ago

    Next challenge chandler is gonna win

  • Jacob Trickey
    Jacob Trickey 2 days ago


  • Reaper
    Reaper 2 days ago +1

    The steak won

  • JosiPosi
    JosiPosi 2 days ago

    Who are you?:
    Chandlers dad
    I’m Chris because apparently I talk to much my sister paid me to be quiet for an hour

  • GodzillaFan TheGamer

    Shin Godzilla time to end my time

  • evangela harrison
    evangela harrison 2 days ago

    Only real fans will know if chandler ever won

  • Hendri Maidle
    Hendri Maidle 2 days ago


  • Angelina Candel
    Angelina Candel 2 days ago

    chandler is hot

  • roos redemption
    roos redemption 2 days ago +1

    anyone else see chandlers dad elbow garet at 2:23

  • APac K
    APac K 2 days ago


  • sugar_ skull!
    sugar_ skull! 2 days ago


  • Dillon Kranz
    Dillon Kranz 2 days ago

    Chandler is coby cotton

  • Fellow Britain
    Fellow Britain 2 days ago

    Is Chandler the guy from mean girls?🤔🤔😂

  • Lunchable Cheese
    Lunchable Cheese 2 days ago

    You should have all of your moms do a challenge😂

  • RaYze dark
    RaYze dark 2 days ago +3

    If i won that 20 grand
    Ill be 10% closer to paying my student loans

  • Elen Morales
    Elen Morales 2 days ago

    Chandler let your dad out for no smoking

  • Aleksandar McMahon
    Aleksandar McMahon 2 days ago

    Little does everyone know that chandler will never win😭