Most AMAZING Robots In The World!

  • Published on Jun 12, 2017
  • Check out the most amazing robots in the world! From artificial intelligence to futuristic walking humanoids, this top 10 list shows some of the coolest machines on earth today!
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    #9 Cozmo
    Anki Cozmo robot was the hottest selling toy of 2016 and with good reason! He’s more than just a toy…and more than just a robot.
    One great thing about Cozmo is that you get to be there when he wakes up after you buy him. He looks much like a baby bird hatching from his egg.
    At first, he doesn’t look like much, but after he’s turned on, he’s the most adorable and advanced robot toy in the world. His eyes are a key feature that resembles those out of a Disney/Pixar movie.
    Much like that Tamagotchi from back in the day, Cozmo requires love and affection. Plus, the more time you spend with Cozmo, the more he can do! After he wakes up for the first time, you tell him your name and he reads your face and memorizes you.
    Past that he can learn tricks and you can earn points and moves when you connect him to your mobile device via his app! All around he’s very advanced for a toy! Cozmo can be found on Amazon for $159.99.
    #8 Spot
    Boston Dynamics is the company responsible for the creation of this robodog. He is made to be sturdy and sure-footed so that he can carry supplies on the roughest of terrains.
    Another project funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Spot was created for crisis situations, much like a search and rescue dog. But unlike real dogs, Spot can go where normal dogs can’t go. Plus, his fears and insecurities do not exist, making him a better candidate and putting fewer dogs at risk.
    He weighs 160 pounds and is meant to look and walk like a dog and does so fairly well. One surprising fact though, is that he can really see via a rotating sensor!
    What’s different than a dog, besides the fact that he’s a robot, is that Spot cannot be knocked over. Whether on hills, rocks, or ice, he remains on his feet. This is crucial for his job!
    #7 Aido
    What’s the most surprising thing about Aido? He was an IndieGogo project! That’s right, this fascinating robot was made by people just like us…and super smart!.
    Although he still isn’t out yet, users pledged over $800,000 to make Aido happen and he will be ready to ship on January 2018. Aido is selling for $549.
    He is a next generation robot made to be part of the family and is meant to improve your lifestyle around the house. He can play with the kids and act much like a nanny. He can tune into smart appliances allowing him to do household chores, secure your home, greet guests and show them from the door to the living room, shut the garage doors, and start up the washer. For a bit of fun, he offers games for the whole family and a projector for movies.
    Not only that, but he is a great teacher and learner. He can recognize not just you but each member of your household!
    #6 Milo
    Milo is a robot created by the company RoboKind to help children with autism. Robokind is a company in Dallas that strives to create “cost-effective and inclusive education for all”.
    Robot Milo is used to teach social skills to children with autism. Milo is a two-foot-tall robot that uses children’s voices to teach trivia and play games. Research shows that children with autism engage more with Milo than when working only with a therapist. One of the best things about Milo is that he never lets his emotions get in the way. He doesn’t get tired. He never gets frustrated, and he gives autistic children the one thing they need most…consistency.
    He encourages kids to get out of their comfort zone while somehow helping them remain comfortable. He helps the kids recognize emotions in others, express empathy, socialize, and motivate themselves. He uses an LCD screen to speak so kids can more easily understand what he is saying. He will show small clips and ask the kids to answer yes or no questions about what they’ve seen. Kids are usually much more comfortable speaking with Milo than with an adult. Milo is helping to promote the cognitive and social well-being of humans using advanced technology. Pretty amazing!

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