Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.8.19

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • Greg Hunter of gives his take on the week's top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.
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    SMITTY 2 months ago

    Repent! for the kingdom of God is at hand! Turn from your evil ways and ask Me into your heart! I LOVE YOU ALL AND WANT YOU TO BE WITH ME! I am coming to gather My Remnant very soon!

  • FrankKunkel
    FrankKunkel 2 months ago

    Trump needs a new party...

  • Pallaton
    Pallaton 2 months ago

    Will Orcrazio-Cortez give up her green...that is the real question🤡

  • kram sdrawde
    kram sdrawde 2 months ago

    THEY CHEERED ONLY FOR THEMSELVES...the dem congress women...

  • Walter Jordan
    Walter Jordan 2 months ago

    California congressional delegates do not want a wall. Maybe the President could sell a portion of the San Diego wall to raise money for a wall to be placed where it would be appreciated.

  • Star light
    Star light 2 months ago

    EYE have to laugh that the DEMS think we're going to bee happy with the original 'deal' to fund a slat fence with a measly 1.3 bL! You can't even finance mental health counseling for half the DEMS in office. Ocrazio is costing the US Trillions if she gets her way. . . wow. SORRY NO DEAL. T - 3 and counting!

    • Star light
      Star light 2 months ago

      Lie a watha is RE PUG NENT! There was a 'professor' at Colorado University named Ward Churchill who was trying to capitalize on a similar LIE saying he was part Cherokee. It took a couple years to sort it out and it is a great story Greg. You could call KNUS, AM 710 for anchor Peter Boyles who covered that and the Ramsey murder extensively. Tracked all the local TEE VEE 'news' stations who tried to cover for Ward C. A great example of how liars dress up a pig with lipstick like Ocrazio is now doing nearly daily.

  • Hazael Hosah
    Hazael Hosah 2 months ago

    It's not that we WILL be broke, we ARE broke. What's new? We've been bankrupt for years.

  • Zenny Nequin
    Zenny Nequin 2 months ago

    IMHO if you are paying 30k property tax for a shack...You need a shrink

  • Nikki James
    Nikki James 2 months ago

    Love your show. Spot on keep it up. One of the best. God bless the USA. We will make it through

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood 2 months ago

    Amen Greg.God bless you

  • Pilotus Aero
    Pilotus Aero 2 months ago

    These people are all Profession Wrestling actors. They are just entertaining us and they hope like hell we continue to pretend its real. NP with her phony fake clapping. Really? Pro Wrestling script. Bernie Sanders scouling when socialism is demeaned. Pro Wrestling script. Women in white (white is the new Black). Harry Reid is gone so now the class clown is Reading Glasses Schumer hoping Reagans "tear down this wall" quote is still subliminally implanted in everyones tiny brain so "Build the wall" cant take hold. You can come in the country by caravan, but by god you wont get in a plane except through a blue finger on a metal detector No more blonde jokes ever because they are all AOC jokes now. We work, they steal, we all pretend its real. PRO WRESTLING POLITICS...............PHONY BALONEY. Luke Wilson for president of the IDIOCRACY.

  • James C
    James C 2 months ago

    "I know the Bible......the big stuff anyhow" now that is a great line. Truer words were never spoken, He is the Word and there is nothing deeper. Blessed be His name forever, who can know the depths of His Word? love ya Greg.
    James [×-Catholic]

  • Balance Toe
    Balance Toe 2 months ago

    Have you heard of c-vine dot com has some interesting info on the tribunals ...

  • anton farquar
    anton farquar 2 months ago

    Let's not forget about the attempted assassination of George Wallace.

  • respectedagain72
    respectedagain72 2 months ago


  • 2sluts
    2sluts 2 months ago

    Greg im a Catholic and i don't like the pope.

  • Jon smith
    Jon smith 2 months ago

    And inflation is 10 per cent !! The printing of money has destroyed the value of our earnings. They print it buy bonds / equity . Those of us down the chain lose the value of our earnings. We know it and are losing faith in their fake money. France is acting....they know it....

  • Juan and Nancy Brante
    Juan and Nancy Brante 2 months ago


  • Per Aspera Ad Astra
    Per Aspera Ad Astra 2 months ago


  • taothewanderer
    taothewanderer 2 months ago

    Fisa brings down the house.
    Debt Jubilee incoming :D

  • MI DebC
    MI DebC 2 months ago

    Pelosi is not going to go for Ocasio"s deal. She wants to get rid of planes? Hah! My oh my what would Pelosi do without being able to travel on gov't luxury aircraft with half of it loaded with top shelf booze and the other half loaded down with all her family members??!

  • Renata Mileske
    Renata Mileske 2 months ago

    Thank you Greg for your stand on God the Father of Jesus Christ....

  • joe sedlak
    joe sedlak 2 months ago

    Who do we owe this 2 Quadrillion to?

  • none None
    none None 2 months ago

    Just a thought here but.... if they offered EPSTIEN a 'plea deal' then think about what he GAVE the investigators in exchange? It MUST be good....

  • wanda kemen
    wanda kemen 2 months ago

    Love you guy's, Thanks Greg, The Most Alarming thing going on Today ? Same as Usual ? Oil Drilling / Fracking / Geo-Engineering !!! Won't your Grandchildren and Ours be Really Proud of us in OUR PROSPERITY ? Leaving them behind when were DEAD to clean up A GLOBAL CATASTROPHIC MESS we left them, JUST FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT ? Any Moral Person in the U.S. should be aware of these : Oil Drilling / Fracking / Geo-Engineering ( Dutchsinse channel / Geo engineering ) Just sayin / true story!!!

  • Pryzzbie
    Pryzzbie 2 months ago

    Muslims have a name for their God, its Allah. What's the name of our and Jesus' Father? These verses show his name in the King James Version Bible: Gen22:14;Ex6:3;Ex17:15;Judges6:24;Ps83:18;Isa12:2;Esa26:4;Ex3:15; See how many times the LORD (our Father) shows up in a Bible:
    Thank you for another great video Greg!! :-)

  • flutegene
    flutegene 2 months ago

    63 percent of electrical power generation in the USA is by fossil fuel. Getting rid of cars would hardly reduce co2 emissions.

  • Cindy Marshall
    Cindy Marshall 2 months ago

    Yes Greg, We know the Truth when we hear it and thank-you for saying it!

  • Donna Marquart
    Donna Marquart 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing about what the Pope did and said. He really needs a history lesson.

  • Bryan Kauai
    Bryan Kauai 2 months ago

    Didn’t GOD create the Arab nations with Abraham and Hagar? They claim Abraham built the temple in Mecca with the black rock

  • Only one life
    Only one life 2 months ago

    America has a TRUMP CARD

  • roguestate4u
    roguestate4u 2 months ago

    There are news reports and video of life in Venezuela, for once you haven't done your homework at all, there are problems there but not to the extent portrayed in the MSM, it is up to the Venezualan's to sort out their problems, why is soveriegnty only the right of Americans?

  • Annette Nevin
    Annette Nevin 2 months ago


  • Dale Val
    Dale Val 2 months ago

    White witches are great Greg , easier for me to chase them in the night

  • Katherine Guthrie
    Katherine Guthrie 2 months ago +1

    Thank you Greg !!! I look forward to Your video's Every Week !!!

  • Ben AfroQBen
    Ben AfroQBen 2 months ago

    Q post 951. (3/15/18) (future proves past???) March Madness. Public will know soon.

  • Wilmatoday
    Wilmatoday 2 months ago

    Love you ♥

  • Ben AfroQBen
    Ben AfroQBen 2 months ago

    Can you get Bo as an interview? Really like him!

  • Ben AfroQBen
    Ben AfroQBen 2 months ago

    I end up liking what you have to say over your interviews :D "Really, you think Trump has no plan"...

    • Ben AfroQBen
      Ben AfroQBen 2 months ago

      excited for the Mark Taylor next!

  • clara j moore
    clara j moore 2 months ago

    Thank you BE BLESSED What is your email address

  • chris credit
    chris credit 2 months ago

    Greg, I am an honest capitalist, a true fiscal conservative with a classic liberal bent, a registered Trump republican, with my base moral compass an overriding 'Christian conservative value system'. Have you considered that this planet rightfully, belongs to the inhabitants of the planet? Seeing that 'Wall st.' is perpetually trading on sundry earth born resources/assets; chief of which is our labor force (Citation Adam Smith, in his book 'The Wealth of Nations' [To paraphrase: "A willing work force is every nations' single greatest asset"] how is it proper, or remotely justified to not allow the earths' inhabitants to share in the aforementioned resources? A rhetorical question. A painless 'Tobin tax' could fund a massive benefit to society; in terms of velocity of currency, cash flow, a sense of freedom and security for everyone. Please, do me a solid. Imagine how this world would be different if no man was born into conjured up fear, with an onerous tax we euphemistically refer to as 'the cost of living'. Who gave these money masters of misery the right? Certainly not God, or 'We the people'; the ONLY legitimate government. We have a wholly fear based, fear driven society, motivated by money; the most evil substance ever conjured up. Note that the U.S. constitution doesn't say: 'We 'some' of the people"; we is used here as an absolute quantity; it is: "We, ALL the people" A child can understand that it was not true capitalism (Free market/supply & demand) that has induced widespread faith in 'socialism'; mistaken for egalitarianism. Rather it was the opposite of true capitalism, rather it was/is 'crony capitalism' ; a flatly fascist, extremely unjust, un-American, unfair, fraudulent form of rigged nightmarish economic policies, that has inspired the deceived socialist class ( Citations: Assassination of JFK, Bankster bailout of '08) Empirically speaking, we should ALL know well that no form of so called 'socialism' has ever worked; anywhere, in all of history. 'Redistribution of wealth', is a euphemism for theft; always immoral, always wrong; especially at the barrel of a gun. Obviously I could write a book detailing, expanding, and explaining things., but please consider that unnecessary human suffering due to evil economic polices, are always evil, and that's the status quo established beast system in a nutshell...EVIL!!! A universal basic income; funded by a 'Tobin tax' as an extension of SS is not a radical, liberal. or socialist idea; instead it is a prudent, fiscally conservative, truly capitalistic precept. Benefits of a universal basic income would include: *Virtually overnight, we would experience a kinder, safer, gentler, happier society, with a dramatic decrease in all types crimes committed due to financial desperation. * Dubious wars would be far more difficult to kick off. *No need for such vast numbers of social welfare workers, since people received checks in the mail. * Far fewer people would go into debt, and by extension, the nation also wouldn't need to incur debt. * The vast majority of abortions would disappear immediately, since it is typically poor women whom have been taught, and therefore believe they simply cannot afford a baby that have abortions. *Commuter traffic would plummet the next day, in every single city across this nation. Unequivocally, I cite these few benefits as irrefutable FACTS. Good luck proving me wrong. I welcome the challenge.

  • silverfox
    silverfox 2 months ago

    Very GOOD Greg , thank you .

  • Barbara the Illustrator

    this quote just came through my fb feed; I thought of you immediately.
    "For nothing is hidden that will not be disclosed, nor is anything secret that will not become known and come to light."

    ~ Luke 8:17 (NRSV)

  • Chris Cook
    Chris Cook 2 months ago

    I know the Bible.... at lest the big stuff..... Greg, you know more than most of the pastors out there. Love your show.

  • CA Lillo
    CA Lillo 2 months ago

    Thanks Greg! One of your best videos!

  • Senior Fact Checker
    Senior Fact Checker 2 months ago

    great presentation Greg

  • R J
    R J 2 months ago

    you CAN'T serve God and mammon!

  • Joseph Manak
    Joseph Manak 2 months ago

    Greg--- The American public has been waiting on the DECLASS since September 17th !!! There is NO excuse for the delay. The DECLASS will clearly show that the Mueller investigation is a TOTAL FRAUD. This attempted Coup must stop. Now we have the New York US Attorney Office attacking Trump's Inaugural Comm. There are over 90 US Attorney Offices in the US. Have ALL of the them been told to STAND DOWN when it comes to the Comey/Clinton GANG ?? Who really pulls the Strings ?? Trump needs ACT before the Reset or some other emergency side tracks the goal of returning this Republic to equal justice under RULE OF LAW.

  • GladysKravitzJr
    GladysKravitzJr 2 months ago

    Greg, I look forward to your show each week! You know what? I thought the very same thing you did about those feminazis at the SOTU. I found a meme Wednesday morning where somebody had photoshopped hoods on them and texted it to my husband, told him it was the KKK Koven! Lol...

  • June Cole
    June Cole 2 months ago

    I always enjoy your week end summaries.

  • Henry Homes
    Henry Homes 2 months ago

    so, has soros been arrested, er what?...

  • Henry Homes
    Henry Homes 2 months ago

    how about those yellow vests folks?!

  • Henry Homes
    Henry Homes 2 months ago

    P.G.& E. anyone?...

  • Sconnie Panda
    Sconnie Panda 2 months ago

    There appears to be some HUGE trick going down here Greg. The script involves Donald Trump, the previous 'presidents' and their tribes...the existing jewish money controllers...organised crime...the 'religions'...the military...the CIA and all the other 17,674 American 'Intelligence and Security' agencies...the DOJ...the propaganda organisations mistakenly called mainstream media...and where the good people of the USA are again...the victims. The script seems to involve a screenplay involving 75,000 sealed indictments...the promise of mass arrests...the execution of some, and the imprisonment of many in gitmo...the promise of 'making America great' again...GESARA/currency R/V/ NESARA...the continuing issue of false economic data...and many other promises of financial reward for all. Good luck with belief in all this rubbish. One thing IS for sure though. Something massive is coming.

  • KING Michael
    KING Michael 2 months ago

    Thanks for your message of faith I believe in Christ my lord and savior keep up the great job god bless you and your family

  • Rocky Mountain High
    Rocky Mountain High 2 months ago

    Great reporting !!! Let's hope more Americans start waking up to the truth about what is really going on in America.🙋🏻 🇺🇸

  • arjay smithjr
    arjay smithjr 2 months ago

    God Bless you Greg. Everything we see is going to pass away, but if you reach ONE SOUL for Christ, your reward is ETERNAL, of INFINITE value.
    LUKE 15
    10 Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.

  • chuck c
    chuck c 2 months ago

    The Cult of islam was born of the sword to destroy Medina and Mecca, nothing about some religious enlightenment.

    RALEAHA 2 months ago

    Love this!!!! Truth

  • Luis Pulido
    Luis Pulido 2 months ago

    I love your show, even though I might not agree with everything you say, but there is truth, you know when you hear it. I can agree with that. Truth as it is well known can be a extremely hard pill to swallow.

  • Keith Morgan
    Keith Morgan 2 months ago

    well done Greg

  • Caroline Norman
    Caroline Norman 2 months ago

    Here in the UK I’ve noticed a lot of real quality people ,who are public speakers support president Trump.

  • Mas de la Creu
    Mas de la Creu 2 months ago

    Warriors asleep.: Warriors AWAKE 11-11-44

  • Lawrence Tezekjian
    Lawrence Tezekjian 2 months ago


  • Sterling Michaels
    Sterling Michaels 2 months ago

    What I find absolutely amazing about nearly every financial analyst is the fact that they don't talk about "Whom" we owe the debt to.
    The Federal reserve's authorizes digital currency and prints their Federal Reserve notes without any assets whatsoever to back that oh, and they do this under the guise of being a government agency, representing government assets, when in fact they are a private Corporation.
    I don't care what it says on their website. As a veteran of military intelligence I can tell you that it was drilled into my head that ANY government agency any government documents must have an OMB number on it, for the Office of Management and budget.
    People did not have to pay income taxes legally until the IRS magically came up with OMB numbers after the Patriot Act was established in 2002 because they were not a government agency and over 40 million people opted out of the voluntary compliance which you would never have heard in the news and it didn't affect anything because it's all smoke and mirrors.
    The only forms that the Federal Reserve have that have OMB numbers on it are reporting forms to the federal government and not any of their documents within the Federal Reserve System.
    If President Trump wanted to, he could easily and legally shut down the Fed and open the United States Treasury backup for issuing all legal tender and could simply wipe out the debt with the stroke of an executive order.
    China is the second largest debt holder of this country but the first, and by far is the United States Social Security Administration.
    To whom do we owe the debt? To ourselves and that debt needs to be wiped out and forgiven by Executive Order and the entire Federal Reserve executives must be arrested, including former Chairman's Denver Nike and Alan Greenspan and Janet Yellen, for their complicity Angie farting the American people of their own National Financial system.
    Why has no president ever done this before? John Kennedy started the real rolling and was quickly assassinated under the direction of Lyndon Baines Johnson with George Bush Senior at the Helm of the plot.
    Things are different now. The evidence of all criminal activity including former presidents past is actually held in the database of the NSA including all of Hillary Clinton's emails oh, well over 100,000.
    Military tribunals have begun and I pray to God the these people are taken out of power expeditiously. For even though they do not hold office at the moment there deep State operatives like Robert Mueller, Christopher Wray and others are still holding down the fort of the deep state. a paragraph President Trump knows what's going on and is allowing law enforcement to have more Authority and power than they've ever had before, but he could expedite the entire matter if he chose to. The next 2 years we'll set the destiny of the United States for the next Thousand Years!

  • L Kaz
    L Kaz 2 months ago

    Really enjoy listening to you Greg. Thanks for the effort you put into your broadcasts. Appreciate your witness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you.

  • Liberty Always
    Liberty Always 2 months ago

    You are such a gem Greg - Thanks so much for dispensing great words of wisdom

  • Jerry Harrell
    Jerry Harrell 2 months ago

    Your a good man my fellow Tar heel . I enjoy your analysis and love your soul. Glad to have you to listen to.

  • Gisele Beaupre
    Gisele Beaupre 2 months ago

    Did you see how they harassed/interviewed Whittiker?

  • Nita Grey
    Nita Grey 2 months ago

    Sure wish you had transcripts of your program. Your material is packed with a lot of information that could be used by your listeners to post on social media. I often share and post yours and other videos on mediums as FB but find that a lot of people do not want to watch sit and watch a video. But I do find that they like post which is made up of 3 to 4 sentences which make since and apply to themselves & the country.

  • Gisele Beaupre
    Gisele Beaupre 2 months ago

    How did OCrazio ever get elected? She has barely left her parents nest...what a moron she is.

  • Gisele Beaupre
    Gisele Beaupre 2 months ago

    The bad thing about the increased oil and gas production is that it is potentially creating a lot of earthquakes (see Duchinsense channel).

  • johnnyjellybeanQC
    johnnyjellybeanQC 2 months ago

    Isaiah 41:10" Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness". .... Who is the Righteous One at the right hand of God? Be blessed in Jesus name

  • katsmagik
    katsmagik 2 months ago

    When it starts getting proclaimed that it is little boys getting massively sexually terrorized as well.....That’s the next step to unveiling the horror that is happening all around us!!!

  • looko eyeopener
    looko eyeopener 2 months ago

    When do people will realize Catholicism isn't Christian religion?.

  • LoveMyPresident
    LoveMyPresident 2 months ago


  • anti terrorism
    anti terrorism 2 months ago

    Wow, you are so off base about Venezuela it's disturbing. Abby Martin and Florida Marquis....take a listen to them and stop spewing the propaganda. The world is fed up with the USA and their coups, its sick!!

  • robot buster
    robot buster 2 months ago +1

    Trumps prison reform moves involving the releasing non-violent offenders is a means to create vacancy in the prison system to warehouse the swamp creatures

  • James Hoosier
    James Hoosier 2 months ago

    For possible insight in the Popes collusion with Islam; look up Walter Vieth in RUclip. This man is extremely thought provoking and very insightful.

  • Mark Atkinson
    Mark Atkinson 2 months ago


  • jim w
    jim w 2 months ago

    Thanks Greg your a true patriot!!

  • Neil C
    Neil C 2 months ago

    The government spies on us the government had over seven supercomputers the military has the best super super for every American they can make a thousand artificial copied over self you can make the copies work

  • Dividend Streams
    Dividend Streams 2 months ago

    Well Mr. Hunter it's gets you praised here lol put dat in your pipe and smokin

  • paul ducharme
    paul ducharme 2 months ago

    5 simple questions to answer for voters.
    1. Is there any means by which any number of individuals can delegate to someone else the moral right to do things in which none of them have the moral right to do themselves?
    2. Do those who wield power have the moral right to do things which other people do not have the right to do? If so; from whom or how did they acquire such a right?
    3. Is there any process (via elections or legislations, religious authority, etc) by which human beings can transform an immoral act into a 'moral' act without changing the act itself?
    4. When law makers and enforcers use coercion and force in the name of 'law' in Govt., do they bear the same responsibility for their actions that anyone else would, if they did the exact same thing on their own? (-think Nuremberg 'We were just following orders') (or any cop anywhere...hey I don't make the laws I just enforce them). Does 'legislation', (essentially pieces of paper) suddenly make it OK to break the Golden rule?
    5. When there is a conflict between an individual's own moral conscience and the commands of a political authority, is the individual morally obligated to do what he personally feels is wrong, in order to 'obey the law'? Does authority outweigh your own moral compass?
    If your answer to all these questions is an emphatic NO then is voting for them moral, does it even follow the Golden rule?
    I can ask many other questions as well such as 'Can anyone go to his neighbor and force him to pay for services he never desired in the first place'?
    But obviously most of you will never, ever get it, will you?
    It takes a lot of gall for one to complain about welfare, old age pensions and disability 'insurance', A few billions of dollars (which actually ends up going back into the countries wealth) and ignore the trillions spent on wars elsewhere and the 21 trillion missing from the pentagons budget audit , the hundreds of billions going to other countries everywhere else (150 trillion$ to Israel alone yearly). Or am I the one who's insane?
    Does no one else smell a rat when it stinks to high heaven?

  • Crisis Management
    Crisis Management 2 months ago

    I take it, you haven't heard about George Soros, allegedly being arrested? (and Barack Obama too...)?
    Any truth to this rumour?

  • Richard Stuhr
    Richard Stuhr 2 months ago

    Greg Hunter, your cool. Thanks!

  • dexterdave54
    dexterdave54 2 months ago

    O scario- Cortez! 😂 You're a hoot, Greg, and right on point. She is scary!

  • Barrie Coles
    Barrie Coles 2 months ago

    The socialist should open up all their homes ....doesn’t charity start at home? No, for the Dems/Socialists want everyone else to pay and they slip under the radar!!

  • Sandy Sheehan
    Sandy Sheehan 2 months ago

    The Jews don’t believe Christ was crucified and are waiting for him to return. The first Christ to return is “fake news”, a BIG LIE! Christ warns us in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13 of deception by man. Man is eager to believe lies and Satan is the Chief Liar and wants to be Christ, our savior. He’s NOT!
    Thank you for your videos. Trust Gods plan and read the King James Version of the Bible’s. Study and learn to show yourself approved. God knows our heart and judges accordingly.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    How Is Muslim Immigration to Sweden Working Out?

  • Graham Dougherty
    Graham Dougherty 2 months ago

    Republicans are just as big government as Democrats. You only end up in this position with a two party system.

    WRETCHEDAVION 2 months ago

    Yep ... Fewer Muzlimb-'Grooming'-GANGS ... &-'Moor' Barber-Shop QUARTETS!!!??? >(*U^)< (Joke)

  • clar mars
    clar mars 2 months ago

    Venezuela was cut off from the loans after The NWO conspired to tank the oil market to weaken Venezuela and kill Chaves who was kicking the corporations out of his country who were stealing the wealth from the people

  • clar mars
    clar mars 2 months ago

    A Pastor who was in Alaska in the late 60's early 70's was in on a high level meeting with the world power brokers on the discovery of a huge oil reserve there. They capped it and and made a deal with the Arabs to use petro dollar if the Alaskan oil was not used.

    • Dale Val
      Dale Val 2 months ago

      I remember that. Could be true. That guy predicted America would be the greatest oil producer one day ? Is that now. Can't remember his name

  • Thomas Colopy
    Thomas Colopy 2 months ago


  • Thomas Colopy
    Thomas Colopy 2 months ago

    The Catholic Church, like the USA is suffering from a deep State, I am not leaving USA NOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH

  • Lorraine Tullett
    Lorraine Tullett 2 months ago

    Around the World these people want to take everything we’ve ever worked for. Crazy days Greg, thank you for your always professional & honest words.🙏

  • Ezikeal
    Ezikeal 2 months ago

    I agree with your last comment Greg. Standing firm. Many blessing.

  • glen charles
    glen charles 2 months ago

    The brawl over venuzualian oil is a serious indicator the developed world is rapidly running out of oil

  • glen charles
    glen charles 2 months ago

    Genocidal politician has been banned from making commentary on
    Seems they didnt dig the call sign
    Its a sign of the sick sociological time we exist in